4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

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In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous "golden showers" scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as "fanfiction", then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election.

Here is 4Chan's explanation of how the story came to light:

>/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in

>he thought it was real and gave it to the CIA

>the central intelligence agency of the united states of america put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election

>donald trump and obama have both read this pol/acks fanfiction

>the cia has concluded that the russian plans to blackmail trump with this story we made up

just let that sink in what we have become.


And a summary posted on pastebin:

On january 10, Buzzfeed posted a story under the byline of Ken Bensinger, Mark Schoofs and Miriam elder titled “these reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia” and posted a link to a document alleging, among other things, that russia has been cultivating trump for 5+ years, that trump has been in constant contact with the kremlin for information on his opponents, and perhaps most inflammatory, that there are many recorded instances of blackmail of trump in sexual misconduct. A prominent claim is that trump rented the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in moscow, where he knew that the Obamas had slept in; he them hired a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden shower' (pissplay) on the bed and in the room. https://www.buzzfeed.com/kenbensinger/these-reports-allege-trump-has-dee...


Noted #nevertrump voice Rick Wilson later commented on twitter, stating that the report “gave a new meaning to Wikileaks” (https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/818982395202379777) and that the report was the reason everybody was fighting so hard against the election of Trump. (https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/818983514335047680)


The remarkable thing? It's all fake. And not only fake; it's a prank perpetuated by 4chan, on Rick Wilson himself. A post on 4chan on october 26 stated “mfw managed to convince CTR and certain (((journalists))) on Twitter there'll be an October surprise on Trump this Friday” along with a picture of a smug face with a hash name. http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/94704894/#94705224


on november 1, a person without a picture but is assumed to be the same person posted “So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it. Guys, they're truly fucking desperate - there's no remaining Trump scandal that's credible.” https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/95568919/#95571329


on january 10, moments after the story broke and began to gain traction on social media, a person with the same smug grin face, and the same hash title for the picture, stated “I didn't think they'd take it so far.” http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/106514445#p106520376


This story has taken on something of a life of it's own. Going through Rick Wilson's twitter, you can find many different stories from the time that he had shown the story to a wide number of anti-trump news sources, trying to find a news organization that would actually publish the story. During that time period, he referred to it often as 'the thing', and often playing coy with followers on the content with the story with anybody who was not also a #Nevertrumper. Unconfirmed sources has people as high up as John McCain giving the story to FBI Director James Comey to attempt to verify the story. Given that Rick Wilson runs in Establishment circles, it is not an impossible scenario that long-serving senators are falling for what amounts to a 4chan troll trump supporter creating an ironic October Surprise out of wholecloth to punk a GOPe pundit who derogatorily referred to them as single men who masturbate to anime.

While this entire incident is laughable, and even more so if the 4Chan account is accurate, what makes it quite tragic, is that it is no longer possible to dismiss the "fake news" angle to an intelligence report. And if the CIA is compromised, what is left for "news outlets" like CNN and BuzzFeed, which were all too eager to run with the story without any attempt at verification?

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Implied Violins's picture

From the look of things, they tripped and landed in its jaws.

Croesus's picture

God, the snowflakes will be bawling tonight...feel bad for animals, & anyone living within 20 miles of the cities.

Well, CIA, you'll max-out on Unemployment.

froze25's picture

The snow flakes will never even hear of it, if they do they will deny it's true because the MSN didn't report it.

Croesus's picture

@ Shemp:

You know it! You can't even pay for entertainment this good.

I'm still wrapping my head around the "David-Goliath" feel this sentence below has:

"Some guy on 4Chan just OWNED the CIA, despite it's 'educated' workforce, and billions in funding".

BlindMonkey's picture

Oh my fuck.


Just when I thought it couldn't get more absurd, then comes "the pissening".

seek's picture

I remember reading about stuff in the 60s that the radical left would get past censors and the FBI because both were tragically unhip.

History is repeating itself, just with the participants reversed.

IndyPat's picture

Tea shades, dude. Tea shades.

ChargingHandle's picture

What a bunch of shitheads. Laughable coupled with tragic embarrassment. 

YHC-FTSE's picture

"Jumped the shark" describes a gimmick by a tv show to keep the viewers interested. This isn't a gimmick. What the CIA and the MSM have done can only be described as malicious libel borne out of a desperation to destroy Trump's presidency even before it has begun.

It's way beyond stupid. It's now criminally insane.

FlowerofLife's picture

It’s not so much that the Intel services have jumped the shark, but that the current group is being deliberately discredited. And how convenient---before Trump takes office.

Really, they aren’t that stupid. Dishonest, corrupt, scheming, treacherous and murderous, but not stupid.

This is another example of the precision of the Deep State. The current Intel Agencies That Be are being taken out the same way the Democrats were. Trump will be justified in a thorough housecleaning, if not disbanding them entirely, and it’s being set up for him now.

Adullam's picture

Mr. Trump.

Do not stand in the way of those who will self-destruct by collapsing under the weight of their own pride.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the power structure of government is corrupt.

East Indian's picture

weight of their own pride.

more like incompetence 
Adullam's picture

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

I was going to say incompetence, but I decided on 'pride' instead. Because it is the proud and haughty spirit that makes them incompetent. It is pride that blinds them to the folly of their ways. And it is pride that will be their ultimate undoing because it will keep them from ever admitting they are in error.

Dilluminati's picture

why you no control da meme last election so ridiculous crime family cunt win?


post turtle saver's picture

"Look, Simba... everything the light touches is the Internet"

"Wow! But, what about that shadowy place?"

"That's 4chan Simba... you must never go there."

zoomie92's picture

The CIA is now too stupid to really even be considered effectively corrupt.  This is only good if the people realize it to be true.  Of course Barry did make a man the head of the CIA who voted for the CPUSA and likely converted to Islam while in SA as station chief years ago....  So I suppose that they have a long reason to suspect that shameless stupidity will never hold them back....

Badsamm's picture

I dont have enough ammo

j0nx's picture

How are we supposed to trust anything the intelligence community says now if they fell for this sophomoric shit?

Jack McGriff's picture

LOL this actually makes more sense!

car2oon's picture

This. Can't. Be. Life.

Implied Violins's picture

You mean it really isn't true? Damn, guess I'll take golden showers off my bucket list.

Cursive's picture


Skateboarder's picture

This is so funny, it truly deserves a LOL WUT.

Archive_file's picture

So fucking funny! Stuffed shirts in Foggy Bottom. Making a complete mockery of the establishment.

max2205's picture

Kbobs and dials turning. Switches clicking. 

logicalman's picture

Who can you trust??

On a good day, you can trust yourself.

neilhorn's picture

Trust in the creator of the universe, and yourself as he reveals Himself to you. Love your neighbor. Love God. That is the essence of the scriptures as revealed by the Son of God. there is no other revelation that provides a path to salvation.

CRM114's picture

Fooling desperate libtards is getting close to abusing the mentally ill. I almost feel sorry for them.



froze25's picture

Don't forget BLM supports kidnapping and abusing mentally ill people that are white. #BLMKidnapping

Bay of Pigs's picture

The CIA is a pile of shit. The FBI and DOJ are close behind.

Number 156's picture

Poor MSM.
As Darth Vader would say..
"Your Failure is now complete."

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


As Darth Vader would say..
"Your Failure is now complete."

As Billy May would say, "but wait, that's not all!"

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Jan 10, 2017 9:40 PM

Happy hours

Golden showers

On a cruise to freak you out

grunk's picture

The CIA, CNN, and BUZZFEED are all dead men walking.

Al Armed's picture

This shit is funny but serious, too. We need a big recycling program. New media rules. New media control.

nonclaim's picture

Media control is a leftist hard core principle. We don't need media control. Let the viewer decide and cut the cable (or have the option to drop channels from a package).

Dilluminati's picture

No give them the rope of stupidity even the dull and late to truth eventually see it

CNN's ratings swirling like toilet loaf in a downward spiral

no other network picked it up, they're isolated and p0wned!


Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Dilluminati Jan 10, 2017 11:09 PM

Time-Warner, owner of CNN, is a corporate sponsor of the Rockefeller/CFR. TW chairman Jeffrey Bewkes is a CFR member. Also David Gergen, Christiane Amanpour, Paula Zahn, Jake Tapper, Fareed Zakaria, and James Sciutto. See member lists at cfr dot org.

IntercoursetheEU's picture

Lemmings to the sea. Libtards usually have unproductive jobs and all this gay stuff will make them an extinct species. Good riddance!!


TwelveOhOne's picture

Lemmings don't jump off cliffs; that was Disney propaganda.  They put turntables slightly off-screen and flung the poor rodents to their deaths.

Thus I no longer use the phrase in my vernacular.  Similarly, Jonestown was a CIA murder op, and I no longer use "drinking the Kool-Aid" either.

mastersnark's picture

We must stop the hacker known as 4 chan before he strikes again

L Bean's picture

4Chan, obv a RUSSIAN ASSET