Key Takeaways From Intelligence Community Testimony On Alleged "Russian Hacking"

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For those disaffected Hillary snowflakes looking for some level of concrete, tangible evidence from today's Senate testimony from the "intelligence community" that "Russian Hackers" purposefully colluded with President-elect Trump to steal the 2016 election from Clinton, we have some bad news: your desire for evidence required to start World War III over your candidate's loss has still not been fulfilled.  Better luck next time.

As we suspected, today's testimony offered up by James Clapper and others of the "intelligence community" to the Senate's Armed Forces Committee has largely been nothing more than another smear campaign rife with political rhetoric but light on facts and tangible evidence.

With that, here are some of the notable one-liners from the day.

John McCain opened the hearing by noting that the goal of the day was not to "question the outcome of the presidential election" but to gather "facts" about what happened...even though no facts actually followed, but we digress.

“The not to question the outcome of the presidential election. Nor should it be. As both President Obama and President-elect Trump have said, our nation must move forward. But we must do so with full knowledge of the facts."

Senator Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island) used his time to call for the creation of a "special select Senate committee" to look further into the "Russian Hacking" narrative since it spills across the jurisdictional divide.


Meanwhile, 30 minutes into the hearing, James Clapper told the Senate committee that he had no intention of providing any meaningful new details regarding the "Russian Hacking" narrative but instead intended to just repeat the same useless political rhetoric that has been slowly leaked to the mainstream media over the past several weeks.

“We plan to brief the Congress and release an unclassified version of this report to the public next week with due deference to highly sensitive sources and methods


“We’re not really prepared to discuss this beyond standing by our earlier statements.”

Asked whether Julian Assange was credible, Clapper, who ironically has lost all credibility throughout this process with his rapidly evolving story line, was quick to confirm in the negative.  Per The Hill:

When asked if Assange was credible, Clapper responded with a very noticeably annoyed look, "Not in my view."


Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of National Security Agency responded, "I second those comments."

Meanwhile, other comments aimed at Julian Assange drew some expected criticism from Wikileaks:


Clapper, apparently interviewing for a commentator spot at MSNBC, warned that hacking wasn't the extent of the efforts by Russia to meddle in the 2016 election which also included coordinated efforts from RT, and other "fake news" outlets, to exploit any "fissure they could find in our tapestry."

“RT was very active in promoting a particular point of view, disparaging our system, our alleged hypocrisy about human rights, etc. Whatever crack, fissure they could find in our tapestry, they would exploit it,”


In an obvious slip up, Clapper admitted that the "Russian Hackers" didn't change the vote tallies...

“They didn’t change any vote tallies,” Clapper said, but “We have no way of gauging the impact that — certainly the Intelligence Community can’t — the choices that the electorate made. There’s no way for us to gauge.”

...and warned against retaliatory efforts saying that "we and other nations conduct similar acts of espionage."

"As I say, people in glass houses need to think about throwing rocks. This was an act of espionage. And we and other nations conduct similar acts of espionage."

Finally, we leave you with this parting clip from Senator Graham who vows to stop at nothing until he has his war with Russia.



* * *

For those who missed it, here is the intro the hearing that we wrote earlier this morning.

At 9:30 AM the "Russian hacking" narrative will take center stage before a hearing of the Senate's Committee on Armed Services which is chaired by the maverick himself, John McCain.  The witnesses appearing before the committee will include James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, Marcel Lettre, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and Admiral Michael Rogers, Commander, United States Cyber Command.

Per a note earlier this morning from The Hill, there are five key things to watch for as the hearing progresses:

1. How many Republicans will criticize Trump’s stance? - Both John McCain, who chairs the committee, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, another member of the panel, have been vocal in their criticism of Trump's unwillingness to blindly accept the rapidly evolving "facts" presented by the "intelligence community."

2. How strong is the evidence that Russia hacked the DNC? - After Julian Assange again appeared on Fox News earlier this week to confirm that his source was not Russia, or any "state actor" for that matter, the "intelligence community" once again changed its narrative this morning to imply that Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta then provided that information to Wikileaks via a third party.  Well, how convenient is that?  We look forward to receiving some concrete, tangible evidence from Mr. Clapper on this new assertion.

3. What evidence does the intelligence community have that Putin wanted to assist Trump? - The CIA, without supplying any evidence, reportedly believes that Russia was explicitly trying to help Trump — raising politically explosive questions about the degree to which it succeeded.  Meanwhile, the White House has stopped short if that conclusion telling CNN that “President Obama and this administration is 100 percent certain in the role that Russia played in trying to sow discord and confusion and getting involved, through the cyber domain, in our electoral process."  Will any actual evidence of collusion between Trump and Russian officials be presented?

4. How much will the public get to see — and when? - Will this whole charade just be more political rhetoric, which is the only thing the "intelligence community" has provided to date, or will actual tangible evidence finally be presented to support the "Russian hacking" narrative.

5. How much will either committee be able to do? - With a new administration taking over in 15 days will any of this actually matter or is it just a last-ditch effort to delegitimize the incoming administration?

Of course, Trump has maintained a healthy dose of skepticism of the intelligence community's "facts."  In a series of tweets earlier this week, Trump accused intelligence officials of delaying his briefing until Friday in order to build a case against Russia. He also noted comments from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who has repeatedly said that his leaked material was not provided by the Russian government.


With that intro, a live stream of the hearing can be viewed here:

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consider all of the supposed sources on the panel; the fact its even news, fake at that, is evidence enough the MSM is still over-populated with morons and sycophants.

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Clapper is already a "documented liar" - so why should we believe anything this shitbag said today?


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All we need is a Closet Homosexual like Graham leading us into WW3, some body please just out this guy with a photo so we don't get into a nuclear exchange.

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The takeaway is that they would rather the 'election were hacked' than divulge how extensive and pervasive their big brother spying on every bit of communication traffic is.  (Not that I think the election was hacked in the first place.)

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Very long run since the 60’s and now policy model broken as we witness scratch, screaming and blaming others going out the door.

Kayman's picture

Who better to leave Russian fingerprints than the CIA.    Big slice of Yellow cake for anyone? Lie to the American people- no consequences.

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Fake news changed the election?

But not the fake spews coming outta Hillary's hole?

J S Bach's picture

"They didn’t change any vote tallies,” Clapper said, but “We have no way of gauging the impact that — certainly the Intelligence Community can’t — the choices that the electorate made. There’s no way for us to gauge."

Hmmmm.  Do they have a way of "gauging the impact" that our zio-controlled lying media may have had on the choices that the electorate made?  Since this is a question of equal or greater importance, I just thought I'd ask.


Offthebeach's picture

They didn’t change any vote tallies,” Clapper said, but “We have no way of gauging .....There’s no way for us to gauge."


Well, which is it?  They didn't.  Definitive statement.  Followed by we don't/can't know.  WTF?  



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The Saint (not verified) froze25 Jan 5, 2017 1:17 PM

Clapper to MSNBC!!  LOL  Is that where all of Obama's moron appointments go to die?


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McCain, Graham, clapper and the rest totally involved in the genocide of Libya and Syria along with Clintons, Soros, Sid Blumenthal, Petreaus, KKR-Halliburton, Mike Morell-zio, White Helmets fraud, Nato, Epstein and the rest.  They all need to be put on trial and arrested.  Evil evil scum.

lostintheflood's picture

clapper is a proven liar...'nuff said...

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All we need is a Closet Homosexual like Graham leading us into WW3, some body please just out this guy with a photo so we don't get into a nuclear exchange.

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Billy Banzai may need to look for a new gig after that mastery!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

It's good, but I haven't seen anyone exhibit the combination of consistent high quality and high volume as our esteemed Mr. Banzai7.

We are truly graced by his work.

An all-time classic:

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Putin n Trump already got a deal cut( WE will have serious discussions AFTER shithead is out of 1600), both are more intelligent than Barack.He's been out foxed.

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Because it deviates from the story line.

JRobby's picture

In his summary remarks, Henrich spewing raw sewage out of his mouth like a fire hose. His conclusion: MORE SANCTIONS!

And then, everyone present agreed! MORE SANCTIONS!

Kabuki of the most perverse order.

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If the victim had been black,,, Obama would have already adopted him.

As it is,,, it will just disappear.

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"The Russians created deceptive operations within Iraq that caused the US to believe that Saddam Hussein possessed wepons of mass destruction."

Colin Powell to the UN (must have been back in 2002-2003)

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Put him in a cage with 4-18 year olds from Chicago and televise that.

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"the MSM is still over-populated with morons and sycophants."

Lindsey Graham: "I resemble that remark!"

(What an enemy of the peace-loving people of this nation.)

BTW, how about we spend some time focusing on the contents of the emails instead of making the narrative about the bogeyman Putin?

Edward Bernays would be proud.

Freddie's picture

I saw a video about JGs aka military attorneys which is what Graham was in the Navy or Naval Reserve.  Supposedly they run a terror op and engage in a lot of the really dirty stuff that MIC, The Pentagram and Deep State enagge in.

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the fake news about "Russian Hacking" originates from the NATO generation. They all are aware that is the first 20th century legacy institution on the chopping block.

there simply is no need

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Why are we still talking about this shit?

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So they don't run away with the narrative and start a war.

DeadFred's picture

Because Trump hasn't taken office yet so the good Pizza stories are yet to be told. What are the odds that the Honorable Mr. Graham's closet escapades weren't included in Weiner's 'insurance' file?

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That smug poofter, along with most of DC, has a lot of skeletons to hide.  

Might not be pizza as he probably needs viagra just to take a piss, but career and freedom-ending nonetheless.

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As a smoke screen to cover this up.  Putin, Russia, Syria, Syrian military and Hezbollah put a stop to this.

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God fuckin' bless Zero Hedge.

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There are no serious questions to be answered. This entire topic is bullshit. REMEMBER: as a community instigator, Soetero's job is to make big noise out of nothing.

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exactly; people forget the job description of an "organizer"

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Clap on...clap off..clap on..clap off...The Clapper.

The NSA and MIC need a Boogie Man to justify their salaries.

Terrorism just isn't cutting it any more.

CheapBastard's picture

The >$600 Billion defense industry needs an enemy, even if it needs to create one where none exists.

11b40's picture

600 million fiatskies is just the public budget. No one knows the size of the black budget.

Freddie's picture

Add in phony homeland security for made up dancing furniture movers in Nj threats plus all the other crpa and they waste $2 trillion a year.  This does not include the trillions that Deep State and MIC steal.

Nobodys Home's picture

We've fallen and we can't get up!

about this hacking: "Where's The Beef?"

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All of the MIC sweating over their trillion $ war budget. Got to keep things hot to justify the waste. To many tapped out taxpayers asking too many questions.

logicalman's picture


The production of weapons of mass destruction has always been associated with economic "waste." The term is pejorative, since it implies a failure of function. But no human activity can properly be considered wasteful if it achieves its contextual objective....
In the case of military "waste," there is indeed a larger social utility.... In advanced modern democratic societies, the war system ... has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary social classes. As economic productivity increases to a level further and further above that of minimum subsistence, it becomes more and more difficult for a society to maintain distribution patterns insuring the existence of "hewers of wood and drawers of water."...
The arbitrary nature of war expenditures and of other military activities make them ideally suited to control these essential class relationships.... The continuance of the war system must be assured, if for no other reason, among others, than to preserve whatever quality and degree of poverty a society requires as an incentive, as well as to maintain the stability of its internal organization of power.

The Creature from Jeckyll Island

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Still not a single one of them has the balls to mention Seth Rich or Eric Braverman. It's all fake, every bit of it.

Tweet the shit out of it tRump, or you look fake too.

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Lindsey Graham and Democrat appointed Intelligence Heads is all you need to know.

The Brown Clown and his reach arounders have only 14 more days to start a war with Russia.

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Did that little fucker actually sneak in the comment, "Will you agree that the foundation of democracy is political parties"?

Political parties! LOL. This little gremlin needs to have the same cell as John McCain in the next Hanoi Hilton.

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The kracken have spoken so now is the time to put them back into their cages.

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    I wonder what story the "enlightened" folks at the DNC will start pedaling next?


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Aliens? Aliens are the enemy?

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I am laughing at all of the Liberal love for a bunch of asshole neocons.  

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How are we supposed to believe anything from a guy like Clapper who lied under oath but has not been held accountable for the laws he has broken?

These ass clown politicians just don't get it, they truly live in a different world, maybe a pitch fork popping their bubble will wake them up to reality.

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This bullshit Russian interference narrative and politicized investigation is more sour grapes meant to discredit Donald Trump's election victory!

*The anti-Trump protests and street riots didn't work.

*The Jill Stein recount failed miserably and actually gave Trump more votes!

*Death threats to intimidate the Electoral College failed.

*Now it's the fake news that "Russia did it". 


Where is the investigation on all of this?

It's already out from a close friend of Julian Assange that it was a disgruntled Bernie Sanders DNC insider that "leaked" the emails to Julian Assange and Wikileaks and NOT Russian hacking. Maybe Seth Rich? The Obama Administration is ignoring this and continuing with its idiotic "Russia did it" narrative which is "fake news". Donald is right, not one shred of real and credible evidence.

Assange said that a 14 year old could have hacked John Podesta's emails!

This is just a vague circumstancial case to justify the fake Obama narrative to discredit Donald Trump's election victory.

Fuck Obama, fuck crooked Hillary......15 more days libtards!

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1) We say they did this, er we can't prove it and it changed nothing; 2) but we admit we do it to other countries!