Washington Post - Instrumental In Coining The Term "Fake News" - Now Wants It Gone

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fullofIt looks like the propaganda wing of the establishment has decided to pull the plug on the whole "Fake News" thing they worked so hard on. Apparently their carefully crafted psychological priming mechanism designed to scatter Orwellian seeds of doubt regarding non-approved news agencies has gone awry - their own invention turned against them. Hmm. I wonder how that happened? It's as if the left and their minions have a credibility problem or something.

Media columnist Margaret Sullivan writes:

Sorry Washington Post, you had really bad material to work with but you tried your best. Not only did you dutifully participate in bashing President-elect Trump the entire election while downplaying Hillary's record, you were the first ones to the punchbowl to let America know (right before the Electoral College voted) about the CIA's evidence-thin conclusions in the Russian hacking scandal. You also tried to sell us on that whole "Russia hacked the electrical grid" thing, only to have to issue two retractions.

It should also be noted that the Washington Post was instrumental in planting the phrase "Fake News" - along with Buzzfeed, factcheck.org, and The Guardian. Once it gained momentum throughout 2016, Facebook's new fact checkers Snopes and Politifact, along with Vanity Fair, helped push the phrase into unaware and compliant minds towards the end of October.

Take a look at this google trends search:


Given that the inflection point where "Fake News" skyrockets is approximately the last week in October (into the first week in November), let's look at which major outlets had been using the phrase earlier in the year.

April 2nd, 2016: A search for "Fake News" sorted by relevance (Google's default) for results prior to 10/29/0216.  What do we have here? Oh my, if it isn't the CIA's trusted source for leaking national security rumors, Jeff Bezos' Washington Post:


Searching for "Fake News" by date vs. relevance:

April 11th, propaganda site Buzzfeed stokes the fire by following up on Facebook's commitment to eliminate hoaxes.


September 2nd, factcheck.org uses the phrase "Fake News"


October 5thThe Guardian reports that Buzzfeed was allegedly hacked on October 5th by a Saudi teen named Ahmad Makki, who defaced the Buzzfeed website with a message that read "Don't share fake news about us." Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was hacked by the same "Fake News" hackers.ourmine2

In fact, a whole bunch of tech CEO's and celebrities were apparently hacked by "fake news" Ahmad Makki, who conspicuously shares the same name as a famous Pro-Assad blogger who was [nsfw] murdered brought to justice by the Free Syrian Army (the jihadist rebels Hillary planned to support in toppling Assad).

October 7th, two days after The Guardian storybuzzfeed turns around and posts a story about a "Fake Hillary Clinton Speech Transcript" emanating from a "fake news" website.


October 8th, Snopes gets in on the Fake News action:

snoe October 13th, liberal Vanity Fair rehashes the Facebook "Fake News" story, which Facebook later put together a new and improved "task force" to deal with:


October 19th, our old friends at the Washington Post jump into the fray once again:


Closer to the election - Facebook Fact Checker Politifact uses the phrase "FAKE NEWS" in an October 23rd piece:  (click to enlarge):


After the election, Google and Facebook (re?)-declare WAR on Fake News!


November 17th, WaPo publishes a story from a "Facebook fake-news writer" who thinks he got Trump elected.


December 9th, Hillary Clinton gives her "Fake News" speech in her most victimy purple outfit, the same day propaganda seed-planting Buzzfeed was caught citing fake data in their fake news story.

So there you have it - the carefully woven phrase "Fake News" was trotted out by the MSM to try and discredit non-approved sources of information, only to collapse under the weight of their inability to lie to the general public.

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honest injun's picture

They introduced an idea that what is reported may not be true.  To counter the 'fake news', individuals must evaluate information independently.  As soon as anyone does this, they find that much of what the main stream media reports is not true.  Now the propagandists are discontinuing use of that idea.  New media must continue using the term to ensure that the idea doesn't die.

Bemused Observer's picture

Its like watching someone try to take a swing at someone else and hitting themselves right in the face instead.

Classic dumbass maneuver.

Akzed's picture

"Margaret, I have an unpleasant assignment for you. I'll owe ya one..." -Bezos

Herdee's picture

It's because it is damaging the reputation of its' rich owner who appears to be a schill for the CIA and allows a lot od their reporters to be bought-off like cheap stree whores. They're corrupt presstitutes piching a government line similar to what was done in the old Soviet Union. They are slaves and ass kissers. They got caught bigtime. Ales Jones exposed them as government agents.


Bureau of compliance's picture

Haven't had this much fun since the 80's.

Solomonpal's picture

I agree. It was great to watch. It was the rank and file that shoved the fake news thing right up their corpulent asses .

northern vigor's picture

I've noticed lefties, thieves, liberals, liars, progs, commies, kids in kindergarten, and Democrats do things...

And then point fingers that others are doing it.

onthesquare's picture

Media columnist Margaret Sullivan writes:

Or anything in the relm of news that the observer does not like to hear. Alas in these days approaching the end no one will admit their mistakes.  Sullivan declares that news is a relm and if you do not like the narrative then one calls it false news. will anyone ever take responsibility for being deceptive.  For having alterior motives and turning that self interest to deceive into a lie. I was told often to forget everything you were taught in school as we will teach you our way.  But both are false and everything must be considered a lie.  FFS
Salsa Verde's picture

Creating disparaging phrases to label people with has consequences:  Poor little snowflakes losing their fragile little minds.

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) Jan 10, 2017 9:45 AM




It's really not that hard to understand.


GOT GOOGLE GOYIM?  Seven CHEWS Media Control...

Handful of Dust's picture

The biggest threat to American democracy are these extrme radical left wingers with ties to terror groups like the DNC.

Kina's picture

CNN is about as popular as a burning paper bag of dog shit on your doorstep, but less fragrant.

beijing expat's picture

We have reached peak Bullshit.

It doesn't have any impact any more because nobody believes it.

The dinosaur media just doesn't get it. They think if they double down on BullShit they will be able to regain the narrative.

For Example: Christie Amanpour will be interviewing global security heavyweight, David Fucking Patreus, the most hated man in the army. A douchebag who betrayed his country so he could get laid.

And CNN thinks this will boost its credibility.

CNN's credibility was launched right out the fucking window, like a flaming ball of shit.

Zucker has to decide: Is he going to destroy the network, or is he going to stop trying to Bullshit his few remaining viewers.

Downtoolong's picture


The NYT, “All the news that’s fake enough to print”.




Emergency Ward's picture

All the news that's fit to fake

Kina's picture

Washington Post - 'People, stop fucking thinking for yourselves. Bastards.'

Their invention Fake News has become sentient and consuming its master.

Have to laugh, the Washington Post just invented a name for itself, if it looked at the polls they would have known people already consider them fake news.


The Guardina lol   Obama establishment whores.  They are as butt hurt over Clinton not winning as Clinton is.  Never seen a paper have such a sulk as The Guardian, and they want people to subscribe to it.


Tell you what The Guardian - start publishing, news, start real journalism and stop sucking Libtard cock, then you might get some subscribers.


Solomonpal's picture

Have to laugh...cracking up really. WPO invented a name for itself. It's so fuckung true!

navy62802's picture

You can't make this shit up.

Low-Withers's picture

Do you think the "progressives" will ever have an epiphany and wake up.

"You mean "WE CAN'T" make this shit up.?????"


1980XLS's picture

Washington Post IS  fake news by definition.

So is this story real?

Kayman's picture

Corrupt Bezos' monkeys.  Nothing like being shot with your own ball of shit.

These slimeballs still don't get it, they can't read their own polls. 80% of America thinks everything you publish is a pack of lies. You have no credibility. You are a bunch of fakes making up Fake News.

Must have faked their tests scores in Chicken Little 101.

New World Chaos's picture

Maybe if they want to make Pizzagate go away, they should tell everyone the truth, and nobody would believe them.

Pizzagate is the real news.  Everything else is a distraction.  All this fake news bullshit got big right after Pizzagate hit the intertubes.  That's not a coincidence.

peddling-fiction's picture

Pizza-gated communities are only the tip of the iceberga.

Calculus99's picture

Is this article fake or not?

ZeroPointNow's picture

It doesn't exist. This is all a fake dream.

Budd aka Sidewinder's picture

Get Snopes on it....DUH!

Unless they're busy making porn with their employees

keep the bastards honest's picture

too amusing to be true? 

'Facebook's new fact checkers Snopes and Politifact, along with Vanity Fair, helped push the phrase into unaware and compliant minds towards the end of October."

love it. the deplorables took it and ran with it. no shame.

keep the bastards honest's picture

 fakenews purveyers think they have  control..

Fakenews now means MSM.  the genie is out of the bottle the rabbit is not going back in to the hat. They keep trying to pretend it only means alternate  news. Has focussed the mind nicely.

Like the intelligence report is now seen as Just a Press Release, much of it about outdated Rt.com from years ago.

NoDebt's picture

We're going to miss "fake news" when it's gone.  That was by far my favorite stupid propoganda meme in recent times.  

I do have to give a tip-o-the-hat to MDB on this, though.  He was talking about only getting news from "accredited" journalists for years before the MSM tried this crap.  (The best part is, who "accredited" him?  Nobody.  He accredited himself.  You have to respect balls that big.)

Sadly, like with the 'The Onion', reality has now surpassed his satire.


keep the bastards honest's picture

NoDebt.  Fakenews wont go till the MSM has gone. Then there is fakescience which says there is no known cause for asthma and that earthquakes cannot be predicted... that greenland ice core temperature cycles are fantasy..

ebear's picture

"...and that earthquakes cannot be predicted..."

The hell.  They were doing that with sheep's bladders in the Middle Ages.

<sigh> So much ancient knowledge has been lost...

DeadFred's picture


81% accuracy so far

Erek's picture

The Washington Post? How about The Washington Compost. They print nothing but shit anyway.