Second Video Emerges Of Same Chicago Teens Assaulting Trump Supporter - Chicago PD Responds

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Correction: The man featured in the second video appears to be the same person filmed at a different point during the 48 hour kidnapping, not a separate individual as originally reported.  

UPDATE: Chicago PD Press Conference reveals that the four suspects in custody are all adults, and the victim who is special needs, had been with the perpetrators for 24-48 hours. Charges should be forthcoming. Officals aren't willing to call it a hate crime at this point.

As reported earlier on this site, four Chicago teens are in custody after a they live streamed what appears to be the kidnapping, beating, and mutilation of a white Trump supporter (scroll down for footage). In the profanity-laced video, the victim is seen bound and gagged in a corner while the thugs alternate between striking the man, cutting him, and threatening his life with anti-white / anti-Trump hate speech. This is apparently the second time these assailants have done this to a Trump supporter, as further investigation has uncovered a second prior video of a similar attack.

“F*ck Donald Trump, F*ck white people”

“There’s gonna be a murder. Pop pop pop

We gonna put this bitch in the trunk, put a brick on the gas, like aaaaaaaaah

Pistol whip his ass, fool


Currently in custody: 


The woman who recorded the attack showed no remorse in the video’s comments section (which has been deleted):

More Facebook reactions:

And the full 28 minute disturbing video of the incident (NSFW):

The victim is currently being treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, an earlier look through the suspect’s Facebook feed led to another video of the same assailants abusing another Trump supporter in a similar attack. During the attack, the victim is made to kiss the floor and say "F*ck Donald Trump" at knifepoint. 


As a wise man named Chuck once said

"This can’t be real. Nobody is that stupid."

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They are getting logistic and financial support from somewhere.  That is certain.

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Mandatory sterilization if convicted of crimes like this.

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Probably too late, they've probably already bred.

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The RUSSIANS did it!!!

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the web is weaponized.

we're fed shit according to our beliefs & bias.  don't believe it?  use 2 different computers, do a search on goog or yt using the same syntax.  you'll get different results.

the about face of the msm coupled with all this dt tweeting nonsense is whipping up the masses.

come hell or high water, these bastids are not going to stop until guns are seized.  dt or no dt.

you watch, these sub-humans, if you can even give them that much credit, will get off scott free.

then the sparks really begin to fly as da gansta drives from coast to coast wid spocklers on dem crackerwalled wheels lighting this fuel soaked country.

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"Free The Chicago Four"

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Time to wake up, white people.

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If Barack Obama could impregnate Michael, then if he had kids, they would be like these...

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I never usually say this but:

Fuck these niggers.

When we lived in the South Side of Chicago in the 70's, we'd whack these monkeys with a baseball bat if they were dumb enough to roll through our hood. I used to be ashamed of that shit but now I realize it was cultural preservation.

Obama is a white whore too, these race baiting cunts are too fucking stupid to realize it. 

Go back to Africa and be enslaved by your cousins you retarded fuckers.

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I was going to say don't put them in prison, but drop them off at a "pre arranged meeting" in Marquette Park on the southwest side and some of the locals rough em up. 

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Let me add to your erudite observations through your formative years of education...

Lets all thank Langley Virginia/MIC The Nation's Capital and the media whore mouthpieces from CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS with the support of none other than "Darth Vader" himself "George Soros" for impacting these impressionable young minds with the Kool-Aid that makes this all possible!!!!

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From the discription of the boy he sounds like a ZHer.

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That girl will need to change her name and city when she comes out of prison, she is marked and somebody will do her for sure.

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If by "do" you mean "kill" or "permanently disable" or "rape and dismember"...probably.

But, "do" as in "intercourse"...probably not, unless she's prostituting because that's all the wit she has...maybe.

I've always said that if I became independently wealthy, I would get into serving street justice.

Do shit others are screaming for, but just can't for whatever reason.

All 4 of these fucker's'd be on the list.

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Unfortunately black people as a group are this stupid.  Mean black IQ is 2 standard deviations lower than whites.

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Where I go, so does my 9mm.  I would put these cucks down like wild dogs.

Sick Underbelly's picture

Not if you were kidnapped.  Can't shoot if you don't know you're being kidnapped.

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LOl, I you really did you wouldn't talk like this.

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----_- (not verified) Jan 5, 2017 9:04 AM

what i think is the guy who got rekt by niggers in this videos is a half kike.

thats why the fat "breitbart" jew is so upset.


point with the finger at the kikes and laugh



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member 13 weeks.  Goverment paid troll.  Ignorant.  Not one of us.


IGNORE ----_-. 

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----_- (not verified) bookofenoch Jan 5, 2017 10:06 AM

DONT IGNORE! can you guys remember the college student with dreadlocks who was assaulted by a nigger for "stealing" nigger culture?


the name of this student was: GOLDBERG

and breitbart made a BIG story about the "white boy" assaulted by a nigger woman and her boyfriend

if the guy who was assaulted would be a real white boy, breibart would not give a shit.




koan's picture

At this point I stop posting, concerned I may say something illegal.

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If one of you (me too) get kidnapped, read the responses above - the bottom line, nobody is coming to your rescue.



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You need better connections.  Been spending too much time your basement, I'm guessing.

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----_- (not verified) Jan 5, 2017 8:23 AM

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propaganda fail


this pussy ass bitch gets rekt by a bunch of kiddie niggers is because he deserve to get rekt by them in first place.


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The origination context of the videos needs to by comprehensivley and transparently identified and documented.

Something as racially polarizing as this in the public sphere is not trivial.

Can we / Should we trust the police to do this?  Trust the media to report it?

Any statement from the victim yet?

TeaClipper's picture

Best advert for the 2nd amendment i have seen in a while

lakecity55's picture

It's just more video of the first assault.

These hood rats should have just made a movie. Show the planning, the kidnapping, the whole story. Of course, one would need to speak Ebonics or the video could be subtitled.

Bath House would have commented on this vicious crime for sure if he had not been busy awarding himself a medal.

The rumor is that a flurry of EOs is going out this week, creating 14 new medals, one of which will be awarded to Chalky each day until Trump's Inauguration.

Few details of the new medals have leaked. There is supposedly one for "Distinguished Presidential Golfing, Most Presidential Air Miles/Frequent Flier, and Munificent User of the Treasury."

Also, word has leaked that Bath House will ride separately from Trump to the Inauguration. The outgoing executive is reportedly planning to ride to the Capitol in an exact replica of a Roman Chariot.


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somehow (wild animal instincts??...or just cowards??) those packs of violent savage niggers sure have a way of picking victims who are weak, unarmed, and unable to put the animals in their proper place. It's only a matter of time before they choose the wrong (for them) victim.

Maybe now the naive folks understand why the nigger kissing gubment and media put George Zimmerman down ...they want their pet chimps to be free to run the streets and do as they please.

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Why the fuck can't some good justice-lovin black folk just take care of their own?  

Is their silence just them saying, "Well, yet again, we need y'all's white asses to get in thar and clean house!"?

I know black folk don't have too many leaders, but, someone with mediawhore connections should be sending a strong message to any other "distressed black chiluns" to calm the fuck down, go the fuck back to shootin each other, and stupid forays like this really set a bad tone for black-white relations.

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"They only Attack when they are in a Pack."


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Very ugly people, inside and out.  Reason for mandatory birth control, what use to society are people like that?  

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They are useless eaters.  Fixed it for you.  Even the Dems and/or libtards don't want these fucks on their side.

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The angels sing everytime a black baby is aborted.

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For every lovely on the dole,

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Superpowers/empires are made stronger by enemies surrounding them as long as the social fabric is intact. The demise of a superpower/empire always comes from within, first crippling the social fabric and then allowing for the enemies to simply walk in.  It is VERY disappointing to see the existence of such disease within the USA.  I just hope it is not contagious.

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Video ID: TMHYo5xDp-c
Upload Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2017-01-05
Upload Time (UTC): 00:50:18 (convert to local time)

Video ID: TfvXOM23VPw
Upload Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2017-01-05
Upload Time (UTC): 00:12:56 (convert to local time)

this is not another trump supporter..same guy...1st video..he may be getting his ass kicked for real..if for real it would have been up a while back ago as much as these are famewhores..

Prove me wrong..I'll say Im wrong..


Someone going thru a lot of trouble to give us all a rise..and I mean all..because read the response of blacks on there they were upset as we were...

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You are correct. The timestamps on the videos were my uploads to youtube so don't read into that. I pulled both videos directly from the suspect's facebook feed.

You are also correct that it's the same guy. Article updated. 

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White Trump supporter? No criminal act,  they are 3'rd generation downtrodden welfare n**** children.  Give them lunch then send them to anger management counseling. is not California.

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Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin town...


Unreal.   Let's see how long this takes to be on a national network newscast.

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FACT #23: According to Dr. Coon, while the Caucasoid subspecies (the White race) was evolving in Europe, the Negro race was standing still on the evolutionary plane and is today no less than 200,000 years behind the European in skull and brain development. (9)

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That's funny....Dr. Coon writing about Negro skulls!

Got a link for your Facts?

william114085's picture

Only 200,000 years?  That is pretty conservative.  

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This is a good reason to keep an Obama for President bumper sticker on your car if you live in a big city.


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Real Fake News

Real fake....

LoveTruth's picture

.... and Obama is the mesiah right? LOL,

Have you ever thought there could be a few videos of the kidnaping ordeal. The first one for example showing the begining of the "neger celebration show", the second video showing part 2 the white boy is already tied up and subdued. There are probably more videos that will be uploaded later. You obviously lack what it takes to figure that out. And you are just another black from the BLM organisation, who denies facts and truth which do not favor blacks. 

KuriousKat's picture


Fuck You for the down vote I posted to help....check these dam vids carefully or stay punked all your life.