NYC Homelessness Record High Despite Falling Unemployment Rate

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Salil Mehta at Statistical Ideas investigates the homeless rate in New York City. Mehta notes the streets are flourishing with a severe homelessness problem that’s escalating briskly despite a falling unemployment rate.

Please consider a The Empire City of Homelessness.

Annual Growth Rate of Homeless


Record High Homeless


Note the huge surge in homelessness after the Great Recession ended.

Curiously, New York City is also the only place in the U.S. required to provide temporary housing to anyone needing it. Yet as homelessness rises across big cities nationally, it rose at the fastest clip in the Big Apple.

City-by-City Comparison


War on Homelessness

Mehta wisely avoids offering solutions. “We don’t provide any strong remedy for such a complex and expensive social issue,” says Mehta.

The government-sponsored war on poverty failed as have all sorts of other ridiculous wars, including real wars.

Moreover, the war on terror has turned into a war of terror.

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So unemployment problems mount in a large high tax nanny state city up to it's ass in debt.

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I hear Hitlery might want to be mayor of NYCity...I say let her do it.  It'll be great to watch her crash and burn and destroy that city worse than Big Turd and De Blah Blah already have done. 

It'll prove what she would have done to the USA if she had been allowed to continue in O-Traitor's path of destruction against us. 

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Dangerous to be homeless in Obama’s fundamentally changed America:


Police say homeless man was beaten to death




Black Women & Their Kids Beat Homeless White Man To Death With Hammer, Chair Leg, Kicks To The Head  


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NYC Homelessness Record High Despite Falling Unemployment Rate


NYC Homelessness Record High Despite FALSE Falling Unemployment Rate

Bubba Rum Das's picture

Under these circumstances, I must work to save society!

I will start a home for wayward Hookers!

Wow72's picture

Anyone seeing the contradiction yet?  Does it occur to anyone, someone might not be being straight forward with the people?

Blackfox's picture

It will come in one way and one way alone, not through existing governments, not by the maneuvers of the parlaments and the lobbies and the congresses, it will come under the stress of necessity in the economic crisis which will be inevitable.

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Well, govts have done this sort of thing on purpose before... thus the reason for many issues during and after wars, such as we see in the EU today with all these displaced people... same or similar situation after WW2:

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HokumYTrader (not verified) Jan 6, 2017 8:43 PM

What's the problem all the homeless in NYC have multiple jobs as waiters or bartenders

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A lot of the NYC homeless population are transplants from around the country with criminal records, drug problems, or serious mental issues.

They can make roughly $200 per day begging, plus free housing and $800 a month from the government.  

It's the law of unintended consequences if De Blasio thought he could fix this problem by throwing money at it.

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Crazy idea, but maybe homelessness is up because the cost of housing is so high, and any sane person who is not a drug dealer would not want to live in public housing.

yellensNIRPles's picture

Multi-thousand dollar a month 400 sq. ft. one bedroom apartments don't help much, either. Although why anyone would stay in NYC after becoming homeless is beyond me. 

divingengineer's picture

Santa Cruz, Miami Beach, San Diego, you're right, they could be living the big life somewhere else.

SchlitzTallboy's picture

NYC was once a great city, now its sucks, its the haves and the have nots.

NYC used to have real people living in it. now its all the 1 percent scumbags all the realestate has been gobbled up by the tribe.

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They should move to San Francsico. Always open arms and better weather.

divingengineer's picture

Spent Christmas in downtown San Diego, it should be number one on the list/ per capita.
Whole families walking around with their shopping cart. Living in tents.

DemandSider's picture

Ohhhhh, no they're not. It's illegal to even sit or lie down on the sidewalk there. How can these ultra liberals trumpet their success with homelessness if there are homeless everywhere?

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Hillary will help turn this sh*t around... 

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"I don't think it means what you think it means."


Whenever the Federal government creates a war on something, they create more of it. More drugs, more poverty more terror. They are either untimately incompetent (which may also be true), of they hide their true intention with lies.

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  I love the  news reports from both sides of the aisle, declaring that " Boomers are retiring in large numbers".

  What a joke! Look at the age of the workforce. ZIRP has destroyed retirement for many Boomers.

GoldenDonuts's picture

Headline should be changed to Getting Retired In Droves

assistedliving's picture

live here.  it is bad and getting worse.  and i especially hate it when i see homeless women

let's start a war w/ Russia.  that shd make the problem disappear (from the headlines)

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The homeless is a byproduct of the rich elite. How so? Let's look at fracking as an example. The company drills in remote locations with no roads. Roads must be built to drive huge trucks loaded with water. Who builds the roads? The company? No. The company gets a few local politicians, pays them off who then tell the sheeple we need tax money to build roads to nowhere because jobs will be created. That's one production cost offloaded to the people. Then they shoot god knows what chemicals into the ground that friggin MELT rock so they can float the shitty oil to the top and pump it. They contaminate their water table permanently destroying it. WHAT does THAT cost? They don't pay. They get sued. They go to court and because they paid off the EPA plaintiff council cannot get a list of chemicals they use, all the poison, because it's an "industry secret". So their case Is gutted and they lose. There's ANOTHER cost of production dumped on the sheeple AND its killing them too. Then because their production cost is artificially low they make a profit. Then when they run out of oil they go bankrupt and leave all the shit there. Poison lakes. Destroyed roads. The place is highly toxic and looks like a bomb hit it. Due to bankruptcy they don't have to reclaim the land, another production cost dumped on the sheeple. Not to mention that NOW some government weenie walks in and designates the site as a Superfund sight due to the extreme toxicity. There's ANOTHER production cost offloaded on the sheeple. Meanwhile the prick who did it all is floating around on a yacht eating caviar on toast points dreaming up his next fraudulent scam. We have rich elite that have stolen everything they are living in mansions and MILLIONS of "bums" are sleeping on sidewalks. Sure get a job BUT where are the jobs? WalMart? WalMart employees are on food stamps and Medicaid. Meanwhile WalMart directors get bonuses. Come on, enough is enough. Hang these rich crooks they are making the multitudes fucking miserable.

hangemhigh77's picture

It's a homeless problem? No it's a fraud problem. Federal Reserve and the crooked banksters robbing everyone.

hangemhigh77's picture

People like Hillary should be fucking homeless. Try that.

divingengineer's picture

I always pictured it as a forced labor camp in my mind.
That's both domiciled and employed, fitting for the .01%

Stan Smith's picture

Housing in the boroughs has always been crazy.    Im sure Democrats would say they need even MORE rent controls and low income housing, without understanding that having 500 low income / rent controlled apartments for 50,000 families that need them isnt going to work.


swampmanlives's picture

They are boomers who forgot to put money aside and the war vets no one cares about...

swampmanlives's picture

Someone should start up a Hobo UFC

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Seattle must not count homeless because if they did they would be right up at the top of that chart.

PitBullsRule's picture

Tattoos, drugs, criminal records, bad attitudes, poor personal hygiene, those things stop you from getting a job.  If you don't have a job you don't have a salary, so how the fuck are you going to get a home?  You live with your mommy for about a decade until she can't stand you anymore, then she throws you out.  Then you're homeless.  Its always been that way, and it always will be.  Life is a bitch, nobody promised you otherwise.

slyder wood's picture

Not sure what the cause of homelessness is. I'll bet a lot have mental issues. I've heard if you give them a home they won't stay in it. Maybe it's a new American subculture. When I go into the city they are on nearly every traffic intersection. The TV stations now broadcast little anecdotes about the kind things homeless do for complete strangers, it's a pro homeless advocacy group. Who are they? We're overpopulated and scraping the bottom of the gene pool. Best to keep a weapon next to the bowl of popcorn....just be aware of which one you put in your mouth....

TruthBeforeAll's picture

I guess that once one sinks to the bottom of the ocean, they are no longer considered to be drowning. So, great news, the rate of those currently drowning is declining.