The Mexican Peso Is Crashing (Again) To Record Lows

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Well that was $4 billion well spent...

Following an unexpected plunge in fixed capital investment  (-0.9% YoY vs +0.3% expectations), the peso has crashed to record lows...

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That peso won't be buying much concrete

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Mexico has been pretending to be the dumbest kid on the block, while milking us for all we’ve got. It’s time to kick the cheater in the groin.

With that said, they would never have been able to do that if not for stupidity of our Dear Leaders, going back 25-30 years.

The same applies to China. I think?   ;-)


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Looks like Mexico is paying for something?

Anybody? Anyone? Vicente?

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I can't wait to see how Trump intends to build that wall down the middle of the 1200 miles of the Rio Grande River.

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You don't need a wall per se...but you do need to control the terrain.

More importantly, you need to address the reason(s) why migrant workers are coming here. They won't be needed much longer thanks to automation, and the only reason the doors remain open for them is that they are ostensibly a unified Democratic voting block.

I personally have no issue with Mexicans, as long as they stay in Mexico. Same with anybody from any other country. They are more than welcome to come here and spend their money on tourism, and then return home.

However, if you come here and expect me to support you, think again. I am willing to fight to the death to keep your cowardly, sorry ass on your own soil, or plant you in mine.

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dont you think it would be much much easier to simply enforce the law and put in jail whoever hires an illegal worker?

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Of course it would, but that would have a political cost in the business community that relies on undocumented labor. The goal is not to eliminate illegal workers, but to drive their uppity little brown asses back deep into the shadows so they remain easy to exploit. Try to find legal workers to pick fruit or wash dishes, it's all about keeping labor costs down, with undocumented workers, an employer doesn't have to worry about pesky stuff like labor relation boards, workman's comp, sick leave, or any type of benefit.

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Trump Wall the Greatest Infrastructure Project and Tourist Attraction in History 

My plan for the Trump Wall is that it will become the greatest tourist attraction in history, and better than the Great Wall of China or Hadrian's Wall in Britain. It will have incorporated Trump hotels, motels, water parks, zip lines, currency (gold & silver) outlets, dutyfree shops of all kinds, world restaurants, concert venues, language schools, a Trump University campus, U.S. Military bases, Mexico Marines bases, Nascar track, Indy Car track, Olympic City, movie production studios, manufacturing cities and agricultural zones. It will be the greatest tax producing venture in the free world, for both Mexico and The USA. Think about Trump Interplanetary Spaceport.
The Trump Wall will be an entire 'corridor', from Gulf of Mexico (Brownsville) to Pacific (San Diego), which incorporates deep water ports with a 6-track, electric rail line between the two termini.  The Mexicans can be trusted to build the corridor with our planning and management.  Their concrete production and electronics industries are already up to the task. The Wall will become the greatest infrastructure development in the history of mankind, and its completion will reinvigorate the two moribund economies.  It will change forever the entire dialectic regarding 'border security', becoming instead the place where the two peoples come together, rather than merely a symbol of their separation.  The mile-wide corridor will ultimately provide for its primary function of security between the two countries, Norte y Sur.
I have designed the Wall, and I ask that the president-elect consider changing the whole rhetoric regarding its meaning before informing both the media and the outgoing administration.

monoloco's picture

Unless you are a dishwasher, a field hand, or a insulation installer, it is more likely that you have benefited from undocumented workers rather than supported them. Think about how much more expensive your food will be when farmers have to rely on a bunch of lazy assed millenial "snowflakes," who pull out their Iphone every 5 minnutes to check their facebook page and file for workman's comp every time they have a sore back.

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Where is that big mouth Vicente Fox Quesada at?

He should be shooting his mouth off how great the peso really is.

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Um, it is built on the US side of the river? Secure access for legal water rights.

Have you ever applied for a fence permit? You know, to build a fence?

monoloco's picture

Have you actually ever looked at sat photos of the Rio Grande? It looks like a 1200 mile long snake. If we build a wall on the US side of the river, we will be effectively seceding the river to Mexico, not to mention that it will require the most massive theft of private property by the use of eminent domain ever undertaken by the government.

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The army corps of engineers said that the physical and legal challenges would make construction of a wall nearly impossible.

Arnold's picture

Maybe not prop the peso,

but I know I could be an economic positive if some one threw a Billion dollars at me.

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"Now go build me that fucking Wall Vicente Cocks! I mean Fox!" Trump!

EBT excepted's picture

no hoblah da on-gleece bruthah...

Bubba Rum Das's picture

The Good: Carlos Slim & his drug cartels will be taking a big loss.

The Bad: Mexican illegals will now be flocking here in droves.

The Ugly: This gives the Mexican Drug Cartels even more incentive to open up retail outlets in the U.S...

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Build that wall quickly or face more Mexican Invaders.  


(Until the Mexican gene is eliminated, they'll keep coming.)

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King Tut (not verified) ToSoft4Truth Jan 10, 2017 9:31 AM

Let me adjust my tin foil hat as I say that maybe the destabilization of Mexico is by design to encourage a flood of brown invaders

JRobby's picture

For now

Let's see what type of security measures are deployed on January 21. For now, the border breach slam will continue with Oblivio in charge.

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Taco and jumping bean exporters must be loving it. 


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Looks like a trip to Cabo is in order...

Arnold's picture

Be sure do check the weapon choise your hosteler supplies.

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Build a welfare state .... the people will come ?

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King Tut (not verified) Arrest Hillary Jan 10, 2017 9:35 AM

That welfare state being the USofA?

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They should have committed to building the wall.

JRobby's picture

(Laugh Track Deafening!!!!)

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

La Raza is run by mexi .gov?? still has the secede california option to play in taking back the south west..with millions of illegal voters there, it's a long shot, but these are despirate times for La Raza & progessives, and hollywood would have to back em..ask obuma to come out to cali; and be their new el presidente for life.. made child prostitution legal so why fly to thailand??

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The Brown racist "Tan Klan" "LIBERALS" attacking Americans in CA

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

california is a beautiful land with very very ugly people

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Guess who just paid for the wall??


And guess who's going to continue to pay for the wall??

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Remember Clinton & his Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Treasury Rubin's peso Bailout after NAFTA?

NoWayJose's picture

The Mexican President may want to work a 'deal' with Trump - rather than tweeting insults at him.

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Sorry, but Vincente Fox is not the Mexican president anymore that Nixon is the US president.

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What they need is the same as every country, a good leader, something that is extremely rare throughout history, most of them are either ignorant or corrupt. This is why Putin is so well respected... he's learned his lessons the hard way in the 90s when RUssia was being raped by our 5th column oligarchs over there.... sort of like the sports doping fake crap is going on.... the guy doing it is wanted by Russian police, but protected by us and setup in business... Who do you think he's working for?

Same BS throughout history. The saying in Mexico has always been, 'Poor Mexico, so far from god, so close to the USA' [Porfirio Diaz] Remember it is our CIA, FBI, Border Police et al running the drugs and guns, laundering their drug money etc... essentially, keeping them 'in their place' as peasants or pawns to be used and abused, exploited and manipulated, same as the rest of the herd worldwide...'divide and conquer'.

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Mexico hasn't paid for the wall yet, but they are already paying.

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Grab'em by the panocha!

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Mexico is CANCELLED Day X