CNBC Shill Publishes Story Calling For Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

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Jacob Pramuk seems to make a living by second guessing just about every single thing President elect Trump does. His Twitter account is littered with anti-Trump gibberish. As an employee of CNBC, the home of the hardest Hillary shiller of all time -- John Harwood -- Jacob is right at home, very comfy, writing shit about Trump.
In an article out today, he cites a rigged poll calling for Trump to delete his Twitter account. The main stream media are livid over Trump's use of Twitter, specifically because it renders them and their filtration systems of propaganda worthless.

Most American voters think Donald Trump should delete his account.
A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday showed 64 percent of voters surveyed think Trump should not keep a personal Twitter account while in the White House. Only 32 percent of those polled said he should maintain his personal account.
Trump used the social media platform frequently during his campaign and continues to do so after his presidential election victory, attacking rivals, highlighting media coverage he views as negative and weighing in on foreign and economic policy. While Trump's team sees Twitter as a way to directly get its message to voters, critics have slammed his penchant for late-night tweets and 140-character responses to delicate issues, like U.S. relations with China and Russia.
Republican voters narrowly said Trump should keep his account by a 49 percent to 45 percent margin. Only 18 percent of Democrats said he should maintain his personal account, while 80 percent said he should not. Independents said he should scrap his account by a 65 percent to 31 percent margin.

Considering how wrong the biased polls were this past election, predicting a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, I put very little credence into the polls put forth by Quinnipiac. But even if that was the consensus opinion, who the fuck are we to tell Trump what to do with his Twitter account? If he's more comfortable talking to the people directly, instead of through the shills at the NY Times, so be it.
Just like the fake news theme that was pressed hard by the main stream media, going into and after the elections, their new play is to pressure Trump to give up his Twitter account. Politico quizzed the half-dead former Sec of State, Madeline Albright, who probably doesn't know how to use a teevee remote, about Trump's twitter usage and this is what she had to say.

“I’m going to try to be polite,” Albright said, asked about the president-elect’s propensity to tweet policy pronouncements on a U.S. Institute of Peace conference panel. “Let me just say that I am very concerned about the tweets and generally about the messages that are going out.”

Concern trolling at its best.
According to Google Trends, search terms for 'Trump delete Twitter account" is on the rise.
Supply side media propaganda.
Conservative leaning website, Lifezette, takes the other side of the argument.

Trump cut out the middleman, and the middleman is livid. Thanks to technology, Trump doesn't need their ink or their audience — he has his own. That's why his tweeting has long been the mainstream media's rhapsodic parrot-gripe. Do a Google news search for "Trump should stop tweeting;" the results are endless. Pick a Trump tweet, scroll through the comments and see how many people are saying "Delete Your Account." Lots.
But President Trump will never stop tweeting. Why would he? He can change the news cycle in 30 seconds with just his iPhone. He can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and the whole world hears it. He has the biggest megaphone in the history of the world at his disposal. Asking Trump to stop tweeting is like asking Tom Brady to show up to the NFL playoffs wearing handcuffs or asking Michael Phelps to cinch an anchor to his waist before diving into the pool. The liberal logic being, "You keep winning. What you're doing is very effective. Please stop."

Here's another poll to consider: America's trust for the media sinks to new lows.
Instead of correcting their haggard ways in reporting news, the main stream media has sought out to control the dissemination of news through filtration systems, discouraging direct dialogue with the American people and impugning the integrity of independent media by calling them 'fake news.'
Hitherto, their schemes have failed. Thus, their credibility continues to spiral lower.

As a side note, I just ran a Twitter poll asking if Trump should delete his account and the results were almost the exact opposite of what Quinnipiac produced.


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Just out of Curiosity, does anybody know if the Print Media of Franklin Roosevelt day were happy with his radio based "Fireside Chats".  The comment about cutting out the middleman seems to ring true (it's always bad if your the middleman, every change seems to bring winners and loosers, and the loosers never seem to be happy about it)...


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wow................... a whole 297 votes; I'm sure that's a major segment of something.......... somewhere

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Fuck the MSM!  

Love Donald Trump and his Twitter comments!!!

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the leftist faggot needs to be shot at sunrise just for thinking that only he and his peers should have 1st Amendment rights

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Please forgive my noticing that the reporter employee (not journalist I assume) Jacob Pramuk states boldly on his Twit profile that he is an Orangeman.

Being suspicious as I am I cannot bring myself to imagine he is a groupy of the band Orangemen or a member of a protestant order or a lifelong football fanatic.

No, I think Orangeman is a psy-op code word for D. Trump supporter.

The rubbishing and commenting on Twat Twit is just a cover for his secret longing to aquire gumption and fortitude, as well as a troll-for-life income in the MSM.

He sees D. Trump as not just the second color of the rainbow but the whole spectrum, as a role model for the man he will never be.

Even the shirt he is wearing is a visual signal as to his true desires.

Maybe he has matching under-garments and an orange man-thong for special occasions?

Take it easy on the man-boy but just let him know we know his true nature.



Marquis D' /S


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Dis here guyz new job isa gonna B poppin ze Zits on the arses of fat-n-nasty pigs wit his flabby beak lips ah pretty soon.


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Obama has had a Twitter Account for years.  

damicol's picture

If majority of President Trump supporters say keep it then that is good enough. Keep it.

Fucking dems and Inds are utterly irrelevant and their views aren't worth shit on your shoe and just need to be scraped off.

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Last time I checked, Donald Trump lives in the United States. As such he is a free person. He doesn't have to listen to, or do things just because others don't like it.

I don't do twatter myself. Never have, never will. But if he likes doing that, MORE POWER TO HIM! Keep it up. Ignore the Lame Stream Media. Bunch of hacks.

Tough shit asshats.

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If Trump didn't have a Twitter account, I'd wonder what he actually said, as opposed to what someone said he said. With this much disinformation, I want direct access to what he really said.

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I wouldn't care what you fukkers think about me and a twitter account.

Neither does he.

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what a sick little sore loser kike,

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Anything that undermines the enemy, to me is a good thing ,and I'm talking about the worst enemy this country has: the talking heads on network TeeVee.

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If you had objected to Obama's tweets, I'd care. Since you didn't, fuck you.


I think Dr. Lexus gave a good accounting of little Jake (or is that little fake?)

"Talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded."


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Fake news didn't fail, the laws are in place, even the republicans voted for them. Now they can censer whatever they want legally.

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All polls are going to be "rigged" and not representative of what the people think. Just like the big poll mentioend here was going to be rigged to have that result, so will the real fly's poll since the people who will vote are surely a majority of Trump supporters.

As for whether Trump should delete his personal twitter account...only if he wants to. If he doesn't then I don't see why he shouldn't keep using it. He probably shouldn't be calling every celebrity, emdia idiot or politician who criticizes him overrated or a hack though as it makes him look like a little bitch who ran out of tampons.

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64% chance that is just another faked libtard poll?

keep the bastards honest's picture

100% its a fake. the MSM is cut out of the loop.

Trump and his cannot be distorted if  the facts come straight from him. Makes them redundant. Naturally they are enraged, they believe its their god given right to control and intervene between him and the rest of  the world. If he got out of twitter he needs his own media version to put out on.

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Dat Da Dah Da ...

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it,
New York, New York I want to wake up in a city,
that doesn't sleep And find I'm king of the hill,
top of the heap


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“I’m going to try to be polite,” Albright said, asked about the president-elect’s propensity to tweet policy pronouncements on a U.S. Institute of Peace conference panel. “Let me just say that I am very concerned about the tweets and generally about the messages that are going out.”

That is a quote from former SOS Albright.

Here's another one from former Nazi death camp survivor, Albright, who is Jewish and will never forget the holocaust and the Jewish children who died there.  When asked if the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi Moslem children due to her and Bill Clinton's sanctions was worth it, she said YES.  

She believes Trump's tweets are rude, but murdering 500,000 goyim children is OK.

Salzburg1756's picture

Jerk, there were no Nazi death camps.

Cruel Aid's picture

if that wasnt a haunting statement by aldumb, nothing is.

Exponential sicko at the reins of power

and those stupid broach distractions.. we get it look over here

The_Real_Fly's picture

She's a globalist pig. She literally looks like one too.

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AliSONY (not verified) Jan 10, 2017 6:01 PM


Forget CNBC. Worse analysis ever..


Former analysts from Goldman Sachs  have created this new group. Much better!


Can't argue with their preciseness and proven track record.

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lol thought it was going to be monkeys thowing darts at at a heat map

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Cruel Aid Jan 10, 2017 9:07 PM

Well, AliSONY sure is a monkey throwing spam at ZH. I mean, come on, AliSONY... At least change the text that you and your fellow spammers use. Maybe just a little bit?...

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When a company resorts to flooding web sites with spam comments becasue they **need** free "advertising" there is no need to click on a link, hidden or not, to go to their "information."

The following is a list of **many** spam accounts on ZH. Note how they are always the same ones talking between themselves and ripping into people asking them to stop the spam flood: AliSONY, Babs.St.Louis, Billy G, Chi Juan, Dr.Carl, ErikE, FemDayTrader, Irvingm, jasony, John Beau, KC Spike, MadhyaBharatx, MexInvest, MikeM54, Mon T, P Christmas Carole, Pinky and the Brain, RonnieM, Sonya B59, Stan Your Man, StevieTexie, Van G, and wisetrader224

So, my financial question is this: Does it make sense, financially, to pay a company that can't afford to pay for advertising so resorts to spam comments for their advertising? Can the spamming company be trusted at all let alone trust their "analyses?" Lets discuss this financial matter.

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It must bring in better results than paying for Google adds...otherwise they wouldn't do it. I think that internet advertising is (almost) completely useless, with the exception of holiday, rental and possibly estate agency sites. Perhaps car sales and ebay etc might fit in there as well, but corporate advertising? Useless, hence the spam. To connect two members of the public who want to exchange goods and services, the internet works, but to convince millions of sheep to buy a service or product from a particular company seems to be a failure.

I actually don't mind spammers if they do it with style and panache, or are completely mad (like fonestar), or have something relevant and interesting, like Sam_I_Am. It's the bloody Biblicism Institute that winds me up. Oh, and the sad sack who's best friend's mother's dog makes $5,000 a week, posting links about his best friend's mother's dog making $$$$, but he is nowhere near as sad as the Biblicism Institute idiot.

So, to would be spammers: keep it fresh, keep it relevant, or keep away.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) OverTheHedge Jan 11, 2017 9:39 AM

Agreed.  If the spammers actually participated and every once ina while posted a "hey, come see our web site," I wouldn't care.

These guys actually started attacking me (my alias), and still do, putting me in their spam comments, for questioning them.  So I give it back to them (my apologies to ZHers for adding to the spam space).  They pretty much do the opposite of what will work.  Which, of course, makes me question their capabilities as a company.


My suggestion to Trump:

'If you like your Twitter, you can

keep your Twitter'

BabaLooey's picture

I used to make house calls to my clients back in the day.

I had a standing rule.

"If I walk in, and you have CNBC on, you pay for a steak dinner for me and a babe of my choice at the restaurant of my choice."

First offense.

I would mark a notch on their file.

Second offense - "A gift cert. for $500.00 to a restaurant of my choice".

I made each client shake hands on it.

Over the years, I got to eat 27 steak dinners. I got exactly ZERO $500 certs.

My rationale was, that if they were paying me - then WHY THE FUCK WERE THEY WASTING TIME WATCHING THAT SHIT!?

CosmicSauce's picture

Jacob, go back to your PS4, weed and jerking off. Youre too fukkin stupid to do anything else.


The MSM is as rigged/fixed as the NFL.

1980XLS's picture

Another fake poll.

Just like Hillary's lead

Perimetr's picture

Trump should delete the CNBC license. 

OpTwoMistic's picture

CNBC....Who are you again?

divingengineer's picture

CNBC, give up your FCC bandwidth, sell it on eBay while it's still worth something.

Manthong's picture

The Schmuck Pramuk needs to get his dictionary out and look up the word “disintermediation” because that is exactly what is happening to him.


Handful of Dust's picture

Even Cheny chuckled when he said, "Trump will make the usual media obsolete."

Of course, the MSM farce is helping their own demise faster then expected.

Manthong's picture

..and it would not pain me to see someone smack that schlong tempting gaping smile of his shut.

jeff montanye's picture

re legacy media's declining credibility/approval rating: note that, from the graph, the period following the revelation of the absence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq resulted in about a 20% loss for the msm in the public's eyes.

this was widely recognized in the media as a failure on their part.

the biggest defeat for the legacy media since then, equal to the wmd zionist snafu?

this year's election, which they are struggling mightily to reverse if only in their own minds.