Wikileaks Responds To CIA Report - Press Conference Live Feed

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Following the "embarrassing" intelligence report claiming to prove Russia hacked the US election, Julian Assange has begun a press conference exposing the report for what it is -  "this is a press release, not a report"


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c'mon Julian, where are the bombshells?

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TrumpCo admits russian hacking.

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Hacking voting machines? Power grid? Wtf did Russians hack? If it's dnc, then show us the proof or else stfu.

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I agree.  By these fucknuts definition of hacking, the entire world is guilty for anything from foreign govts trying to influence with bribes to the clinton foundation, to foreign entities with ownership of our media outle ts, to Joe Schmoekenko just being happy about the outcome. Until there's proof of some Russian entity actually hacking into the election computers and changing the vote, the only ones responsible for hacking the election are we, the American people.

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DNC 'Russian' Hackers Finally Found!


You Won’t Believe Who They Work For
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An upvote for some seriously interesting info relating to the timeline and CrowdStrike.


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Good find, WS2012.

Live Hard, We Better Play Nice With The Russians, They Might Be A Lot Smarter Than Us, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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"We Better Play Nice With The Russians, They Might Be A Lot Smarter Than Us"


Russians kicked Soros and his NGOs out of Russia; they are smart.

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One of the reasons I like Putin. .. People give him a ration of shit for enriching himself in the process of throwing out the pirates. He HAD to, he had no choice.. ... If you are going to fend off the likes of Soros and Ass Wipes Inc. you have to have a big 'personal' war chest.

Something that gives me a little glimmer of hope about Trump. He can play at the scale of the evil banksters and NGO crowd.

Live Hard, We Hire Russians For Cyber Security That Work For The Free Lancing CeyeA And Think There Won't Be Back Doors Into Our Little Safe Space, .....Ooooooo Kay Then, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Well Donne!





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I don't know about hacking, but I certainly tried to "interfere".

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TrumpCo admits russian hacking.

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Nope, not an accidental double post. Hey retard, the Election was not hacked. Emails, which were DKIM verified as authentic, were hacked because of democRats weak cyber security practices and their own stupidity. Those emails contained evidence of lawlessness and criminality, not to mention collision between the "free press" and the DNC. Wikileaks assembled these documents from various sources in an amazing searchable database and presented them for the world to see. They showed that democRats are criminal scum and the American people voted appropriately, sparing US and the world from a disasterous continuation of the failed policies of the past 8 years. But you would rather not know the truth if it destroys your ideological candidate of choice. Apply Dr DJT's Butthurt Salve liberally for the next 8 years. Try not to get any inside, but I'm not sure that will be possible for you.

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Funny but It's y'all that's butt hurt because Trump admited the hack.  I'm just rubbing it in, I called it weeks ago, you can tell by the down votes I got. One for me none for you.

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Your stupidity is astounding. Puke Trolls are all fed their lines just like Obama and the MSM.

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TrumpCo gives a candy to the petulant child (MSM) to stop it screaming in public.

Some serious spanking is forthcoming when we get home (Jan 20th).

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Someone should hack this ^^ clown and donate all his assets to ISIS. Let the NDAA sort it out.

FireBrander's picture

24x7x365...the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and every Wanna-be hacker on the planet is trying to "hack" something in the USA.

Trump "admitted" that Russia actively "hacks"...Whoopde, fucken doo....what moron didn't already know that?

The voting booths were not hacked, the final vote was accurate, the American people choose Trump.

End of story.

Good Day.

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oh, and don't give me this popular vote count bullshit...educate yourself as to why the electoral college exists...DAM FUCKING SMART MOVE on the part of the founders.

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Pew Research. Three million illegal & dead voters. Project V.

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But, but, but, some people were convinced to vote for Trump because they were shown the truth about Hillary and the DNC which they were not supposed to see.  That must be bad, right?

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Yeah, ENDLESS talk about hacking, but NO talk about what really helped Trump....The "Hacking" EXPOSED THE TRUTH about the corruption and lawlessness at the highest levels of the Democratic add in a general dislike of Hillary even among rank and file Democrats...and Hillary gets slaughtered on election even though the Press handed her Trump on a silver platter.

In politics, if you can't defeat a political novice like Trump, you are a sad sack of shit...Hillary.

PS: No delusions here...had the hackers been able to penetrate the R's systems...that would have been juicy too...

Chupacabra-322's picture

Agreed. However, it was not a "Hack." It was a LEAK. AND, his name was Seth Rich.

fbazzrea's picture

and he paid the ultimate price for having the courage to do it.

i salute you, Seth. America thanks you.

RiverRoad's picture

Oh hell, Obama knows there's no such thing as bad PR for the "famous":  He's just giving Russia First Prize for being the best.   LOL

roadhazard's picture

They did penetrate repubican servers only they did not use what they got.  Why dump on repubicans when they are trying to help them win. 

RiverRoad's picture

.......and when there's nothing useful to use.

Got The Wrong No's picture

RoadShit, Where is your Fucking Proof?

roadhazard's picture

TrumpCo did not differentiate. They admit russia hacked. And apparently the Tylers and ZHers didn't already know because they spent weeks bashing anyone that said different. I have always said the russian hacking did not change the voting. BUT they did hack.

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I read the FBI press release.

They did not  describe anything but the political line.

I would say 'ya, riiiiight, sure' to get out of that meeting as well.

Rinso is working for Rinso , no change.


roadhazard's picture

 You don't have the pay grade to get the skinny. Sanctions against russian Intelligence chiefs was all I needed to know.

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Help the GOP? Did you miss the entire primary process where ALL the GOP candidates and MSM bashed Trump? You're so fucking stupid it's hard to comprehend.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Your stupidity knows no bounds.

If Russia wanted to "help" Trump they would have released info on all the RINO's who all opposed him. They did not do this. As Assange said they didn't have any info so why should we believe you? Your track record here stinks.

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I am very offended by the fact that after more than 100 years that the American trial was to influence the election of half the world, they also want to make everyone believe the stupid their people that Christ died from the cold. . . . . . or donkey fly at sound velocity!

though ironically it was also the truth, what they want to do for all the damage they have caused around the world doing the same thing?

the law was not to be the same for everyone?

if you're an American president can lead the coup, more or less fake revolutions (see Arab Spring !! and everything else for the past 100 years !!!), false flag operations, and much more. . . . . . . but if someone is telling the truth in public about their misdeeds is a traitor, if you attack a sovereign country making millions of dead did okay. fuck you america !!! please go home and stay down, all the terror sown sooner or later you find yourself in the house, and all justice, I'm sorry it's not enough.

america is the worst evil thing ever seen from Colombo find it in 12th october 1492

The Chief's picture

Not if he assassinates them first, which is looking increasingly possible.

RiverRoad's picture

Actually they've already done it to themselves with their overkill.  The spooks' track record and MO are household words now.

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Trump should use the Obombya ploy. Load up a helicopter with CIA traitors and send it to the Russian border. Let the SRAMs do the rest.

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No way I click on a link that comes from BS bloggers.  darkmoon website = lol.

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Russia is accused of undermining the American public's faith in the democratic process by telling the truth. But everyone is a russian troll. Red herring.

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Trump-mas starts on January 20 - then the fun begins.


11 days to go - in case you weren't counting.  LOL

Kotzbomber747's picture

Unfortunately, most people are totally ignorant, and believe the mainstream media spin. Here in Germany, Wikileaks and "the Russians" are guilty according to the left wing media: case closed for as far as they're concerned.

But hey, Germans have never been known for 'independent thinking' as they have a fetish for propaganda and totalitarian states (Nazi Germany and the DDR).

orangegeek's picture

Germans figured out the media in the 1800s and created the term lugenpresse



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I've heard a synonym that many used:

Yudenpresse.  Maybe I'm mistaken.

Kayman's picture

"most people are totally ignorant, and believe the mainstream media spin."

That is only true in Europe and Canada where local media regurgitates American MSM fake/Deep State "news".

You had to watch the attacks on Trump during the election to see that at least 62 million voters came to the conclusion - don't believe anything the MSM propagates.


NAV's picture

The political elites control the media in Germany, just as they control America’s collectivized MSM. Regarding the US, Dave Gahary in a December article, The MSM : All the News That’s Fit to Invent", wrote: “Just five massive conglomerates control over 90% of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, and movie studios…”

As for Germany, Bryan MacDonald wrote this past February that most of Germany’s national news is government controlled. He writes:  [D]uring a radio event in Berlin, the retired head of ZDF Bonn, Dr Wolfgang Herles, dropped a bombshell. He admitted the network, and others, takes orders from the government on what, and what not, to report."

Not only that: “Together with sister network ARD; Germans are obliged to pay €17.98 per month to fund it.”