Freed Guantanamo Jihadist Has "Fled To Syria To Join Al Qaeda"

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Just 6 days after president-elect Donald Trump for the end of all detainee releases from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, saying in a tweet that those who remain are "extremely dangerous people" who "should not be allowed back onto the battlefield," The Daily Mail reports a jihadi from Britain who claims to be a former Guantanamo Bay detainee has fled to Syria where he is now fighting for Al Qaeda.

The terrorist – who has dubbed himself Abu Mugheera Al-Britani, meaning ‘from Britain’ – has written in detail about his experience in the notorious US prison camp.


Although Al-Britani’s real identity has not been established, at least 16 UK nationals and residents were held at the military camp in Cuba.

U.S. officials have said that about 30 percent of released detainees are suspected to have returned to the battlefield, including at least 12 freed during the administration of President George W. Bush who went on to launch attacks that killed about a half-dozen Americans. The exact number remains classified.

Al-Britani claims he ‘spent years’ at Guantanamo Bay, where more than 700 of the world’s most dangerous Islamic terrorists were imprisoned in the aftermath of 9/11.


In an online magazine for fanatics, he writes: ‘Sitting in the blessed land of al-Shaam [Greater Syria], reflecting on those weeks and days spent behind bars, I thank Allah for releasing me and providing me with the opportunity of carrying out jihad in his path again.’


Al-Britani is the second British ex-Guantanamo detainee known to have fled to Syria to join jihadi groups. In October, it was reported that Muslim convert Jamal al-Harith, from Manchester, had fled to Syria to join Islamic State (IS).



At the time, he was reportedly fighting near Aleppo.


Al-Britani, who claims to be in his 30s, says he was in Afghanistan when the US-led coalition invaded the country in 2001.


He claims that he was based in the Tora Bora mountains when US troops arrived hunting for then Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden. Al-Britani and ten others were ordered to cross into Pakistan, where locals would help them travel to Lahore.

As WaPo notes, the Obama administration has repatriated or resettled 179 prisoners, cutting the population from 242 when Bush left office. At its peak, the detention center housed more than 700 prisoners.

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That's convenient.

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The blood is on Barry’s hands.

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So this guy after release is now fighting in Syria on the side of the US-backed Moderate Rebels®?

This is a great success for Obama's legacy! The Guantanamo re-education facility made this guy switch sides and join McCain's Navy.

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You mean he was recruited and works for the CIA, but frankly who wouldn't?  Being detained legally, indefinitely, under torture, with this acting gig being the only exit, I think most people would accept this option.

The sad thing is that the CIA is so dumb that they think everyone out there cannot see through their sorry show of maintaining the "war on terrorism" that they orchestrate at both ends and them in the middle.


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Jihadist Has "Fled To Syria To Join Al Qaeda"

Where did they think he was going to go, Disneyland, to join the Mouseketeers?

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Islamic Jihad is the new Nazism. Trump is the new Churchill...

Book> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


limpinalien69's picture

Daily Mail = not fake news. We believe everything coming from the MSM.

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Well his rehabilitation didn't last long at all did it! 

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Obama must be arrested for treason.

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Bring on the jihad motherfucker. I'm a skinny half-black guy with big ears, named Obama. I reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC.  Better hurry though, as I'll be outta here in about a week.

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No doubt Gitmo transitioned from a prison, to a training ground, for the CIAs useful idiots, a long time ago.

Jack Oliver's picture

More complete BULLSHIT - Just IGNORE !!

Fireman's picture

Russia will take care of this USSAN I$I$ asset like the other 30 thousand plus that the Saudi Barbarians and Al CIAduh have unleashed in Syria.

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Dear Abu Mohammed Fatima Al Burgerking or whatever the fudge your name is:

Go wage jihad first on George Soros and you can find him in one of three places: midtown Manhattan, Katonah NY, or the Hamptons during the weekends.  He engineered the destruction of your countries and your religion for personal profit. 

fredquimby's picture

Are you proposing terrost attaks be carried out in the USA?

gespiri's picture

No, I'm proposing to take out Soros.

Who do you think is behind 911, and all other false flag attacks that have been happening in other countries?  You need to cut the head of the snake in order to rid all of 'em.

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Hopefully he isn't, The CIA dont like people pissing on their patch.

bombdog's picture

Gitmo is an absolute disgrace and should have been closed years ago. If Barry wasn't such a lying sack of shit he'd have done it and actually achieved something in his term of office.

tuetenueggel's picture

So after this release there must be some space for all US war-criminlas from Kennedy to Obongo.

Right ?

Victor999's picture

If I had been forced to spend years of my life at Guantanamo, I suspect I wouldn't be a friend of the US....

r0mulus's picture

So by joining Al Qaida this guy hopes to engage in Jihad against ??? on behalf... of the Western powers using Al Qaida as proxy/foil under an foreign interventionist pretext???

Lol... these damn Terrorists don't even know who they really are fighting for. Such is the absurd reality we live in.

tuetenueggel's picture

Fightinmg for 72 virgins, each of them at the age of 489 years.

Much pleasure boys.

man of Wool's picture

He's gone to work for the CIA. Best of luck.

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Guatanamo Bay...Oh, yeh, I remember that's the place where the U.S. forces go to rape Muslims, can't get enough of that tight Muzzie asshole those U.S. army/C.I.A. guys, they fuckin' love it!

Oh, and Abu Mohammed Alu Akbar Jihadi whatever your fucking name is, go and die a shitty piss-ant death in the desert you mongrel, at the hands of REAL men-The Russians.


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Go get youself some help. Your mental state is screaming "Unstable"

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Hey, it's strangely like that CIA-owned Stinger that hit an American chinook helicopter on 25 July 2012.

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"known to have fled to Syria" I hate this phrase. A classic one from the MSM. He didn't flee to Syria, he just went there no?

Ain't No Sunshine's picture

Wouldn't be nice if we had embedded a tracking microchip beneath his skin? 

That would make it easiy for the Drone to target.

miketv's picture

If you believe these people in Gitmo are terrorists, you're an idiot.. like Trump.


cherry picker's picture

Only people I know should be in Gitmo are in Washington DC and Langely.

Barry, you are the only president who had a war going through two administrations.  I think you should be first to go, without your teleprompter.

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Why is releasing them bad, now you can legally kill yhem off.

q0paz's picture

radicalised in jail obviously

Sparehead's picture

Again: adverb: another time, once more, to return to a previous position or condition

tuetenueggel's picture

As founder of IS and Al kaida Obongo cannot leave his boys standing in rain without umbrella.

GraveDancer's picture

Islamic Jihad is the new Nazism. Trump is the new Churchill...

Book> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


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obamas favorite son.

Northern Flicker's picture

Obama did a better job of pardoning American criminals who have now fled to the USA.

malek's picture

"returned to the battlefield"

Yes, we take your word for it that ALL Guantanamo limitless detainees were active on the battlefield before.

gdpetti's picture

SO, trained in the CIA Gitmo camp and sent back to the battlefield, real or not, it's the propaganda effort that matters... this game is getting so old and boring, it's no wonder most of the herd tunes out.

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