Charges Dropped Against UN Peacekeepers Accused Of Child Abuse In CAR

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The New York Times has reported that “a panel of French judges has decided not to bring charges against soldiers accused of having sexually abused children while on a peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic”.

The accusations have a troubling backstory that is detailed in a December 2015 independent report on the situation. The 170-page report heavily scrutinized not only the possible role of UN peacekeepers in child abuse cases in the ailing African nation but also the failure of UN officials to react in a proper manner. Among those accused of failing in their role in this situation were the head of the UN mission in CAR, UNICEF and the UN Human Rights staff in CAR. –page 2 (

There were inadequate measures taken to protect the children before the event and an absolute failure to consider their health after the event. Allegedly, no one within the organization wanted to take responsibility for the issue, and as such, it infringed on the victim’s human rights. The report impugned the bureaucratic nature of the United Nations.

Failures at all levels have led to citizens in CAR to protest the presence of the UN in their country, which led to 4 deaths and 14 injured.

Even more troubling is the fact that the Central African Republic has one of the lowest ratings on the UN’s human development index.


These children were the most helpless kind of victims and it could be a sign that the UN was hoping to ride this situation out with the hope that no one would pick up the story. In fact, the report notes that the head of the HRJS “encouraged the SRSG [Senegalese Army General] of MINUSCA to keep the Allegations quiet” due to the political sensitivity of the allegations. –pg 7 (

The report demands that the UN adhere to a zero tolerance policy in regards to actions like this and made 12 recommendations (see below) to prevent future debacles like this in the future.

  • Recommendation #1: Acknowledge that sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers, whether or not the alleged perpetrator is under UN command, is a form of conflict related sexual violence to be addressed under the UN’s human rights policies.
  • Recommendation #2: Create a Coordination Unit in OHCHR reporting directly to the High Commissioner for Human Rights to oversee and coordinate responses to conflict related sexual violence, including: ( monitoring, reporting and follow up on allegations of sexual abuse; ( analyzing data with a view to tracking trends and practises for the purpose of improving prevention and accountability; and ( following up on the implementation of the Panel’s recommendations.
  • Recommendation #3: Create a working group to support the Coordination Unit made up of experts (including specialists skilled in addressing sexual violence by international forces), and representatives of TCCs. The working group should: ( develop a single policy harmonizing the SEA and human rights policies and ( develop processes promoting criminal accountability for sexual violence.
  • Recommendation #4: Require mandatory and immediate reporting of all allegations of sexual violence to: ( the head of the human rights component in the field or mission, or the reporting officer; and ( in the case of sexual violence against children, the child protection officer, as well as UNICEF and the SRSG CAAC; and in the case of sexual violence against adults, the SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict; and ( the Coordination Unit. xvi
  • Recommendation #5: Establish, under the authority of the Coordination Unit, a professional investigative team available for immediate deployment when conflict related sexual violence by peacekeepers is reported.
  • Recommendation #6: Task the working group with reviewing UN policies dealing with confidentiality in order to establish a proper balance between informed consent, protection, and accountability.
  • Recommendation #7: Establish a Trust Fund to provide specialized services to victims of conflict related sexual violence.
  • Recommendation #8: Negotiate with TCCs provisions ensuring prosecution, including by granting host countries subsidiary jurisdiction to prosecute crimes of sexual violence by peacekeepers.
  • Recommendation #9: Negotiate the inclusion in agreements with TCCs of provisions ensuring transparency and cooperation in accountability processes.
  • Recommendation #10: Adopt an approach to immunity that presumes cooperation and active participation of UN staff in accountability processes.
  • Recommendation #11: Negotiate with all TCCs provisions for screening troops that are minimally equivalent to the standards described in the HRDDP.
  • Recommendation #12: Maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date human rights database hosted by OHCHR

While there has been firings involved in this case, including the SRSG, the nature of today’s ruling makes us question how serious the UN is about following these recommendations.

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UN Soldiers LOVE pizza...

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I'm sure there's some dusty old text that allows this sort of thing.

If they are not of the "UN Tribe", then it doesn't count. Or something like that.

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Too many get out laws ... need to start again and simplified ...

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Why write an article on child abusers without naming them? Their names should be all over social media. These pedifiles may escape the charges, but that doesn't mean that they can't be accused and convicted in the court of public opinion.

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Do you pass out speeding tickets at the Indy 500?   Forget it, Jake.  It's Turtle Bay. 

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This is just appalling. The UN is no different from the Vatican.

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The art in the Vatican way better.  

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The Podestas strongly disagree.

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Everywhere they go, these allegations tend to follow.  Hard to believe that the beneficiaries of their good works would all concoct the same story.

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angry_dad (not verified) Paul Kersey Jan 8, 2017 7:47 PM

you mean the crooked dem couple?


Podestra's People Ride To The Rescue, with free pizza covered in walnut sauce. 

Give that little fucker a Nobel Prize.  

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Podesta-the-Molesta, UN Peacekeeper.

I gotta admit, it has a 'ring' to it.

A human trafficking ring...

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The photo is a little misleading. I read that most of the sex abuse came from black African (Morrocan, Algerian, etc ancestry) soldiers in the French army

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That's straying from the issue. Cheap shot.

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Fake news photo, intentional of course, right here on ZH.

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Just like in California.....legalizing child prostitution

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Socially Engineering the Masses through MTV Pop Culture coupled with a Morally Bankrupt society to accept what in normal eyes one would consider Psychotic Behavior.

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Replace US troops in Syria with UN "Putzkeepers" - 2 problems solved. ISIS might actually be useful then    ;-)

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The UN is in New York, comet pizza is in New York, maybe they could make some copies of that plan and......nah, to easy.

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Comet Pizza is on Connecticut Avenue in DC.

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Comet Pizza is on Connecticut Avenue in DC.  FYI

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A common occurrence wherever you find the One World Army. Locals are beaten, tortured, and sexually violated.

Things CNN and our university professors always seem to miss...

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You get in a CAR wirh a piecekeeper, what do you expect? Especially, if you are some piece of ....

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the problem with any investigation of the UN is the corruption and criminal activities go the entire way through the ranks to the very top.  None of them are innocent.

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All rapists, murderers, pedophiles should be taken to the woodpile and beaten to death with a hammer.

We don't need them in our society.

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<Would support "Open Season" on UN Blue-Hats in U.S.

<Would accept UN Blue-Hat Troops in U.S.


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They'd be like fish in a barrel in the US.  Don't get the knuckle draggers excited. 

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I knew a former Army Captain that spent time as a Blue Hat and he said he respected the Israelis and the Female Israeli Soldiers. I guess that is a clue as to where he served. He was a North East Coast guy.

He got kicked out for a low rating by his would have been in the 1980s in a time of Army Cuts to number of soldiers (He was smarter than me BTW).

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I've heard others speak highly of Israeli soldiers as well. Ironically, I spoke to a friend yesterday that fell to the Navy's "squeeze play" about the same time period as the Captain you mentioned.

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angry_dad (not verified) CosmicSauce Jan 8, 2017 7:46 PM

bub bye clintons

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Make sure it's a sterile hammer.

As a non-sterile hammer would be "Inhumane". It would be "Cruel & Unusual Punishment" for sure.

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Apparently roasting black toddlers above an open fire pit is A-OK.


Got it.

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The Esalen connects directly to pizzagate for one of it's speakers included Robert Anton Wilson who is responsible along with Robert Shea for developing the notion of "Hot Dog Friday", in his discordian works and in particular Illuminatus.

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The Esalen is the migratory winter home of the MONARCH BUTTERFLY.

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These people are seriously fucked up.  I didn't think that level of crazy actually existed before these emails came out. Call me naive I guess. 

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I don't understand all of this. If you want to be a Massage Therapist maybe there is some status from taking Massage Therapy from either Esalen Institute or another one on East Coast starting with a Q I think which are all into the New Age programs and speakers... meditation & energy work.


DC... like London is a kind of power base, a city state. Who in the Federal Govt, LEOs, Congress, or DC Lobbyists on K Street runs Washington DC?? I think that is a good question. Even if DC had a local Currency or Script in circulation and even if they lower Marijuana laws... who is really running DC?? DC is a separate State or Sovereign, Right?

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will probably celebrate charges being dropped by going out to Chucky Cheese

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Hope @realdonaldtrump withdraws USA from mostly worthless United Nations @UN which is no longer relevant

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Recommendation #13- Abolish the UN

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angry_dad (not verified) Jan 8, 2017 7:46 PM

How come nobody ever brings child abuse charges against bubba while he travels with the banker pedophile to orgy island?


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Who thinks one group of Pedophiles would convict another? The French have committed serious war-crimes in Africa for 6 decades. It won't stop until they appoint someone man enough as President like Marine Le Pen.

Fuck the EU.

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End the UN.  Just a waste of money.

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sure, put a white man picture with it lol

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Been going on for some time. The pedos are Pakis. And the largest reason it's being swept under the rug.

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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 8, 2017 8:34 PM

CAR (Central African Republic) and the UN. Too far away and a country that no one has heard of or cares about. Sad story but this is reality in many parts of the world. Life is cheap and short.

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Fake news. Went to look at NYT to find the article referenced in the first sentence and gues what - IT DOESN'T EXIST. So, this is basically a hatchet job. Very poor reporting Tyler. VERY POOR.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Jan 8, 2017 8:41 PM

Those soldiers were only mucking around playing with those kids when they accidently fell over in an awkward wayand somehow his dick slipped inside their bottoms repeatedly.purely accidental

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The previous Pope was taken down on the Church's Pedo issue.

Ironically enough, it's OK if our secular elite does it.

'Fascinating', as Spock would say.

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I'm not really a good reader of the periodicals or journals... so I guess you have been keeping more up to date.

- It wasn't Nazi links that took down old Ratzinger
- It wasn't Vatican Financies that took down Ratzinger
- It wasn't the Holy See or Constituents that took Ratzinger
- Oh... you mean North American, Anglican Pedo Networks in Bishopricks... I guess (sorry for spelling error)