Where The December Jobs Were: Nurses, Waiters, And Waste Cleaners

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Something remains very broken with the US labor market: while the unemployment rate remains just shy of the lowest print since August 2007, rising fractionally to 4.7%, wage growth for most workers, as reported earlier, rose just 2.5%, far below the 4.0% it was when the unemployment rate last hit 4.7%.

This continues to vex economists who have vowed that if only one lowers the unemployment rate far enough, all the slack in the labor market will be soaked up. Alas, that is not happening, for several reasons, the chief of which is that the quality of jobs added remains subpar, with wage growth - especially for less than "supervisory" and management positions - flat.

Still, according to the BLS at least, some 155,000 seasonally adjusted jobs were added in December, arbitrarily goalseeked as they may have been. Where were they?  Here is the answer:

  • The most actively hiring sector was health care, which saw a whopping 70,000 increase in December jobs, nearly half of total. Most of the increase occured in ambulatory health care services (+30,000) and hospitals (+11,000). Social assistance added 20,000 jobs in December, reflecting job growth in individual and family services (+21,000).
  • Professional and Busines Services rose by a total of 30,500, the second highest gaining category. here the biggest contributor was Administrative and Waste Services to Buildings and Dwellings, which rose by 10,600.
  • Another minimum wage job category that added jobs in December was
    Leisure and Hospitality, which added a grand total of 24,000 jobs. here, the biggest contributor was an old favorite: employment in food services and drinking places, which continued to trend up in December (+30,000).
  • What is curious is that while retailers have been laying off thousands of people left and right, according to the BLS this category added another 6,300 in December, if a substantial drop from November's 19,500.
  • Highly paid construction jobs declined by 3,000 in December after posting a substantial rebound of 17,000 in November
  • Just as troubling was the ongoing decline in Information jobs, which declined by 6,000 in December, after dropping double that amount in November
  • Also concerning was the sharp drop in Temp Help services: a harbinger of pent up labor demand, this category tumbled by 15,500 in December, the biggest monthly decline in years.
  • There was some good news for higher paying wages in December: Employment edged up in manufacturing (+17,000), with a gain of 15,000 in the durable goods component.
  • Employment in the highly paid financial activities also continued on an upward trend in December (+13,000).
  • Finally, government added an additional 12,000 jobs.

The visual summary is below:

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UndergroundPost's picture

Which means people are getting sicker, fatter & dirtier. Now that's economic recovery!

JRobby's picture

Waste Cleaners?

Sewage Transfer Engineers?  Business is booming!

Paul Kersey's picture

"Waste cleaners"? No shit!

Stuck on Zero's picture

Elect a banana Republic leader and you become a banana republic.

Giant Meteor's picture

Trouble is the moonlighting .. Waste cleaner by day, waiter by night. This would also explain uptick in nursing. Oh, and stay away from the ice tea ..


LawsofPhysics's picture

Makes sense.  There is definitely a lot of shit to clean up!

Get long septic trucks...

Osmium's picture

It sounds better when you refer to them as "Honey Wagons"

LawsofPhysics's picture

Man, I had that all wrong, I thought that was the vehicle my mistress drove...

-.-'s picture

Around central Texas, we refer to them's as "Honey Dippers"

Rainman's picture

A straight flush beats a full house !!

cowdiddly's picture

10,000 Waste cleaners........ now thats a shitty economy.

Obama,Your cup runneth over. Now go ahead 'Brown Clown", give a presser and claim credit for those 10K jobs created. I dare ya.

edifice's picture

So, what happens when everyone is either a waiter, or waste collector?

cowdiddly's picture

More people eating McDonald's hamburgers will invariably get the shits.  Jobs Flow through so to speak. Stupid me,I should have seen that one coming.

LOL What a bunch of doctored BS.

Intoxicologist's picture

Waste services increased to follow Skankles tour bus around during her campaign. Roadside shite and used needles...

south40_dreams's picture

The vast majority of muzzie immigrants are looking WAY uphill to be able to work as a "waste cleaner"

E.F. Mutton's picture

I've noticed a sharp increase in Clowns lately.  Primarily in the Government and Media sectors.  Any data on that?

Consuelo's picture



I wonder how much of this 'success' is due to ongoing $cheap money...?   And where it would be without it.

Bill of Rights's picture

Long Toilet bowl brushes and Urinal cakes...

Heroic Couplet's picture

Yea, US jobs sent off shore and lied about. Pillowtex closed (went south of the border) and North Carolina suffered the largest one day job-loss in the state's history.

buzzsaw99's picture

at least these two guys have a job:


easiest six degrees to kevin bacon ever.

Blanco Diablo's picture

Obammy Shaft for US Nurses:

Three general groups of nursing jobs in the US now qualify for the H-1B visa:

1) Nursing positions at healthcare organizations, under the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program. An H1B sponsor with ANCC Magnet status indicates that its nursing workforce has attained high standards of nursing practice and possesses at least a bachelor’s degree.

2) Nurses performing specialized and complex duties usually associated with the attainment of a bachelor’s degree, such as:

addiction nurses

cardiovascular nurses

critical care nurses

emergency room nurses

genetics nurses

neonatology nurses

nephrology nurses

oncology nurses

pediatric nurses

peri-operative nurses

rehabilitation nurses

3) Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) is considered a specialty occupation “due to the advanced level of education and training required for certification.” Some APRN positions include the Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM); the Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS); Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP); and the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

All nurses in the US must possess a nursing license.

To be licensed, the nurse must complete an approved nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Stevious's picture

H1-B's are overused. I own a triplex. Over the past two years I've had two "groups" of East Indian fellows come to look at my apartments. When queried both come right out and say that they expect to make about 60% of what an American IT professional would make.

In many cases H1-B's are a way to take a potential job from an American to increase bottom line profit by simply paying a fraction of what a US citizen would expect to get.

I don't mind the 20,000 H1-B's for advanced practice degree (Masters from USA only)nurses. But I suspect that most of the H1-B basic nurse (Bachelors) are to pad the bottom line.

ptoemmes's picture

How many nurses were also waiters and waste cleaners cause they have to have more than one job to make it in Obama world - plus one person gets counted for three jobs - a BLS dream.





Stevious's picture

I'm a nurse, I'm 67. I make (IMHO) a boatload of money and have dynamite benefits. And no, I don't care for baby boomers, my average clientele is about 36. I work in industry, not it hospital.

I have only one job and I'm quite sure I'm not counted three times.

I really don't get it. The combined increase in "nurse" jobs and manufacturing offsets everything else. Why try to lump nurse jobs in with minimum wage waste handlers?

I know plenty of nurses, not one has a second job.

MisterMousePotato's picture

Nurses get by just fine on their one job. Unless a doctor is married to a nurse, it is hard to find one who doesn't express some degree of rage about nurses' compensation.

Racer's picture

Fake numbers made to look good by imaginary made up jobs

Iconoclast's picture

And approx 2 million quality manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2008. That's just so sad, on so many levels.

gm_general's picture

I see you all used up all the excrement jokes already, darn it, I am too slow! But seriously, do you get the feeling they are just picking sectors and adding fake jobs? Can we get an inside man to rat them out?

A. Boaty's picture

Long combo restaurant/walk-in clinic.

Silver Savior's picture

So how do we get back at the elite for this mess they caused besides not buying anything?

Silver Savior's picture

My dream is the coming basic income allocation. It's obvious everything is service jobs and even those are being automated. Screw it. I want to retire at 36. 

moonmac's picture

So when do they change the word “worker” to “sucker”?

Silver Savior's picture

They already did. When I go to work I think I am a big sucker because those who don't work drive Cadillacs.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Waste cleaners will have a banner year, just from all the work they are doing to remove the stench O' Wookie from the White Mosque....

Tom Green Swedish's picture

Seriously who needs all this education and health service.  Isn't this how America got it's advantage?  The common practical sense of invention and being tougher than the rest.  

Steve Jobs didn't even have a damn college degree and his company is still 5 years after his death the biggest in the world. 

Get out a book, do things on your own. And if you're sick for crying out loud you're not always going to make it no matter how much money you have. This was the last thing Steve Jobs taught us and it might have been the most important.