Trump: Mexico Will Pay Us Back For "Great Wall"

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After months of promising that Mexico would pay for a border wall, CNN reported last night that Trump was working with House Republicans on a plan to fund the wall project through appropriations, a move which they said would "break a key campaign promise."

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that his preference is to fund the border wall through the appropriations process as soon as April, according to House Republican officials.


The move would break a key campaign promise when Trump repeatedly said he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall along the border, though in October, Trump suggested for the first time that Mexico would reimburse the US for the cost of the wall.

And here is Anderson Cooper on the topic last night:


Of course, this morning Trump has fired back with yet another tweet blasting the "dishonest media" saying that any taxpayer money spent on the "Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!"


Meanwhile, the ever defiant Vicente Fox maintained that while Trump may ask Mexico to pay for his border wall, "neither [he] nor Mexico would pay for his racist monument."


So, can taxpayers charge Mexico interest?

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Resumes being accepted for bill collector positions.

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No Pesos.......we only take gold.

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So much bullshit.

"It's propaganda. It softens your brain while you read. You're soaking in it!"

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Senior Fox, is the wall you propose to build at your southern border with Guatemala also a racist monument you hypocritical Fuck?

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I'll take a "teleprompter-in-chief" over a "tweeter-in-chief" any day.

He hasn't even taken power and I'm already sick of this foolishness.  


Were already sick of you. Fuck off.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

LOL, Trump is already going back on his promises!!! I feel sorry for Trump supporters who were duped into supporting him based on his blatant lies!! You guys got totally scammed, LOL!!! Hillary supporters are literally rolling in laughter at you losers!!!



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"The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!"

Brilliant statement.  I don't know about you guys, but I find that the media usually waits for things to actually happen before the "report on it".  This guy is an assclown.

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He hasn't even taken office yet and he's getting shit done. I think Obama was taking a vacation right about at this time before he took office.

Mexico will pay for it either way. Crashed peso, jobs moving back (already begun), Mexican's in our prisons shipped home, drug cartels not being able to get their dope in, and when they do not being able to get their money out without paying 50% tax, and the welfare state that pays for illegal immigrants being set free.

But you can keep being an ignorant bitch and getting fed CNN bullshit.

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Consider this senario.  I offer to take you out for a business dinner and I state that I'll pay.  The bill shows up at the end of the meal, and I tell you that I'm actually not paying and that you have to pay, but that I will pay you back at some point in the future.  


Are you completely, 100% satisfied with this senario?

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Let us stipulate that:

A) a wall is ordered/requested to be built.

B) congress is instructed to fund it.


How is that a bad thing? Indeed, that's how gubbmint is supposed to work. President wants stuff, congress gets it done. No pen & phone shit.

IF congress then pays for said wall by heavily taxing the remittances of illegal aliens back to Mexico - Voila'  Mexico (mexican nationals, here illegally) is PAYING for it.

Trump should throw his ideas to congress. Let them debate, chew on, modify, whatever - then pass the bill. Trump signs it or not.

The founding fathers wanted everything to be argued about. Not exeutive ordered like odumbles.

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Consider this scenario.

You take me out to eat and say that you'll pay. I order up a nice prime rib with a lobster tail. I'm super happy with the meal. But at my house, I've been supporting your children for several years. They are delinquints. I have an ex-wife slamming Mexican meth and I'm caring for four children, while paying my taxes which ends up housing your criminals under my roof (prison). Those that aren't under my roof also get the benefit of my tax dollars as the things my tax dollars fund, they are able to get a free pass on.

Horrible analogy on your part.


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Only a complete moron would believe that "paying for the wall" meant Mexico cutting a check.

barndoor's picture

"Only a complete moron would believe that "paying for the wall" meant Mexico cutting a check."


I agree with this statement 100%.


Now here's the tough part - tell us how it IS going to happen?

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Why does ZH allow this fucking asshole (MDB) to destroy every thread he somehow manages to get an early post in?

As soon as I see an MDB post, I don't bother reading the remaining comments because people refuse to ignore the jerk.

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Hey brother - if you want to support a raving narcissist who spends more time on Twitter than an average 16 year-old girl, then be my guest.  I'm not a fan. 

If President Obama had been tweeting about his national security briefings, the alt-right morons on this site would start having kittens.  You idiots revel in the very same hypocrisy to you purport to disdain.

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Maybe you'd prefer if he spends his time pandering to the MSM like your dear leader. you must have the IQ of a Barndoor

barndoor's picture

I'd be happy if he would shut the fuck up on twitter and start spending his very limited, very valuable time and attention on more important things.

"President Trump - the situation with the jet shot down over Syria is escalating quickly.  We need a decision from you on America's next move."

"Hold on a sec - I have a couple of sweet tweets that I need to crank out."

wren's picture

Yes, he is doing work and using Twitter to bypass the MSM. Funny thing is though, he hasn't even technically started his new job yet, and he's already working.

barndoor's picture

He could bypass the MSM by posting articles and policy positions on a website created for this purpose.  But that would take actual work and organization.  Its much easier to crank out a completely thoughtless and uninformative 140 characters on Twitter.  

I can't wait for the first State of the Union Tweet...

Imagine Lincoln:

"4 scr and 7 years ago, R fathers brght 4th on this..."

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Then the Isreali's must be the most racist people on the planet.

Captain Obvious told me that.

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Many people will agree with that statement.

Trump is playing 4 dimensional chess against Fox who can only play checkers. Trump has or will have a leverage at some point and at that time he will stick the bill for the wall on Mexico. They will have no choice but to pay.

The MSM wants everyone to believe that Trump is reneging on his promise but he understands that the priority is to get the wall built to stop the influx of illegals. Getting Mexico to pay for it is secondary but will happen.

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50% tax on all money gram, western union wire transfers south of the border and the wall pays for itself in one year. Not rocket science.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Remember, the US and London hold some 98% of Mexico's gold reserves. 


lil dirtball's picture

I appreciate your thinking, but would that be bars or chits? If bars, are we sure they're not plated tungsten? And, if by chance there are a few flakes of the real stuff laying around, is anyone sure (((who))) is in control of them?

Do you see the problem here?

I'll stick with bullshit until proven otherwise. Bullshit is a nice, safe bet based on decades of experience.

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Did any one really believe that Trump would get Mexico to pay for it? That' a new level of gullible.

new game's picture

inadvertanly-tax collected from jobs in merica instead of mex. toyota, ford, carrier for starters.

lol, because he does hold the trump card. fox trott the fuk out of here and keep the real trade flowin, drugs...

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Payment is easy. It comes in labor.

On their way out when being deported, they spend a month hard labor erecting the wall, under armed guard.

... I heard somewhere that Wetbacks make good construction workers.

(And a month of hard labor, might just be the kind of disincentive we need to keep the worst from returning.)

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The actual plan was a remittance tax - i.e. a tax on money sent by Mexican workers back to Mexico. For the few who never worked with Central American laborers, the usual plan is for a guy to come up, work 3 jobs living in a house that has 20 guys like him in it, and when he's done he can buy a villa and retire rich in his home country, as he's getting paid in dollars and paying in pesos. Pretty smart leveraging of geography actually - I've known a few American men who have done the same in countries with laws favorable toward expats.

Trump is merely saying that he's getting in on that action. The odds that it'll pay for a wall are, IMO, as likely as the Iraqi oil paying off the war debt.

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OK Slimeball.....where the fuck were you these past 8 years?

Sucking the dirt out of Soetero's bunghole? (Yes)

Can't have it both ways. You soaked up Soeteros bullshit and believed every fucking word of it.

Go soak your head in cider.

lil dirtball's picture

Maybe if you jerked-off to gay black porn before posting on ZH, you would have more self control and not be so O/C with your thoughts to the point of having to post them on the internet?

Outside of gay fantasies and name calling - you really don't have a clue, do you?

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All he has to do is introduce a tariff on Mexican imports to pay for the wall. The only problem with that being, of course, US consumers would be paying for it through higher prices not Mexico? But I don't see any other way that Mexico will pay.

wren's picture

Mexicans wiring money home being hit with a 50% or more tax. This would also hit the cartels, who would now realize they have to smuggle their money out now too.

Ben Tornilloed's picture

Illegal immigrants pay $5000 to $10,000 each to have a coyote get them across the border.  The Mexican side of the border is controlled by various cartels that "own" known transit points.  If you don't pay you die.  Have a guest worker program for farm laborers or construction workers that must pay an entry fee, be registered to pay taxes and be required to leave after a set amount of time.

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Build the Wall! Send all the illegals home. STOP the welfare benefits to illegals. Make a 20% charge on ALL money transfers to Mexico and SOuth America. The wall will pay for itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\



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Vicente Fox was the mexican president 10 yrs ago. Who gives a fuck what he says ?

quadraspleen's picture

Anderson Cooper.

'nuff said.

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

Yes, borders on countries are a "racist monument". /sarc Or they are the hallmark of sovereignty.


Fox needs to fix his shit hole nation so people stop fleeing it.  How about that one?  

Pretty fucking shitty and racist to leave your own country folk so poor and desperate to walk through a goddamn desert to leave, no?

Oldwood's picture

Well, we have been sending all of our jobs there in an attempt to keep them there, and apparently that only works for those who WANT a job. The rest are still coming here at full speed in hopes of American FREESHIT.

Ghordius's picture

correct. some "borders/walls" are just monuments. like the Great Wall in China

others were monuments of ideology. like the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall

meanwhile, it is easier to keep a border shut if both sides cooperate in that

something we just saw recently at the Greek-Turkish border

I originally thought that Trump's message was in that direction. of cooperation with Mexico's government. now I see a kind of cooperation... in tweets. we'll see where that leads, but where there is some cooperation, some talk with each other, some more can be had

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Racist Fox is not allowing El Salvadorans into his country.

Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Jan 6, 2017 8:19 AM

they're setting him up for big failure....


at least it's not hillary.


you've elected the enemy into the house & senate americans, you are very dumb people


maybe if you stopped listen to britney spears and watch 2½men and american idol all day, you wouldn't have the criminals in house & senate...

orangegeek's picture

Snowflake alert - no crying asshole!!!


Happy Trump-mas!!!  No more "riots for hire" paid for by Soros.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Special snowflake........if you don't use the word hurts their feelings.


Which is huge cause they can't think........they only have feelings.

Ghordius's picture

you mean on the other side of that political spectrum feelings don't exist?

just mention rape. or race. or religion. and watch. cover your ears, first

"thinking" is more in the direction of rational thinking. using facts, arguments, having a rational debate, taking in the other's opinions, dissecting those, and so on

just because it might be wearing jackboots... might still be a snowflake. with own "facts"

orangegeek's picture

Anything Mexican that enters the US from the Mexican side pays a border tax - and the wall gets paid for.


Border tax is Federal jurisdiction.


Problem solved.


Shut the fuck up Vincente Fox - fix your gang problem and there wouldn't be as much of a need for the wall you stupid fuck!!!

youarelost's picture

You have no idea how the real world works do you?

orangegeek's picture

Snowflake college learn you how to speak like that??



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Bwah, just buy "Heidelberg Cement" prior to start of construction, and let the casino foot the bill ...   ;)

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There is something seriously wrong with this man. We are in big trouble.