Against The Tyranny Of The So-Called Experts

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Submitted by Kurt Schlichter via,

America’s elite – that collection of puffed up mediocrities who until recently held the undisputed command of the heights of our politics and culture – is in crisis. Its unbroken track record of failure has finally stirred the rest of America from its coma. The normals are now hella woke, and the elitists are being hella rejected. Unused to accountability, the elite is in a tizzy over the way people are not only blaming it for its myriad failures but are taking concrete steps to restrict its power. It’s not just electing Donald Trump. It’s ignoring the media, ignoring Hollywood stars, and ignoring the cabal of “experts” who presume to tell us how to live.

And it’s about time.

The best thing about being a member of the elite is that you really don’t have to do anything to become one. You can be born one – no matter how dumb or drug-addled you are, if you’re a Kennedy you’re elite regardless of how many times you blow the bar exam. Or you can become one by getting into the right school – remember, a Harvard degree does not mean you did well at Harvard. Everyone at Harvard does well – an “A” is a participation trophy. It’s getting in that matters, and getting in depends, in significant part, on who you are. Elite mom and dad, welcome to the Ivy League.

The elites, having been called out for their failure, are now trying to rebrand themselves as “experts.” It’s important to distinguish “elites” from “experts.” Elites want to be seen as experts because an expert is assumed to actually know something and to have some sort of technical skill. To be elite, you just have to be accepted as elite. That’s why elitists fudge the terms; they want the credibility of being experts without actually having to do what a real expert does.

Take, for example, the notorious New Yorker cartoon of the passenger on the plane electing himself pilot. The point, which the elitists think is brilliant, is that the running of government should be left to the experts without the participation of you people. Of course, pilots are trained in detailed technical skills and, critically, are accountable for their performance. If they fail, they get fired – or worse. [Insert Kennedy pilot joke here] If an elitist fails at an important job, she gets nominated for president. See the difference?

The point they want to make is that we should submit to their “expert” (really, elite) guidance, since we are unfit to determine our own destiny. Yet, when piloting this country over the last couple decades, these elites have flown the plane straight into the ground. Real experts are held accountable, but elites never are. Their landing is always soft – it’s never the elites who suffer while the normal prosper, only the other way around. The elitists always win – that’s why they are called “elite.”

Remember, whenever anyone tells you to blindly give up your input and rely on an “expert,” you stand a good chance of being scammed. Take a doctor. Doctors have a hard skill. They go through a lot of training. And medical malpractice kills about 98,000 people per year. Doctors are experts, but they are not perfect. No expert is. Nor are they perfectly disinterested technicians. A lot of doctors are terrible people – the worst divorces lawyers deal with are doctor divorces. Don’t confuse expertise with morality.

Like all humans, experts are self-interested. That’s why some doctors complain when their patients read up on their symptoms in Google. “Gosh, these peons are presuming to gain access to my secret knowledge – how dare they!” Yes – thanks to technology, much of what doctors do (which is maintain and use knowledge – many never touch a scalpel) can be done by normals on line. You have a symptom and you go to Web MD and often it answers your question – “Eww, that weird lump is a sebaceous cyst, not melanoma.”

The same with lawyers – go to LegalZoom to create your routine limited liability company and you’ll do it for a third of the price of the lawyer who merely changes the names on the last routine limited liability company formation documents he prepared. Trying a case is different – you probably want a technical expert who has done it before. But a lot of legal knowledge is not only accessible but employable by regular citizens; the laws restricting the practice of law to those with a license may protect some people from harm, but it also ensures we lawyers can restrict supply and thus justify our outrageous fees. Remember, a lot of “expertise” is not skill derived from experience but merely access to information. And when everyone has that access, well, the guilds get really protective of their turf.

The expert technocracy model of governance also depends on the underlying assumption of a disinterested, objective technician class that will protect others’ interests before its own. But the notion that a particular expert is disinterested and somehow only concerned with objective facts is simply silly. As a trial lawyer, I absolutely know the other side is always going to hire some “expert” to say exactly what needs to be said to help its case. We litigators regularly refer to experts as “whores” – it’s just assumed. Now, smart lawyers try to get honest experts – I’d much prefer to hear early that my client’s case has problems. But there are surprisingly few smart lawyers – again, simply because you are in an expert caste does not mean you are not a half-wit.

The simple fact is that when people push for government by expert, the experts they want running things will always – every single time – happen to have exactly the same policy preferences as the people pushing them. “Leave climate science to the experts!” Yeah, and in a shocking turn of events, the experts we are supposed to defer to feel the solution to climate change is to give more money and power to the people demanding “Leave climate science to the experts!”

And then there’s the problem of incompetent experts. This is especially true in the media, where the internet has made the journalistic gatekeeper model obsolete. These hacks are panicking, and trying to claw back their authority by labeling dissent “fake news” – that is, when they aren’t themselves publishing outright lies and propaganda they imagine we’ll buy into. Talk about, as Peggy Noonan aptly put it, being patronized by our inferiors.

You would think that if you presumed to tell the rest of us what to think that you might first ensure that you actually know stuff. But then, being elite means never having to actually accomplish anything, like knowing stuff. For example, Judd Legum, a senior apparatchik at – the popular leftist political site best known for stuffing two questionable assertions into one web address – went on with Hugh Hewitt, who asked him a series of pretty basic questions about government and foreign policy. Well, it was pretty ugly. What he didn’t know was … extensive. I’d liken the segment to the Bataan Death March but Judd would probably not get the reference. He’ll have to check Wikipedia, just like everyone else. But then, if everyone else can do what Judd does, why do we need him and his ilk?

Experts aren’t what they used to be – that is, experts. “Experts” tell us that by an act of sheer desire, Dave can transform into Diane. That’s crazy. We try to outsource our moral judgment to “ethics experts” and end up with nutballs telling us infanticide is cool. The experts told us how there was an ice age coming. Then acid rain. Then ozone depletion. Then global warming. Then, when it didn’t actually get warmer, global climate change. Yet, somehow we are expected not to notice this litany of wrong and to just submit to the guidance of people who are literally never right.

Sure, if I had a brain tumor, I’d want a skilled neurosurgeon to take it out – though note how Dr. Ben Carson’s demonstrated track record of competence at that hard skill has earned him zero respect from the left, demonstrating that their alleged regard for expertise is simply another scam. But while I would rely on my doc for the technical work of cutting and slicing, his expertise does not apply to the other key issues involved – like whether I want to accept the consequences of the surgery on my quality of life. Questions that relate to our preferences and morals are not the province of experts. Nor should decisions regarding the principles and policies of our government be delegated to the technical experts charged with carrying them out.

We are American citizens. We can decide for ourselves what kind of nation we want to live in. That’s our decision. Experts? Well, you can provide advice, and then you can carry out our instructions. But don’t presume to do any more than that. You work for us, not vice versa.

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'Elites' can fuck off and die.

Degenerate trash with money.

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John Ralston Saul wrote a book (1992) on how "experts" often lead us into very bad things, and in many cases do not know their field at all:

Voltaire's Bastards

Highly recommended.  Saul hates McNamara and Kissinger...


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Technocracy is designed to limit access to decisions due to lack of credentials.

The joke is on us because the top decision makers are mostly glorified lawyers with secret handshakes.

My experience as an entreprenuer tells me I can quickly start to make intelligent decisions with a little bit of real research, and a customer feedback loop.

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I was on track to become one of these "experts" in grad school. I saw the coming reversal in trust of experts about five years ago - glad I changed directions.

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iAmerican3 (not verified) 38BWD22 Jan 9, 2017 8:37 PM

McNamara was a Roman Catholic altar-boy and Eagle Scout. He knew he was serving Satan when Rome's Fifth Column murdered JFK to send us back into Rome's slave plantation of Vietnam. He was no American. Nor is false-Jew pederast Kissinger.

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

they are degenerates with daddies monies!! correct sir. You win jepardy.l 

Elites keep telling people to get in the stock market, when the smart money is selling.  market is OVERBOUGHT, check out this shocking chart ==> 

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iAmerican3 (not verified) Jan 9, 2017 8:35 PM

A dozen credible witnesses phoned Martha's Vineyard 911 to report the explosion which Arkanicided/Bushed/Rockefellered JFK, Jr., his flight instructor-copilot, wife, and sister-in-law.

Never wondered why it took so long to find a plane in 100' of water with a documented flight path; or, why the co-pilot's seat was unbolted and "missing" when the wreck was brought to the surface, without its "never found" entire tail section?

Omen IV's picture

so do you have more details or a source book to review ? many things in your statement i have never heard before

Goldilocks's picture

What Actually Happened to John F. Kennedy, Jr.?
By Christopher Condon - December 27, 2010

The Assassination of JFK Jr (1:47:05)
John Hankey - Jul 13, 2012

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) Omen IV Jan 9, 2017 11:29 PM

A day or two after the murder I phoned the newspaper on MV where a truthful college-student reporter worked. The manager answered the phone and said he had "gone back to school" - in mid-July?

The flight instructor's name was initially reported on the manifest until the MSM got the "story straight" just as the Congressmen and Senators after 9/11 told us on Larry King Live about their witness of the "white jumbo jet's lumbering turn directly over the U.S. Capitol" as the report from the missile strike at the Pentagon rolled across the Potomac to them...until they got their "stories straight." 

All the doctors at Parkland did the same "reversal," but three or four, having told the People of the neck and temple wounds on JFK fired from his front. 

amor terra's picture

Tail section went to the same place as the black boxes from the 9/11 planes.  It's probably also where unicorns live.

CRM114's picture

Full NTSB accident report is here.

Night disorientation due to haze caused the crash. Perfectly reasonable conclusion for a pilot who wasn't Instrument Rated in those conditions.


All the seats had separated from the floor structure. This is to be expected given the steep,high speed impact.. The failure to recover one seat is typical of the whole of the wreckage - of which around 75% was recovered.

Most of the tail section was recovered. There was no CFI on board.

The wreckage was found 4 days after the accident. Perfectly normal time for such a location.


Happy to discuss any other specific concerns you may have about the report. I have significant experience with all aspects.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) CRM114 Jan 9, 2017 11:33 PM

...and what did they tell us of TWA 800? Do tell us how to "forget" the hundreds of perfectly credible active military, Veteran, upstanding citizens, and law enforcement eyewitness accounts, from both shores of Long Island Sound, of the missile they saw hit the airplane?

CRM114's picture

TWA 800 is a tricky one. I discussed this with one of the investigators just last year. The problem with the missile theory is that no evidence was detected on the wreckage of a missile strike, either sound on the CVR, explosive traces or shrapnel. PAN AM 103 (internal bomb) was what we used as the example on my Flight Safety course as it was in the hanger at the time, and MH17 is a more recent example. Both revealed clear evidence of explosive damage, and the exact missile type and point of explosion could be identified from the MH17 wreckage. I've seen missile damage on several military aircraft.It's pretty clear. None was discovered on TWA800. I am unaware of any known missile downing that did not show clear evidence thereof.

As to eyewitnesses, they are notoriously unreliable, even relatively experienced ones. It's a major part of the flight safety course to be extremely careful with witness reports - one always has to confirm from physical evidence - the eyewitnesses just give you clues as to the best place to start looking. Certainly on the two accidents I helped investigate, most of the eyewitnesses were horribly wrong. On one, most of the witnesses were current military personnel with experience of that exact aircraft type.


You will note that the final report on TWA800 put a fuel tank short-circuit as the highly likely cause, not certain. This was a very difficult one.


I should add that eyewitness reports are not normally wrong because of dishonesty, it's just that the human eye and brain aren't well adapted to correctly assessing aircraft accidents. To give an example I'm very familiar with, the Concorde crash had, out of the hundreds of eyewitness reports, only one eyewitness whose report was accurate.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) CRM114 Jan 10, 2017 1:35 PM

Fan of Kubrick's Moon Landing Hoaxes, too? 

not dead yet's picture

So when someone counters your bullshit you change the subject. As far as TWA 800 it is very possible it was downed by a missile. If it was the government covered it up to keep the sheep from going into a major panic with really bad consequences for the airline industry and possibly the economy. Same goes for that Egyptair plane where the pilots fought in the cockpit and the plane crashing in the sea. It's very concievable that the reserve pilot was an agent of the dark side and was going to crash the plane into a NYC building. Thus the stories he had a few screws loose or he had money problems and wanted his family to collect on his insurance as he suicided himself and the passengers.

As far as eyewitnesses there are plenty that saw a plane hit the Pentagon. True believers claimed those people were victims of mass hysteria and mistaken in what they saw. Or the video from the parking lot was mistaken when it recorded the plane going into the Pentagon. Or the picture on a 9/11 skeptic site was mistaken when one looked closely they saw airplane parts scattered on the lawn.

CRM114's picture

I've always found someone genuinely interested in an accident will respond, and others always immediately change the subject, and keep changing it. And you can never trust an official statement from Egypt ;)

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) not dead yet Jan 10, 2017 1:14 PM

At a neighborhood social gathering in Arlington, VA I met one of the "official" "plane hit the Pentagon" 9/11 witnesses, and for history's sake gently asked the person to recount what was seen: The response was obviously dishonest, with classic averted eyes, "It happened just like they said."

The "witness" was a conformed Roman Catholic, trained to lie from birth.

A missile hit the Pentagon and any who says otherwise, whether present at the time or privy to the evidence, is accursed of God, our Sovereign, and a servant of Satan and the Anti-Christ's Beast Fifth Column - a traitor, and no American.

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) not dead yet Jan 10, 2017 1:45 PM

That the offered NTSB was a credible source of information on the murder of JFK, Jr. was being thoroughly refuted by way of reference to their coverup of the fully witnessed TWA 800 shoot down they spuriously - and traitorously - denied.

Whether the shoot down by the identified naval warfare units beneath TWA 800 in Long Island Sound was a training screw-up, murder of targeted passengers, or a Deep State trade with Iran for the Vincennes abomination, God only knows. Only the NTSB's dishonesty is pertinent.

No change of subject...other than in the minds of the well-paid tag-team shills of the satanic ruling false-elite Fifth Column Beast of the Anti-Christ, trying to gaslight the God-fearing of America.

It is called rational debate, public discourse...the use of reason.

Try it.

A dozen credible witnesses reported to MV 9/11 the bomb's explosion which killed JFK, Jr., his wife, and sister-in-law, and expert flight instructor/co-pilot.

The bodies of John, his wife, and her sister, were found dead, still strapped into their sturdy seats yet attached to the frame of the high-performance, well built aircraft. The co-pilot's seat was "missing," unbolted and never produced by the U.S. Navy's salvage team.

Those who spread lies and disinformation, whether for the CIA/FBI or IDF/Mossad, are accursed of God, and face Eternal Damnation.

What satanic impulse makes them think it worth doing? The NTSB report on the matter is obviously a lie promulgated on behalf of the satanic faction which murdered him, as was NIST's report on Mossad's controlled demolition/asbestos abatement of the Rothschild-partner Rockefellers' unrentable "white elephant" as false-flag treason for false-war to make us False Zion's golem, steal gold, and futiley seek to protect their failing FedScam from gold-backed currency in the ME.

Falcon49's picture

Instrumentation or no instrumentation rating... night disorientation due to haze is still a bit of a stretch.  Even a beginner pilot has a reasonable understanding of the purpose and use of the instrumentation of the aircraft.  Possible cause...yes.  But, probable cause...questionable.  He would have to had been asleep, preoccupied for a long period of time, or perhaps trying out a little aerobatics with the order to end up inverted...and then, for some reason he was not able to understand even the basics of the instrumentation that should have indicated that he was flying inverted. 

CRM114's picture

Forgive me, your experience in aviation is...?

Do you have a lot of hours flying night low level over the sea?

Have you instructed inexperienced pilots in night flying and seen the mistakes they make?

Have you actually read the report?

Spatial disorientation by non-instrument rated pilots accounts for about half the non-mechanical night GA accidents.

More here:

Cabreado's picture

A whole bunch of words about "elites," punctuated by

"You work for us, not vice versa"

and not even a peep about Congress.

No, the "elites" don't work for us.
Congress, however, does...
it is a functional Congress that makes the "elites" irrelevant.

-50 points, and a waste of time.
And a dangerous display of ignorance.

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Cabreado Jan 9, 2017 8:03 PM

"We see the national catastrophe when we measure the work of these Congressmen... They have served grandly and long the demands of the profiteers... Their pompous parade for our votes and our blind following make us look like fools...

Evidence before Congress proved conclusively that the Federal Reserve Act was planned by Wall Street. It was clear to every Congressman who would read it that the very persons who planned it were the leaders in  control of the money trust, men who dominated the business interests to the point of strangling those not in league with the exploiters... I was a member of the Banking and Currency Committee in the House when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. On the Committee I was the only member to strenuously oppose the act and the subsequent use of it as a whip over the people.

God pity our children, for unless they compel the recognition of their rights better than we present voters have done, they will be borne down with added burdens of increased wealth in profiteers ' hands to command and compound still greater interest, dividends and rents... The people have cried out for reform, cried out for corrections, held scores of elections, alternately trying one set of officials then another, each failing; trying it over again and still failing; trying still others -- but all the time the people have found themselves deeper and deeper in debt to the few who produce nothing."

-- Charles Lindbergh Sr., "The Economic Pinch", 1923

Cabreado's picture


and 100 years later, we still have learned nothing... as Expectations have been met.

amor terra's picture

Yep.  Everything else is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Citizen_x's picture


Where did Howard K story go...versus deep state ?

Wilcox1's picture

They are EELSHIT, and I accept them as EELSHIT.

tarabel's picture



Wow, there's a rich case of irony.

A lawyer, a FUCKING LAWYER, a FUCKING TRIAL LAWYER to boot, jabbering about the tyranny of the expert elitists.

Oh, and a lawyer, a FUCKING TRIAL LAWYER, referring to ANOTHER PROFESSIONAL CLASS as "Whores". Can you believe that?

Tell you what, Kurt old man, you get on board with the abolition of the Bar and let people hire anybody they want to represent them and I'll be behind your crusade on anything else 100%.

Until then, I hope you don't mind if I call you a fucking hypocritical pot shouting names at all the other kettles in the pantry.

Give me a break.

WTFUD's picture

My estranged partner is a good, no, a very good lawyer. I can vouch for this by the number of bottles of free champagne i've drank over a decade or more (gifted), however, no matter how good she is, or how solid her case/preparation the end result/degree of her success in actual court cases will be dependent on how impartial the Judge is on the day. Most of her cases are up against local government social services depts on behalf of families with children who require 24 hour supervision in dealing with their sickness. The local authority's preference of placing them in less costly public health facilities as opposed to the more expensive private healthcare.

She will instruct her clients that it's a coin toss from day One and not based on her own abilities.

This i expect/imagine is applicable to all areas of law where the Judge is the Jury & Executioner.

PS Unfortunately her hands were tied in my case regarding my own personal sickness as she refers to it, a conspiracy theorist. LoL

Retronomicon's picture

There are of course experts in morality.  I think they were called philosphers when people actually gave a shit.

FreedomGuy's picture

Elites are fine and even laughable until you give them power.

Does anyone seriously think the morons, Kerry, Clinton, Biden and even Obama could beat anyone here on any kind of IQ tests or skilled tests? No. But they have bad theories, arrogance and power. That's TNT, fire and a delivery system.

bh2's picture

"simply because you are in an expert caste does not mean you are not a half-wit."

The French put their most promising university graduates into government to function as "experts".

Observe what that's gotten them.

jamesmmu's picture


Is The Line Being Crossed When BEST BUY’S GEEK SQUAD Investigates Customer’s Computers For The FBI?

Recriminator's picture

This is a potentially inciteful piece. From my perspective, these "experts" are most often born and raised in government entities. Just about every major Federal cabinet agency is run and staffed by overzealous "experts". To me this represents the major defect in the American society. If we reduce the size of the Federal government, we may have a chance to turn the downward trend back in the right direction - toward Freedom and Capitalism.

indio007's picture

Even the "experts" aren't worth a shit.

George Gordon (RIP) was railing about this a decade ago.


Do the math and the paid professionals come up short.



I should also add doctors live less than average lifespan by 15%-20%


Pro se defendants win more State anf Federal felony cases than represented ones.


Defending the Right to Self Representation: An Empirical Look at the Pro Se Felony Defendant

Erica J. Hashimoto

University of Georgia Law School


Hannibal's picture

ISIS, Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Airforce Wage War On Syria's Public Utilities

wisebastard's picture

trusting the experts is an appeal to authority logical fallacy.......

chindit13's picture

Funny article, coming as it does ten days before Trump takes over. He beat Hillary, and that’s great, but what has become abundantly clear in the last few weeks to anyone paying attention, Trump is almost a caricature of an ‘elite’. He adores wealth and those with wealth, and readily dismisses anyone who lacks wealth or fame. He might pay the non-elite lip service, but as far as Trump is concerned if one is rich, one is great. In fact, rich means superior, and not only in one’s chosen field, but superior in every field. Trump would take a billionaire and put him as Sec Agriculture, Treasury, or Education. That the person may know nothing about the field doesn’t matter; they’re rich, aren’t they? That is proof of universal expertise.

Trump is the smartest guy in the room, or so he likes to pretend. He knows more about everything than everybody. He’s an expert on countries he could not find on a map, and knows exactly how to solve whatever issue the US might face with that country, even if he doesn’t know what the issue is. Actual expertise is meaningless; the possession of wealth, like his, is everything and proof of superiority.

Notice who Trump meets in Trump Tower, and with whom he subsequently meets the press. Jack Ma (NW $20 billion)…the CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnault (NW $38 billion). “Great man; amazing guy”…the usual superlatives go to the uber wealthy, even if the 'great guy' just makes perfume, booze and $3000 women's handbags.

Trump and Hillary are not so different. Both are dismissive of commoners, and sycophants to the rich and famous. “Celebrity Apprentice”, remember? Add to that his incredible level of personal insecurity (“Are these hands small? Nobody ever complained, if you know what I mean.”), and I predict his schtick is going wear thin very quickly, even among The Deplorables. Trump may not be as frank as Hillary, but he knows what Deplorables are in his world, and if your NW isn't at least 9 figures, it's you.

SquadronVBF94's picture

What, do you think he should fill his administration with drug addicts and drunks off of skid row? Trump might be hiring technocrats but they are at least not career government bureaucrats. 

Giant Meteor's picture

I have never seen one minute of celebrity apprentice. I was shocked to learn it had an almost 15 year run. One thing I am absolutely certain of -- the shows popularity says more about the society and people who watch it, than it actually says about Trump. I believe the new big thing lately, has been "sharktank" featuring the likes of Mark Cuban ... on and on with the reality / celebrity pablum ..

My own opinion, who gives a flying fuck, to each their own. Of course it is bread and circus ... sedative for the masses, no different than major sports or any other number of "entertainments."

Having made these observations however, I am reminded of a few instances, wherein the don, has reached out to some "little people" in need, has done a few acts of random kindness, without much fanfare. From what I can ascertain, these acts were not done for show boating purposes or alterior motives .. but because he was genuinely moved in his heart by situation less than optimal, and reached out and reacted in kind.

Look, the orange jesus is not the second coming. Nor is he Beel-Zebub. God knows, he is a deeply flawed man. Guess fucking what? So am I. In fact I dare say most men fall into that category, some more than other's, some to a lesser extent. The point is, stop with the people worship and hating for fuck sake, cult of personality, celebrity worship, all that horse shit.

Never been a fan of the don, and he sure as fuck don't need my defending. On the other hand I see no need to believe he is the devil incarnate either. Like most of us he is somewhere in between . The larger point however, he is a reflection of the culture itself, in their quest to make men bigger than life itself.

Fuck that ..




Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Wait, Kurt!!!! Kurt, you are expert, aren't you? You are a trial lawyer and you wrote “People’s Republic”.
"Against The Tyranny Of The So-Called Experts" includes you as well right.

Blowfish's picture

experts should come down from their ivory tower and interact with real people.

you know, tax payers who literally fed you when you were piece of shit phd cuck begging for money?

True experts who know how things are done never feared to talk to plebs.

Richard Feynman, Nassim Taleb, Carl Jung, Donald Knuth and list goes on.

They write books and papers for both average citizens, students of science, fellow researchers.

Your don't owe my respect for your homework grades.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

So let's talk about "experts", Trump hired DeVos. She co-establish and invested in K12 Inc, which manages public for-profit online charter schools. Two of the schools managed by K12 Inc had nearly 60% of its students behind grade level in math and 50% behind in reading. So Trump rewarded her to run USA education.
He considers her expert i presume!!!!

Batman11's picture

What have the experts at the BoE, FED, BoJ and ECB done wrong?

They don't understand money.

Everything is in the money supply.

We all have the idea that Central Banker’s have these hugely complex economic models that are somewhat defective.

See what they missed in one tiny graph:

M3 is going vertical before 2008.

Money = debt and a credit bubble is blowing up.

2008 bang.

Steve Keen understood and saw it coming in 2005. 

Look at that tiny graph:

Everything is reflected in the money supply.

The money supply is flat in the recession of the early 1990s.

Then it really starts to take off as the boom gets going which rapidly morphs into the US housing boom, courtesy of Alan Greenspan’s loose monetary policy.

When M3 gets closer to the vertical, the black swan is coming and you have a credit bubble on your hands (money = debt).

Look at the UK money supply and no recovery is apparent, it’s all there.

15.37 - the graphs there with all the stupid BoE QE that has done nothing apart from creative a huge excess of reserves.

He goes on to explain how the metropolitan elite have been fooled by cosmopolitan London with lots of foreigners spending money.

All in one minute 15.30 – 16.30.

Watch the whole thing and realise how the money supply controls the economy.

Fiscal stimulus increases debt when the private sector isn’t borrowing increasing the money supply (money = debt). It's how the New Deal worked.

It’s that simple.

How to read the money supply to judge the state of the economy and what needs to be done if certain conditions occur.

It’s a delicate balancing act where the ideal is a steady rise in the money supply (debt) showing a healthy and growing economy.

When this increase is too slow or it is flat-lining, the economy will be stagnant. Like most economies round the world today.

When the money supply is going down you are heading into debt deflation. The private sector is not borrowing enough to maintain the money supply and this is a very serious problem. The Government is the borrower of last resort and needs to step in to fill the gap and keep the money supply up.

Now, if the Troika had looked at the money supply in Greece they would seen the money supply decreasing as the private sector wasn’t borrowing. Cutting Government borrowing with austerity was just going to make the situation worse. In this situation the Government needs to step in as the borrower of last resort to keep the money supply stable. The Troika did the opposite of what they should have done and killed the Greek economy.

The Maastricht Treaty actually prevents the only known solution being applied.

What about when the money supply is increasing very rapidly and going exponential?

A credit bubble is forming and the economy is running out of control, e.g. US money supply leading to 2008.

No, it wasn’t a black swan and if the FED could have understood what the money supply was telling them they could have nipped it in the bud.

The BoJ's QE is just a joke, look at the video.

"To infinity and beyond" Haruhiko "Buzz Lightyear" Kuroda