Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter

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Submitted by Douglas Herman via,

“A lie can travel half way around the world while truth is still putting on its shoes.”  ~ Mark Twain

I write for those so-called “fake news” websites. You know the ones: the 200 odd deplorable websites, the ones Hillary, the Pope and Michael Moore have attacked as threatening to destroy World Peace, Democracy, Facebook and the Mainstream Media (MSM).

I only write for a handful of them, sad to say, although I’ve been linked to scores more. One of my recent columns went viral and it probably swayed the entire election – for better or worse: Before Trump, Sen Bulworth Spoke Truth To Power .  Seriously, the blatant corruption of the losing team, from Super Delegates to Podesta and PizzaGate to hidden Hillary health issues and secret sums of money funneling through the Clinton Foundation in “Pay to Play” accusations cost them the election, despite the best efforts and endorsements of the entire American media.

I’ve written for Rense, Counterpunch, Antiwar and Zerohedge. Most of my best stuff appears here on Strike The Root first, or STR as we call it, a website where Henry David Thoreau rather than Mark Zuckerberg is our moderator.  Tragically, STR did not appear on ProporNot and we are devastated, absolutely devastated.  Not.

Sometimes I ask my friends: If knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, which is preferable? I always hope someone will respond, as Socrates or Obi Wan would have: Knowledge of our ignorance is power; bliss in this age is unattainable

So then, as an average American citizen, is it better to be misinformed or uninformed? Because Disinformation is almost a holy sacrament within the mainstream Operation Mockingbird media. Thus we fake news reporters believe we’re channeling our inner Tom Paine, Mark Twain or Henry D. Thoreau when we blog or post or link. When HDT wrote: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root,” he was a spreader of fake news, by today’s tender standards. We like to think of ourselves as worldwide root strikers, following in his footsteps.

Cui Bono: Who Benefits?

Cops and crime scene investigators (CSI) always ask that question: Who benefits? Who had most to gain by the murder? We fake news reporters pride ourselves on getting the facts. Like legendary Joe Friday from that old TV show, Dragnet, we interview eyewitnesses, contact insiders and whistleblowers, sift through the circumstantial evidence (Like John Podesta’s creepy artwork) and attempt to deduce the truth. Unlike the TV talking heads and Op/Ed writers for the elite media news, we want to know exactly Who Benefits?  Even if it pisses off some elites. Or the elite media.

“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.”

Sounds like some fake news screed, right, or some wacky conspiracy theory, right? Nope, this was written almost a hundred years ago by the Father of Public Relations and author of a book on propaganda that greatly influenced Adolf Hitler. Edward Bernays was Jewish and teaching in New York in 1923. Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, read his book Crystallizing Public Opinion and learned a lot from him a few years later, adopting Bernays’ masterful propaganda techniques.

“There is no means of human communication which may not also be a means of deliberate propaganda,” Bernays wrote and the Nazis adopted. “The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today.”

Maybe the mainstream media should nominate Ed Bernays as the Founding Father of Fake News, for spreading these ludicrous ideas far ahead of his time. But fakery and fudging the facts is best left to those rich and powerful Mockingbirds and their presstitutes of the so-called legacy media. Most of the best and brightest of that media have long since been blacklisted or silenced. Seymour Hersh, Steve Lendman and Paul Craig Roberts rarely appear in the NY/LA Times anymore.  Why? Because their stuff, like most of the stuff written by unknown root strikers like me, is exactly like Senator Bulworth’s. Too tough, too true.

“It must be the money; it turns everything to crap,” said Bulworth to some Hollywood elites in that movie, just before the Oscar-winning actor and director, Warren Beatty, was blacklisted from Hollywood for almost 20 years. But money is rarely a factor for fake news reporters like myself. We do it for patriotism and professional pride. In more than a dozen years of devising “fake news,” I’ve been paid about $2,000 or about TEN BUCKS A COLUMN.

“I guess I really do believe that the good is worth doing because it is good,” said peace activist and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Ray McGovern. “It shouldn’t matter that there is little or no guarantee of success, or even a truthful recounting of what happened.”

A couple years ago, McGovern was manhandled out of a Hillary Clinton speech she gave at George Washington University.  The topic of her speech? The need for respect of dissent. Naturally NONE of the so-called legacy media present there covered his dissent, except in a dismissive way. “America’s Fawning Corporate Media is the embodiment of a Fourth Estate that is dead in the water,” McGovern added.

By contrast to my TEN BUCKS a column, Hillary Clinton received a reported $500,000 for an appearance and speech she gave at ASU. The transcript never appeared in public, as far as I know, so it must have been absolutely priceless.

“Hillary Clinton, the woman who voted for a war that was sold on a diet of fake news, a war that killed hundreds of thousands, is now lecturing Americans about fake news putting ‘lives at risk’,” wrote Paul Joseph Watson, on the alleged fake news website Infowars. Watson is like Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick on steroids. “Being lectured by Hillary Clinton about fake news is like being lectured by Ted Bundy about not raping and killing women. It’s a joke, but a particularly sick joke given that Hillary’s role in pushing fake news had actually led to the deaths of countless innocent lives.”

We fake news reporters feed on the efforts and insights of others. We wish them well, Godspeed, Kudos, Bravos, Hurrahs, Links and Likes. Because we know that Pulitzer Prizes for reporting are now reserved for the con artists connected to the crony crime media. True Crime reporters rarely win Pulitzers anymore.

Consider Matthew Allen. He penned a column called: NYT Mocks PizzaGate as Impossible, But Its CEO Covered up Jimmy Savile Scandal. Now if this news reporter Allen is wrong, a malicious spreader of so-called fake news, then why doesn’t the NYT sue him for slander or libel?  Most of us would simply Google this fellow Jimmy Savile and then we would try to weigh the facts in PizzaGate objectively.

Allen writes, “It’s important to remember that the CEO of the fabled newspaper is none other than Mark Thompson, the former BBC director who ‘lied’ during the Jimmy Savile investigation, and is at least partly to blame for allowing a monster like Savile (So evil?) to operate within the BBC for so long ‘undetected’.”

As I said, if so many of us fake news reporters are slandering people, why aren’t they suing us? Shouldn’t The New York Times, instead of trying to sublet office space in their diminishing empire, sue writers like Matthew Allen? Why doesn’t the New York Times sue him for malicious slander or libel? “Mark Thompson’s newspaper is a crime against the written word,” Allen added, as a parting shot.  

To those of us who seek the truth, guys like Allen and Assange and Anonymous are allies in the fight against the toxic lies of the wealthy, well-connected and woefully corrupt power elites.

Props or Snopes?

Over the holidays, when a huge scandal shocked the cringing mainstream media world, WE CELEBRATED. We celebrated the deliciously karmic news that Facebook 'fact checker' was accused of embezzling company funds. The so-called debunker of “fake news,” deified by the mainstream media without any fact-checking at all, suddenly was a steaming pile of backstabbers, porn stars and alleged con artists and embezzlers.  Not that there’s anything wrong with porn stars.  Most mainstream media personalities are highly paid porn performers. They just earn MILLIONS more than porn star Jenna Jameson ever dreamed of earning.

Many brilliant fake news reporters remain anonymous while posting as fictional characters in the alt media. Cognitive Dissonance, Miffed Microbiologist and Hedgeless Horseman are funny and always provocative at Zerohedge.  Jack Burton, at the same website, offers some astute, thought-provoking insight on an especially timely subject, terrorism.

“ISIS never touches an Israeli head,” Jack opined recently. “They are sworn allies of the Israeli Government. Seeing great benefits to be had from the Middle East Super Power, backed by the USA. The main ISIS allies are: Turkey, Israel, the USA and NATO. All this Obama crying on TV about ISIS threats is bullshit fucking lies. Obama is behind backing ISIS on to final victory in Syria. When Russia began to kill ISIS in earnest, the following governments demanded they cease bombing ISIS at once:  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, USA, UK, Germany and others.”

Now that Aleppo has fallen, the mainstream media is in mourning. Not for all the wars they encouraged these past 15 years, or for the millions of refugees those wars caused, or the tremendous pressure now on European countries to house and feed those refugees.  No, not at all.  To them, that evil dictator Putin has almost prevailed, and only freedom of the press will keep democracy safe. And you know what? They are right. Only freedom of the press and the Constitution will keep citizens safe. That’s why I guess I’ll log onto George Washington’s Blog, Zerohedge, Infowars, Brietbart, STR, Rense and Natural News to stay informed.  Because we fake news reporters must keep informed.  Without us, America will certainly fall.

Addendum: While we fake news reporters love to be proven right, quite often we’re proven prescient. When I penned JFK and Obama--Profiles in Courage and Cowardice, I hoped to have been proven wrong. Sadly, ALL of the fake news reporters I quoted in that column EXACTLY eight years ago were proven correct.

Addendum 2.0   No fake news reporter can claim Trump will succeed overwhelmingly. More likely he will sell out his huge core of hopeful believers to the money/power elites, just as almost all presidents have done in the past. If not, Trump will die in some tragic accident or from some lone gunman. We would love to be proven wrong.

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#pizzagate     Stop the Pedos!  NOW!


beemasters's picture

What I find extremely intriguing (ie. suspicious and disturbing) is the timing of Pope denouncing fake news... at the time/after Pizzagate story broke out. It really shouldn't have been so urgent for the Vatican to step in.

The rabbit hole is potentially deeper than seen.

Paul Kersey's picture

"No fake news reporter can claim Trump will succeed overwhelmingly. More likely he will sell out his huge core of hopeful believers to the money/power elites, just as almost all presidents have done in the past."

With the Goldmanites and the Rothschild billionaire already chosen by Trump to rule the economy, the article's author, Doug Herman, didn't have to read a crystal ball to come up with that prognostication.

Draybin Deffercon III's picture
Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Paul Kersey Jan 8, 2017 3:57 AM

Here's some real news: Bitcoin is creeping back up to $934.00 USD. And some Wei To Slo's in China are realizing they took "profits" in shitty fiat.

So don't delay, these prices are not going to last for long! Get your hands on some Bitcoin today!

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Until an open and honest discussion can be had about Zionism/Israel, nothing will be solved. And that is the #1 detractor from Alex Jones. Not allowed. 

Burn the straw man's picture

You are correct , all you have to watch is Alex Jones interviewing Dr David Duke , to see how info wars is controlled by our Zionist leaders , there is another couple of videos where people call in , pointing the finger at the Jewish cabal and Jones loses it !
Paul Watson is another Jewish sellout , and if you have any belief in The Young Turks watch Cenk interview guess who Dr Duke , he to falls apart , and looks like a complete Jewish goy slave !
Alex Jonestien vs Dr Duke
Paul Jewsopeh Watson
Cenk the skank

Kidbuck's picture

Trump has played both political parties and the entire MSM like a well tuned fiddle. No reason yet to think he can't bend a few Wall Street alum to do his bidding. You are forgetting Trump is smarter than you and he is cagier than you.

onthesquare's picture

Fake news proponents and real news proponents are two distinct and seperate entities.  Trump, on the other hand, is one individual who spouts out one tune one day then 180 degree turn the next day.  When confronted he denies this and when proven he just sticks his bottom lip out and shrudges his shoulders.  This paradoxical, and contradiction has become leader of the, so called, FREE WORLD which is a condratiction itself.

I see no good in the outcome.

Citizen_x's picture


... already chosen by Trump to rule the economy

That appears to be accurate.  Now, what orders is he going to follow ?

Not us little people.  Big Money want something out of him.

More popcorn anyone ?

BennyBoy's picture


"the timing of Pope denouncing fake news..."

That guy's been soooo busy with the pedophile pastors.

Escrava Isaura's picture



In  your imagination.


Dormouse's picture

"There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch."
—Nigel Powers
Quite the dichotomy there. Personally, I find black-face hilarious.

Gead's picture

Sounds good to me - Obanghim moving near a mosque. And if there's a God (Allah for those rag-heads) in heaven, PLEASE for all that's sacred - put a friggin' burkha on that ugly she-boon of a wife he's got!!! And if she dares speak one more time publically again - beat her or behead the bitch.

TheBigCluB's picture

I just set up some 50 yo internet noobs with access and training that are dyed in the wool Fox News morons and asked them if they wanted the red pill.

Both of them said "Fuck No, We love living in our ignorance."

So let this be a lesson, not everyone wants to know about the matrix.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Article: an average American citizen, is it better to be misinformed or uninformed?

 It doesn’t matter.

"The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know." — Noam Chomsky



TheBigCluB's picture

Noam Chomsky needs a good smack over the head with the big club. OF COURSE no one knows what is going on. We been lied to through every form of media until the net finally showed up.

Now, Chomy can crawl back under his slime pile from where  he came.

Donald J. Trump's picture

It is better for the sheep to be uninformed cause they believe the information.  On the other hand it's better for the thinking man to be misinformed because he'll most likely smell bullshit and look for the truth.  Otherwise, had he been uninformed, he may not know to look for the truth.

onthesquare's picture

I believe you should look at the news like you are watching the weather report.  The ladies are fit and stand in front of the map so their profiles are seen in full.  Put on a skin tight sock dress and viola you have most of my attention.  

The report is self is very subjective; probable, per cent chance, may, could, etc are the words to report the forecast.

Most news is the same way.  It is reported subjectively but the difference is those words are not used and we hold them as fact.

Consider the source and follow the money.

Escrava Isaura's picture

All Smoke Screens.

Well, here are the several problems, oversimplified, of course, starting with the “thinking man” (core problem), that the Conservatives Hedgers is one class of them.


That each one us have, but many more acute, discriminating than others.

The demise of humanity won’t come from the low IQ (peasant) society. Or even from the indigenous that Dale Van Every, in his book The Disinherited, summarized it well: “He (Indian) had never fully grasped the principle establishing private ownership of land as any more rational than private ownership of air but he loved the land with a deeper emotion than could any proprietor.”

The demise of humanity will come from the intellectual class and the capitalists. By their industrialization and greed.

The spin (fake news/propaganda) and indoctrination (religion and education) are just smoke screens. A façade to hide the true nature of our world.  



BabaLooey's picture

"Many brilliant fake news reporters remain anonymous while posting as fictional characters in the alt media. Cognitive Dissonance, Miffed Microbiologist and Hedgeless Horseman are funny and always provocative at Zerohedge.  Jack Burton, at the same website, offers some astute, thought-provoking insight on an especially timely subject, terrorism."

Wowser! You kids are famous!

( Jack still around?)

Escrava Isaura's picture


Hedgers are becoming ass kissing bloggers now?

Your list is pretty weak. Also, Hedgeless Horseman should not be on the list because he’s a Zero Hedge writer, meaning, he can place images and charts while everyone else can’t.

Jack Burton, Falak Pema, and David Pierre I do miss and Cognitive Dissonance used to put more effort.

The great thing about Zero Hedge is that Tyler keep posting new posts. Now he needs to figure out a way to attract more women.

There are many great Hedgers, however, rarely writes —challenge. MEFOBILLS is a must read, especially when he’s challenged.  


Byte Me's picture

Enlighten us mere mortals then EI,

When are you taking a sabbatical?

Interested peeps want to know...

BabaLooey's picture

Escrava - sounds like you are envious.

As for your quip about women, there are plenty of women on here.

Must they pass muster with you, or reveal themselves to be female, for you...YOU, to be pleased?

Just because the majority of your posts get shot up like a practice target at a turkey shoot - no need to whine and bitch about it.

You sound like.................a crytard.


Byte Me's picture

I think he wants more FemNazis...

Real - free-thinking women - would just belittle him in -- minutes...

(Hey!! that might work too)

dexter_morgan's picture

Last comment was July 2nd, at least by that name..........jack burton

Dormouse's picture

"You leave Jack Burton out of this!"
—Egg Shen

Freddie's picture

JAck Burton was good but I think he is long gone.  Paveway IV is over at Moon of Alabama sometimes.

They axed that Dutch guy who was a USAF pilot in Vietnam. They axed him twice. A few others booted off or stopped posting who were good.

I am finding ZH more and more unusable/unstable probably because of shit Windows 10.  Refreshing when up voting people. I am running Ad Block which is a little better but ZH is becoming too unstable and a hassle.  Still a great web site.

piceridu's picture

Use work very well on ZH

BennyBoy's picture


Try uBlock Origins and Adguard. Better, faster than Adblock Plus.

runswithscissors's picture

I thought that was just my machine. I have to refersh as well after up/down voting. Sometimes it takes me back to the top of the page for some reason. 

Byte Me's picture


(ZH needs someone to work on the front-end too)

SixIsNinE's picture

Paveway was da Bomb !  love his posts !   yeah, haven't seen Burton for a long time.


as far as zh being clunky - yeah.  i used to be able to keep a hella load of zh windows open - not so much now.

i loaded linux mint on a couple machines and they do better - one of them i can vote like i used to on win/firefox/adblock

this machine that i'm typing on can only do the one vote dealio and then it clogs & burps...


joeyman9's picture

Its usuable with ghostery plugin

besnook's picture

the one thing liars don't realize is there are only a coupla people who dare call a liar a liar to their face. most people just walk away mumbling, "what a fucking liar" and remember that in future contacts with the person. most of us will let a liar lie until a lie or lies have some actionable negative effect, at which point the liar will be outed as a liar and punished socially.

the zionazis lied to the people of the world for 30 years. most of the time everyone ignored them because they were liars or because the lies did not affect them. in the last several years a growing number of people have outed the liars publicly and have taken action with this election kicking the zionazis to the curb. to their credit the zionazis have not backed down on their lies. an admission of guilt would stop them forever but these deranged fucks think they can still use more lies to turn the tide on their new reputation as the fakest of fakes.

the next step they take will be out of desperation in a last attempt at relevance. cue the mega false flag.

El Vaquero's picture

I called a con man a liar right in front of my entire neighborhood once.  I had dug up a conviction that he had for fraud in another state and brought the proof of the conviction with me, along with witnesses to some of his current lies.  I had him figured out prior to finding the conviction though.  I called him a convicted liar.  He responded with "but look at all of the good things I've done, <lie> <lie> <lie>"  The neighborhood hasn't heard a peep out of him since.  


There is a lesson to that little story:  Destroy the reputation and you destroy the con man.  

hangemhigh77's picture

Where do you live? Tijuana?

TheBigCluB's picture

he Be in da NEW mexico,, Albuquerque and he is my friend so you better not fuck with him if you don't want the big club bashing your sorry ass.

Freddie's picture

There is a lesson to that little story:  Destroy the reputation and you destroy the con man. 

It is a shame that has not worked that well on scum like Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Hollywood, TV, McCain, Schumer, the entire totally corrupt US Govt and others.   Maybe it has but they are still there.

This idea that Trump is our savior and will fix everything is naive.  I trust Putin more than Trump and his tribe kids.  I have zero trust in the US govt including state and local, The Pentagram, MIC, military, courts, cops, etc etc.

I do trust the US pension system. (sarc)   LOL!

El Vaquero's picture

Their reputations have only been destroyed in the eyes of a small portion of the population.  A lot of people are simply unwilling or unable to believe a lot of the bullshit that goes on, because they'd have to admit that the "team" that they're on is corrupt, and they've enabled it. Or they'd have to look at the issues in earnest, which might hurt their brains.  Remember that just under 2/3 of the population didn't vote, and a lot of them are apathetic.  That doesn't even begin to get into low information voters.  In my case, it also helps that I didn't have the entire fucking MSM running interference. 


As for Trump, I'll wait and see.  I know he won't fix everything, but I don't know that he will (or won't) sellout like so many politicians have in the past.  (That's not unique to the US.)  Appointing Goldmanites is a big black mark in my book, and it'll take quite a bit to convince me that this is setting a thief to catch a thief or something like that.  IMO, he is a nationalist at odds with the globalists, and what we are seeing is the result of a deep state civil war.  I think he means it when he talks about putting America first, but you have to ask "First for whom?" 

Crush the cube's picture

I'd like to see that work on a Clinton, not possible where there is no shame.

Citizen_x's picture


These zionazis, as you cleverly point out, have built a new and improved lie.

Fake News.  It's a great little trick.  Lie about the lies, that were in fact, lies.

That is very likely to keep the sheep in the herd.  Keep them feeling powerless.

PT Barnum would be envious;  Dr. Goebbels would be proud. 

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

SillySalesmanQuestion: Stands up. Tips hat. Bows deeply and then, quietly applauds Cog, HH, Miffed, Jack, Tyler and GW, for enlightening and immluminating us with their truth, wisdom and humor...

4 wheel drift's picture

So how can humanity get rid of hitlery clitoris?

....   for starters, and right now...


joego1's picture

How long has mankind been trying to rid the world of evil?

WTFUD's picture

The War on Evil has been slightly less successful than the War on Drugs or maybe i should have said much more successful as intended.

onthesquare's picture

Evil starts with deception and with deception they are ruling the world.

Skateboarder's picture

Who be dis nigga again?

nightwish's picture

All distributors of news and/or opinion, whatever you label it should understand one important point -

Readers ultimately decide if information is either legit or bogus. People have wised up over the last 4 years. This is why trump won and cnn's ratings have tanked.