Bullion, Biotechs, & Banks Bid As Bonds & Black Gold Skid

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Following this morning's manic euphoria in small businesses and ahead of tonight's delusion by Obama, given the market's performance, this seemed appropriate...

But, it appears the hype of the reflation/growth trade is now well and truly over...


Financial conditions don't seem to matter...


For now it's all about 2018 or 2019 or 2020...?


Because trailing earnings are 'disappointing' to say the least...


And 2017 Earnings still haven't been notched up by the analysts...

*  *  *

Having got all that off our chests... Nasdaq another record high as The Dow tried but failed again for 20k, clinging to unch as Small Caps and Trannies squeezed higher again...NOTE - once again we rallied into the European close and sold off... and once again a weak close


Nasdaq longest streak of gains to start a year since 2006.


Financials and Healthcare outperformed...


As Biotech stocks continue their charge higher, up 6 days in a row (longest win streak since July 2015) - best start to a year since 2000 (which was followed by complete carnage)...


Banks continue to tred water for the last few weeks ahead of this week's chaos of earnings on Friday...


WMT stumbled into the red after announcing more layoffs...


VIX ended unchanged aftr the initial slam to send stocks higher...


The Dollar Index limped higher...


As Yuan weakened all day (back above 6.91/$)...


Treasury yields also limped higher today (long-end underperforming the short-end)...


WTI Crude front-month tumbled to a $50 handle at the NYMEX close...


Gold is up 11 of the last 13 days to 6 week highs...


Gold remains 2017's biggest winner so far... with oil the biggest loser..

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Stuff that could hit the magic number 20…. BEFORE the failing Dow Jones.

US National Debt: now at 19.956 Trillion
Donald Trumps twitter following: now at 19.4 Million
Silver spot price: now at 17 $

Big trouble in little china? Nope.. my FXI calls are up big league!

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GDX/NUGT DMA's still crushing it I presume? My biggest winners so far this year have come from that crop of miners....

Hoping tomorrow's 10yr treasury sales come in strong and push that yield down. That would shoot NUGT into space from the launch pad on which it already sits....


AlexCharting's picture

I will hold on to my NUGT calls as long as 5 DMA is positive :) My biggest winners are actually calls on 3D systems and Cameco (uranium miner). I also picked-up some other miners today, in the form of FCX and CLF. Also eyeing CNX, but want to see more strengt. 

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1) Caterpillar
2) United Health
3) Nike
4) Microsoft (get the fuck out of here)
5) United Technologies
6) Verizon
7) Home Depot
8) Visa
9) American Express
10) WalMart
11) MCDonalds

and the beat goes on...


Chupacabra-322's picture

Happy ew Year Kaiser,

I'll be investing like Prince. Stacking & eyeing a 1997 BMW E36 M5 to park some phony Fiat at.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

same 2 u & urs C...

I 2 will be doing what the Purple One was doing to b free of the dyin and corrupted fake financial/monetary system...

"great minds think alike..."

"2017 party over, oops out of time

From now on we're gonna party like its 1929..."

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What's GDP got to do with stock prices?  Absolutely nothing--say it again!

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What no bit coin / sarc

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Bitcoin Investment Trust (ETF) GBTC was up 23.5 % in December

Purefunds ISE Junior Silver Miners (ETF) was -5.66 % in December

That being said, I would bet that the junior silver miners are outperforminng bitcoin at the moment (though still strong demand from China according to Fiatleak http://fiatleak.com/

To be clear, I am long lake bottoms and am currently investing in dredging equipment after reports of multiple boat capsizings here at the Hedge but GBTC is an easy way to speculate with everyone's favorite blockchain moneylaundering tool.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Japs still printing? Then "Markets" still raging full tilt on Yen Carry Steroids.. 

These valuations are about as good as Mark McGwire's batting stats.

c2nnib2l's picture

gold is shit. ! bitcoin is the future ! nehhh just kidding ^^^

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King Tut (not verified) Jan 10, 2017 4:59 PM

Weak volume on ZH market wrapup article comments

Golden Showers's picture

I've been having beer shits. That's bullish, right?