China Threatens Trump With "Big Sticks" If He Wages A Trade War

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In the latest not too subtle threat lobbed by China's official press aimed at Donald Trump, the mainland media warned the President-elect that he’ll be met with "big sticks" if he tries to ignite a trade war or further strain ties.

"There are flowers around the gate of China’s Ministry of Commerce, but there are also big sticks hidden inside the door -- they both await Americans," the Communist Party’s Global Times newspaper wrote in an editorial Thursday in response to Trump’s plans to nominate lawyer Robert Lighthizer, who has criticized Beijing’s trade practices, as U.S. trade representative.

The latest lashing out at Trump from a state-run outlet, noticed first by Bloomberg, followed others last month aimed at Peter Navarro, a University of California at Irvine economics professor and critic of China’s trade practices whom Trump last month named to head a newly formed White House National Trade Council. Those picks plus billionaire Wilbur Ross, the nominee for commerce secretary, will form an "iron curtain" of protectionism in Trump’s economic and trade team, the paper wrote.

The three share Trump’s strong anti-globalization beliefs and seem unlikely to keep building the current trade order, it said, adding that they will be more interested in disrupting the world trade order.

Concurrently, SCMP reported that China’s state media have lambasted US president-elect Donald Trump for commenting on and conducting foreign policy on Twitter. The state-run news agency Xinhua ran a signed commentary headlined “Addiction to Twitter diplomacy is unwise” late on Tuesday night.

The article came after Trump fired another salvo at China through Twitter on Tuesday, accusing Beijing of refusing to help contain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Trump first questioned in a tweet North Korea’s claims that it was in the final stages of testing a ballistic missile capable of reaching American soil. He later tweeted: “China has been taking out massive amounts of money & wealth from the US in totally one-sided trade, but won’t help with North Korea. Nice!”

The Xinhua commentary said Trump’s use of Twitter had aroused widespread concern among US politicians and academics.

For now China appears to have fallen off Trump's radar, and instead over the past few days the president-elect has been focusing on the ongoing Russian hacking fiasco as well as slamming "head clown" Chuck Schumer for the mess that is Obamacare.

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The FED will wage said trade war for him, rest assured.

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Go get'em, Donny. Those “Big Sticks” are just super-sized... PENCILS?   ;-)


VinceFostersGhost's picture



I'll point out again........AND HE'S NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT YET!!!


All this winning......I not sure I can take 4 years of this......which hasn't even actually started yet.

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Seems the Chinese are smart enough to figure out that they are soon to replace Russia as public enemy #1.

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Everyone knows the Maoist dictators with the blood of 50+ million of their own citizens on their hands don't have big sticks. Rumor is they're actually tiny - very tiny - even at full extension

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...coming from a people responsible for 40 million deaths in a westward expansion of manifest destiny where:

Colonists were paid for each Penobscot Native they killed – fifty pounds for adult male scalps, twenty-five for adult female scalps, and twenty for scalps of boys and girls under age twelve. These proclamations explicitly display the settlers’ “intent to kill”, a major indicator of genocidal acts.--


when it comes to governments, there are only pots and kettles--both black.

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China leaders understand Weakness and Strength. They have had weakness since Bush Sr ( I disliked him but he had balls). Now we got Trump and they are literally shitting themselves because now reality is smacking them in the face, no amount of cooked book keeping will help them.

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def see a staredown coming. (:

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Uzda Farce (not verified) froze25 Jan 5, 2017 12:30 PM

Robert Lighthizer is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR, like current Trade Rep Michael Froman. Bush Sr. was a CFR director along with Kissinger. Same game, different inning. See member lists at cfr dot org.

Kissinger, who recently met with Chinese leaders, was "interviewed" by CFR member Fareed Zakharia of CNN. The article also mentions CFR member Elaine Chao, another Trump cabinet choice:

Note that Bloomberg and Time-Warner/CNN are CFR corporate sponsors.

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Last week in Zhengzhou, my driver commented: "We destroyed our entire environment to make cheap products for those fucking Americans. Now they've decided they're unhappy about it!"

jcaz's picture

Yet, your driver still took your money, right?

BrownCoat's picture

The driver has only "fake news" to think about and absolutely no way to change what the globalists did.

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"We destroyed our entire environment to make cheap products for those fucking Americans. Now they've decided they're unhappy about it!"


I can't tell you how infuriating that statement is.  These FUCKING Americans DID NOT ask them to make cheap products!!!  If the average joe Chinese people believe that, there is really a problem.  A whole hell of a lot of us lost jobs or never got jobs because of the migration of jobs to China, India, Mexico, and elsewhere.  

If the Chinese government did not care enough to protect their environment in their manufacturing process, how is that our fault?  In 1998, I had an interesting exchange over breakfast in a five star hotel dining room Italy with a Brit who was berating the US for being the world's worst polluter.  He was being particularly nasty about it and I was trying to be polite.  I asked him what about China? He tried to blow off any idea that China was even close to being a bad polluter despite the air quality being so poor in most of the cities there.  I cited a very recent news story about a large cloud of pollutants that originated in China that was currently circulating the globe, but all that did was shut him up--he remained unconvinced.  Obviously China's pollution was bad and famously got worse, yet there are plenty of people who still want to blame the US either directly or, in this Chinese asshole's view, indirectly for being the world's worst polluter.   I just hope Trump can do a small fraction of what he promises and fuck the rest of the world because I'm pretty tired of being hated for no good reason.  I'm tired of the US bailing out countries in good times and bad and still being hated for it.  Let's look after ourselves for a change.

D. G. Neree's picture

True. They copied all our western technological inventions and replaced them with cheap garbage.

Stuck on Zero's picture

I'm pretty sure the Brit got his information from Obama. 

Xena fobe's picture

Wall Street must have found greener pastures.  India? Africa?  Who knows.  Consumers never saw any cost savings, just lost jobs, inflated housing, destroyed communities and endless scams like the birth hotels.

PT's picture

Trade War?  What Trade War?  Hows about the US manufacture stuff inside the US and sell it to people who live in the US and China manufacture stuff in China and sell it to people who live in China?  How could that possibly be a problem to anyone?

Okay, yes, yes, there is a tiny little flaw in my argument.  From where does US get its energy and resources?  From where does China get its energy and its resources?  Re-insert this tiny little snippet of information back into the equations, re-jigger it and then answer the above questions.

Hows about the people who produce stuff get to buy the stuff they produce.  Is that really too much to ask?

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Hmm. I didn't think the Chinese were known for their big sticks...

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Funniest part of the article:

"The Xinhua commentary said Trump’s use of Twitter had aroused widespread concern among US politicians and academics."

To that I say Hi-hip-hooray!  That is great news, and they should be concerned, as these are the exact bunch of people who have FUBARed this country.  They know it, and now they realize more and more of the voters know it, too.


If you know the story of the Emporer With No Clothes, it simply took one innocent litle boy to call out the foolisness of the Emporer that all the adults were afraid to acknowledge.  Trump and his tweets are a lot like that little boy.

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Was thinking chopsticks, myself.

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Bring it, bitches- good luck living on a Nike diet......

curbjob's picture

Curious,  is a Nike diet less sustainable than a  EBT diet ? 

jcaz's picture

Ideally,  both fail to sustain-  problem solved.

ZH Snob's picture

we don't want your cheap ass chinese made crap anyway.

so take that stick and ...

Moe Hamhead's picture

You can put them "where the sun don't shine"!

FreeShitter's picture

The ussa and commie china have been in a trade war, you are just late to the party.

d edwards's picture

I was a little amused last week when the Chicoms sent their one (and only) carrier and escorts near Tiawan as a show of force. It would be shame if their only carrier was sunk.

flaminratzazz's picture

no wonder their hair turns white and falls out,, being the president.. you couldn't pay me enough

darteaus's picture

They mean if he fights back in the EXISTING trade war.

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We have been in a trade war with China for decades and have been getting our butts kicked. China has massive trade barriers and tarrifs to protect their industries. We dont because of stupid politicians. We have lost our manufacturing sector, millions of jobs, wealth and prosperity.  The millenials have been getting hit the hardest and can't even get a decent job. Tump wants to end this horrible one sided deal. That's why I voted for him. If Trump can reduce the trade deficit by even a little bit it would be a boon to the USA. 

The best thing Trump could do is make USA an attractive place to do business again. With higher interest rates, Chinese investors will pour money into the USA chasing higher yield. China will have a massive anti communist revolution when they instill capital controls to stop the money outflow. 


Trade war ??.. Bring it on !! 

1980XLS's picture

China charges TSLA $20K per car to import a Tesla from the USA.

USA charges GM $700 to import a Buick Envision into the USA

Sounds like "Fair Trade" to me.  (sarcasm)

The Gun Is Good's picture

Spot on, except for this: "We dont because of stupid politicians."

Not so much stupid politicians as deliberate sabotage from within, enabled by bought-off politicians.

fockewulf190's picture

"China will have a massive anti communist revolution..."

That is what the Chicoms in power fear the most.  A Soviet style collapse it won´t be though. 

The Great Reset is still coming.  It can start from anywhere, and it will affect everyone.

two hoots's picture

Trump can chew gum, focus on China, saboteur Democrats, NK, Trade, and national security all in one week.  Finally someone who understands the gov is full of agencies that have different missions and can do many things at once. 

Mike in GA's picture

Should be one for the history books - "World's manufacturing center, deeply indebted, lacking internal market, commences trade war with its single largest external customer".

Your move, Xi.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

big tweets ALWAYS beat big sticks, motherfuckers!

or, as they say in murika - he who tweets the loudest - wins!  now, go an start sucking on the bitcoin, commies!

jtmo3's picture

China wasn't shit until we sent them our jobs and money. They were a hell hole. Now, they're going to tell us what to do? No good deed goes unpunished I guess. 

Willard J Clinton's picture

"China wasn't shit until we sent them our jobs and money. They were a hell hole. Now, they're going to tell us what to do? No good deed goes unpunished I guess. "

I agree, with one exception. "We" didn't make crooked deals to move American production to slave labor facilities provided by Chinese Generals and elites and then buy up American factories with conjured money and then relocate them to China. The tribe has done this.  Two hundred years ago the tribe brought stolen slaves here to compete with the American worker.  Now the tribe simply steals American factories and brings the factories to the slaves in order to compete with the American worker. 

It is not the Chinese who have been waging a trade war against the American worker, it is the tribe who has been waging a trade war against the American worker.



pparalegal's picture

How's that new world order globalism offshoring program working out?

Byte Me's picture

How's that new world order globalism offshoring program working out?

About to reach a climax by the looks of it:

(Personally, I like the bit where the technocratic parasites of the Deep State become eviscerated, but a reset of the production / consumption dynamic comes a very close second)

gregga777's picture

Communist China can keep all of their junk products and poisonous foods for themselves.  Americans do not need one single piece of Chinese manufactured crap or poisonous food products.  And they can stick their big sticks where the sun don't shine.  Boycott all Chinese junk.



Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Ha ha... okay, come at us China.  This is tantamount to Chuckie Schumer threatening Trump, and the Republicans, with hostilities and delays on the House and Senate floor.  A fool's errand.....  

SpanishGoop's picture

Look out for little man with big dicks eh sorry, sticks.


vesna's picture

Obama would love to take the stick in the ass

kommissar's picture

she already does - from michael, er michelle.

Bill of Rights's picture

All these Veiled threats to Trump, go fuck yourselves...good to see all these mother fuckers running scared.