Terrorism? Airport Shooting Suspect Esteban Santiago Identified As Convert To Islam Who Watched E-Jihad Video In 2007

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Researchers at GotNews.com went completely down the rabbit hole within hours of the shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, after officials identified the suspect as Estaban Santiago – a resident of Alaska who flew on a military ID to Ft. Lauderdale with a loaded pistol in his checked luggage. After landing, Santiago retrieved the pistol in the baggage terminal and began his deadly rampage.

GotNews has uncovered evidence that Santiago is a “Puerto Rican Islamic Terrorist & Anime Fan.” Unfortunately as of this writing their servers have crashed, so they have uploaded their evidence to Twitter. See for yourself.

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So all the Drumpf appointees from Goldman who watched Hillary speeches, are they guilty ?

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Exactly. Trump questioned why the White House rescheduled his meeting w/ the intel agencies until Friday. SSDF(Friday).

onwisconsinbadger's picture

And I am sure they will find a witness who will claim the shooter said Allahu Akabar before he started shooting. Gullibles of MIC.

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More likely, such a witness will be encouraged to STFU.

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I'm not sure that sticking out your finger makes you a Moslem, our boy Esteban was apparently a bag of mixed nuts, details yet to come, OTOH even pretending for nine seconds to be a Moslem is a good sign of being a few pistachios short of a full cocktail mix.

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Actually,sticking out you finger like that is how moslems wipe their butts, and pick their noses.  Not necessarily in that order.

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>>TSA = Terrorists Subsidized by America

>>TSA = Terrorists Stuck in America? 

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So now holding your index finger up means you're part of ISIS. Sweet mother of fuck, the way some people reach for things.

I guess tens of thousands of sports fans are actually ISIS agents.

I guess ISIS has now become so savvy that they send their agents to mental institutions after they show schizophrenic like symptoms and actually bring up ISIS just to fool the authorities into thinking they aren't soldiers.

I mean really, how can ANYONE who isn't a fucking idiot believe this crap? It's as dumb as the Russian hacking bullshit.

I'm surprised these morons haven't looked to make connections of all those mass shootings done by white people to be connected to Islam. Take that Colorado movie shooting of years ago. Better connect him to Islam! There's probably a picture somewhere of him holding his finger up.

Oh wait I forgot...any time a white person shoots up a place it is a false flag done for gun control and then any time anyone else shoots up a place it is because of Islam. Gotcha.

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You've completely convinced me.

How could I have been so wrong.

I now follow the path away from any independent thought.

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Shimmy - Do you know what a Keffiyeh is?  It's the scarf MUSLIM men wear around their necks and on their heads.  He has a Keffiyeh in the photo in which he has one finger pointing up, like ISIS members do, so symblize 'one God and his name is Allah'.  It could be a fashion statement but I doubt that.  I guess that is too obvious for someone of your 'high' intillect to grasp.  You sound so much like a snowflake.  I hope I haven't offended you./s

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Do you know what a shamagh is? It's rather common among militry personnel in desert conditions.




By your logic, anyone wearing one is a terrorist. I call bullshit... and state sponsored paranoia.

xavi1951's picture

You are missing the point.  He was signing and claimed to be a Muslim convert.  I also made reference to a fashion statement, related to the Keffiyeh which is worn by U.S. troops in the ME.  A Shemagh is a Keffiyeh.  By my logic, any Muslim (including converts) that shoots inocent people and identifies with ISIS and wears a Keffiyeh while signing, is a terrorist.  I suggest you read a few books on the subject of Islam and the jihadis.  You sound like a snowflake.



Ace006's picture

Foreign military personnel. Swedes especially.

whatamaroon's picture

I think Gotnews was listed as a 'Fake' news site. Maybe the reason is site is down.

Reaper's picture

New punishment for jihadist killers: Death by pig's blood injection.

logicalman's picture

There are claims he may have been mentally disturbed.

He reportedly said the government was controlling his mind and made him watch jihadist videos.

Maybe he's telling the truth?

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MK-Ultra... same as the guy that attacked the DC Navy yard in 2013.

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And Santiago is "dead" because he had NO CODE!

Question remains...

Who ordered the CODE RED?!!!

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I saw a Hispanic couple at a lumber yard yesterday. The wife was wearing a higab. I found it interesting that a couple you would without the dress have assumed to be catholic were in fact Muslim.  The seeds of Islam have been successfully planted throughout the United States.  As these seeds germinate, life is going to get more interesting.  Fourth generational warfare has more than one meaning.

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A mexican couple at a lumberyard?  loitering around In the parking lot, or shoplifting in the tool aisle?  Thats strange alright! ..'see something say something'...

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And your the reason why Russia will be the next target of choice in places that have the resources we need with our money paying for it!

Cut the "jihad" shuck and jive asshole! Just come out of your hole and admit that this is about oil with money controlling it we no longer possess... And we're willing to kill a few billion people and continue the U.S. scorched earth policy in order to get it!

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Yet another mass killer previously interviewed by the fBi showing mental problems and talking about iSis they didn't monitor.

WTF is this an 0bama policy or something?

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You're sure they were Latino and not Middle Eastern? Many brown people look alike to honkey. There are some folks who I can't be sure whether they are Latin American or Arab just by their face.

Cloud9.5's picture

Richard, my father was Mexican.  My mother was white.

Cloud9.5's picture

I suppose it is possible that Middle Eastern people speak spanish to each other in polite comversation but that seems a bit odd to me.  

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Islam has been converting South Americans for over 20 years.  They explain that Muhamadamadingdong and Jesus were prophets and brothers of a sort and GOD gave Muhamsandwich a newer version of a religion that even Catholics should convert to.  It's OLD news.

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Keep fear alive!

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A little fear can keep you alive, dumbass.

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A satire on the phrase "Keep hope alive!" goes beyond your limited intelligence.

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i'm shocked i tell ya!

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Right? Santiagos are generally trustworthy and harmless...its all the damn Vasquezes we need to be worrying about!

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The Saint (not verified) Rikky Jan 7, 2017 10:01 AM

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the problem is.

The problem is ISLAM.  It cannot coexist with free people.


One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Now you've worked it out, get yourself an english translation of the koran, read it until you can't take any more, then go tell your friends and neighbours what you have learned like I do. AT THE VERY LEAST. Or carry on chatting here. It'll make very little difference really, unless you awaken someone who is in a position to make a difference. In a nuclear/biological armed world we can no longer afford to have competitive belief systems that preach genocide.


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So the Kabbal gets the US and Nato to take out 7 ME moslem governments in the space of 10 years.  The Kabbal then gets the mafia to transport millions of young males into Northern Europe through cooperation with the bought off Greek and Italian coast guards.  

These ME countries, infrastructure devastated, torn apart by terrorist mobs sponsored by the western allies, unable to to provide basic infrastructure, are puppets to the Zionists planning greater israel under the Yinnon plan and the genocide of Europe under the coudenhove-kalergi plan.

And you idiots march around pretending Islam is the problem.  Sorry, Zionism is the problem and these jihadi's are merely their mercenaries.