PReCiouS BoDiLY FLuiDS...

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No fighting in the war, uh fake news room!!!

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I think we have been fighting the wrong enemy.

The enemy isn't The Russkies, the Is-ens or the Rainians or even the Co reruns. ......... The enemy is called Ass Wipes Inc.

~~ $$ Everyone Is Working Just To Service The Banks $$ ~~

That shit is about to come to a screaming, screeching halt.


It sounds to me out in flyover Indian Territory like the natives are on the warpath.

For the USSA boyz and gurlz in uniform:

Loose stringer missiles are NO accident ... They belong The Pirate Team Killary for her mayhem and theft raids. ... She could care less if US soldiers get torched with her ground to air weapons.

How do we find the true enemy?

We could send out scouts.

The whole collection of Boy Scout George Webb's videos left on the net:


Story boards and docs and articles links:


Live Hard, If I'm Going To Die In Battle I Want To Die Fighting True Evil Not Some Other Fake Enemy Solider Chump, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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"If I'm Going To Die In Battle I Want To Die Fighting True Evil Not Some Other Fake Enemy Solider Chump"

Makes me wonder just how many otherwise outstanding would-be soldiers have refused to join their respective militaries because they see through the myth you've outlined; after all for some folk, the best people IMO, "Honour" and "Decency" aren't merely words to mouth in order to secure a paycheque

"If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is poon tang." - Animal Mother



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The only bodily fluids the Brown Clown is down with are those hoovered up in the back seat of a darkened limo, that reeks of stale disinfectant and man-sex...

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Very Nice.

Photoshop McCain's eye pupils a bit so he looks directly at Mandrake?

Eye pupils are very fiddly to PhotoShop.  Believe me, I know!

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Well think the direction of McCain's gaze is perfect; like he's looking off into the ether, gathering air in order to offer his gassy old platitude



One of my favorite movies, WB.

Thanks for the memories.

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William, take on Streep !!!!

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Re: precious bodily fluids

"Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate." - Roman Catholics

Another great classic anti-war film is The Day the Earth Stood Still, except for the part about handing our consciences over to autonomous robots (aka. self-driving automobiles)



Didn't that McCain'd character also mention some'at about flouride in the drinking water?

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Imagine that...


More nut 'wasted' than the outstanding derivatives of all major global banking systems - combined...!!

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The other great anti-war movie of this period was Catch 22

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It was also a business primer for the less-than-ethical. Didn't Milo lease his bombers for an attack against a target defended by his anti-aircraft guns? It's been a long while since I read that book, so I may be wrong.

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Funny you should have this issue on your website.  I just watched "Dr. Strangelove" last night.  Still think it's funny as hell.  I picked up on a couple more "little" things that I hadn't noticed before.  The bombs in the Bomb Bay had "This Side Down" markings on them.  I noticed it when MAJ Kong, (Slim Pickens), was trying to rewire the Bomb Release Mechanism Board. 

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Kubrick's last one Eyes Wide Shut also covers Comet Ping Pong pretty well

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One thing that could be a flaw in the democratic republic model is these politicians have no fear. That's not good. Maybe the "mob" needs to be heard a little better with a quarterly vote by landowners that determines which politicians that literally get fed to lions. One of the first ones I'd vote for, without reservation, would be McCain.

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(1) piece of property, (1) vote perhaps.   Hopefully not sheer acreage...    Imagine Ted Turner's power then...?  

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Nice, you found the irony I was alluding to.

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"One of the first ones I'd vote for, without reservation, would be McCain"  Now there's a quote waiting to be taken out of context! j/k :p


"Maybe the "mob" needs to be heard a little better with a quarterly vote by landowners that determines which politicians that literally get fed to lions"

I understand you're being facetious, but why " landowners..."? Is it because in your opinion inheriting wealth/power is the same as earning it? Besides, if a country has any public lands whatsoever, doesn't that imply that everyone who makes up that public is effectively a 'landowner'? Help me out as to why you made that gold-leaf distinction.

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Private land ownership is fundamental to civilization.  it is NECESSARY for the production of wealth.

Weatlh is produced ONLY where foragers are NOT allowed to forage.

No accumulation of wealth is possible where foragers forage.

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Yes, I can tell by your shrewd use of all-caps alone that the universe would be better off if simply everything was privately owned. By me.


But don't try feeding that trite tripe to Norwegians, they'll laugh you out of the room:

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Possibly the smartest thing you have ever written:

Yes, I can tell by your shrewd use of all-caps alone that the universe would be better off if simply everything was privately owned.

But, it's a pretty low bar.

/No sarc

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Oops, you forgot the "By me." part, that's critical.  Personally, I liked best where I outlined for you how trite tripe goes down these days. You likin' it?

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No. Too dumb.

You likin' it?

Pay somebody some real money an get some decent writers, you cheapskate.

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Maybe, but in that case at least you can't complain you're not getting what you've paid for cheaperskate.

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As if the Norwegians had ever produced anything of value...

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In such a scenario there would need to be a mechanism that would prevent the likes of Soros, Creamer etc. from busing in fake voters to pervert the process, that's all.

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Oh, then wouldn't a state-issued ID (eg. a driver's license) suffice, regardless of land holdings? I mean, it's not like bringing to the polls an actual chunk of turf to prove your residency is a viable, incorruptible method of identification...

but tx for clearing that up; for a moment there I thought you were one of these "One dollar, one vote" folks; which would be wholly ironic, considering.

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Dr. Strangelove - keep trying to get my millenial kids to watch that movie..........

I miss Peter Sellers also - hilarious guy.

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As an actor yes but he had no sense of humor at all in an interpersonal sense.

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"As a comic in all seriousness...."-Bobby Bittman

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I really miss Stanley Kubrick. His movies were always a joy to watch.

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I liked that film too, but regarding your eventually conciliatory link:

Oh please, fake this:

You may read a lot, but perhaps you need to read better instead.

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Yes, along with his Grandfather(s) Clock.

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Embalming fluid is the proper essence of this war monger.

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Bodily fluids .... Bo Diddly fluids .... how about Body Fluids .... give good grammar a chance ?

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leave it to Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, he can fix the problem

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"I still think he was some kind of prevert"

(Major Bat Guano)

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That's funny.  I always remembered him as a 'Major' as well, but his rank was actually 'Colonel'. as in:

"Now you listen to me, Colonel Bat Guano, if that IS your real name..."

One of the most quotable movies ever...


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2 years service should be mandatory, clean up or eradicate snowflakism.

Let bootcamp tune your kid that you so completely fucked up.

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One of the kids of my wife's Singapore cousin just started his required military service.  It really does seem to knock the snowflake shit right out of them.

My concern about mandatory service in the US is that our political leaders are going to see that they have a very large standing army available to them to set out on even more military interventions.  So, it might be good to melt the snowflakes, but I think, absent a change in the fundamental principles of US leadership, it would cause a great many more problems here and around the world.

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General Wesley Clark after 911 discussing the 7 nation plan: (para)

"Why are we going to invade these other countries?"

"Well we basically have this good army so ...."

General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years

Get rid of the wartime-wellfare-heglian dialectic-501c3,4,5 US tax code cattle pen. The snowflakes and warmongers will fix themselves. Happily. Free will is a powerful thing.

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Although I agree with you in principle, in the larger scheme I think a mandatory draft puts an end to America's warmongering.  The mass protests against the Viet Nam War ended when the draft, did.

I could always be wrong, of course...

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Best movie ever.


Hey John, either give us the proof of Russian hacking or move on to the bathroom scene.


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You know, they wanted Sellars to play the bomber pilot as well, but he sprained his ankle and they had to substitute...

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Slim Pickens made that part. It would have been a totally different movie without him.

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Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

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They overdubbed that line. It was "pretty good weekend in Dallas". The movie was scheduled for release around thanksgiving 1963.

The producers decided to leave Dallas out of it...