Hate Crime, Kidnapping Charges Filed Against Four Blacks In Facebook Live Torture Case

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Update 3: Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville; Tesfaye Cooper, 18, of Chicago; Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago; and Tanishia Covington, 24, of Chicago; were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary, according to the Cook County state's attorney. Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

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Update 2: Here is CNN's Don Lemon explaining how this is not evil or racist...  “I don’t think it’s evil,” Lemon replied. “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training."  


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Update 1: Police have charged the four suspects with battery and hate crimes (though we note no specific allegation of race-related hate)...


The video was initially posted via Facebook Live under the account of someone named Brittany Herring and spread quickly via Twitter and under the hashtag #BLMKidnapping.

BLM is an apparent reference to the social justice group Black Lives Matter, which did not appear to have any connection to the video.


Police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said that the suspects made "stupid decisions."

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As we detailed earlier, it appears Newt Gingrich was right in his outrage at the hypocrisy of the situation surrounding the kidnap and abuse of a mentally-ill white teen by four black assailants. Despite the suspects shouting "f*** Donald Trump" and "f*** white people" Chicago police said today that they do not believe the attack was motivated by race, more likely due to his "special needs."

As KAKE.com reports, Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Thursday morning that they believe the victim was targeted because he has "special needs," not because of his race.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said it’s also possible that the suspects were attempting to extort something from the victim’s family.


However, investigators are still considering whether the vile assault falls under hate crime laws and admitted there were “terrible racist statements” used.

Additionally, the grandmother of the young woman associated with the live video on Facebook of the beating says her granddaughter "had her ups and downs," but is "a good person." The grandmother says the video doesn't reflect the young woman she raised.

Newt Gingrich was furious, warning that the U.S. was "at the edge of a terrible period" after a Facebook Live video surfaced in which a disabled Chicago teen is seen being tortured amid chants of "f--- Donald Trump."

"If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged and there would be no question that it is a hate crime," Gingrich said in an interview on "Fox & Friends."


"We are right at the edge of a terrible period — which I know President-elect Donald Trump wants to avoid — of having a deep bitter division in the communities in a way that makes America very hard to govern."

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Arrow4Truth's picture

Oh, tell me you don't mean it Al.

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There's a fine line between pleasure and work.

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so evil has to be big, like say...government sized. Look you are a product of the modern western education system which scrambled your brain and at the same time gave you the false impression that you are some how of superior intellect, thus the down votes, what you don't seem to grasp is that all these down votes are coming from the same down trodden class of people that you seem to think you speak for so there is a disconnect. Either you are wrong in a big way or the majority of the down trodden are wrong, which is it? I don't think you live in the same world as the rest of us so why don't you take your text books and shuffle off to a government think tank somewhere and fuck up some third world country for fun....in my opinion.

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Not "kids" fucktard, 18 = ADULT!

deth's picture

e. Iguana

I know the superfluous adjectives confuse a lot of people, especially you.

This is what is commonly known as, a crime. Additionally, evil, is generally regarded as the opposite of good.

When bullshit emissions reach toxic levels, it make sense to stick to the basics.

CNONC's picture

"African communities living in America don't have these issues."

Bullshit.  Eyes wide closed, braindead bullshit.  Look at the Somalian communities in Minneapolis as an obvious example.  African communities in Africa have these problems.  


neversink's picture

They aren'tt terrorists because they were not attempting to overthrow the government, or were randomly shooting people, driving a truck through a crowd, or planting bombshell randomly in garbage cans at a marathon. They were low-life punks. And stupid.

Al Gophilia's picture

They terrorized that child in a man's body. They are bullying, racist terrorists who had a political message for people who voted in a democratic election who opposed their views. That's the description of terrorists around the globe. Nothing less.

neversink's picture

They aren'tt terrorists because they were not attempting to overthrow the government, or were randomly shooting people, driving a truck through a crowd, or planting bombshell randomly in garbage cans at a marathon. They were low-life punks. And stupid.

Arrow4Truth's picture

American Heritage Dictionary definition: Terrorism - The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

Not certain, but in the definition it does not state that the intent is to overthrow the government. No, I'm certain it says unlawful use of force or violence by a person or group against... people or property. Granted, they are stupid low-life punks but they embrace a specific ideology. Can you guess what that may resemble?

Arrow4Truth's picture

Domestic terrorists... that's what you're looking for, domestic terrorists.

knukles's picture

Come to think of it, I do see a little resemblance in the nose and lips.

chunga's picture

We need to show these troubled youths some compassion. At the very least put them in the same prison their parents are in so they have a chance to turn their lives around.

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Laugh now ...

>Newt Gingrich was furious, warning that "...a deep bitter division in the communities in a way that makes America very hard to govern."

And so here's Newt the suit dribbling out more clues.

"Hard to govern." Hard times call for hard measures. All that popo training is gonna pay off soon. TPTB want a race war, a civil war - any fucking war - and they're gonna get it if they have to create it themselves. And so, that's what they're gonna do.

This was/is a psyop, like all the other psyops in the last decade or so.

See also: NDAA 2013 - legalized domestic use of propaganda.

You live in a theme park. A very wicked theme park.

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"black boy, hillary voter, black boy!" after a black victim is kidnapped and cut up by 4 white guys.

What comes next? CNN beating it to a dead horse and droves of blacks in the streets committing mayem across the country, thats what.

fucking bullshit country

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CNN Tonight host Don Lemon declared that their crime was "not evil" and that "I think these are young people and they have bad home training."


jcaz's picture

Don Lemon needs to spend some quality time with these "young people", then-  I'll happily let him stay the same cell with them for a week while he "retrains" them-  I bet he really helps them out...... 

Go ahead, Don-  you opened your mouth,  step up.

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Only way to defeat CNN is to cut the cord.  I don't look at anything CNN on any media platform and block if i can.  Fuck them!




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You can't kill them.

They are a CIA loss leader.

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CNN's Don Lemon explaining how this is not evil or racist...  “I don’t think it’s evil,” Lemon replied. “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training." 

Been there, done that.

Worth a few minutes...




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Hmmmm show tunes.   Going soft on me thongster?

Manthong's picture

I do tend towards light fare between snarky remarks here.

You know like West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific, Sound of Music, Pulp Fiction, Dogs of War… that sort of stuff.

: -D

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Evidently the Criminal News Network employs the unethical, blind, and mindless, that are in total denial. 

Like folks in a conspiracy that delight in repeated torture and kidnapping are doing anything evil !!!!!!!!

Huh ????????     What planet is this guy living on ??????????    





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When hate crime legislation was first enacted, those that opposed it said it had the potential to be misapplied.  They were obviously correct.

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4 apes locked in the zoo where they belong

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Public housing, glazed ceramic cinder block, metal doors, piss shit and stank smells, cheap food, dumb fk people, crime, 24/7 low watt tv.  Prison, same same.  No problem for these Obamaoids.

Citxmech's picture

Don't know about Chicago - but here in WA those fucke would be pretty much all be up Shit's Creek without a paddle.  Injuring somebody with a deadly weapon during a kidnapping, even without priors or the hate crime enhancement, would probably get you 10 years.     

B1G mNy's picture

Well said! As a black man I've never never understood that term hate crime.  If someone is killed regardless of color they can get the death penalty or life in prison. If it's a hate crime will they get one additional life sentence added? Just dumb.

Cole The Bar's picture

Do we have to give back all the race cards on Jan 20th?

knukles's picture

We really should begin actilng like mature, responsible adults of good character.

See, it was worth it, no?
My last 8 years of bad behavior....

It's Obama's Fault

There.  I fucking said it!

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Say Bye-Bye to Barack Obama's Backwards World   Jan 21, 2017

It can't come soon enough.


Manthong's picture

There has just got to be some linkage between Obama and the space-time continuum.

These last few weeks seem to be dragging on forever.  

dobermangang's picture

So at what time does Obama pardon them???  Would be a fitting end to his presidency.

knukles's picture

His library's gonna be built in their neighborhood for the chillren

Oliver Klozoff's picture

That would be totally in character, plus another twist of the knife to decency.


Muddy1's picture

I was thinking the males are possibly his offspring.  Arrogant facial expression, nose up in the air.  Like daddy like son.

PTR's picture

Nope.  They are the ancillary recipients of central banking-based monetary fraud (ie, finance, real estate, market investing and investment instruments.)   They're not gonna bite the hand until their wallet takes the hit.

N2OJoe's picture

That's it? What about kidnapping and false imprisonment? Or is that too much because they're obama's sons?

southpaw47's picture

The zoomasters have lost control of the zoo.

southpaw47's picture

If it were not for social media the sane people would not be able to spot the crazy fugs. Gives us a head start and an edge.... the Covert ops would be neutered without these handy tools of self incrimination.

allamerican's picture

agree, assclown suckburger needs a wake up call.  shit that goes on with FB will cause problems Amend#1 down the road.

William Finn's picture

Just another reason to ban guns.  They seem to be the common denominator in all of these attacks...oh wait.  Are they?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) beemasters Jan 6, 2017 7:05 AM

They will use this to crack down on the internet. They were making their own film, this is what caused them to do it, facebook and youtube fame.

never waste a crisis that will lead people back to the fake news the mainstream media is pushing.

ShorTed's picture

That's the best comment i've seen.  Brasvo Sir!

Mr. Bones's picture

As I predicted in the other thread, they're going to play up the mental disability and charge hate crime in that basis.  Then flip the script and accuse the people who wonder aloud why 'fuck white people' isn't evidence of a racial hate crime (and ask hypothetically whether these same individuals would have stolen a car to abduct and torture a disabled black person to express their grievances with Trump and white people) of being racist.

They must deny the 'other side' any political advantage from this event.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Wait a minute.  Do you think anti-Trump people think it's an advantage to have four black adults abduct a disabled person, abuse them live on Facebook would constitute a "political advantage?"

It's a political disaster for everyone but pro-Trump supporters.

Mr. Bones's picture

No it isn't an advantage for anti-Trump, unless they can spin it which is absolutely what they were trying to do.  Spin it so it's a crime against his disability and then accuse anyone who brings up race of being a racist.  I think the narrative escaped before the news could dominate it which is why we are waiting so long for the WH to give us a palatable reason race wasn't a factor.  If anti-Trump can't gain an advantage with spin, they will do their damnedest to ensure Trump doesn't get any mileage out of it.

Edit: they've already been successful in shifting the discussion from 'is this politically and racially motivated' to 'we think he was targeted due to disability.' The debate is now almost exclusively about whether to consider race, the political angle practically buried.