John McAfee: "The Most Deceptive Propaganda To Date Was Perpetrated On The American Public"

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Security expert and former Libertarian presidential candidate John McAfee went on RT yesterday to discuss the Grizzly Steppe Russian hacking report by Homeland Security. While not addressing the intelligence community’s latest waffling in the ever-changing narrative (now it's a third party), McAfee went after the crux of the original evidence in the FBI/DHS findings. For anyone still suffering from Red Dawn syndrome, I suggest setting aside your Russophobic tendies for the moment and ignore the fact that this interview was brought to you by RT – because despite possibly having his neighbor murdered in Belize for poisoning four of his 11 dogs, McAfee knows a metric ton about this exact topic, and I get the impression the guy is a big fan of freedom. And revenge.

McAfee isn’t shilling for Trump either, as evidenced by an appearance on Larry King Now last week during which he laid out his grave concerns over the President-elect’s cyber security policies, which will ultimately be handled by the FBI.


The nuts and bolts of McAfee’s argument is that Russia, with it’s high level of sophistication in cyber-warfare, would never be stupid enough to leave the very obvious fingerprints that US Intelligence cites as the foundation of their case for Russian involvement in the DNC hacks. In other words, this isn’t how state actors penetrate networks and perform espionage.

McAfee specifically pointed to the following key arguments in the Grizzly Steppe report:

  1. Russian language was found in the malware – which would make them borderline retarded.
  2. A Cyrillic (Russian language) keyboard was used to create the malware.
  3. The compiler (piece of software that finalizes the malware) time stamped the malware during Russian business hours.

  4. IP address pointed to Russia – again, they’d have to be fairly new at hacking to do something like that.

All of which are the hallmarks of a 15 year old kid acting alone, or a poorly fabricated body of evidence.

I really don’t think this is going well for the establishment. The US Government can’t continue to drop cobbled together “bombshells” on the American public with such weak evidence, after we have very recently come to expect Wikileaks-level disclosure. As a nation, we aren’t just going to go from un-refuted emails involving pay-to-play, #SpiritCooking, and Zero Point Energy to "US Officials declined to describe the intelligence obtained, or how they obtained it." I don’t think people are buying the "just trust us" argument anymore. I know Oliver Stone gets it

The era of true transparency has begun, fueled by red-pilled insiders like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, suspected DNC leaker and suspicious murder victim Seth Rich (as well as Craig Murray) - whose efforts to expose high level malfeasance were delivered via safe channels such as Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald. Daily dumps of the Podesta / DNC emails were analyzed with remarkable speed and accuracy through a massive, ongoing, crowdsoured investigative effort involving hundreds of thousands of citizens. Findings were analyzed and broadcast to millions thorough bastions of truth such as the Drudge Report, ZeroHedge, and Breitbart, (and of course the increasingly censored Twitter platform), which has produced higher quality journalism than the entire mainstream media complex. Consider how fast that WaPo electric grid hacking #FakeNews was dismantled. I can't imagine there’s ever been another period in history in which a government’s lies were so quickly and effectively exposed and disproven. This is historic, and much of it has happened over the last 6 months. In the meantime, US Intel agencies will continue to look progressively foolish every time they double down on this rabbit hole of phantam Russians, who were apparently so clumsy that they made entry-level hacking mistakes in their pursuit to “rig the election” by exposing the truth.

Alternatively, and as Julian Assange told Sean Hannity just days ago, the Russians had nothing to do with the leaks – which would make this intelligence charade pure propaganda.

p.s. John Podesta’s password was p@ssw0rd 

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Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

The McAfee 'documentary" was an obvious pre- meditated hit piece- I could tell from the first 3 minutes.
The guy may have issues but who doesn't? I still trust the man on matters of cyber security.

WTFUD's picture

Looks like the type of guy you wouldn't want to cross, in addition to his intellect.

Global Douche's picture

McAfee should have been the LP nominee for President! He has the huevos that neither Johnson and that assclown KlintonKisser Weld had.

rlm1966's picture

If he had gotten the libertarian nomination I would have been hard pressed on who got my vote, Trump or him.  Either one will be a major disruption for the assclowns currently in our government.

whisperin's picture

Hey folks click on the "zero point energy" link in the story and chime in on what you think. Interesting?

uncle_disgusting's picture

They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.

Hmm, yeah. Sure looks like it.

ZeroPointNow's picture

It's all true, or Edgar Mitchell went insane.

ZPE is not a new concept, as it was theorized by Max Planck in 1911:

Physics currently lacks a full theoretical model for understanding zero-point energy, in particular the discrepancy between theorized and observed vacuum energy is a source of major contention.[6][7] Physicists John Wheeler and Richard Feynman calculated the zero-point radiation of the QED vacuum to be an order of magnitude greater than nuclear energy, with one teacup containing enough to boil all the world's oceans[8] while experimental evidence from both the expansion of the universe and the Casimir effect show any such force to be exceptionally weak. This discrepancy is known as the cosmological constant problem (or vacuum catastrophe) and is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in physics.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Who the hell is terribillionairs@ AOL?

Edit: oh Edgar Mitchell.

Magrav Technology:
Magnetic and Gravitational Field Technology:
Using Magnetic and Gravitational Fields as means of Lift, Drive and Energy Generation: Magrav Technology.

The Keshe Plasma Generator is the microscopic version of Magrav technology in that it’s made with relationships between Elements and their Field Strengths – creating dynamic ionization, a whirling vortex of Electrons.
The Searl Effect Generator is a macroscopic form of Magrav technology in that its made with the relationships between unique magnetic wave-functions programed within magnetic materials, thus creating a whirling vortex of Electrons.

Two different generators, both able to create their own magnetic and gravitational fields independent of the Earth’s gravitational field – thus presenting a new means of lift and drive (transportation), as well as clean, sustainable energy generation.

fix's picture

Let me get this straight: the Russian hackers left their fingerprints everywhere (as if by design), but were so sensitive and considerate that they made sure no classified information was released and withheld all emails between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in the Podesta leak?

dlweld's picture

Russia has been de-demonized (was it all those dash-cam videos?, was it Putin's mature no-nonsense style?). The "Red under every bed" trope is so dated, so fifties (that's why Podesta (who is a bit past his best-by date) trotted it out) and it just doesn't work anymore - no resonance. Of course the trillion dollar defense industry needs an enemy, but maybe choose someone for an enemy who doesn't share the cultural and Christian values that Russia and the US both share. Shame to blast each other into nothingness and leave the playing field clear for Islamics and Orientals. (not that there's anything wrong with them – but I still like us best).

GeezerGeek's picture

Who in the upper levels of USA.GOV has exhibited Christian values lately? And what values, in particular, are you talking about?

not dead yet's picture

You should get out more. The propaganda still works just fine otherwise they would not use it. Lot's of commenters all over the country believe what the deep state feeds them. Snowflakes are in board too. You're making the mistake thinking most Americans are hip and wise to the shenanigans but the reality is a vast majority of Americans are ignorant sheep. The worst are the ones who are willfully ignorant and won't believe the truth no matter how much it's given to them.

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LA_Goldbug's picture

" and ignore the fact that this interview was brought to you by RT"

I just love reading left and right how those writing articles where information is sourced from RT requires that they in some way affirm that RT is not to be trusted, but ....

After all we have seen from the likes of CNN, FOX, BBC and NYT, one would think that RT is no better or worst then those propaganda machines. The advantage RT has for us in the West is that it affords us a chance to hear something that our side might be willing or wants to hide.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) LA_Goldbug Jan 6, 2017 12:35 PM

"those writing articles where information is sourced from RT requires that they in some way affirm that RT is not to be trusted, but ...."

This isn't actually like that, though I know what you mean. In this case the author is addressing those who have bought the Russian hack narrative and have a filter in place against anything Russian.

Herdee's picture

Seems like people like John McCain are controlling the CIA's rhetoric.

RaymondKHessel's picture

Best summary yet of this non-story.

Nevermind the contents of Wikileaks ignored by the MSM pre-election but not ignored by the American People who made Trump the next President.

quadraspleen's picture

John McAfee looking a little less bonkers these days

peippe's picture

crazy is his medicine.......


Dg4884's picture

Generally happens when you lighten up on the peyote.

Reaper's picture

The incompetent Russians used outdated Ukrainian malware? The stupid aren't the Russians, it's the presstitutes in the US.

Honest Sam's picture

"presstitutes"......oooh, I like that. 


Gonna take and plagiarize it, with your permisso, of course?

malek's picture

Spread, maybe even coined, by Gerald Celente years ago

johnnyBoy's picture

Not stupid, just following orders.  The MSM has no credibility anymore, but they are too important to fail.  The government needs the media to forward their agenda.  Most people have given up on them, have boycotted them and their advertisers, yet they are still in business.  The MSM has been neutered and blackmailed.

KuriousKat's picture

Chickens are coming home to roost

Heres a flashback from 2011 where CIA told agents to meet at Pizza and the op was crushed by Hezbolla


It’s not like the CIA doesn’t have successes against Iran and its allies. It’s spent years disrupting Iran’s nuclear supply chain through sabotage. The Stuxnet worm that messed with Iran’s centrifuge control system may have been a joint U.S.-Israeli homebrew. Iranian nuclear scientists keep dying under mysterious circumstances. Some may have been kidnapped, as well.

But the CIA also has an unfortunate streak of self-pwnage as well. New York Times national security reporter Jim Risen reported that in 2000, the CIA accidently exposed its entire network of Iranian contacts thanks to a boneheaded reply-all mishap.

The successful targeting of Osama bin Laden gave the CIA its biggest success in decades. But that may mask some deeper problems, according to one of ABC’s anonymous sources: “Officers take short cuts and no one is held accountable.” But now CIA sloppiness even comes with free cheesesticks.

Ban KKiller's picture

James Clapper hired his grandson to do the job from her basement? That's what CNN said....or so I've heard from Salon or Slate, right? Ok, intern, take the facts to your editorial board of cunts now!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the real story of corruption and crime in high places is being removed from the public eye..the spy heads find no problem ignoring this fact they want it buried.

seth rich you may have died in vain..the MSM is out to kill the important information you shed light on..

they live

Calculus99's picture

He's as mad as a hatter but at the same time always speaks a lot of sense. 

CheapBastard's picture

Odd the media does not focus on the crimes exposed by the hacking contained in those emails?

ry3n444's picture

Former security expert and Libertarian presidential candidate John McAfee*

CNONC's picture

Please tell me this guy isn't promoting zero point energy and "alien technology" bull.  Mixing in that crap can destroy the credibility of everything it touches, including ZH.

SPONGE's picture

sorry, but already here. Being produced all over the world.

CNONC's picture

I love out of the mainstream ideas, especially about energy.  My business is controlling and efficiently using enormous amounts of energy in industrial process machines, so cheap energy is something I want to see.  But from what I have seen, zero point energy, while conceptually real, is currently, and for the foreseeable future will remain, unusable.

If you have links, I would love to see them.

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

Depends who you mean by "this guy": if John Podesta, then yes.  His email was littered with UFO and ZPE shit.

CNONC's picture

Publisher name is "ZeroPointNow."  Just wondering.

ZeroPointNow's picture

It was one of the early unexplained oddities contained within John Podesta's emails. While absurd, my point was the insane level of detail and variety contained in the dumps. 

I get your point, though I don't think mentioning it detracts from the message. I'm not pushing the theory beyond my username and two very brief mentions of ZPE throughout my 195 blog entries on (including this post). 

There are really two possibilities; Edgar Mitchell went completely crazy, or it's true. 

PT's picture

Gasp!  The dog barked.  I think there might be some Russian hackers hiding in the back yard.

Dr. Spin's picture

Pesky Russkies, hacked the rear axle of my Subaru and damaged the bearing. Gonna cost me an arm and a leg...



bh2's picture

If it's a Forester, it may be covered by warrantee (depending on the year).

For some weird reason, that otherwise indestructible Subaru model once had an ongoing "issue" with rear wheelbearings failing. When they fixed mine (under warrantee), it never had another problem.

CheapBastard's picture

Worse yet, I think Russian hackers are sneaking into my house at night while I am asleep and turning up the heat causing my electric bill to be higher then normal the last month or two.

Damn Russkies!

rcintc's picture

Toto pulled back the curtain....they're all exposed now.