Here's How Many Bombs Obama Dropped In 2016

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Seven years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," despite having been in office for less than one year and having pretty much no actual, tangible foreign diplomacy accomplishments at the time, President Obama will depart the White House having dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries around the world in 2016, 3,027 more than 2015.

According to an analysis of Defense Department data from the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan think tank, the majority of Obama's 2016 bombs were dropped on Syria and Iraq.  Meanwhile, Afghanistan, a country President Obama vowed U.S. troops would evacuate completely by the end of his Presidency, was also bombed over 1,300 times, a 40% increase over 2015.  Per McClatchy DC:

The U.S. dropped 79 percent of the anti-Islamic State group coalition bombs in Syria and Iraq, totaling 24,287. That figure, along with others analyzed by CFR, is likely lower than the actual number dropped because one airstrike can involved multiple bombs.


Obama did authorize a troop surge in Afghanistan — a conflict he pledged to end during his campaign — where the U.S. dropped 1,337 bombs in 2016. There are currently 8,400 U.S. troops left in the country, more than Obama initially wanted to keep there at the end of his term. The U.S. only dropped 947 bombs in Afghanistan in 2015.


The U.S. also dropped more bombs in Libya in 2016 than it did in 2015. Nearly 500 bombs were dropped in the North African country that has essentially been ungoverned since the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He was captured and killed during the Libyan Civil War, kicked off by the Arab Spring protests that also began the Syrian conflict.

Bombs Dropped


Nothing like releasing Gitmo detainees back to the battlefield so that we can just bomb them all over again.

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Ant hit their target? 

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As soon as a refugee passes the Customs and Passport Control, he/she automatically gets the same rights as US citizens, except the right to vote or to become President.

Within a week, they get a driver’s license and Social Security Number. With those, they can go buy a weapon.

Now… How many un-vetted refugees from the Middle East has 0bama let in just within the last year?

This is just one side of the coin.

The other side is, stop bombing, droning, or otherwise fucking with OTHER COUNTRIES - there will be less refugees. I think?  ;-)


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This year's election felt like finally dropping a deuce after 8 years of constipation.

Thank God and good riddance.  Somebody light a match and get the stink outta the place.


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And with THAT piece of imagery, I think I will log off and call it a day.

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yeah, but it's all okay, shiney medal for O-Scumbag:


The Narcisist-in-chief awards HIMSELF the "distinguished public service medal.

Cuz he does it all for us, don'tchyaknow?

All that bombing and public servicing and traitoring is just exhausting.

That's why he deserved 85 MILLION FRN's in vacations while he was fucking us all over.


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Bob Dylan's non-acceptance of the Nobel Prize for Literature was knowing.

Its all Bullshit.

Y  --oo--uuu, Wh-ooooo,

Philosophise Disgrace,

Yes, all of you, them.

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At least Soweeto [says] he has isis on the run!


Here Is Your Complete List Of Islamic Terror Attacks During The Obama Administration

Overall, the amount of terrorism deaths has quadrupled under Obama's presidency.

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"At least Soweeto [says] he has isis on the run!"

...that is running for their lives in full and disorderly retreat.

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 did not miss a single wedding party, hospital, or water treatment facility!

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Where did this number of bombs come from?  Clapper or Putin?

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Not the point. 'Defense' company earning reports are.

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and that's why i have called potus obambam for the last eight years.

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owebomber, he did it all with borrowed money


charged up a fortune

on my credit card

bam bam baby

sure had a real good time...

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He is not called Obomber for nothing!

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The biggest Bomb was the day this fake asshole was elected president. Good riddance and take that fake ass family of yours with you. Not a single day that goes by will you be missed.

To all you liberal fakes who have infiltrated every aspect of our lives you are next.

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Who leaked this information?!  It must have been Russia, trying to influence the American public into thinking that Obama was a giant fraud and war monger, when he was quite clear in his speeches that he was for peace.  We should have a lengthy national debate about how this information became public.

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Trump needs to sign the Hague treate and extradite Obama to the International Criminal Court. He needs to be tried for war crimes in front of an international tribunal. 

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If there is a single entity that has less legitimacy than Obama, it is the ICC.

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Along with 80% of dc and most media and corporate figures who perpetuated the situation. This could get very weird.

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The Washington Post and Bezos ain't gonna like that.

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And how many bombs has he dropped so far with days to go during his entire presidency and roughly how many people has he had killed?

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He dun it for the chilurn he did.

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We bombed some deserts.

trulz4lulz's picture

I said, "bomb desserts! Damnit!"....._/(:\_

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Hopefully a few cases of JUST DESERTS as well

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I have a dream that this "nobel" prize winner will also be the recepient of war crimes charges.  He should get at least 26,171 counts. 

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I'd pay 50 of my Gold Ounces for a front seat at Obama's hanging. I'd expect a memento though, maybe one of his big ears.

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Get Berry a rope!

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If the Nobel committee was not just a corrupt parasitic crony org they would have repossessed their prize long ago.

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dont get me started on hellfire missles

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Israel and Nutty are jealous.

stant's picture

The self inflicted IED he and Hillary dropped on the Democratic Party will be the most long remembered

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Why is this criminal still allowed to keep the Noble Piss Prize, bogles my mind.

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Because the nobel price committee is just an other corrupted institution..Bob Dylan knows.

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Obommer !


What a shame


How many innocent died !

What if it was your children being hurt ?


You nobel peace price earning fool !


The rich and powerful have always used our money to pay our sons and daughters to carry out the killing. Politicians and the bankers need to look good in their Armani suits, and would not dirty themselves with such things as bombs and bullets, that's what us folks are for.

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"Can't we just drone him?"

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Please continue to report the same during Trump presidency. I say Nobel committee should take peace prize back from Obama and not to ever give it to a US politician.

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I think that Obama was turned. 

The question now is, if Trump will allow himself to be turned. And if not, suffering the consequences, what will come next?

How much did these bombs cost and pumped up debt?  

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Every man has his price. Trump is no different. Every President for the last 100 years has made big promises to the people that they did not keep. I don't see that changing with Trump. Yeah Hillary would have started a war...blah...blah...blah. So will Trump. Right after the trade wars. This way the American people can be beaten down more before the bombs start to fall.

The entire system, from the bottom to the top, is corrupt. It's ALL about money, power and selfishness. For the people, by the people is a long gone phrase. We have owners now, were all owned by our governement. They tell us how we live. Freedom and democracy are just a part of Americas history now.

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Barry the Bomber is a pice of shit psycho tool of the MIC, same as Shrub the Monkey Boy before him. Only the rhetoric is different.

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Libya and Syria were not victims of the Arab Spring. More like victims of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the US that funded and started the mess in those two countries. Hillary in her emails urged the Nobel Bomb Them To Pieces Prize winner to go war in Libya to send a "message" to Assad and hope he would step down. Libya had a very small unprofessional military and an easy victim while Syria had a much bigger well trained and equipped military and a tough nut to crack. Libya was just a sideshow for the real target Syria while both were victims of US aggression for world hegemony.

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"the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan think tank," - WTF ???

Think tank?? Those are your OWNERS people. They OWN you.

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"I love the smell of napalm in the morning.  It smells like . . . . victory."

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not just him, bush,clinton,bush,reagan,

Jimmy is the only one who never dropped a bomb on anyone.

thats why the war machine got rid of him.


jimmy gave us micro beer too.

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Bombs dropped in Syria - 12,000

ISIS terrorists killed - 0



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Im curious about the 3 that we're dropped in Pakistan.    I keep envisioning some flunkies dropping them accidentally and being all "Oh Shit!",  then coming up with a story about how it happened.


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Dayum... that is one busy nigger. Go Obarky Soweeto... go...