Ted Cruz Introduces "Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act"

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cruzinterminatortedLook at that - a week after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a constitutional amendment on congressional term limits, he's co-sponsoring a bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps as terrorist groups.

You know, the same Muslim Brotherhood Huma Abedin is allegedly tied to.

Read below:


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Yo, Dork cruz!

It's too late.

Yer a day late, and a dollar short.

soterobama has already brought in all the terrorists to start the chaos train.

All terror events are sponsored and supported by the banksters using the evil al-CIA-duh type not-so-intel agencies.

As was well coined upon ago, stupid is as stupid does and these stupid evil folks, they are not people, but folking folks that always every time are going to eventually do something, evil. They never change and always make for sure bets.

Dear God(Love), please eliminate all evil on this planet so real people, not folks, but people can really enjoy real life without fear, and greed, and all the rest of the horsecart full of degenerative human dis-eases that were long ago created for control purposes.

Oh Look! Here comes Spring. Was that the fastest winter you ever did saw?


Got seeds...and why not...enjoy the last days of Pompeii in purity...goodness...fearless.


Pure well lived life...one day at a time.


Are you breathing...deeply...regularly?


All Glory to the Most High.

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With Obama as one of their biggest supporters in the US but I guess the bill won't work retroactively?

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Fortunatelly the "good Saudis" and the "good Al-Qaeda" wil help the US to defeat those evil muslim terrorists and their Russian protectors., isn't it?

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Ted ran opposing the Patriot Act -- and then voted to reauthorize it.

He voted yes on Obamatrade -- then said he's against it.

He was for allowing illegal immigrants staying in 2013 until he reversed himself for his POTUS run.

He claimed to be stauncly in favor of Audit the Fed but didn't bother to show up to vote for this most important bill of our time.

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The perfect politician.

Never has a new idea, never reads a book, has no firm opinions on anything, without the backbone or drive to do anything.

Swings with the wind, rolls with the tide.

Agrees with whoever he is talking with to give the impression he is knowledgeable.

I'm sorry to say this describes almost all of the current crop of politicians on the globe.

Should you happen to come across one without the above qualities please send them a congratulatory message before the ceremonial nail-gun, bungee jumping minus tether or accidental calibre injury befalls them.

They may start out with good intention and sound heart but the 4' x 2' with rusty nail embedded soon shows them the error of their ways.



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I think the main reason Teddyboy dropped out of the Presidential race when he did, he had found out what the new President would be up against. It is one thing to sit in your senator seat in Congress and fantasize about what you would do as President and quite another to be briefed on foreign affairs from the Presidential side and suddenly realize you have been batting for the wrong team all along, maybe knowing you did or worse, not knowing you did. All though there were two men in the running that I thought would idealistically make good Presidents, Trump was the one that I knew had the guts to withstand all the crap I knew he was going to get when he won the nomination. It is now on and Trump is about to take the oath of office in 9 days, and the outragious threats, against Trump's administration and against ordinary voters has been to say the least emotionally overwhelming. I have pretty much decided to not send my grandson to school on January 20, because the school he goes to unfortunately is funded and stocked by the liberal government with teachers and students who recite the anti-Trump and anti American mantra everyday at school. He has two teachers both here on H1-B visas from foreign countries trying to tell him how wrong Trump is for America and the ridiculous party line stuff, that we read in the news on a daily basis. My grandson is autistic or he would not be at that school, however, he is also very vocal and his mouth will get him into a total physical beat down if the tide turns bad that day at school. With my grandson I am going with the adage, those who fight and then run away, live to fight another day. Obama has brought us to the brink of anarchy in the streets and in the schools where kids SHOULD actually be physically protected from the adult type crap going on. And, that is what I plan to do.

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bunch of wanker pro israel brietbarters here for this post.

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Declare Wahhabism as an enemy of world sanity.

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For those who have done a modicum of research into Islam, and to all those who have not as yet really looked at Islam, Shariah and the Hadiths and who should get on the stick and read, it is plainly evident that if you call the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, ISIS a terrorist organization , the IRGC a terrorist organization, then you have to call ISLAM the origin of that terrorism. The writings are clear and the teachings today are clear. Islam intends to terrorize and subjugate all non-believers. Keep in mind, 90,000 Christians have been murdered in 2016 for nothing else than being Christian.

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Remind me again how many US bombs were dropped in 2016. Compared to radical islam, the US is killing far more people. We hate them for our terrorism.

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I've posted this before - but it bears posting again.

This shows everyone - without a doubt;

1) How radical ORDINARY "muslims" are.

2) How FUCKING STUPID Hollywhackers are

...in "defending" islam, muslims and their fucked up "religion".

It's a Paul Joe Watson piece, but, at the 1:47 minute mark to the 4:30 mark, Watson shows an entire mosque of of muzzies how they feel about gay people.

Now, I am not advocating for gays here; but it shows you - IN THEIR OWN WORDS - how they think.

Ordinary muslims here.

Skip to about the 1:45 mark.


I showed this to my gay landlord, who - up until the time I did was going on and on about "Islamophobia"....

I cued it up to the mark. Made him watch. Got a gay person you know, that also is a liberal. Show them this.

It's not staged. It's real.

My landlord? He no longer "supports" muslims.



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i am all for that if you include the talmudic jews and the crazy christian right in that picture. all the abrahamics are equally nutz in the eyes of the lord.

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Go after the Saudi Wahabi's next. No more money (terrorist funding) to mosques in the US.

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well, then wouldn't it be proper for a large number of countries to designate the marines as a terrorist .org along with the cia.

i 'd be supportive of a bill that designated israel as a terror nation deserving sanctions. that would be proof you have found your lost mind, teddy.

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The Muslim Brotherhood was welcomed to the White House and supported by Hussein Obama for eight years. The US under Obama only supports moderate jihadist terror groups, by arming, training and financing the terrorisats to overthrow Assad of Syria. Hail to Nobel Hussein the Bringer of the Arab Spring.

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I am glad Cruz turned a new leaf and decided to help Trump make America great again. When you see the millions of job Trump is creating even though her is not even in the wh yet, a person in politics would be a fool to bash him.


Dems who oppose him will definitely get thrown out of office next election (except for Libtard Kornifornia where they are high on dope 24/7 or NYC where every 3rd person is a foreigner).

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First thing Trump has to do is to shitcan Jeh Johnson, head of DHS and Muz Sympathiser.

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jeh johnson is done on 1/20/2017, and good riddance, taking odumbo hopey changey with him... Gen John Kelly is in conf. hearings now, and should be confirmed on or before 1/20

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The upper level of management at DHS is rumored to think this guy is very incompetent as well as arrogant. That seems to go hand-in-hand esp when you also take a look at Lowrenta and Holder.

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Anyone who threatens US (World Citizens), will and should be made scared!

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Ted Cruz is a captive of Israel. It is not Muslims who are destroying the West; it is the Zionists.

“As soon as Egypt gets a democracy with an elected president, Washington has the military, which is dependent on Washington for money and equipment, to overthrow the democracy, just as Washington does in Honduras and elsewhere. The Egyptian government that democracy produced was Islamist. The Muslim Brotherhood is moderate, not radical, but the moderate Islamists showed lack of enthusiasm for supporting the Washington-Israeli policy of genocide for Palestine. Washington finds ‘freedom and democracy’ unacceptable when it does not support Washington’s foreign policy.” – Paul Craig Roberts (August 19, 2013)


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It is both and the two Bedouins.

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Jews ruin every country they occupy. Benjamin Franklin was correct not to allow them in the USA! In 1965 the USA was 90% white. Make America white again. The Jews have no God.

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"Look at that - a week after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a constitutional amendment on congressional term limits,"

Cute.  Teddy is trying to beat the Convention of States to the punch.  However, the Convention will more likely propose a Constitutional amendment to abolish Congress (along with the office of the President and the Supreme Court) and start all over with a clean slate.