China Slams US Hacking Accusation As "Groundless Smear Campaign", Demands Washington Explain Its Own Spying

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While Russia continues to mostly mock and ridicule, and generally take in good humor, the constant allegations by the Obama administration that it "hacked the election", without actually hacking the election - as in actually rigging or changing the votes - but merely exposing the corruption of the DNC and the cronyism of the Clinton Family Foundation, even if so far the highly confident US "intelligence agencies" have yet to demonstrate a shred of proof substantiating such allegations, China's reaction to a similar accusation has demonstrated far less sense of humor.

That may explain why Beijing quickly slammed Washington's claims it engaged in mass spying, and demanded an explanation from the US about its own global spying activities, after a US report accused China of using two Chinese hotels as spy centres, an allegation Beijing dubbed a “groundless” smear attempt.

Last Wednesday, the Washington Times accused the 4PLA, a unit attached to the Chinese Defence Ministry, of using the Jintang and Seasons hotels in the capital Beijing to conduct espionage. As evidence publication cited an open-source intelligence dossier produced by the Army’s Asian Studies Detachment, as the source of its report. The document does not explain why and how the hotels were allegedly used by the Chinese for hacking.

In any case China was displeased, and on Friday the Ministry of National Defense angrily denied that hotels in the Haidian District of Beijing served as a base for any cyber-espionage operations.

“The Chinese military has never supported any hacking activities, and the Chinese government has always been firmly opposed to and cracking down on relevant criminal activities in accordance with law, including network attacks," China's Defence Ministry said.

“Relevant accusation is totally groundless and a bad act of smearing China,” the statement added, calling on Washington to stop making “groundless accusation against China.”

To be sure, quite a different reaction from that of Russia which has responded mostly with mockery and accusations of stupidity.

The Chinese defense ministry wasn't done, however, and added that Instead of blaming China for spying, Beijing challenged Washington to “give a clear explanation on the Prism Gate incident, ” not just to China, but to the entire international community.

Oops. Next thing you know Russia and China will demand that the CIA explain all of its own "stealth" campaigns to overthrow foreign government, among which the following:

  •     China 1949 to early 1960s
  •     Albania 1949-53
  •     East Germany 1950s
  •     Iran 1953 *
  •     Guatemala 1954 *
  •     Costa Rica mid-1950s
  •     Syria 1956-7
  •     Egypt 1957
  •     Indonesia 1957-8
  •     British Guiana 1953-64 *
  •     Iraq 1963 *
  •     North Vietnam 1945-73
  •     Cambodia 1955-70 *
  •     Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
  •     Ecuador 1960-63 *
  •     Congo 1960 *
  •     France 1965
  •     Brazil 1962-64 *
  •     Dominican Republic 1963 *
  •     Cuba 1959 to present
  •     Bolivia 1964 *
  •     Indonesia 1965 *
  •     Ghana 1966 *
  •     Chile 1964-73 *
  •     Greece 1967 *
  •     Costa Rica 1970-71
  •     Bolivia 1971 *
  •     Australia 1973-75 *
  •     Angola 1975, 1980s
  •     Zaire 1975
  •     Portugal 1974-76 *
  •     Jamaica 1976-80 *
  •     Seychelles 1979-81
  •     Chad 1981-82 *
  •     Grenada 1983 *
  •     South Yemen 1982-84
  •     Suriname 1982-84
  •     Fiji 1987 *
  •     Libya 1980s
  •     Nicaragua 1981-90 *
  •     Panama 1989 *
  •     Bulgaria 1990 *
  •     Albania 1991 *
  •     Iraq 1991
  •     Afghanistan 1980s *
  •     Somalia 1993
  •     Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
  •     Ecuador 2000 *
  •     Afghanistan 2001 *
  •     Venezuela 2002 *
  •     Iraq 2003 *
  •     Haiti 2004 *
  •     Somalia 2007 to present
  •     Honduras 2009
  •     Libya 2011 *
  •     Syria 2012
  •     Ukraine 2014 *

First revealed through the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013, PRISM is a code name of the NSA surveillance program used to gain access to the private communications of users of nine popular Internet services, including Verizon, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook.

The system grants NSA access to email, chat logs, VoIP traffic, files transfers, and other social networking data from companies. PRISM is just one of the numerous US spying tools and techniques exposed by Snowden.

While in the past the rest of the world - especially US trading partners - would eagerly keep their mouths shut when faced with grotesque accusations such as those emanating from the US intelligence apparatus, the fact that both Russia and China openly dare to refute, mock, ridicule and otherwise challenge is the real story here, one which the mainstream media will however ignore, as it chases fading marginal clicks based on the "fake news" story that somehow Clinton was elected, and the Democrats lost because Vladimir Putin had the temerity to expose their dirty laundy.

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Uh oh what is that old saying about shoes and feet?

beemasters's picture

It's always to the advantage of Israel when the US is in tension with all other nations. That means it can be the go-between in most lucrative deal$$$.
Their media army will do anything to help make this happen. It's definitely not good for their businesses if Trump maintains peace with Russia or China.

rtb61's picture

The puppet strings on the puppet masters. Multinational corporations, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been manipulating the US government in order to get the US government to manipulate all other coutries governments for decades. The US government is a joke of itself, in charge of nothing, a broken puppet hanging by many corrupt strings.

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I was thinking of kettles and pots


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The bigger your feet, the bigger your dick?

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On the bright side, I bought a beautiful thick "Authentic" Ralph Lauren Polo sweater and "Genuine" Louis Vitton briefcase for only $28.95 from a 'reputable' online company in China!

So there's that also.

Clashfan's picture

Tell the Chinese our dear leaders needed something to distract from pizzagate and pump up the war machine's hopes.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Any foreign power who wants to end the insanity should come up with investigated proof of Pizzagate as well as 9/11 et al.  Dump the data and watch the fireworks. 

TheEndIsNear's picture

I'm hoping that leaks about the demolition of the three World Trade Center towers with help from the Mossad, Dick Cheney, etc., on 9/11/2001 is what Assange was referring to when he said that "2017 will blow you away".

new game's picture

spy vs spy was one hellof a mad carton...

Yen Cross's picture

  The PBoC can go pound yuan...  Whiny Chinese???  After they've ass~raped they rest of world with cheap substandard exports.

  Even the Squid and JPM, WFC, BAC give out crappy Chinese> toasters and Batman towels for holiday gifts.

CheapBastard's picture

Sadly, Bush and more so Obama were their accomplices so we can't compalin too harshly. DC and Wall Street Corporations screwed us via China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc also.

Yen Cross's picture


  Yes... Agree   The article was about China, no?

 Those other countries are small fries.

techpriest's picture

Bangladesh is the place where China outsources when Chinese labor is too expensive and Chinese regulations are too strict.

No. really. 25 yuan per hour is steep pay!

WTFUD's picture

Only on demand from Western Retailers to be fair.

Yen Cross's picture

  You're correct.  Would you like a 72 month loan @ 15.00% on that brand new Hyundai?

francis scott falseflag's picture


You shouldn't look a gift toaster in the mouth

McDuff71's picture thats' rich of those yappy peeps off to the far east; they should just bend over and interrogate the heck out of themselves and when they're squeaky clean and smelling of roses then perhaps we'll still tell them to shove it...blind freddy mae knows we all spy on each other so go rant to someone who gives a toss...line up/get in the queue for sanctimonius bullshit fake news fiasco ad infinitum - it's the new normal (same as it ever was)...

Savyindallas's picture

Spying is what countries do. Why is anyone surprised.? We do it more than anyone-especially with our own people and allies. Other countries do the same. My problem with the US is the people who own and control our Government and mainstream media. They are the enemy-they do not serve the interests of the USA or the American people. They work for a foreign entity-Israel, the globalists, the International Banksters who seek to enslave us. If Putin is spying on these cretins-he is our friend. Keep it up Vlad-keep it up China- Hopefully Trump and Brexit are the start of revolutions to overthrow these devils. We will see. 

McDuff71's picture

...that MSM toilet has been blocked up and overflowing for some time - needs a damned good plumbing to deal with the solids to get the whole deal flowing as it should!!; other main fixit job involves swamp drainage ;))

Giant Meteor's picture

Openly dare to refute, mock, ridicule and otherwise challenge is the real story ....

Zero credibility, warranted by multi decades long, laundry list of prior abuses and usurpations

Trust us? That's it? Trust us?

Riducule, mocking and refutation is all that is warranted. It is well deserved and long past due.


stant's picture

That should get the big $ donors back for the demon cratic party

The Fing News's picture

More 'fake news' from Washington to distract the people from a ceasefire in Aleppo that so far holds since New Year which Washington had nothing to do with it and ofc the massive military build up in Russias borders with US sending ground troops 2 days before and aslo 100's of tanks.

If US says this way (Russian/China hack etc) then be sure to look the other way to find truth (Aleppo/Russias borders)!

cherry picker's picture

There is a right and wrong way to do things

I believe there is a God

I don't know much else

I wouldn't want my neighbor sticking his or her big nose in my life or home and I don't do it to him or her either, that is referred to as mutual respect.

The USA forgot that and much of the USA does not really know the difference between right or wrong, good or evil, for it they did, Obama & Crew and his predecessors would never have murdered as many as they did.

Fifty years from now America will be an also ran country that used to be a world power.

Kefeer's picture

The belief in a "god" gets you to the same place as one who says they do not believe in a god.  The Bible states that it is inspired (authored) by God, our Creator.  He is perfect in all His attributes and He made man in His image, a privilege no other creature has.  If you haven't noticed, man is unlike any other creature.


The good and moral (as defined by Scripture) is that reflection of our creator, the bad and ugly is how sin has marred man's own original image.  The further we become immoral, the less of God is reflected and the more of man is reflected.  The good news is God in His perfect love gave us Himself in the Person of Jesus and whoever repents of their sins, rebellion against God's holy standard, and believes the work and ministry of Jesus, will not have to pay the debt owed to their Creator for their rebellion because Jesus drank the cup of God's wrath.  I hope you come to know Him and He does set you free from the bondage of sin and adopts you into His family. 

heuvosYbacon's picture

Imagine you are a German watching all this. It is an undisputed fact that your political leader had her phone hacked by the USA, apparently a steadfast ally. 

Now you watch all the senior US government officials claiming outrage at other states for espionage. Without proof.

The damage done by bearing false witness is not limited to the incident. It destroys credibility until credibility is restored through some genuine act of contrition.

The hysterical lies that have surrounded the Clinton machine are dragging the USA's reputation into a place it has never been before. In the past, foreigners may have feared and loathed the USA. Now they have reason to hold America in contempt, to treat americans with contempt.

Who would be a US ambassador right now? Can you imagine anything more degrading, than to be in a foreign country and having to justify this inane hysteria?

uhland62's picture

I am a former German, and the leader you mention thanked Obama for the good cooperation on his farewell visit!!!

I have known the circles in East Berlin where Angela Merkel grew up and I am not surprised. They just know on which side their bread is buttered and if someone like Obama, perceived to be the bigger one, does something bad to you, you say thank you. 

She also spoke of the rule of law in Germany, with regard to the future Trump presidency!!! My family was subjected to the typical lawlessness of the German government during the Kohl Regime and in all those years that she's been Chancellor she has not rectified a thing. When Angela's lips move, she's lieing. Listening to Angela Merkel is a waste of time. 

Shed Boy's picture

My new family here in China thinks America is a joke and no longer to be takien serious. Last year they were planning on sending one of the kids to a university in America. I put a quick end to that by showing what goes on at most of the universities now.
It's embarrasing to me to have to explain some of the things they read in the news and quiz me about. Sometimes they just shake their heads and laugh. They certainly don't fear us and consider us to be stupid for the most part.

LRQm9E7A's picture

Thank you.  That was the most insightful comment in this entire discussion.

SHADEWELL's picture

I say

Time to buckle up, and bunker down

The fan has been truned on, and there is rumor of an impending bowel movement

WTFUD's picture

Coming from the Masters of Covert or Clandestine Operations it really is fucking rich. The fact that others have caught on/up and turned it back on them, is their only beef.

OspreyMan's picture

Umm... So the whole point is the Chinese are mad that we accused them of using hotels for intel? Thats the worst smear campaign ever!

techpriest's picture

Haidian is a district just north of the city center, and there's a lot of govt. buildings there. Basically we are claiming that they walked a few blocks up the street to cover up their hacking operations. I'm sure they are more sophisticated than that, but hey, maybe that really is the case!

Of course, would it surprise anyone if we did the same thing?

svs9000's picture

Costa Rica 1970-1971???
Costa Rica's government hasn't been overthrown since the late 40's and the CIA had no involvement..,

gregga777's picture

They tried to overthrow the Costa Rican government.  The list is those governments that the US CIA tried to overthow.  As stated in the article, the * in the list means that they were successful in their overthrow attempt. 

buzzsaw99's picture

the usa gubbermint spooks must be hacking everyone and everything. this is why they assume everybody else is doing likewise.

WillyGroper's picture

of course it's a groundless smear...hitliary gave them all they could ever want.

for a fee of course.

MaxThrust's picture

These accusation of China Hacking the USA is deliberate distraction. Of course the Chinese hack America as do American Intelligence agencies hack the rest of the world. Spying is the second oldest occupation.

uhland62's picture

The EU trade delegation to America, who was to negotiate the TTIP, found themselves with ears in walls.

But that's okay, God is on the US side, they can do anything they like and we get kicked for doing the same. They think they are AAA people when they are not. The meddling nation needs to be put in her place slowly but surely.

SubZeroWins's picture

Good fences make good neighbors.

A rope leash's picture

America is the home of the hypocrite.

user2011's picture

China got balls to say that !     Time to embarass omama in the last few days of his office.  

Kefeer's picture

East verses West is like Democrat verses Republican; used to divide nation against nation as opposed to dividing a nation from the inside.  It is brilliant because it is simple, yet was Satan's strategy since the fall.

Shed Boy's picture

Fake news on the part of the Washington Times. I was in Beijing 3 weeks ago and picked up a hotel guide of all the hotels. There is no "Jintang" hotel listed. I followed up on Ctrip to see if they listed a Jintang" hotel. Nothing. Unless it's a very small, perhaps individually owned hotel, I'm calling bullshit on the Washington Post. This is just more fear mongering, fake news for the sheeple to eat.
Before we accuse other countries of spying on us, maybe we should explain how we spy on the entire rest of the world. Didn't we hack Merkels cell phone or something a while ago? More false American Imperialism. It's starting to get embarrassing.

whatamaroon's picture

Been thinking all along during Trump's run for Presidency and him saying Washington is being run by a bunch of incompetent fools. Damn he was/is right.

gregga777's picture

US Central Intelligence [sic]* Agency serves the CONporations that are Merchants of Death and War Profiteers.  US CIA does not serve the American People.  The CONporations and their owners get filty rich off of war.  The American People die in wars to ensure high CONporation profits.  US CIA have long been the tools of oppression used by companies like United Fruit to enslave Central America's indiginous peoples in slavery.  Long before the fouding of US CIA the same people were performing the same roles in Central and South America. 

*no one with any intelligence, common sense or morals are allowed to serve in US so-called Intelligence agencies.

CatsPaw's picture

Well, look for yourself. Its not exactly the same thing but it shows the trends of the countries.

fattail's picture

Would someone tell Obama you look like a pussy when you whine and complain about Russian or chinese actions.  If we were really big or bad our retaliation would be feared.