4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

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In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous "golden showers" scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as "fanfiction", then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election.

Here is 4Chan's explanation of how the story came to light:

>/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in

>he thought it was real and gave it to the CIA

>the central intelligence agency of the united states of america put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election

>donald trump and obama have both read this pol/acks fanfiction

>the cia has concluded that the russian plans to blackmail trump with this story we made up

just let that sink in what we have become.


And a summary posted on pastebin:

On january 10, Buzzfeed posted a story under the byline of Ken Bensinger, Mark Schoofs and Miriam elder titled “these reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia” and posted a link to a document alleging, among other things, that russia has been cultivating trump for 5+ years, that trump has been in constant contact with the kremlin for information on his opponents, and perhaps most inflammatory, that there are many recorded instances of blackmail of trump in sexual misconduct. A prominent claim is that trump rented the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in moscow, where he knew that the Obamas had slept in; he them hired a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden shower' (pissplay) on the bed and in the room. https://www.buzzfeed.com/kenbensinger/these-reports-allege-trump-has-dee...


Noted #nevertrump voice Rick Wilson later commented on twitter, stating that the report “gave a new meaning to Wikileaks” (https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/818982395202379777) and that the report was the reason everybody was fighting so hard against the election of Trump. (https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/818983514335047680)


The remarkable thing? It's all fake. And not only fake; it's a prank perpetuated by 4chan, on Rick Wilson himself. A post on 4chan on october 26 stated “mfw managed to convince CTR and certain (((journalists))) on Twitter there'll be an October surprise on Trump this Friday” along with a picture of a smug face with a hash name. http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/94704894/#94705224


on november 1, a person without a picture but is assumed to be the same person posted “So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it. Guys, they're truly fucking desperate - there's no remaining Trump scandal that's credible.” https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/95568919/#95571329


on january 10, moments after the story broke and began to gain traction on social media, a person with the same smug grin face, and the same hash title for the picture, stated “I didn't think they'd take it so far.” http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/106514445#p106520376


This story has taken on something of a life of it's own. Going through Rick Wilson's twitter, you can find many different stories from the time that he had shown the story to a wide number of anti-trump news sources, trying to find a news organization that would actually publish the story. During that time period, he referred to it often as 'the thing', and often playing coy with followers on the content with the story with anybody who was not also a #Nevertrumper. Unconfirmed sources has people as high up as John McCain giving the story to FBI Director James Comey to attempt to verify the story. Given that Rick Wilson runs in Establishment circles, it is not an impossible scenario that long-serving senators are falling for what amounts to a 4chan troll trump supporter creating an ironic October Surprise out of wholecloth to punk a GOPe pundit who derogatorily referred to them as single men who masturbate to anime.

While this entire incident is laughable, and even more so if the 4Chan account is accurate, what makes it quite tragic, is that it is no longer possible to dismiss the "fake news" angle to an intelligence report. And if the CIA is compromised, what is left for "news outlets" like CNN and BuzzFeed, which were all too eager to run with the story without any attempt at verification?

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OverTheHedge's picture

May I be the first to say "well done"! Your little website has excelled itself. (It is YOUR website, isn't it?)

localsavage's picture

If the 4Chan deal is true, they just gave Trump the excuse he needs to gut the CIA and FBI.

Handful of Dust's picture

Are they sure it's not Brney Franks and that couple from Hunter College peeing on each other?

Merica101's picture

Hmm, it would  have been really clever if someone in the Trump circle had put 4Chan up to it...I have a feeling the fun and games are going to be fun to watch!

Tiger Rocks Dale's picture

Now that would be 8D interdimensional Korean starcraft level trolling.  

neilhorn's picture

Is 4Chan trolling us? Did the Russians take over or originate the 4Chan posts in order to dilute our vital bodily fluids?

Why are John McCain and his puppet Lindsay Graham so hell bent on war? Is it now, upon the opinion and judgment of the leaders in the Senate, concommittant upon my children and grandchildren to defeat the Russian menace? Should America sacrifice another generation of young people to war in order to defeat the Ruskies, or should we agree with Putin that there is no Russian attempt to make you believe that everything is alright and evil is good, because it was all a 4Chan prank on America?

I suggest that you and your family can find a way through the obfuscation and confusion of the hackers and trolls by being true to the values that you live by: Be prepared, love your neighbor, and love God.

HowdyDoody's picture

There's this from 31 Oct 2016


"a former senior intelligence officer for a Western country who specialized in Russian counterintelligence tells Mother Jones that in recent months he provided the bureau with memos, based on his recent interactions with Russian sources, contending the Russian government has for years tried to co-opt and assist Trump"

Discovery, discovery!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Joan and Linda are the pale horse and the MIC are the hell following with them.

JRobby's picture

Gut? Obliterate and start over. All of it.

Koba the Dread's picture

Thought Processor, I'm not even sure it's gone to 11 yet.

Stimulati's picture

Russian propaganda teams here at ZH are working late tonight I see

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Yes you are just a troll and your opinion is empty.

corsair's picture


Can't you see we are partying :D

zoomie92's picture

Dumbest post of the month - congrats

froze25's picture

At this point it doesn't even matter. The CIA'S credibility is gone. Even if the media reporting this was telling the truth, they are not but  if they were no body believes them anymore.

divingengineer's picture

No, there's a good solid 10% of the country that thinks they're doing a great job. Probably the over 65 crowd.

Giant Meteor's picture

Welcome Comrade, McStain ..

BennyBoy's picture


Fortran rules!

Oh wait, 4Chan.

The Chinese rule!

insanelysane's picture

I was a great Fortran programmer!  Wish I still could program in Fortran although today's debuggers are better.

phatfawzi's picture

whats the golden rule for many times you have to shake for a golden shower? is it still 3 times. 

neilhorn's picture

The golden rule is: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There is no confusion or rationalisation of the rule by which we should live.

divingengineer's picture

Yeah but how does that apply to golden showers? Would it be piss on others as you would have others piss in your mouth?

Omen IV's picture

This story was reported just now on MSNBC and also on NYT / NYMag / CNN...........FAKE NEWS EVERYWHERE


so there is no real journalists they just pass rumors, and intel from people that want war with Russia and hate Trump


The USA is spending 1.2 Trillion for war and the preparation for war and intelligence - it is all FAKE!!!!!

divingengineer's picture

You think with $1.2 trillion they be able to vent some stories. And just imagine, trump hasn't even been sworn in yet. This is the craziest shit I've ever heard of.

TwelveOhOne's picture

LOL nice, "just pass rumors" -- makes them seem like grade-school kids passing notes in class.

Akzed's picture

Pravda, TASS, Isvestia, NYT...

Lynx Dogood's picture

The fricking CIA is sourcing 4chan and can't figure it out........  Banana Land!

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Lynx Dogood Jan 10, 2017 9:53 PM

If this is true I have newfound respect for Orange Jesus 

TeamDepends's picture

Lots of lead in the Langley water.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Lots of lead in the Langley water.

Seems like lots of bath salts in the water there as well. The spooks are kooks!

Hata Mari's picture

It's the fluoride, I tell ya!

BarkingCat's picture

The other research is based on discarded Onion articles.

Overfed's picture

This is by far, the funniest shit I have seen in a very, very long time! ROFL!!

Midas's picture

Fool virtually everyone?  I called bullshit as soon as I read the golden shower scene.  That's not what I would do with a russian prostitute.  Maybe I should apply for an "intelligence" job.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Maybe I should apply for an "intelligence" job.

Sorry, you're too smart.

neilhorn's picture

IKR. Why would I hire prostitutes to piss on the bed in which I planned to sleep? Gives me a funny feeling that the stink of urine is not conducive to sleep.

Phil Free's picture

That's what the tarp is for.

Thought Processor's picture



If this really, seriously somehow convinced people within the U.S. Gov. that it should be part of classified intel briefing then-


All the U.S intel agencies should be gutted or simply shut down.  What a complete farce.  We all knew they were long ago corrupted but until now I wasn't totally sure that they weren't completely incompetent.


I guess now we know.

divingengineer's picture

It's a fucking outrage if it's true.
Wasted trillions of dollars, for what? If this turns out to be true I'm sure everything will turn out to be true the CIA importing tons of heroin, 911 conspiracies, harp weather control, everything.

Phil Free's picture

It is facinating, watching how conspiracy theories are becoming conspiracy facts... again and again and again.

A very unique time we now live in..

beemasters's picture

They will be submitting one wet bed as evidence and assert this is real so the rest of the report must also be true. :)