Trump: Only "Stupid People Or Fools" Want War With Russia

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Having been fully briefed on the "intelligence" proving Russians 'hacked' the election  - because how else could Hillary Clinton have lost? - president-elect Trump is starting to shift the narrative this morning to expose the establishment's blinkered warmongery for missing the bigger picture that could be possible...

Of course, we can hear the spin now - "well this is exactly what a 'puppet of Putin' would say" - as a US president who seeks cooperation and not war must be a commie plant... or worse.

This follows the Intelligence Community's release of a declassified report that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign to help Trump win the White House. As The Hill notes,

“Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary [Hillary] Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump,” the report said.


Trump, who signaled throughout his presidential campaign that he was open to warmer relations with the Kremlin, has criticized United States intelligence agencies over reports about Russia's cyber activity.

Earlier on Saturday, the president-elect said that there is "no evidence" Russia's cyber activities affected the election outcome.

"Intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. Voting machines not touched!" he wrote on Twitter.

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It will be tough for people to argue with that.

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love watching Trump destroy media, democrats, snowflakes, and RINOs  140 letters at a time.

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Right On Don...
F' The Perpetual $$$ War Mongers and their MSM Cheerleaders...

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This has to be the biggest cryfest ever. When is the wamulance going to hit the scene and put a stop to all of this? I have been suffering these fools (both parties) in office for my entire life. I have had to just take it - no complaints acknowledged or allowed.

As soon as we get an outsider elected, these assholes who have been oppressing the entire country all this time cannot shut their sewer pipes and take the payment for their tyrrany going back all these years.

I cannot express my dissatisfaction in words - there are not words capable of doing it.

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4) Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, by Thomas Goodrich.  $26



This is the book to give those on your list that seem unable to understand how bad things can get on this planet, and the horrors we are all capable of as human beings.  It will shake them and wake them.  It is also a good illustration of how governments lie, and why we should not fuck with Russia.


Some pertinent quotes...


The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims.

During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times. The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles.

The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians. (Ibid. p.84)


“Of all the methods used to express its anger, the Red Army said it best with rape. From eight to eighty, healthy or ill, indoors or out, in fields, on sidewalks, against walls, the spiritual massacre of German women continued unabated. (p.155)



The mothers had had to witness how their ten and twelve-year-old daughters were raped by some 20 men; the daughters in turn saw their mothers being raped, even their grandmothers. Women who tried to resist were brutally tortured to death. There was no mercy. (p. 159)



When even violated corpses could no longer be of use, sticks, iron bars and telephone receivers were rammed up their vaginas. (p. 155)



The women were raped, not once or twice but ten, twenty, thirty and a hundred times, and it was all the same to the Russians whether they raped mere children or old women. (p.79)



“Those women who were pregnant, on their menstrual cycle, or enduring diarrhea, suffered like all the rest. Nothing, it seemed—not age, ailment or ugliness—could repel the Red rapist.

Even death was no defense.

'I saw some twenty Red Army men standing in line before the corpse of a woman certainly beyond sixty years of age who had been raped to death,’ one sickened witness recorded. ‘They were shouting and laughing and WAITING FOR THEIR SATISFACTION OVER HER DEAD BODY.’” (Emphasis added, p.84)

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The PEOTUS must have read the Wolfowitz doctrine and decided:

"Fuck that for a game of soldiers"

Rock on, Donald.

Haven't seen a foot wrong yet - keep it up (especially the Twiiter!).


(Disclaimer: I have never received propaganda funding from the FSB , but the wife killed my shit-hot gaming laptop with a glass of red wine, so I am now open to donations from any credible source with morals and ethics to promote their cause. Obviously the criteria fundamentally disqualifies the Clinton Foundation).

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If I may expand a bit:


“People who want war with Russia are either stupid or foolish…..or bankers, MIC contractors or bloodthirsty war monger celebrities like Clooney, Martin Sheen and DeNiro who seek to spread misery and destruction throughout the world.”

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In Obama's last act as President, he will, by executive order, force Twitter to reduce the character limit from 140 to 3.

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FreezeThese (not verified) Jim in MN Jan 7, 2017 12:58 PM

Only a narcissist could demand so many headlines ... is there really nothing better he has to do than fire up his alt-right white supporters daily? Do we really have to do this for four years?

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Find and replace.

This follows the Intelligence Community's release of a declassified report that concluded George Soros and Saudi Arabia ordered an influence campaign to help Hillary Clinton win the White House. As The Hedge notes,

“Soros and Saudi Arabia's goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Donald Trump, and harm his electability and potential presidency. We further assess Soros and the Saudi Government developed a clear preference for Hillary Clinton,” the report said.

Clinton, who signaled throughout her presidential campaign that she was in favor of colder relations with the Kremlin, has criticized just about everyone who brought to light reports about her cyber activity.

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"Stupid People... Fools... War with Russia" 

Hillary, Ash-hole, Samantha… he’s referring to you.


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Only "Stupid People Or Fools" WANT War With any nation!

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Trey Gowdy - deep respect for this butt-fucking of Obama.

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Check out this picture in downtown Damascus during Christmas.  There are Christmas lights and a tree plus banners with Putin, Assad, Iranian president and Nassarallah (?) leader of Hezbollah.

The Syrian people, including Christians, know who saved them from the ZWO/NWO Soros and Nato headchoppers.

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You don't have to see or hear any of it.Why don't you buzz off you little whiner.Suck it,loser.

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"The beatings will continue until liberal moral improves." -Trump

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Tramp is right, Russia is good

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Your're just pissed your black messiah didn't think of it first.

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@FreezeThese You first came along as one of the Hillary paid trolls before the election. Did nobody tell you it's over? Oh, and you won't get paid any longer...

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Trump is deliberately circumventing the mass media by posting on twitter. He is, by definition, NOT seeking "headlines". If he wanted "headlines", he would be seeking out those who have "headlines" to give him.

The reason he is appealing to "his" "white" supporters is because folks like you keep using the term "white male" as some kind of derogatory epitaph.

Well, guess what? We are still here, and we still matter. White males might be docile and tolerant compared to, say, non white males, but we still matter. History didn't end when the snowflake left declared white males to be responsible for all the evil in the world.

Insofar as evil is within us all, white males are the best at it. Insofar as it isn't, we are the best at that too.

You're welcome. Now go fight it out in the third world with your oppressed brothers and sisters.

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Maybe 8 years.

Rock on. Woo Hoo.

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Looks like Obama is building a Wall around his new mansion in DC ...

and Mexicans are building it!

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Kind of ironic ,isn't it?A woman of color was watching the msm mastabatory coverage of that turd,Vicente-Fox saying'we ain't going to pay for no f-xxxxxxg wall" with me in the doctor's lounge.She turned to me and said,snidely"why does he say their going to pay for the wall-he knows they won't pay for it?"To which I replied "I think the idea is,they will pay for it,one way or another.And I notice Mr.Obama is building a nice big wall around his new mansion in Kalorama-evidently walls are ok for HIM,just not the common people"
She got up and left...

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Had to run.  Snowflakes melt when the heat is turned up.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) drstrangelove73 Jan 7, 2017 4:59 PM

Do you know what really pisses off Zerohedge readers about Bitcoin? It's them seeing that lots of other people *are* getting rich speculating in Bitcoin! And according to their simple minds, this is "wrong" because they believe nothing should come easy to you without "sacrifice".

Of course anyone who actually read von Mises understands that this is the very essence of "human action", praxaeology and capitalism. Man manipulating his environment causing change to benefit himself. We are leveraging those of you who "don't get it" and having a helluva great time doing it too!

cheech_wizard's picture

If you had gotten rich speculating in Bitcoin, you wouldn't be posting here. Therefore, one can only draw one conclusion, and that is you are no better than any other shill trying to do a pump and dump...

Standard Disclaimer: Personally I'd be on a beach drinking Pina Coladas, and shitposting on the Internet would be the furthest thing on my mind.

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uh... a heh.  a heh heh.  a heh heh heh .... a heh

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In Obama's last act as President, he will, by executive order, force Twitter to reduce the character limit from 140 to 3.

That's  ok.....







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+1. The people do not want war, the .01% controlling the land want war. What's wrong with this picture ? Trump is speaking here for the people.

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Pass a law that says any politician who votes for war will lead the charge into battle with his / her family in tow. Then lets see how peaceful we all of a sudden get.

cheka's picture

or tax people directly, instead of using satan's scrip to steal it

all of the warmongering sh-t would stop if had to be paid with silver/gold coin

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The Neocon "Blob" in D.C. composed of the MIC, the Congressional and MSM shills, and the Beltway Bandit think tanks with vested interests are all part and parcel of this needless warmongering for power and profit, rationalized by a holier-than-thou cover of arrogant self-righteousness.

They are in it for the money and power, both of which blind them and make them "stupid and foolish" from their own short-sighted self interest.


Al Armed's picture

Hollywood celebs panting for a pat on the head from... here, Mel knows.

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stupid people or fools?  first i've heard of that.  thought they were called skype now

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Libtards are so miserable they want to destroy themselves with a nuclear war.

The neocons at the intelligence agencies are tuned into that because they have been anti-Russian since the 1930s. 

two hoots's picture

Dear Donald,

Don't think of it as war but as profit.



two hoots's picture

Think of the implications for NATO, the EU and the UK with this Tweet?

Also puts a little isolation pressure on China's expansion ideas. 

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Draining the Swamp!


Trump orders Obama's political ambassadors out by Inauguration Day


Drain that Swamp, Donald!!!

yogibear's picture

Obama's political ambassadors.

Time to get rid of these useless leeches that have been fostering wars!

DjangoCat's picture

Wives, you can't live with em and you can't kill em.

OverTheHedge's picture

Well, you CAN kill your wife, but only if you keep pigs, and claim that she went out to feed them and didn't come back....

Ballin D's picture

HH, this is as ridiculous as claims that 4mm were killed in concentration camps. The whole thing falls apart to any person who can do basic arithmetic.


Look at the last example of twenty soldiers lining up for a corpse. Even if every single one was a mommas boy virgin and blew their load in a corpse in 10 minutes, that's a 3-4 hour queue to fuck a dead body. Nobody, even if they're as evil as Hillary, nobody is waiting that long. Especially when every German age 8 to 80 is fair game. There'd simply be more warm German holes than Russian soldiers.


You're better than this.

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Must be FAKE NEWS!  How dare someone publish a fake account in a book.  It could be very problematic.  So now we need to burn all the books in addition to killing the internet.  Only government authored or sponsored books allowed. 

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HH forgot to mention he got all those quotes from John McStain.