Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps As Bonds & Bullion Bounce

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Chinese currency vol exploding, US labor market deteriorating, and oil tumbling...


Bonds seem to have got the message...


Bonds and Bullion beating stocks so far this year...


But global financial market stress has collapsed to its lowest since just before China devalued the Yuan in August 2015 and sent markets turmoiling...


Despite Yuan volatility near record highs...


Only the Nasdaq managed gains today (record highs)... stocks closed weak...


Healthcare and tech outperformed today with Energy the laggard (and Utes down despite lower rates)


Healthcare Sector ETF is up 5 days in a row and just brome abvove its 200DMA...


Stocks erased most of the post-payrolls gains as gold leads the way...


Nasdaq continues to be the year's big winner with a new record high today (and Trannies the loser along with Small Caps)...


Goldman has gone nowhere in a month...


"Most Shorted" stocks seem less under attack than the opening days of the year...


Breadth remains unsupportive...


VIX briefly tagged 12.00 today before fading lower but ended the day higher overall with 19,900 the new 20,000 for The Dow...


As a reminder, SVXY Puts (bearish bets on the inverse VIX - in English - levered bearish bets on stocks) have never been higher...


Bonds bounced back notably today with 30Y back below 3.00%... (most of the curve down 4-5bps today)


Perhaps not a total surprise given the stunningly one-sided positioning across the bond complex...


Notably the entire Treasury curve (even 2Y barely) is now lower on the year...


Cable sold off notably on Theresa May comments early on but AUD, JPY, and EUR all rallied against the greenback as US opened, dragging the USD index lower on the day...USD down 6 of the last 8 days


Yuan crashed again erasing half of the gains durng the massive short-squeeze last week...


And the peso slipped lower amid more chatter of automaker moves...


Worst day for WTI Crude since July 2016...


Gold is now back above Fed rate-hike levels (though Silver is lagging)...

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knukles's picture

Pepe the Frog says the best way to prepare Tofu is to throw it in the trash and grill some meat.
I'ma gettin me a really good feeling thatal of a sudden the way to far in front of themselves expectations are gonna wilt in the face of reality.  Not bad, not good reality v expectations.  Simply the former have way out run the latter.




Truther's picture

Mad markets, mad people, mad dogs, and a mad FED as well. Nothing to see here folks.

knukles's picture

So Here's a Real Report About the Elites Consuming the Blood of Children

"PizzaGate Forever"
       -Ted Heath (Yachtsman Deluxe)

Truther's picture

I wouldn't put it past the fucking elites. I read the same article yesterday.

knukles's picture

Another Distraction?
Mention Elites PizzaGate and child sex-murder and then bingo bango, you're a nut case because what they're doing is medical research.
Buncha conspiracy theorists!  Oughta take away their Internet privileges.

Bill of Rights's picture

Excercise and good eating habits do the same, man these eleists need to be eradicated.

Raffie's picture

I fill my bath tub with tofu and flop around in there naked.

Bill of Rights's picture

You too!! And here I thought I was weird lol

Implied Violins's picture

Thaaat's not the white meat I'm looking for...

JackMeOff's picture

The House of Cards are about to fall...  Forex will be the trigger for the pending Global Depresssion that will happen regardless of the fiscal policies of the new President and Congress.

Truther's picture

I have been hearing the same song since 2011. Dow 25,000 maybe?

AlexCharting's picture

Google "Holocene Mass-extinction event". Human depopulation will be the harbinger of the uber-bear market. BTW, the Illuminati does not want depopulation... they are the ones behind the senseless population growth. 

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Er actually the fiscal policies of the new President are designed to hasten the dollar collapse in order to set up a nice default/restructuring of the debt.  Fiscal spending, repatriation of corporate profits, trade wars, domestic energy, all serve to speed up global USD shortages.  And then we stop making payments on the Treasuries.  "I'm the king of debt. I love debt." Asked if the U.S. needs to pay its debt in full or if it could negotiate a partial repayment, Trump said: "I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal."

Traderone's picture

God what a snoozefest in the ES today, the Auction was suggestive of only Daytraders and Locals trading off each other with the Big Boys still on hols so we went nowhere. Keep the powder dry for another session .

Raffie's picture

Lull before the storm?

Traderone's picture

Maybe,, but the Tape will show the way. If buyers say buy then I buy and if sellers say,,you get the idea.

Soul Glow's picture

So you are the dumb money?  At least you admit it.

Traderone's picture

What the fuck are you on about?

Truther's picture

Let Cramer weigh in. Although with an air-head I don't know how much weight he still has.
Time to pop that sucker.

Citizen_x's picture


The Pope scared the bulls.

ZoroAustrian's picture

Volume pathetic, trading ranges narrow, ZH finding trouble generating click bait, comment pages are slow ...

What's next?  Lots of popcorn eaters waiting to be entertained.  Trump had better put on a good show.

Soul Glow's picture

You are more than welcome to not read the article if you don't want to.  And please, for everyone's sake, either have something to add or stfu.

ZoroAustrian's picture

Wow, who pissed in your porrige?

Is observing a lack of excitement and interest in a market that's gone up 10% in two months and hit all-time highs not a noteworth point / something to add?

Soul Glow's picture

So you like tulip bulbs, good for you.  But if you come in here and start ripping on the articles go fuck yourself.

new game's picture

powder dry. comes out in the fall for the big game.

hoopsiouzip's picture

Oil is dead yet the powers that be and market manipulators refuse to see the Elephant in the living room. Tesla's $35k car for the average family hits the market this year with an estimated 400 k cars already on order. You have state legislatures such as Texas who are being greased to halt Tesla's footprint in their state in favor of gas guzzling disposable traditional auto mfg. Like sitting on the sidelines when the first TV was made in favor of the radio. I don't own stock but I am in favor of REALITY.

Soul Glow's picture

$35k for a car that will blow up.  Awesome.

lakecity55's picture

"Get a Teslas and Burn Down the House!"

Soul Glow's picture

Gotta keep gold low during Christmas or else people might start putting coins in their stockings instead of iPhones.

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Soul Glow Jan 9, 2017 4:31 PM

Broke plebs are going to pony up $1200 for a shiny gold coin? Methinks not

Soul Glow's picture

That's how much an iPhone costs though.  SO they are spending their credit/money on something of a similar price when they could be investing it in gold and just having a cheap smart phone.

Snaffew's picture

but they will pony up $600 for each i-phone in the stocking, and after 4 years that i-phone is worth---zero.  Gold would at least reatain its' wealth and a $100 droid could do just about anything an i-phone could except elicit jealousy from other schoolchildren.

NugginFuts's picture

These markets are on borrowed time here, with said time borrowed at 1000% leverage and a margin call due any minute....

Seasmoke's picture

Is this January 2017 ??? Or January 2016 ?? Dejavu Groundhog Day

Citizen_x's picture


Fake gold...Fake news..Fake Birth Certificate...

What could possibly be next ?

Rich Monk's picture

Until the COMEX is put to death gold and silver cannot move much. The Jewish organized crime syndicate that controls the Fed, Wall St, the banking system, COMEX and any other financial market can and will manipulate any situation in their greedy hands. Public hangings could provide useful (end all) therapy for the manipulators!

La morte sorride a tutti's picture

Oil will go back up when the dollar tanks. Look at mexico and what the falling peso has done for gas prices.