Truck Rams Into Pedestrians In Jerusalem Killing Four, Wounding 15; Driver Shot

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A truck rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers who were disembarking from a bus in Jerusalem on Sunday, killing four people and wounding 15 others, AP reported citing Israeli police and rescue services said. 


Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the truck veered off course and rammed into the group on the street at the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking the walled Old City of Jerusalem. She said the attacker was shot dead after the attack.

The attack took place in East Jerusalem at the Armon Hanatziv promenade


Israel's rescue service MDA said the four casualties were in their 20s and included three women and a man. Of the 15 wounded, one was in serious condition. Paramedic Chen Lendi Sharon was among the first to arrive on the scene and described 10 bodies trapped beneath the truck. 

“It is a terrorist attack, a ramming attack,” a police spokeswoman said on Israel Radio according to Reuters.

An Israeli bus driver who witnessed the incident said on the radio the truck plowed into a group of soldiers, and that they fired on the driver, who reversed direction and ran over them again.

"They shot him, until they neutralized him," said the bus driver, who gave his name only as Moshe. Israeli TV stations said the driver was killed, and footage showed bullet holes in the truck's windscreen.

Israel's police chief Roni Alsheich told reporters the attacker was from an Arab neighborhood in east Jerusalem and forces had no advance warning. He refused to elaborate and a gag order was placed on further details pending an investigation.

According to a Times of Israel reporter, Hamas's Qassam brigades say Jerusalem attacker, Fadi al-Qanbar, was a released prisoner. Call him a "Mujahid."

The Sunday attack, reminiscent of the recent truck-ramming at the Berlin Christmas market which took place in December and was perpetrated by an ISIS-supporter, would rank as one of the deadliest in a more than yearlong wave of Palestinian shooting, stabbing and vehicular attacks against Israelis that had slowed of late. Sunday's incident marks the first Israeli deaths in three months.

Since September 2015, Palestinian attackers have killed 40 Israelis and two visiting Americans. During the same time, 230 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire.

Israel says most of the Palestinians killed were attackers while the rest died in clashes. The Palestinians and rights groups have accused Israel of using excessive force in some confrontations.

Israel says the violence is driven by a Palestinian campaign of incitement, while Palestinians say it's the result of nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation and dwindling hopes for an independent state

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Blackfox's picture

The boy who cried wolf..

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Maybe an enraged Christian or Buddhist? Perhaps a Yazidi? 

One thing can be said with certainty though -- it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, and if by happenstance the attacker is Islamic, then he is simply crazy and this is a "one time incident" as it is a religion of peace and tolerance. 

Those evil radical Christians in Europe though who torch refugee shelters, or the white supremacists in the US who don't want open borders ... those are the people we have to worry about.

skinwalker's picture

How long are we to tolerate these fanatical Amish?!

J S Bach's picture

Okay... but give equal attention to every time an Israeli bullet rams into an innocent Palestinian's head... or when an Israeli bulldozer rams into a Palestinian family's home.  It happens far more often than this.

Handful of Dust's picture

Does Israeli MSM print the same bullshit as USA:


"Lone gun man"..."Had mental problems"..."no connection to isis"..."still looking for a motive.."

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Il Dottore (not verified) Handful of Dust Jan 8, 2017 9:18 AM

Gideon Levy is a friend of mine. He writes for Haaretz, the only minimally decent Israeli Newspaper today. Like Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, he denounces all barbarities of the Israeli Government

He is Israeli and jew.

I encourage all to watch this clip, here you have all you need to know from this topic, together with why the USA supports Israel, something that in ZH, we all know very well.

Specially now with Trump/Netanyahu/Adelson. We can be friends with Russia but not with Iran, hey Donald?

Paul Kersey's picture

Even a used Mercedes truck like that had to cost over $60,000. The truck, of course, could have been stolen.

BullyDog's picture

Had this happened in pre-unification Germany the headline might have read "Freedom fighter is killed after vehicle is driven into armed occupation soldiers close to checkpoint"


However, this is not occupied Berlin.  Lessons in history are never learned.

the phantom's picture

Actually, it is an occupation.  You can't conflate the issues;


A. Isis/jihadi suicide bombings funded by Western/SA/Qatar to destabilize for geopoloitical interests.

B. Palestinians who were thrown off their land, and continue to be forced to live like animals in subhuman conditions imposed on them by an illegal occupation... which is condemned by the world.


If you look at the Berlin truck attack and this attack as the same thing... then you are a fool.

Il Dottore's picture
Il Dottore (not verified) Handful of Dust Jan 8, 2017 9:12 AM


HowdyDoody's picture

The people hit by the truck were armed IDF soldiers, ie a military target, not just ordinary Israeli civilians.

You've gotta give it to these truck rammers. They do seem to pick shiny new trucks to do the dastardly deeds. Nothing but the best will do.


Bank_sters's picture

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

Thought provoking documentary.


As human beings and social animals- not muslims, christians, buddhists, or in the case of Washington d.c.  satanists, we should live by the golden rule.  Do unto others...   Woe to those who don't because the earth will become a killing field.   


PS.  Getting ready to play  Bach Lute suite bwv 997 on my classical guitar and then polish off the prelude of bwv 1006.  

harrybrown's picture

Terrorism happening to the nation that created it... now theres a thing & some

No Sympathy whatsoever here from "a white Christian male".... Enjoy your creation, celebrate its success you deserve it!

Big Brother's picture

Interesting that this took place on the day of Epiphany.  Not exactly the Magi from the East they were looking for...


A fellow classical music purveyor. 

I shall join in with his 2 and 3-part inventions and finish off with his prelude and fugue in F major from "Well-Tempered Clavier, Book# 1".

jm's picture

Those kids have moms that shove hand grenades up their butts as weapons and their dads use them as human shields.

And then they are weaponized by forced memorization of one of the most brain-numbingly stupid "holy texts" of all time...the Koran.

Global Hunter's picture

tbf I don't think many Muslims know anything about the Koran. Being serious.

jm's picture

The less they know the better. Even the limited exposure they get makes them psychopathic killers.

chindit13's picture

I'm all for folks subscribing to, or manufacturing, whatever superstition gives them comfort, so long as it does no harm other than to the believer.

The problem with Mohd and Islam is that Mohd made two inexcusable errors when he made it up. First, he did not make his skydaddy omnipotent, and second, he made his skydaddy incompetent.

The first evidences itself in the fact that true believers feel their skydaddy needs help taking care of non-believers; hence they blow them up, behead them, scorch them, etc. My personal belief is that skydaddys should be required to do---and capable of doing---all of their own wet work. That wouldn't seem to be too much of a problem for an actual god. I mean, if a skydaddy can pull off a supernova, how hard can it be to cause an embolism or heart attack in an infidel?

The second evidences itself in the world-wide recall Allah apparently issued to correct what seems to be a quality control problem. Mohd has his shebabs out there trying to make sure those pesky love buttons are removed from the female population. Given that humanity, since beginning to walk upright, has seen somewhere on the order of 65 billion models with the love button option factory installed, a recall of that magnitude simply reeks of incompetence. That is just unacceptable for a legitimate skydaddy.

Vageling's picture

Now I won't dispute what you're saying, as it's true, it's what radical fuckers do. Don't just sit there pointing your finger and pretending you're a goody-goody either. I've saw enough IDF propaganda for the rest of my life. Just like I have seen the Hamas propaganda where people are called on to kill IDF soldiers.  

jm's picture

Nobody is innocent in this and no one should say they are.

But there is a special place in hell for those who follow the Pedophile.

J S Bach's picture

"And then they are weaponized by forced memorization of one of the most brain-numbingly stupid "holy texts" of all time...the Koran."

And the Talmud is a light unto the world.  Get real, buddy.  If you and your family had to live through the occupational hell of Gaza for over 3 generations, you'd be thinking and doing some pretty wacky things, too.  Try to understand the root causes of world events... not the effects.

jm's picture

Simpleton: You fail to understand the fundamental difference between the civilized and the savage. The civilized understand that they can't depend on an ancient set of rules unsuited to life as better information comes in. No Jew takes the Talmud as binding save only in abstract concept, if at all.

Followers of the murderous psychopathic Pedophile take his shit as something to live by--or more to the point--kill for.

Nothing pure in what Israel does, as with any motion of statecraft. But Palestinians are Islamic, which makes them part of the most dangerous cult in the world today. Islam is Equally stupid, dangerous and it is enemy number one. When that ideology dies, the civilized can focus on other problems.

J S Bach's picture

If you consider those who live by the supremacist teachings embedded in the old testament as "civilized", I question your sanity.  It is, by far, the most ethnocentric, racist and elitist creed in the history of mankind.  Talk about primitive!  I do not follow, promote, nor condone Mohammed or his Islamic creation.  I do know that, for the most part... people of the Muslim faith were relatively harmless so long as they lived their religion in their own lands and amongst their own kind.  It is those virtuous angels who dwell upon stolen Palestinian land and who parasitically siphon the wealth and souls of the other hosts of the West who have paved the road into our ill-advised policy of destruction in the Middle East.  Were this not done, there would be no invasions of our lands or suicide mass kiliings by these wretched souls either fleeing or avenging their countries.  Always look for the root... not the stems and leaves.

jm's picture

I am glad that you are not a Muslim.

There was a time when christians were the most aggressive and barbaric of people in the world. Such is not the case now.

Maybe back in the day when Jews thought god told them to kilI the "procrastinates", perhaps they were the biggest problem. They don't think God tells them this now. in fact the Israelis offer the Palestinians,who never cease in trying to kill them, more autonomy and assistance than Jordan Egypt, Iran and the Saudis who refuse to lift a finger in their behalf.

Thanks to the pedophile's insanity, many Muslims believe that god tells them to kill everyone that doesn't fit their version of Islam. This is the huge difference between civilized and barbaric to which I refer.

Perhaps I am wrong and we are all just wolves. If this is the case, then Well the Palestinians are a sickly and rabid type of wolf that doesn't deserve to be treated as anything but a sickly and rabid dog. I hope I am wrong.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) jm Jan 8, 2017 4:50 PM

"christians were the most aggressive and barbaric"


i hate pisstians but thats actually...



maybe we should resurect that




GlobalMapper's picture


Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Cheapsob's picture

Good article. So the cities answer is to create an agency to help help the business find its way through all the rules that are created by agencies!!!!

groaner's picture
groaner (not verified) skinwalker Jan 8, 2017 9:04 AM

Maybe a bunch of under aged white sex slaves got together and thought it was payback time?

Just saw this,, probably another hoax.


They are going to ban trucks now too.

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

I have noticed a rise in Amish Training Camps across America.  Scary people...those Amish*


Weird Al Yankovic tried to warn us .......


*They do make really good furniture though and can build a barn faster than you can say 'Hand Churned Butter' three times in a row.

margaris's picture

The Truck of Peace strikes again. When will governments finally put a restriction on the fuel capacity of those damn trucks!! /sarc

new game's picture

that's it, i'm turning in my cdl...

Arnold's picture

Self Driving Vehicles coming to a crowded place near you.

margaris's picture

The hackers are gonna have a fieldday with those self driving vehicles.

New_Meat's picture

We need "common-sense" truck control.  You know, a background check to get a driver's license, a ten-day waiting period before you can pick up your truck from an approved government motors dealer.

Think of the possibilities, why this could also apply to voting in certain "gun-free" zones as well!

- Ned

FreedomGuy's picture

Good sarcasm. Actually, the leftist-elitists are categorically correct. Islamists pose no threat to their endless quest for power and control. In fact, Islamists help the cause through mayhem and more requests for an ever expanding surveillance state.

The threat to the Left's power grab IS from evangelical Christians, conservative Catholics, libertarians, the NRA and a host of other right wing groups who do not share the leftist utopian vision.

That is why they spend more time attacking the otherwise peaceable Right rather than the violent, truly dangerous Islamists, violent Chicago gangs or higher level Clinto Foundation type stuff. None of those affect their plans.

silent one's picture

Israel gets caught in an act of war against the UK with £1 million pounds to subvert the UK Government and this happens to divert the attention away,

Oh those poor jews, sarc.

Just goes to show that the (conservative/Labour) friends of Israel are nothing but TRAITORS.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

How long before the Israeli government comes to Berlin with their hands out, because the truck was a Mercedes? 

YHC-FTSE's picture

They lodged the paperwork with their lawyers in Stuttgart before this happened.

IridiumRebel's picture

Can't we just have sensible truck legislation?

Mile High Perv's picture

... or atleast truck-free zones

Truther's picture

BiBi up to sometin. Distraction or false flag maybe?

HowdyDoody's picture

"Is BiBi up to something?" - Do bears shit in the woods?

He has had the police questioning him over corruption allegations - in the comfort and privacy of his own home. No being dragged down to the slammer in the middle of the night like an ordinary Slo Mo. The Israelis have also gone on the rampage after a military court decision that found a soldier, who asked permisison to kill a wounded Israeli Arab and did so when allowed, guilty of manslaughter. Plus the ownership of ISIS is becoming ever more clear (Israeli armed, supplied and provided with air cover). A convenient attack like this will be used to show that Arabs (all of them) just want to kill Jews and destroy poor defenseless innocent little Israel.



bundas kenyer receptek's picture
bundas kenyer receptek (not verified) HowdyDoody Jan 8, 2017 9:56 AM

i didn't read the story, did they say it was a-rub..?   did they found the passport under the seat..?

DomoJojo's picture

Yes. Bibi is definitely up to another "lawn mowing ". Time is short for Israel and the exceptional ones want (need?) much more blood on their hands. Look out Gaza. You know the routine.

css1971's picture

Gotta ban those assault trucks. Wait. No... Guns. Ban guns!



Are you armed yet?



skinwalker's picture

I sold all my guns to pay for a new tattoo for the local crack whore. Seemed better than boating with them.

max_leering's picture

yep... got my Daisy "Red Rider" loaded for bear... I mean tearist