Hundreds Of US Tanks Arrive In Europe To Support NATO Anti-Russian Buildup

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As we reported yesterday, Lithuania confirmed the presence of U.S. special forces inside its territory, stating the deployment’s purpose is to train local forces and act as a deterrent against Russian aggression. Supposedly, the move is in response to a "escalation" by Vladimir Putin, who has been deploying nuke-ready missiles in the Russian province of Kaliningrad located in the heart of central Europe. This move has prompted the neighboring Baltic states to become “highly concerned” about Russian military activity.

Furthermore, sometime during the spring of 2017, NATO is expected to send battalions of 800 to 1,200 troops to each of the Baltic States and Poland. The mainstream media has even dubbed NATO’s recent buildup the alliance’s “biggest military buildup on Russia’s borders since the Cold War.” Even Great Britain will be sending fighter jets, as well as troops to Romania in order to counter Russia in the region.

Over the last several years, Russia has made it abundantly clear in the past that its deployment of missiles is a deterrent against NATO expansion along its borders, in what is effectively a cat-and-mouse game that continues to be played with catastrophic consequences, and which neither side can win.

Meanwhile, as part of the latest conventional arms race, on Friday hundreds of U.S. tanks, trucks and other military equipment arrived by ship in Germany to be transported by rail and road to eastern Europe as part of a NATO buildup that has drawn Russia's ire. According to Reuters, two shiploads arrived in the northern port of Bremerhaven and a third was due in a few days, bringing the fleets of tracked and wheeled vehicles for use by around 4,000 U.S. troops being deployed for exercises in NATO states near Russia.

U.S. and Polish forces will participate in a large "massing" exercise in Poland at the end of January as part of a series of measures aimed at reassuring U.S. allies in Europe after Russia's 2014 annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine.  Beginning in February, U.S. military units will spread out across Poland, the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany for training, exercises and maintenance.

"The best way to maintain the peace is through preparation," Major General Timothy McGuire told reporters when asked if the large deployment was meant to send a message to Russia.

He also admitted that "this is just showing the strength and cohesion of the alliance and the U.S. commitment to maintain the peace on the continent."  It is also a provocation specifically designed to provoke Putin into further escalation, something which Obama also did last week with the expuslion of 35 Russian diplomats.

NATO countries say their planned deployments to eastern NATO countries are purely defensive, but Russia has rebuked what it sees as an aggressive western buildup in eastern Europe.

In addition to U.S. troops going to Poland, NATO members Germany, Canada and Britain are also sending battalions of up to 1,000 troops each to the former Soviet republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They say the four battalions, backed by additional U.S. forces on rotation, are justified by Moscow's annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. Those actions alarmed the Baltic states, which worry they could be the next targets of Russian pressure.


Among their equipment will be 87 Abrams M1A1 tanks, 20 Paladin artillery vehicles and 136 Bradley fighting vehicles


The equipment will be used by the U.S. Army's 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, arriving this month from Fort Carson, Colorado for the first of what Washington promises will be back-to-back nine-month rotations in the "foreseeable future."


The Army is also sending its 10th Combat Aviation Brigade with about 50 Black Hawk and 10 CH-47 Chinook helicopters and 1,800 personnel, as well as a separate aviation battalion with 400 troops and 24 Apache helicopters.

Amid this dangerous escalation, voices of reason were few and far between. One of them belonged to Germany's Left party, which has called for closer ties with Russia, said Berlin had a historic obligation to work for peace and disarmament, and it would protest against the deployment.  "Tanks never create peace anywhere," said Christian Goerke, who heads the party in Brandenburg state. "Quite the contrary, a troop deployment of such a scale is part of always increasing buildup and provocation."

Unfortunately both the US Military-Industrial complex, and the US government, stubbornly pretend not to recognize this simple logic.

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CuttingEdge's picture

Do these guys have any idea how fucking stupid they look?

Thought Processor's picture



They need to hurry if they're gonna start a war.  They only have like what, 24 days.  


Clock is ticking if they want to Wag to Dog.

Ignatius's picture

What, and take away any hope of the land war in Asia we've all been dreaming about?

This is what compulsory public schooling has been preparing us for.  Was it wasted?

JRobby's picture

"Where is your CO Soldier?" "Who ordered this equipment? "

"There ain't no fucking CO"


Manthong's picture

The absolute last place I would want to be in a fight against Russia is in a tank.

HowdyDoody's picture

It's a scam. The Polish taxpayer get to pay for the storage whereas the US taxpayer would pay if they were kept in the US.



Dugald's picture


You don't get it do you?

That nice Mr. Obumble has sent the guys n gear to make a start on cleaning up the Muslim problem,

oh, yes, for the slow amongst you....</s>

svayambhu108's picture

Can openers for those come in cheap

Bumpo's picture

If NATO and Obama decide to start something with Russia, Trump should turn our tanks on NATO as soon as he takes office and say, FUCK OFF

booboo's picture

next best thing to starting a war is pretending you are at war, debt is debt and moving hardware and warm bodies around accomplish the same thing as moving hardware and cold bodies...debt bitches

HowdyDoody's picture

Trump has issued orders that all Ambassadors appointed by Obomber will hand in their resignations effective 20 January 2017. It's going to be a clean sweep.


lil dirtball's picture

There isn't going to be a war - it's just fear mongering.

The world will, however, become one gigantic prison planet very soon ... and the fear mongering will be used as leverage to get the people to demand it. We already see it here on ZH with the sadistic applause of every corrupt piece of rot that Trump is putting in his cabinet.

It's no different than what I saw when W. took over from Clinton. Clinton=bad, W.=Good. Everyone cheered when W. told the people they were hated for their freedoms. He didn't say who, exactly the haters were. They were us and the word 'freedom' hasn't slipped out of any politico's mouth since.

No one seriously questioned the 9/11 cover-up or the Patriot Act or the clampdown on constitutional rights, or the domestic police/surveillance state that was created, and no one still doesn't. All those things have only grown in scope and size and this big ball of shit just got handed over to ... Trump.

The crowd is on its feet!

ToSoft4Truth's picture

If Trump calls for Martial Law, Republicans will cheer!! 

fockewulf190's picture

Seriously, this NATO excercise is absolute peanuts compared to what a REFORGER excercise was like when NATO was real.  Not only that, these armored units and support vehicles are being spread out over what, 4 countries?  All this is, is scrapping up some symbolic support to help out the neurotic politicians in the east. The combat power of these battalions spread out over hundreds of miles of eastern Europe is a joke! The hype is truly laughable.  



The Saint's picture

Putin started this build up by moving troops and tactical nuclear arms to the region.

You guys let Putin off the hook way too often.

Ignatius's picture

Lying for living:  is it how you envisioned your life as a lad? 

Just askin'.  Me, I wanted to be a fireman.

tazs's picture
tazs (not verified) The Saint Jan 6, 2017 1:07 PM

Bush started the Russian antagonism. Obama built on it. Trump will bring it to fruition.

stizazz's picture

Agree. It goes beyond Dems and Reps.

Bingo Hammer's picture

Well looky here, 3 little bullshitter trolls all in a must work in the same office

peddling-fiction's picture

+1 "you must work in the same office"

Or the same computer.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Really! Are you such a dumbass (pun intended) that you don't even realize you're in the Matrix, or are you a troll hired to do the bidding of the Arquitect?

peddling-fiction's picture

The Arquitect was not even the real arquitect.

Lying comes easy for these sons of Cain.

Parrotile's picture

I can still (vaguely) remember when The Australian had a decent reputation.


Nowadays? It's in the same league as WaPo, WSJ and CNN where jingoistic nationalism is concerned.

tazs's picture
tazs (not verified) Ignatius Jan 6, 2017 1:11 PM

O boy

NewHugh's picture

This morning in another article I noticed for ONCE you didn't log out and then in as another of your "entities," and then proceed to talk back to yourself Mr Tazs-Stizazz-etc...

Bunghole's picture

It's a big circle jerk of trolling and jizzing with these clowns.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Yeah, the nerve of that motherfucker moving Russian troops around inside Russia!

3Wishes's picture

Just imagine if the Russians had put nuclear missiles in Cuba, Obama would make Detante with Russian  and the CIA would kill him !.

IReallyDontCare's picture

Yea imagine having the nerve to try and defend yourself against American aggression.

Killer the Buzzard's picture

Once again, the Magik Mulatto shows the world how he earned his Nobel Peace Prize.

Cruel Joke's picture


87 Abrams M1A1 tanks, 20 Paladin artillery vehicles and 136 Bradley fighting vehicles


They do know that russia has 3000+ of T-90 tanks? And 100+ of the new T-14?

I assume this is an Obama suicide mission.

aliens is here's picture

Probably but it's not Obama that's committing the suicide the US Army and the grunts is.

RiverRoad's picture

If Obama suicides himself, then he gets to have all those beautiful blonde houris in Muslim Paradise.....

Ya can't blame a guy for tryin'.  :-))

cowdiddly's picture

87 Tanks pffffftft. World leaders are laughing their ass OFF at this dying empire trying to stay relevant.

If Obama would have cracked a history book instead of bonghits he would  have learned that the last stooopid bastards that tried to invade Russia lost 6600 pieces of armor in the first two weeks of battle. AND, that was in the days before Iskander missiles which once launched are basically unstoppable.

87 tanks isn't enough to invade Liechenstein and won't make the first 50 miles. The Russians with their history just look at this as a nusance like a gnat to be swatted away. If you plan on trying on these parts you better start off with 10,000 pieces MINIMUM with close air support of 3-4000 planes.

Not to mention you have all the carriers tied up at the pier because you can't afford the operating budgets. You don't have enough credit/money to last 3 month in any sort of major conflict before your currency goes tits up. Trump knows this. Its time to come back home and rebuild to something or anything actually.  Measly 300 ship navies are just not that scary today. Reagan's 850 ships showed up around the world in 30-40 ship carrier battle groups. Obama's navy sends one dinky Ageis missle cruiser alone to the Black Sea and by China's islands. OOOOOH Scawwwy.

These Pentagon crackbabys have no idea how stupid and insignificant they look to the rest of the world by doing this. Its ASIA you fucking idiots.

OverTheHedge's picture

Can we assume hat Putin's response will be to pull back Russian forces from the border?  Make NATO look even more like the aggressor. That would probably be my response, especially as I would be looking to tactical nukes to repel an invasion. I do hope that everybody knows what they are doing.....


HowdyDoody's picture

87 tanks? Boris, cancel the order for 10,000 Kornets. We only need 87.


Parrotile's picture

US Tank / AFV, meet 9M133 ("Kornet-E") ATGM. "Enjoy!!

Thought Processor's picture



The whole Bay of Pigs thing started during the gray area between Ike and Kennedy.  Ike allowed it to be developed as an option and then all of the sudden when Kennedy took office CIA presented it as already approved by IKE, and as a sure thing, headed up by their best people (Bush senior, Harvey, Bissell, Cabal et al).  All headed up by Dulles.


Lot's of heads rolled after that one (some literally).  It set off the mother of all internal wars.  Unfortunately is was the American People that ended up on the losing side.  


History can be helpful.



replaceme's picture

As my friends from Georgia would say, "that didn't just happen". Putin moved missiles to the border in response to...? Come on, maybe a build up of NATO forces on the Polish border? It's also basically a replacement of older missiles, timed to send a message. Like stop amassing forces along our border. Who's the agitator here? Who just overthrew a government and replaced it with fascists?

Oldwood's picture

It's PUTIN'S border, not ours.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Sure! "What the fuck is Russia doing, encroaching on our NATO borders?!"

The U.S. (and its European puppets) should thank god on their knees that Russia, in these most dangerous of times, has a prudent, cool headed and skilful president.

Oldwood's picture

Pretty much it.

You can laugh at conspiracy theories but imagine exactly WHAT is beyond their willingness to retain power while also gaining from a world crisis. NOTHING.

And IF they could pull this off, can there be any doubt that they would not place FULL blame on Trump....the Russian plant, resident evil mofo.

RiverRoad's picture

Yeah, and in 2 weeks they all get brought back again.  What a colassal waste of time and money.  Asshole Obama:  trying to write his own stupid chapter in the history books.  Funny thing is, the victor writes the history books and Trump is the hands down victor here.

Raffie's picture

Obama sending the Peace Keepers (think Farscape) to Russia.

JohninMK's picture

This could be little to do with Russia other than as cover.

Makes more sense as reinforcement of the US occupation of Europe. US forces are probably the strongest army in Western Europe.

Keep the natives on message, that's the plan. No lifting of sanctions or else!

shovelhead's picture

What the fuck would we do with Europe?

Sell it to the Greeks?

Dugald's picture


You could do worse, sell it to the French........

PT's picture

Is there really no-one in the US to call them out on this shit???  Don't embarrass the Ruskies by forcing them to clean up your back yard.  Clean it up for them, then apologise for the mess your cockroaches created.

When my dog barks at an innocent stranger, it is up to me to remove the threat of the dog.  Sure, the stranger is well within his rights to defend himself, but why would I want to embarrass the stranger by allowing such an awkward moment?  I must put myself between the stranger and the dog, then remove the dog, then apologise for making the stranger's day unpleasant.  (It also helps to teach the dog a few manners, like there is a difference between defending the house and "defending" the whole world.)