America Versus The Deep State

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Submitted by Howard Kunstler via,

The bamboozlement of the public is nearly complete. The Deep State has persuaded 80 percent of Americans that all news is propaganda, especially the news emanating from the Deep State’s own intel department. They’re still shooting for 100 percent. The fakest of all “fake news” stories turns out to be… “Russia Hacks Election.” It was reported conclusively Saturday on the front page of The New York Times, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deep State:

Putin Led a Complex Cyberattack Scheme to Aid Trump, Report Finds


WASHINGTON — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia directed a vast cyberattack aimed at denying Hillary Clinton the presidency and installing Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, the nation’s top intelligence agencies said in an extraordinary report they delivered on Friday to Mr. Trump.

You can be sure that this is now the “official” narrative aimed at the history books, sealing the illegitimacy of Trump’s election. It was served up with no direct proof, only the repeated “assertions” that it was so. In fact, it’s just this repetition of assertions-without-proof that defines propaganda. It can also be interpreted as a declaration of war against an incoming president. The second civil war now takes shape: It begins inside the groaning overgrown apparatus of the government itself. Perhaps after that it spreads to the WalMart parking lots that have become America’s new town square. (WalMart sells pitchforks and patio torches.)

Did the Russians make Hillary Clinton look bad? Or did Hillary Clinton manage to do that herself? The NSA propaganda was designed as a smokescreen to conceal the veracity of the Wikileaks releases. Whoever actually rooted out the DNC and Podesta emails for Wikileaks ought to get the Pulitizer Prize for the outstanding public service of disclosing exactly how dishonest the Hillary operation was.

The story may have climaxed with Trump’s Friday NSA briefing, the heads of the various top intel agencies all assembled in one room to emphasize the solemn authority of the Deep State’s power. Trump worked a nice piece of ju-jitsu afterward, pretending to accept the finding as briefly and hollowly as possible and promising to “look into the matter” after January 20th — when he can tear a new asshole in the NSA. I hope he does. This hulking security apparatus has become a menace to the Republic.

Whether Trump himself is a menace to the Republic remains to be seen. Certainly he is the designated bag-holder for all the economic and financial depravity of several preceding administrations. When the markets blow, do you suppose the Russians will be blamed for that? Did Boris Yeltsin repeal the Glass-Steagall Act? Was Ben Bernanke a puppet of Putin? No, these actions and actors were homegrown American. For more than thirty years, we’ve been borrowing too much money so we can pretend to afford living in a blue-light-special demolition derby. And now we can’t do that anymore. The physics of capital will finally assert itself.

What we’re actually seeing in the current ceremonial between the incoming Trump and the outgoing Obama is the smoldering wreckage of the Democratic Party (which I’m still unhappily enrolled in), and flames spreading into the Republican party — as idiots such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain beat their war drums against Russia. The suave Mr. Obama is exiting the scene on a low wave of hysteria and the oafish Trump rolls in on the cloudscape above, tweeting his tweets from on high, and perhaps it’s a good thing that the American people for the moment cannot tell exactly what the fuck is going on in this country, because from that dismal place there is nowhere to go but in the direction of clarity.

It won’t be helped by the official organ if the Deep State, The New York Times. Just look at the way they played the other big story last week, the one about the disabled man tortured by four young people in Chicago. Can anyone say what’s wrong with this picture?

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The following exposé is YUGGGEEE. None of the Israel-controlled-MSM is picking it up. Why isn't it on ZH yet or have I missed it (sorry, ZH search engine is absolutely useless, Tyler)???

Israel plot to 'take down' Tory minister: Astonishing undercover video captures diplomat conspiring with rival MP's aide to smear Deputy Foreign Secretary

Israel apology after plot against UK politicians

"But this latest disclosure is just one among the Investigative Unit's many findings [a six-month long investigation], which will be revealed in a four-part series "The Lobby" that will be broadcast daily on Al Jazeera from January 15 at 22:30 GMT."

Clean and true FBI/CIA would be doing their jobs exposing just how deep Israel has penetrated the nation/government instead of busy scaring the public with "Muslim terrorist" and Russian "cyber invasion" hoaxes for them. All along these Israel shenanigans are happening right under their noses unchecked or unreported.

Judging from the comment section of Daily Mail above, people are waking up. Approximately, 15-20% are still on the Blue Pills - probably too ignorant to be helped (like in Hardwood's poll).

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It should read: "The bamboozlement of the sheeple is nearly complete. "


Fixed it for ya.

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Just In- FBI Clinton email dump last night shows HilLiary emailing classified information to a private citizen. Blumenthal, most likely. China and Russia were hacking Blumenthal's computer, along with "friend and ally" Israel.

And Comey let her off. Dirty my friends.  And no investigation to the anonymous Foreign Bribes paid to the Clintons via Frank Guistra in Canada.


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For the first time in roughly 2 years Kunstler is making sense.
Has Kunstler come out of his “Deep State” of his Life-Long-Democrat Death Rattle and into the sunlight?
Or is he merely jockeying for a better position in the Propaganda War Machine?


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And Comey let her off.

We shall see about that. 

It’s possible Comey did us a favor and preempted Barry’s ability to pardon the Soros-Clinton Crime Family.

No pardon if not charged with a crime.... maybe.

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The American people have not been bamboozled.

They are not buying this "Russian hacking" guff.

Trump isn't. either.

11 days.

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>The bamboozlement of the public is nearly complete.

Kunstler is prolly more right than wrong for the first time in ever. Just look at the Freeper brofest that ZH has become. These Trumptards look pretty bamboozled to me. Hell, they revel in their bamboozlement.

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So sorry your gal lost.  Boo Hoo.

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Did all of you zionists have a meeting to agree to use black & white photos of old movie stars as your avatars? Years ago zionist fucks liked to pretend to be veterans with names like "USMC1998" or "NamVet66" because you noticed most people hated to argue with veterans, but now it's black and white photos. Weird. ((()))

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The Fedgov, Deep State, prgressives and Neo-Cons are at war against white Americans. They truly hate us, as much as blacks hate us.

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its about the International Jew.

Henry Ford was uncouth - not dumb and certainly not a liar.

Lindbergh spoke only truth and like Ezra Pound and Douglas Reed... were virtually nemory-holes for it.

Kushner is Trump's Likud-Zionist handler.

Trump is backed by Likudnik and other Jewish Supremacist / Chabad types

He's Obamaed the white middle class and for his Masters will lie us into war on Iran, which unlike Israel, allows inspections and has no nukes and fights isis but they, not Israel, are the danger, apparently.

re the 'Breitbart Defections'

Jewish (organized and individual talking heads) hostility to Trump seems to be alarm over his threat to control the flood of illegal immigration

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The International Jew, the World's greatest threat, by Henry Ford. Great read. Just finished it. He wrote this back in 1920. So almost 100 years ago they well understood the greed of the Jew bankers, and the Jewish religion where money is more important than ethics or morals, and the push for marxism, communism and atheism.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Israel's International Conspiracy: Hasbara Agents Everywhere "

Benjamin Netanyahu's Long History of Crying Wolf About Iran's Nuclear Weapons:

Henry Ford's 'The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem'

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Always reads like the 1903 plan which anyone can participate in or join in.

Published 1903

A one page summary

* Place our agents and helpers everywhere
* Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
* Start fights between different races, classes and religions
* Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way
* Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
* Appeal to successful people's egos
* Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
* Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
* Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary
* Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
* Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
* Rewrite history to our benefit
* Create entertaining distractions
* Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
* Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
* Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
* Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.
* Introduce a progressive tax on wealth
* Replace sound investment with speculation
* Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
* Give bad advice to governments and everyone else

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I've seen the reports on (alternative) media about the Jewish lobbyist' list of people to "take down".  I'm not discounting the importance of this revelation.  However, if anyone just realized this kind of shit goes on, even here in the US, you have been living under a fucking rock.  Just ask Cynthia McKinney about it.  Or better yet, search on google or youtube and see for yourself.  It's going on today, right here.  If you want a major job with a Wall St bank, a federal elected position, a job with the Fed, a big job with a government agency, an important position in a think tank, or a job in the US MSM, or even a coveted tenured position for a major university, the Jewish lobby can make or break you.  

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It's an open secret, for sure. But to be caught on tape and broadcast by a popular media is totally something new. Al-Jazeerah is a Qatari news outlet. Mossad is probably scrambling to find out who is funding this investigation and will try to kill the report and the people behind it.

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ZH comment section is as bad as ever I see.

Definitely another round of cleanup needed. Guess people didn't get the message last time that ZH really isn't interested in becoming Stormfront 2.0.

I got no time for crazy people fixated on Israel and spamming comments about it on every fucking thread again.

Signing out until that cleanup occurs. Ciao, fellas.

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Fathead Slim (not verified) Sanity Bear Jan 9, 2017 6:45 PM


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Overly idealistic as it may sound, we are here only to help spread/find the truth. It doesn't matter if it's Israel or any other nation who compromise governments through "taking down" elected officials. The truth has to be told widely to subside all other noises that distract the masses.
I understand it takes time to grow and understand the system and I can't say we are there yet. However, the signs are encouraging. I wish you well with your own personal quest (crazy as that may sound). :)

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jews, what about dems?...all their heros are totalitarians, fascists, and marxists, they've been plotting to transform our nation for decades. Mary Jo Kopechne's driver actually solicited help from the kremlin to undermine Ronald Reagan, he also championed the legislation that has "transformed America from a conservative and mostly homogeneous country into a socially-marxist and egalitarian one"...

"Before the Immigration Act of 1965, 95 percent of the new immigrants had come from Europe. After 1965, 95 percent came from the Third World. The 1965 act has transformed American society"…a million immigrants a year triple and quadruple the levels of the early 1960s.

The law also made it possible for children born here regardless of parents nationality to become citizens anchoring the chain for relatives to become citizens.


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You are old enough to know that there is no thought policing on ZH. The only people that get "cleaned-up" are spammers.

Sometimes the spammers happen to be "fixated on Israel", but correlation does not imply causation.

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I absolutely agree. It's people that are payed to sabotage the forum, because the globalists are threatened  by the power these kind of alternate news have got. Just notice how they absolutely leave out critics about Soros, the maddest and most evil jew of them all. ZH gotta do something about it, or they destroy the forum.    

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Strange bedfellows:  The Deep State NY Times and the Deep State Bush family/CIA all in bed together.  The god of Mamon has many followers indeed.

S Spade's picture

so how long you been reading aljazerra? beemaster, you one o dem mobros? 

East Indian's picture

"Why isn't it on ZH yet"


Indeed, a good question. Let us see if Tyler will treat us the same way MSM treats us.

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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) Jan 9, 2017 4:28 PM

We have always been at war with the Turnbull AC's & the Lizzies

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Instigated by the "fake zionists".

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Silicon Valley CEO: Middle America is Violent, Racist, and a Sh*thole
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Pretty disgusting woman.

Vin's picture

"Certainly he is the designated bag-holder......"

This we already know.  When the banker/globalists are ready, they're going to destroy us and blame Donald.

Why can't we just drag them out of their offices and hang them?

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They Are All Witches And They Must Hang!

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When does Congress investigate Saudi Arabia trying to influence the election by funding the Crooked Clinton campaign?

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Trump is a Deep Stater then. His press sec. said he admits to russian hacking. Trump now has Nothing to say about his briefing.  You would think he would at least tell us what he knows that others don't.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Okay: what do you think the best evidence in that most recent support was?

Provide detail to the extent you are able.

dexter_morgan's picture

Don't hold your breath waiting for a response, LOL.

roadhazard's picture

You are correct because I never get a response except for personal attacks so pay back it is. 

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i'll give it a shot, if i may preface it with three things:

one, the dnc/hrc campaign colluded with the msm to "help" DT secure the gop nomination

two, the hrc campaign (imo) violated rule #1 of potus campaigning by not putting sanders on the ticket

three, compounding that error by not spending a few million $$$ on gotv efforts in supposedly 'safe/secure' states (NC, WI, MI, etc) but spent tens (hundreds?) of millions of $$$ on tv ads in California ?  (quite strange)

which leads to the most recent curiousity Friday, 6 Jan 2017... the vote in dc to formalize the electoral college vote

which, if i've read correctly, could have been used to initiate something of a 'constitutional crisis' had one us rep and one us senator objected

apparently one us rep did object, but neither sanders nor kaine stepped forward to "gum up the works" (at least delay, up the meme, etc.)

i am a cynic/conspiracy "nut" after 49 years of watching us politics, but i am all ears to competing thesis

American Gorbachev's picture

absolutely ...


Eric Braverman's Life Matters


American Gorbachev's picture


dang curious timing twixt the dc electoral college vote and fort lauderdale

Steeley's picture

The one US rep that objected is a nutball femisocialist "Pramila Jayapal" who took over Jim McDermott's seat after a stint in the Washington State House. Easiest way for the Liberals to get rid of her (aka Peter Principle searching for a ceiling).

You know you're out in the left wing wilderness when the first impression you make is Joe Biden telling you to shut up and gaveling you back into your seat.

wisebastard's picture

the governent does much worse......