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When we reproted on the latest scandal presented by CNN, and reinforced by, of all outlets, BuzzFeed, one day before Trump's first press conference in month, according to which a 35-page memo laid out "explosive, but unverified, allegations" that the Russian government has been "cultivating, supporting and assisting" President-elect Donald Trump for at least 5 years, a document whose distributor admitted  "is not just unconfirmed: It includes some clear errors", and which many other media outlets refused to post because they could not confirm the accuracy of its contents, we said that "we are confident that following the CNN report, which dramatically escalates the narrative of the illegitimacy of the Trump presidency, that the president-elect will have some very harshly tweeted responses in the coming hours."

We didn't have long to wait, and moments ago, in what may be the first of many tweets, Trump responded angrily, in all caps, as follows:


Something tells us this it not the end of this particular story. Not by a long shot especially since even Matt Drudge is now personally involved...

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Total fake news because they are losing this info war.

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Reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny episode...

" asked for it!"

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Road runner is better

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I just saw a Kennedy (on the Truth-Box) coming out of the Gold Elevator… Another Libtard coming to kiss the Don’s ring just to… jump in front of the cameras and start whining about Polar Bears, 0bamacare, and Immigration. Dickhead!  ;-)


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Either kiss the ring or kiss your ass goodbye 

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Next up, a Soros owned company buys Twitter and shuts it down.

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The way The Left is treating Trump, it would not surprise me one bit if DJT really plays some hardball with 'em when he gets in...

-- The Clinton Foundation

-- #PizzaGate

-- The IRS (bitchez)



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I hope Trump has NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, Google, etc investigated for interfering with the election and trying to undermine our legitimately elected President.   I hope he builds some gallows also.

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Boys, we are going to need a lot of rope in DC soon. Anyone have a discount on those 5000 yard spools?

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The "intelligence" obtained the evidence from a "third party" - ie. Mossad- posing as a "Russian source".

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Well, that pallet load of popcorn didn’t last long… I think I need to up the auto replenishment to a pallet every two weeks .

The MSM state propaganda and  "intelligence” community dweebs have no clue about the force of nature they are dealing with.


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I'm hearing rumors 4Chan is behind this one. Will be fucking HILARIOUS if true.

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If there was any room for forgivness in the Dons heart before this there sure won't be afterwards. Rule #1, if you are going to take a shot at the king you had better not miss and this is a clean miss with a turd.

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another zero posted the Putin speech @ christmas  - MUST WATCH - 

TRUMP :  twitter thise link out to everyone ; Infowars & Drudge should headline it - hey, how about it Tylers ?

wow.   No wonder we believe Vlad's the real deal.  and no wonder the presstitutes are pushing so hard against him. 

No honor among thieves presstitutes.  Presstitutes :  Get out now while you can.  Stop lying now while you can.


ZEROS - listen up, check that video link to Putin - it's his speech at Christmas time - he calls out the pedos !!!!

pass it on, get it in your local paper


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He should regardless.   Everyone of those is a massive criminal ring that needs to be put in prison. 

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Where is Lois Lerner now?

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Well lets say you were dealt with the known winning hand at poker.

You got all the resources of a nation as your stake.

The other side has the worst hand they dealt themselves, you, they and the whole world knows it.

Do you fold, use caution, or go all in.

Straight after the election if they had respected the win, fine you could use the caution levelbut oh no, they just got to keep coming back at it time after time. Treating Trump like he is their bitch ... using slander and defamation on every turn.

Day 1 go all in and clear out all the corrupt fuckers going because that makes your job easier.

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That bastion of progressive thought & expression has uncovered Hillary's cabinet appointments...that is, if she had One...lmao!...

A "place holder of some description" at EPA, very nice ;-)

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Drudge nailed it. This is US intelligence agency blackmail, by Deep State intelligence heads who are about to lose their jobs. One could call this "friendly fire", but this is less an accident and more like a political assassination.

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Hundreds of thousands of people dead and he celebrates it as a success.

The road and the warning, he built the fucking road on where this is all going ... straight over a cliff.

My opinion of Obama, was neutral at the beginning, reckon now he looks more like a gangster from the hood, not a good one neither.

Trump neutral again, lets see but if he kills as many as Obama then he will end up with the same opinion.

It does seem to be that Obama likes war, he even threatened the UK population with the fucker just like Clinton thought of droning Assange in the UK.

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@ Whoa

Followed by "Hang your bankers and politicians"...America's favorite reality show!

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Did he select who will be running the FCC?

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Would be a welcome change. Just move to or

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rfk the anti vaxxer may be joining the trump as a pharma watch dog. if he does it will be great. he has his father's sense of the eight pillars.

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If it was Robert Kennedy you saw, that's a good thing.  It's not at all what you're thinking.  He was appointed the "head of the Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity Commission," according to an article I just read.  This is a very good thing.  Trump knows there is a huge problem with vaccines and the childhood vaccine schedule in America and so does Kennedy. 


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plus, i'm pretty sure RK remembers who/what killed his dad & uncle.  let's hope he sees eye to eye Trump on that.

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I would have thought CNN was smarter than to get into a pissing contest with Trump.  Evidently not.

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Because I know Trump reads ZH...

"Has our intelligence community found Eric Braverman yet?" 

...from me to you Don ;-)

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wapo, nyt, cnn and npr are working overtime even paying trolls to comment on the left wing Yahoo web site and on zh attempting to neutralize the devastating truth about Democrat corruption and left wing domestic terrorism.

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I'd argue WIle E. is better than the Road Runner. But it's not much of an argument. They're both GREAT!


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"Super genius...."    great stuff.

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"Where is Eric Braverman??"

Next Epic Tweet...

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yep, Satan Gate, Spriit Cooking, Child Killing, Child kidnapping, Child Slavery - that is what most people think when hearing the MSM garbage.  Wonder how McCain and his girlfriend Lindsey sleep lately.

Also Madonna said she cannot sleep since the election.  Wonder why?

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"Also Madonna said she cannot sleep since the election.  Wonder why?"

A life long attraction of Demons takes it toll.

She knows what I am talking about.

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Everybody wonders what is wrong with McCain.

His last name names him as part of the clan of the sons of CAIN.

Murder is his last name and runs in the family.

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Donald, please, do not issue credentials or interviews to anyone from CNN. They don't deserve it as they worked for Clinton and apparently now are rental whores for George Soros.

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I got a hunch he won't be forgetting either CNN or Goldman.

Don't forget, to get the entirety of his plans implemented, he needs some allies. 
Long as Goldman helps him get some stuff done .....

Same as just when you think it's safe to get back in the water.

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Yes.  As above commenters have suggested, DJT could hit a big part of the MSM (no White House reporter for you!) as part of his campaign to 

#DrainTheSwamp !!

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Or better yet, have the WH spokesman hold a list of all the propagandists who were hit by wikileaks and read from the list, as a "disclaimer", exactly how they worked with the DNC, before answering any of their questions.

The DC bureaus will be forced to pull these propagandists immediately.

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No they won't. They are that arrogant. He just needs to ban those in the Wikileaks story along with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and CNBC from the WH press pool.

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Maybe its time for reporters to be shuffled away in leg irons and handcuffs for all to see.

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Have them all come to the presser wearing those red pool balls with leather straps in their mouths, like in Pulp Fiction, ''mmmmmh, mmmmh.''

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Tempting. But I'd rather see them standing in front of the White House gates, in the rain, whining for 4 years.

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IMO, CNN may have crossed the line to using psy-ops against the viewing public:


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D R A I N    T H E    F U C K I N G    S W A M P ! !

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He's going to grap them by their pussies and leave them swinging from nooses.

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I find it fascinating the intelligence services are fucking with Trump 10 days before he becomes their boss.