Steven Mnuchin Donated To One Democrat In 2016 – The Woman Who Declined To Prosecute His Bank

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Wednesday’s post, Donald Trump Has an Enormous and Very Dangerous Wall Street Blind Spothighlighted the fact that the bank run by Trump’s Treasury Secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin, was given a pass by California attorney general Kamala Harris, despite the discovery of over a thousand legal violations. Kamala Harris has since been (s)elected to the U.S. Senate.

Let’s recap some of what we learned:

In the memo, the leaders of the state attorney general’s Consumer Law Section said they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” in a yearlong investigation. In a detailed 22-page request, they identified over a thousand legal violations in the small subsection of OneWest loans they were able to examine, and they recommended that Attorney General Kamala Harris file a civil enforcement action against the Pasadena-based bank. They even wrote up a sample legal complaint, seeking injunctive relief and millions of dollars in penalties.


But Harris’s office, without any explanation, declined to prosecute the case.


Sen. Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, warned: “Given Mr. Mnuchin’s history of profiting off the victims of predatory lending, I look forward to asking him how his Treasury Department would work for Americans who are still waiting for the economic recovery to show up in their communities.”


The consistent violations of California foreclosure processes outlined in the memo would indicate that Mnuchin’s bank didn’t merely act callously, but did so with blatant disregard for the law.


According to the memo, OneWest also obstructed the investigation by ordering third parties to refuse to comply with state subpoenas.


The memo also raises questions about then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who was sworn in as a U.S. senator on Tuesday, and who will soon have to vote on Mnuchin’s appointment.


Why did her office close the case, deciding not to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened,” as her own investigators had urged?

In the days since this story broke, there’s been a lot of well deserved scrutiny pointed in the direction of Ms. Harris, yet she’s failed to provide a satisfactory answer as to why her office failed to prosecute. Which got me thinking about another paragraph from the above article:

Harris’s prodigious fundraising also raises questions about how attentive she is to the needs of campaign contributors. Prior to signing on with Trump, Mnuchin donated to members of both parties. He gave $2,000 to Harris’ Senate campaign in February 2016. Among the investors in OneWest Bank was major Democratic donor George Soros, who maxed out to Harris’ campaign in 2015.

Did he really “donate to members of both parties.” Technically, yes, but it appears Kamala Harris was the only Democrat he donated to in 2016. Which raises all sorts of obvious questions. As the Sacramento Bee noted last month in its article, Kamala Harris Won Over Many Californians, Steve Mnuchin Included:

Donald Trump, promising to drain the swamp, picked former Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary, fitting because Mnuchin helped fatten Trump’s campaign treasury as his campaign finance chairman. Mnuchin donated $592,600 to Republicans in 2016, including $430,000 to Trump, Federal Election Commission records show. A onetime Hillary Clinton donor, Mnuchin gave one donation this year to a Democrat, $2,000 to help elect Attorney General Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate.

Well isn’t that interesting. Mnuchin gives one donation to a Democrat, and it just so happens to be the woman who inexplicably protected his bank from prosecution. Click here to see his 2016 donations.

While $2,000 is a small amount of money, the entire thing stinks. Kamala Harris should resign from her Senate seat immediately unless she can provide a reasonable explanation of why she let OneWest off the hook. Likewise, Steven Mnuchin should be replaced by Trump as Treasury Secretary nominee. Both are swamp creatures, and we should demand better than these two.

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The swamp of swamps...

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i'm howding my breff

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Whatever happened to the good 'ole fashioned hanging? 

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xythras (not verified) gigadeath Jan 7, 2017 7:27 PM

Maybe will lose him for good for this one. One can only hope. 

Someone else is also hoping, guess who ... Hillary hoping will not go to prison and run for mayor of Jew-York

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"Donald Trump, promising to drain the swamp, picked former Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary, fitting because Mnuchin helped fatten Trump’s campaign treasury as his campaign finance chairman. Mnuchin donated $592,600 to Republicans in 2016, including $430,000 to Trump,..."

Well, isn't that interesting. (Period)

Never One Roach's picture

Another complete loser parasite elevated to an even higher level.

BullyBearish's picture attention to what Trump does, NOT what he says


So far, his does are NOT looking good (appointments) unless you are overcome by his says...


Remember with Obummer, talk is less than cheap...


Make Trump PROVE he's worthy of your support by his actions, not by his words...


If he cares about this nation and the PEOPLE, he will immediately PARDON Snowden, ASSANGE and MANNING to let the people KNOW he really does care about them...if he doesn't do this, he remains controlled by Bankers no matter what BS comes out of his mouth

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When you drain the Swamp, you need Swampthing (old comic)

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Chris Dakota (not verified) D Nyle Jan 7, 2017 11:09 PM

She got her start in politics by being Willie Brown's (the most corrupt politician in CA history, investigated multiple times by the FBI. He sniffs around then backs off before they can indict him. He figured out a way to run the city of SF after being termed out. His cronie was convicted for murder for hire. He is suspected of throwing a city attorney off a parking garage when he wrote a report about a developer pay to play scheme where he represents the developer) mistress .

He got her elected as district attorney in SF. She failed to seek the death penalty for a cop killer in SF. She was hated by the SFPD.

She worked her way (cough, cough) to CA State attorney General, married a Jew and now she replaces Jewess Boxer.

Was more than predatory leading by IndyMac who OneWest bought for pennies on the dollar by George Soros, they refused to modify loans because when they foreclosed they were paid by the FDIC. A typical Stockton CA (foreclosure capital) home netted him $100k so there was no incentive to modify.

Google it, loaded to the gills with complaints along these lines.

(((They))) see her is the New Obama.

Jubal Early's picture

Well said Chris.  It was always clear to me that Trump had to have the backing of someone powerful.  Even if he as so rich he didn't need contributions (sorry, I don't buy it) he is not so stupid to think he could take on the entire elite establishment on his own.

So the question has always been "who has his back".  The bread crumbs are leading to Soros, and that is not good.  Trump should distance himself from these child sacrificing kabbalists, and he better do it soon or he will lose the people who put him in office.  But then again, maybe that was the plan from the beginning.

eatthebanksters's picture

What did Sgt. Hulka say in Stripes?  Lighten up Francis!  To Krieger, you have a hard on for Mnuchin...Lighten up Mike!

Btw, no banks were modifying residential loans...I got hammered in the RE business and my house went underwater. I had enough cash to give the lender 80% in a workout and they said no.  I warned them the house had dropped mor than 50% in value and they didn't care.  They lost about 45% of the loan when they foreclosed.  It was a WAMU loan and Chase was the servicer.  Their reason for denying a workout was that if they did it with me then they would have to do it with every underwater loan in the country...sad that honest people paid for the fraud by the TBTF banks...even worse when you tink that the Fed has $4.5 trillion on their balance sheet for the TARP assets and the tax payer is on the hook.  

Mnuchin was after the fact, Krieger...stop your fucking whining.  I have a reason to don't.


As to Kamala, she's a fucking loser to the core.

Jungle Jim's picture

I'm already not happy with several of Trump's Cabinet picks, and I'm the *least* happy with this Munchkin or whatever his name is. Nobody here needs me to tell them that Goldman-Sachs is a dirty, crooked outfit.

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January 20, we start a twitter campaign "Actions speak louder than tweets, Mr President" #dts


his appointments are 50/50 but thats 100% better than Zero or Hitlary.  Be that as it may, hell yes make him walk his talk or throw him out.


Aside from the pardons, prosecute Hitlary, NO sanctuary cities and build the wall (i don't care who pays for it).

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

It's shocking how we're not shocked.

rockstone's picture

Don't worry, they're not done. Not even close.

knukles's picture

Most insightful as to how under the socialist whelt society's moral code has so utterly sublimated from reality

Billy the Poet's picture
‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill

Nobodys Home's picture

Hopefully you won't turn Blue!

Mark Urbo's picture

Go to hell Mike Krieger and

stop whinning about Trump's selections

Wulfkind's picture

Trump is a creature of the Swamp.  He has always used Central Bank Bux to fund his operations.  He self proclaims as the "King of Debt".  He uses Swamp Laws to his advantage.

He has SURROUNDED himself with Swampies from the DOD / Goldman Sachs Complex.


And you clowns thought he was going to "Drain The Swamp".   AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!      They Cuthulu-ites will NEVER allow that to happen.  The always have a man and a woman waiting to assist ANY president from EITHER side of the aisle in the ways of the SWAMP.    LOL !!!

Got The Wrong No's picture

Fuck Off. Hillary ruled thw swamp. 

NAV's picture

“Hillary ruled the swamp” and it’s revolting to witness how her campaign literally pitted millions of women against men on the pretense that it was a woman’s time and only women can save the day. One is reminded of Shakespeare’s Cassius (Julius Caesar) :

“…woe the while! our fathers’ minds are dead, And we are govern’d with our mothers’ spirits ; Our yoke and suffrage show us womanish.”

Mark Urbo's picture

Dig deep enough on any of these bankers and you'll strike pay dirt...

Mnuchin will carry out Trump's agenda - screw all the critics

Bay of Pigs's picture

Krieger is correct. Both of them are turds that need flushing.

NoWayJose's picture

Agree - neither one would be missed. Either we tolerate corruption or finally recognize and prosecute it!

chunga's picture

Yeah this Mnuchin blows and so does Harris. The dummycrats don't seem care at all about any of the terrific fraud coming out of Barkey and Honest Hill'rey. They seem to love it.

Trump won't have that luxury because many will blame him for hiring a squid, just like I do.

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Loyalty--you saved my corrupt ass-- here is two bits for your whoring

WakeUpPeeeeeople's picture

I'm betting the price went a lot higher now that she made it to the big league.

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This swamp is your swamp, this swamp is my swamp
From the California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters
This swamp was made for you and me

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Swamp Thing... You make my Wallet Scream... You make everything, Rotten... Swamp Thing... I know I hate you... But we need to know for sure!

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Swamp Thing..Come on baby sock it to me one more time mooove me! (Hendrix version)

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Swamp it to me, swamp it to me, swamp it to me...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) SloMoe Jan 7, 2017 11:18 PM

The swamp will be drained. If Donald Trump fails to do so he will be pushed aside.

The next guy will be more extreme, if it even goes to another vote.

Nobody can hide in these times as we rush forward to a whole new founding.

Wulfkind's picture


I see that not only did they legalize weed in your state but LSD too !

A new founding.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!   That only comes from armed Revolution and bloodshed.  And you pussies ain't that generation.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Wulfkind Jan 8, 2017 1:04 AM

I have multiple graves in the American Revolution and every war since because I am the recipient of the hero gene.

The American Revolution was fought by  3% of the population. Only 10% supported the 3%. 20% considered themselves to be on the side of the Revolution, but they did not actively participate.


Wulfkind's picture

And yet here you are typing on a keyboard with one hand and yanking your little pud in the other.

Genes in the body don't mean shit without a gun in the hand.....pussy.

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1776 - 2.0  been in for years!   SP Pirate '70, DAR

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Mnuchin ...... hmmmm is that a Russian name?

amadeus39's picture

No. I believe it's from the land of Oz. Many Munchkins there.


29.5 hours's picture

<<Mnuchin gave one donation this year to a Democrat, $2,000>>

It's a shame that political corruption is undergoing such deflation. A lousy 2000. Such a small-timer really belongs with the SEC, not the Senate.

dexter_morgan's picture

But she got 'matching funds' from Soros to the tunes of thousands on the dollar.

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If you want to truey understand the swamp and how it works you must have swamp rats that have been to and lived on the bottom. Once you acquire their knowledge and know how then you can dispense the rat. At least that's what I prefer to think right now.