Wholesale Sales Disappoint Sending Inventories-Ratio Back Into Recession Territory

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November saw inventories rise more than expected (+1.0% MoM vs +0.9% exp) and sales disappoint (+0.4% vs +0.5% exp) and were notably revised lower. This sent the inventories-to-sales ratio back up again - stubbornly stuck in recessionary territory.

Both Inventories and sales grew year-over-year...


But the gap between inventories and sales grew in absolute terms for the first time since July...


Sending the inventories-to-sales ratio back up again...


Automotive inventories-to-sales jumped higher once again - back near cycle highs.

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Okay, so what's up with the record breaking credit card sales published yesterday?  And November was supposed to be the Big month.

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the level of equity index intervention today is mind numbing

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Simple explanation is that what is being bought is being bought on plastic....  everyone is tapped out and in hunker down mode.

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King Tut (not verified) rejected Jan 10, 2017 10:17 AM

When 70% of US plebs have less than $1K saved up of course they are going to charge it.

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What is this mobile chat bloat crap?


Is that why the site went down?


Hello Adblock Plus, block element feature.

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whodathunk, no demand for anything, except hookers and blow......

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simple solution to all your needs...


the best product at the best prices----Nobody can beat our prices---they're insannnneee!

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pre-WW1/WW2 economic situation worldwide!

Book> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


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the solution is obvious! BUY BUY BUY!!!! 

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For some reason, i think the money behind the markets still wants to crest Dow 20k before the election...no matter the data.

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it is odd that they came within 0.37 points and didn't decide to push just a little harder for it the other day.

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Looks like the OBOYCOTT is working  ;-)

That is, Trump supporters simply refuse to buy any discretionary items until February, when President Trump gets his first full month of statistics.

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If I was Trump, who seems to only have a knowledge of business and how to 'work the system', then I'd bring in that ShadowStats guy to put out the truth, so none of the propaganda BS can be used against you later.. but the collapse will occur anyway, as trump has asserted already during the campaign... good time to sell off his portfolio though and with a good excuse.

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Firstly, used truck prices in my area are now down over 20% on just two months ago. Nobody's buying. Judging by the deals on new ones, they aren't buying those either.


Secondly for myself, almost everything I buy now goes on credit card for the cash back.I pay off in full every month. I only use cash where there's a price difference from credit,or if it's a local trader that I don't want to have to pay the CC premium.