"Friends, Long Live" Duterte Tells Russian Navy, Hopes Moscow Will Become Philippines' "Ally And Protector"

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On Tuesday, in a surprising move confirming the ongoing pivot by the Philippines away from the US sphere of geopolitical influence, and toward the China-Russia axis, the Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs and sea tanker Boris Butomato unexpectedly arrived in the Philippines to conduct military training exercises in what the Russian media described as "an unprecedented navy-to-navy contact between the two nations."


Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs has docked at the Manila South Harbor

The warships arrived in the region on Tuesday as Russian Navy Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov proclaimed a joint mission between Manila and Moscow to target the region’s two most pressing security concerns, maritime piracy and terrorism. The Rear Admiral said that "we’re very sure in the future" Russia and the Philippines will "get such exercises, maybe just the maneuvering." Alternatively, "maybe just use some combat systems and so on," he noted, so as not to tip Russia’s hand concerning its regional naval strategy.

A spokesman for the Philippine Navy told reporters this is the first official interaction with the Russian navy, an arch rival of its former colonial master and closest ally in the region, the United States. Mikhailov said they were willing to help train Philippine counterparts to fight piracy and terrorism and they hope to foster stronger security in the region.

Fast forward to today when Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said that he hoped Moscow, the Obama administration's sworn uber-hacking rival, would become his country's ally and protector as he toured one of the two Russian warships on a four-day visit to Manila. Duterte's remarks came a day after Russia's ambassador said his country was ready to supply the Philippines with sophisticated weapons and aims to become its close friend.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alights from the Russian Navy vessel Admiral
Tributs, a large anti-submarine ship, after his tour in metro Manila, Philippines

"We welcome our Russian friends. Anytime you want to dock here for anything, for play, for replenish supplies or maybe our ally to protect us," said Duterte while shaking the hands of Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov, head of the Flotilla of the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet. Rear Adm. Eduard Mikhailov and Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev, escorted Duterte and several cabinet members around the anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs. At one point the Philippine leader looked out from the ship's deck and pumped his fist in the air. After signing a guest book, he said "Friends, long live!" He added: "That's from the heart; I hope you can come back more often."

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, gestures as he talks with Russian Rear
Adm. Eduard Mikhailov, third from right, and Russia's Ambassador to the
Philippines Igor A. Khovaev

As NBC News adds, as a gesture of good will, Filipinos were allowed to tour the huge ships and Russian marines demonstrated their combat capabilities. Tobacco and beer magnate Lucio Tan, the 4th richest Filipino according to Forbes magazine, was among civilians who toured the ship. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, who accompanied Duterte on the ship tour, expressed optimism about "the start of a partnership" between the two countries' defense establishments when he met with Russian navy officials Thursday night.

"May our common aspirations for regional and global peace and security enable us to become good partners, cooperating and coordinating towards tranquil and safe seas for all," Lorenzana said on board the Admiral Tributs.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (3rd L) talks to Russia's Rear Admiral Eduard
Mikhailov (4th R) at the anti-submarine navy ship Admiral Tributs

He said during his trip to Russia in early December, he agreed with Russian defense officials to finalize a memorandum of understanding that will be the basis of future military engagements, including joint military exercises. It is expected to be signed during Duterte's planned trip to Russia in April.

The visit by the Russian navy ships is the third to the Philippines and the first under Duterte, who while pivoting toward Russia and China, has repeatedly lashed out at outgoing President Barack Obama and his administration for criticizing Duterte's deadly crackdown on illegal drugs.

Duterte is due to go to Moscow in April. The visit by the Russian warships was the first official navy-to-navy contact between the two countries. Last month, Duterte sent his foreign and defense ministers to Moscow to discuss arms deals after a U.S. senator said he would block the sale of 26,000 assault rifles to the Philippines due to concern about a rising death toll in a war on drugs launched by Duterte.

In contrast, he has reached out to China and Russia - whose leaders he has met recently - in a dramatic shift in Philippine foreign policy that has put Washington in a dilemma.

The Philippines has depended heavily on the U.S., its treaty ally, for weapons, ships and aircraft for years, although it has turned to other countries for defense equipment. Russia and China have been delighted to fill the void.

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King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Jan 6, 2017 6:49 PM

"unprecedented navy-to-navy contact"- Obama wants in on some of that seamen action- Hey thailor!

bamawatson's picture

kum kum

all hands on dick !! er uh deck


knukles's picture

Good Bye Subic. 
Good Bye Cam Ranh

greenskeeper carl's picture

Yep, yet another Obama foreign policy success. Go team!


Personally, I don't think we need to be having any military bases in the phillipines, anyway, but thats just me. "Peaceful trade with all, entangling alliances with none"

HowdyDoody's picture

Fortunately US SF have been training radical Islamists on Mindanao just for this very contigency. /sarc

tazs's picture
tazs (not verified) HowdyDoody Jan 6, 2017 7:36 PM

Agree. Just like the US allowed Israel to create ISIS and spread chaos in the MidEast.


beemasters's picture

Less US military presence overseas means less unnecessary expenditures. Bring them all home.

auricle's picture

The phillipines is a whore state, if they had any self respect they'd kick everybody out of their country. Instead, after being tricked by the USA for decades, they are going to take their turn with Russia. China next? 

land_of_the_few's picture

Have they perfected their pingpong ball artillery yet? ;)

TheObsoleteMan's picture

The Flip president is an idiot. I liked him until I read the part that where he said he was looking for a "protector". THATS WHAT YOUR MILITARY IS FOR YOU IDIOT! To invite a foreign power into your country as a protector {or anything else} is both cowardice and stupidity. Russia is not going to protect the Philippines from China. Russia will share it with the Chinese like you would pass around an escort at a bachelor's party. Lets see if the flip girls go after Russian sailors the same way they went after American sailors for marriage, and to get away from that shit hole. I highly doubt it. In fact, all those bar owners, drug dealers and pimps out in Olongapo are all planning on killing him right about now, for bringing a bunch of broke dick Russian sailors into their town for liberty call. I seriously doubt this little monkey survives past 2017. 

BarkingCat's picture

Sadly your statement is accurate....without the sarc

evoila's picture

Syria, check

Yemen, check

Phillipines, check

ISIS, check

Turkey, check


This is what happens when you put a community organizer in charge.

HowdyDoody's picture

If the Russians give Trump advance warning of the pending CIA hit on him, just as they did with Yanukovych in Ukraine and Erdogan in Turkey, would that count as 'aggressive interference with the internal affairs of the US'?


Midas's picture

Did I do that? 

--President Urkel.

wren's picture

And while Obama reads this article, he's thinking, "Damn, I forgot to bomb the Philippines. But at least I think I got everyone else..."

Ignatius's picture

Do the boom boom girls speak Russian?

They'll learn.  It comes with the job, I'd think.

SilverRhino's picture

Influx of light melanin into the Russia gene pool over the next few years. 

TheObsoleteMan's picture

The Russian sailors will be broke after the first night out. Besides, the Ruble is virtually worthless. The Philipine peso might be worth more!

buttmint's picture

...er Knuckles...ever been to Cam Ranh Bay Harbor? Gorgeous natural harbour built by American contractors during 1960s.

The Soviets have been there since the late 1970s---refurbishing the joint.

_ArC_'s picture

Obama like his submarines big, long and full of seamen.

richsob's picture

Ungrateful idiot.  Maybe he'd prefer the Japs take things over again?  We lost a lot of good people saving his country.  How quickly people forget. 

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) richsob Jan 6, 2017 6:48 PM

They're a sovereign country- let them do what the hell they want.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"We lost a lot of good people saving his country.  How quickly people forget."

That was 70 years ago.  There is a point where gratitude gives way to self-interest, especially if the one who did you a favor has been treating you like a bitch for decades.  

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya, if he follows his line of logic, I guess he outta be setting aside a generous portion of his money for slavery reperations...

Ignatius's picture

We loved 'em so much I believe the US military invented the .45 in their honor of what it took to colonize them (9mm wouldn't stop the more determined tribesmen, I'm told).

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

Yes, the army found out the hard way that the "new .38 cal" revolver would not stop Filipinos on local stimulants and had to reissue the old single action army revolver in .45 long Colt, a real manstopper.

Gohigher's picture

The USS Republic was still seaworthy back then, not the rotted hulk she became. Let the turnabout begin.

_ArC_'s picture

Idiot! We vaccumed Philippine resources too! Trained Isis over there and made it a US drug hub. Can you blame him? Inspite of Philippine being U.S biggest ally. Their economy never went anywhere and was over taken by it's neighboring countries. What is the perk?

tuetenueggel's picture

and this receipe ist still used in  Afghanistan.

business as stusual's picture

Apparently you have never heard of the Moro Wars circa 1910-1920, when the US Army slaughtered 1.5 million Moro tribesmen?

How ungrateful!

Krungle's picture

As I recall the US did to the Phillipines what the Japanese would do a couple decades later, to the tune of a couple hundred thousand civilian deaths. How quickly people forget how the empire has always treated uppity countries....

The central planners's picture

Ohh that smell of legacy in the air!!!

King Tut's picture

Unless you are Israel it really doesn't pay to be pals with Uncle Sammy.

Raul44's picture

To correct your statement: It doesnt pay to be a pals with Uncle Sammy because of Israelis. Otherwise US could be just as peaceful and friendly nation as any other.

Omen IV's picture

Duterte -right move at the right time

shows continuity of compounding error of obama everywhere


The Affirmative Action admission to the Presidency of the US of A

knukles's picture

Continuity of Islamo Fascist Commie Globalist Plan.

Parrotile's picture

Looks like Russia may be getting another "warm-water port".


I'm VERY sure the Philippines would not turn up their noses at the offer of investment (in return for use of facilities), and Russia HAS made it VERY clear that trhey are more than willing to work with the New Management.






And - worst of all - the Philippines seem keen on weapons deals with Russia. https://newsline.com/russia-willing-to-equip-philippines-with-sophistica...


Oh, the humility :-D

tuetenueggel's picture

I C B M don´t need any ports.

SgtShaftoe's picture

The CIA and Clinton Foundation don't want safe seas.  They want the pacific to look like something out of a terminator movie.  You can't really blame Duerte.  He's nuttier than squirrel shit but he's sane enough to view the US government as the schizophrenic murderous monster that it is.  I'd trust Russia far more than the US as well.  At least they have a history of keeping promises. Can you even name a promise that the US has kept with anyone? 


greenskeeper carl's picture

"Can you even name a promise that the US has kept with anyone? "


Hell ya. We took care of all those countries in the middle east that were bothering Israel, didn't we???

indygo55's picture

Duerte's destruction of the heroin trade has cost them millions if not billions by now, but saved many, many lives in turn. Who pays the price and who receives the benefit? With Duerte its the bad guys and the civilians respectively. 

tuetenueggel's picture

Oh yes, I can:

bringing democrycy.

Even when they used bombs. After they were beaten:

Korea, Vietnam, Irak 1 + 2, Afghanistan, Lybia, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Germany, maybe in short Poland and Ukraine.

Fuck US.

Savyindallas's picture

Idiot warmongers Obama, Lyndsey (the fag) Graham and John (the deranged psycho)Mccain, etc.  have turned the whole world against the USA and into the arms of Russia. Can you blame Duterte? Who wants to be the ally of Zionist Neocon Neolib USA? As an American, I look forward to the day when my Country is liberated from these psychos. Let's hope the election of Trump is a start. 

alexcojones's picture

Looks like Duterte didn't get the memo from Podesta.

All. Russians. Bad.

Or maybe he refused to swallow the pizza, as the MSM has - hook, slime & sinker

besnook's picture

the zionazi leaders' singular focus on the mid east managed to lose the rest of the world and the mid east

indygo55's picture

They have multi focus. They are sophisticated, educated and wise. The reason they are falling apart is because they suck. No one wants them when they are exposed for all to see, as they are. 

native grunt's picture

Duterte is at this stage an old whore, of no use to the Americans under Trump.

He has worn out the Americans and now hope to get some bullshit from the Chicoms and

the Russians. For all the talk, the Americans can in anger blow both the Russian and 

Chinese navies clean out of the water. The Phillipines is basically the poor brown brother of

the US. See the way the Pinoys talk, their accents, the movies they watch, their prefered

destination when looking for jobs. If I were Trump I'd tell that murderous runt to walk the


BarkingCat's picture

When talking about the US Navy, you should have stopped at "blow".

There is a reason why the Village People had a song about them.