Furious Trump Lashes Out At "Fake News" Leak: "Are We Living In Nazi Germany?"

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If there was any doubt as to whether the relationship between the President-elect and certain members of the "intelligence community" had fallen on rough times, an angry Tweetstorm from Trump this morning pretty much clears up all the confusion.  After the CIA included what is looking increasingly like fabricated nonsense in their official classified intelligence report (something we noted earlier here), Trump took to Twitter to confirm that it is "A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE" and questioned whether we're "living in Nazi Germany."

Russian officials early Wednesday said that news it had "compromising personal and financial information" on Trump was "absolute fabrication." The Kremlin has no compromising dossier on Mr. Trump, such information is not consistent with reality and is nothing but an absolute fantasy,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

“There are people who foment this hysteria, who move heaven and earth to keep up this ‘witch hunt,’ ” he added. “By the way, this is how Mr. Trump characterized this fabrication.”

Late Tuesday night, Trump called the report a "political witch hunt."

In light of Trump's adversarial tone, futures are easing lower, concerned what Trump will say at today's 11AM EST press conference, where the topic of Russia is sure to be top billing.

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ATTA-Trump! He is already draining the CIA Swamp, the worst swamp in DC, and he is not even in the office yet.  ;-)


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GGuy (not verified) Looney Jan 11, 2017 8:12 AM

ashkeNAZI JOOrmany

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----_- (not verified) GGuy Jan 11, 2017 8:16 AM

"Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

no we are living in a zionist world order with the cat toilet israel, the (((federal reserve))), dual citizens who control the media and education system and a calender based on a ex-yid hanging from a stick.

BullyDog's picture

Drain the swamp, and make sure that the FED is emptied.   (just like fort knox)

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


a great "movement" is verified

And another "great movement" (the report which, after squatting, the 'intelligence' community squeezed out last week) is thoroughly discredited.

BullyBearish's picture

"Are we living in Nazi Germany?"...worse, we're living in AshkeNAZI 1984

VinceFostersGhost's picture



and he is not even in the office yet.  ;-)


I know......RIGHT!


Obviously......they can't let him get in.

wildbad's picture

dangerous beasts live in that swamp. a few high velocity rounds and a few fiat paid international terrorist that the CIA already owns, a few black flights and they are gone!

that band of thieves would JFK, RFK, MLK him in a heartbeat if they can and they will.

trump will put the CIA out with the trash as kennedy threatened to.

the planning is already underway.

patriots in the CIA need to get the word out

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FreezeThese (not verified) wildbad Jan 11, 2017 8:28 AM

CAPS LOCK - I'M CONVINCED!!! The quotations around movement don't illicit confidence fyi. Tax returns would put this all to bed. Fake news like Obama's birth certificate movement he started ... lol this is the guy yall wanted?

EuroPox's picture

Cretin.  Go join the cretins at the CIA who didn't even do a google search to find the originals on 4chan.

Malaka's picture

You are getting closer to the true facts. My Latino sources tell me it is Trump with the fake birth certificate!


This is my impeccable deep undercover source.


Arriba Muchachos!


LyLo's picture

I was an Edwards supporter in the 2008 Democrat primary, to the point that I did not actually vote in that primary as he was out before my state voted.  (Yeah, you can tell I'm being honest because I admit this.  So suck on that.  Still think he would have been better than Obama or Clinton...)

Hillary Clinton's campaign started the birther movement, and circulated a bunch of really fucked up pictures to go with it.  It was creepy and dark, and was used against her towards the end.  It was almost enough to sway me to vote for Obama in the primary, but not quite.   Again, I was a partisan Democrat in the middle of that very primary.  I was there and remember it; neither you nor the media can gaslight me here.

Also, the Clinton camp was probably right, for once.  The "birth certificate" leaves a lot to be desired, and I highly recommend that you research the point before making your oh-so-righteous conclusion.

Idaho potato head's picture

Trump has been in the casino business, you think he will be as easy to get to as Kennedy in a slow moving convertable? 

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Well, Donald, that was the plan of the NAZI assistant named George Soros.

And to all you others out there, NAZI Germany is pretty much the vision of the world that the Global Zionists are working toward...only they will be wearing the black uniforms.

wildbad's picture

..a boot stomping on a face for all of eternity. from eric blair as a warning, from soros to you as a wet dream, from obama to you as a conqueror

----_-'s picture

"will be wearing the black uniforms"


no they will be wearing their traditional blue-white striped pajamas - i insist

MEFOBILLS's picture

NAZIism has a pretty bad name, but the actual reality to it prior to war, was better than the image.  There was no great depression, people were working building houses, cars, roads...growing food.  Industry was made humane, with rest areas - even pools to swim in, etc.

What Nazi's did, is centralize control politically - and also partially seize the money power.  This money power seizing really got our (((friends))) dander up into an uproar.  Zionism IS international banksterism.  Zionisim is Illuminist.  Zion is aligned with the eastern invasion of Masonic lodges i.e. Sabbatean Jewry. The notion that a nation can create its own money is verboten to Zion.  Zion must have the usury that owning the money creation process engenders. This money power is the tap root that funds illuminism.  Get anywhere near this tap root, and they go bezerk.

Herzyl (the founder of Zion) wanted Anti-Semitism.  The concept was useful to then create a state in Palestein.  Wrapped up in Zion is also Messianic religion.  Talmudic religion + money power = Zion.  Zion paid the Nazi party via Havarra, to remove German jews.  In this way, Nazi government was in league with Jewry.  Rebulding the Temple is important to Messianic Talmud (Cabala), to then have the religion shown as "true."

Much of the holohoax fabrications are diversion to hide the fact that Zion worked wtih Nazi leaders.  Goebbels learned his "big lie" technique from American Jew, Edward Bernays. Why is it a surprise that mass propaganda techniques are a Jewish speciality?   They do their best to always own the press/TV/Media.  The religion and the people themselves use deception and trickery in order to take rents.  Zion is simply a manifestation of an in-group people, who have evolved techniques, to live-off of others.

Read the book 200 years together to get a flavor for this in-group parasitism.  The Russian Tsar's of that era tried repeatedly to have their Jewish population become farmers, craftsmen, etc., any sort of honest labor.  Tsars repeatedly failed, as our friends always turned to some sort of scheme to make their money as a parasite.  The Tsars gave preferential treatment to our friends, free land, even carve outs in tax code, so they would turn away and join civil society.

These sort of things are not taught in public skooools, so one has to actually do their homework - hence most people are ignorant of reality.  And besides, most people don't want to take the red pill - they are happy to lap up Bernay's type big lies.

Fake media - it is the same old story.  Nothing new here, it is just more blatant so the average sheeple can see it.


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

CC -- down vote for lumping Jesus of Nazareth in with the moneychangers that he drove out of the temple with a whip, and for treating him as no more than "just another Jew."

----_-'s picture



why do you not call him by his original hebrew name - YEHOSHUA or short yeshua

you try to make it look like as if jesus is not the messiah for israel and the jews.


down vote you for being a hypocrite

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

I'm a hypocrite because I chose the name most familiar to Western Civ. Seriously?

----_-'s picture

in no way im taking your christianity away from you. be a good slave! work properly 6 days a week, donate your money to the church and dont masturbate.



TeethVillage88s's picture

yehoshua could be anyone named that.

Yehoshua may refer to:

Jehoshua or Joshua (Hebrew: ??????????? Y?hôshúa), a figure in the Jewish Torah and the central character in the Book of Joshua
Book of Joshua (Hebrew: ??? ?????? Sefer Y?hôshúa), a book of the Bible
Yehoshua (surname), a Hebrew surname
Yehoshua (given name), a list of people

See also

Joshua (name), a Hebrew given name
Yeshua (name) (Aramaic: ????????? Y?shúa), a shortened version of this name, found in Nehemiah 8.17
Jesus (name), an Anglicised version of the same Hebrew given name, as in Hebrews 4.8 referring to Jehoshua son of Nun, in the King James Version

Sick Underbelly's picture

You seem to have missed the "ex" part.  The distinction of "ex-yid" doesn't, really, accomplish "lumping Jesus of Nazareth in with the moneychangers".

Maybe you need a bit more faith...and some lessons in reading comprehension?

Or, you could just ASK the question: "Were you lumping Jesus of Nazareth in with the moneychangers?"  

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Suck my dick u illiterate fascist islamist imbecile.


Sick Underbelly's picture

You mad, bruh?   Need to talk it out with momma?  Get some coddling for your unsucked dick? 

Croesus's picture



That's some real shit.

P.S. Screw your downvotes. The Real heroes of WWII don't need Hollywood Jews to "tell the world" about them....Hans Ulrich-Rudel's records are 70+ years old, and he was still a better military pilot than anyone since. He flew vastly-inferior equipment, compared to what's available now, so fuck-off with your "Shoah-business".

Suck it, assholes.

Wir kommen wieder.

Ihr konnt mich am Arsch lecken.

Paul Kersey's picture

Even if the golden shower thing were true, which is isn't, why would Americans bat an eye when we had an American President, Bill Clinton, who shoved his cigar in Monica's twat, and then declared it "tasted good"?

Handful of Dust's picture

Looked like Barney Franls pissing on Harry Reed to me.The woman in the background might be a leather-clad Pelosi...yes, the one holding the whip.


That's odd.

GraveDancer's picture

Obama is the outgoing Chamberlin; Trump is the incoming Churchill; Putin is Stalin and Islamic Jihad is the new Nazism!

Book> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


TwelveOhOne's picture

The ZeroHedge reviews have begun, apparently!

Your advertisement needs better formatting.  Also should note that you're the author.  And perhaps you might consider paying ZH, rather than annoying people who are trying to communicate.

LyLo's picture

That...  That's a good point, actually.

The thought I just had: how many Americans would part with cold hard cash to do the exact thing Trump was accused of?  I mean, if it was pretty cheap, and I had enough people going in on it with me...  I'm just saying it would be kind of funny.  Although, I'd rather do it in a room I knew he was going to sleep in, not had slept in.  Less funny, more vindictive, but still pretty hilarious.

...  I'm just going to stop here.  I can feel the trouble I'm capable of bringing on myself with this one.

Sick Underbelly's picture

"They" forgot that about 2 months after it wasn't the latest "news."

I think you give the sheeple mass too much credit.

If the golden showers thing was true, then they wouldn't "bat an eye" because it's legal to pay people to piss on a bed.

Yes, the hotel might fine him, but I imagine Trumpy could foot the bill for a better bed + people to piss on the bed.

DomoJojo's picture

I found some believer comments at HuffPo this morning to actually express a kind of warming to Trump upon reading this (fake) story. The snowflakes are going to need a padded room when they realize they've been trolled big time.

Laddie's picture

Well Mr Trump is a product of the American, New York City, social world so of course he will say what he was taught growing up.

The POWER that SILENCES speech and works for the genocide of Whites is NOT National Socialist, it is the heirs of the Bolsheviks.

Adolf Hitler, we are told and taught from childhood, was the EVILEST man to ever live. In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote about the "BIG LIE" technique, he said it was a Jewish tool.

UK: Former Conservative Minister Forced to Publish Anonymously for Fear of Jewish Power

Philip Giraldi on the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act by Kevin MacDonald December 6, 2016 emeritus professor of psychology at California State University - Long Beach

Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

SoDamnMad's picture

I guess I dream of 8 Osprey's landing in Langley's parking lot with a half dozen Cobra gunships orbiting overhead as Mathis goes inside to tell

them they are all FIRED.

SWRichmond's picture

I'd pay to see that.

I forget where (LewRockwell I believe) I read an article basically asserting that the further up the 'Secrecy" chain you go, the more incompetence you encounter, as there is absolutely no monitoring / supervision / accountability.

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) SoDamnMad Jan 11, 2017 10:33 AM

Or he could take Shinooks and Apaches like any first world spy chief would do.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Draining the swamp is really too nice of a term and quite an understatement. Augean stables come to mind.

GraveDancer's picture

Globalists are enginerring WW3 on Trump's watch to blame it on conservatives!

Obama is the outgoing Chamberlin; Trump is the incoming Churchill; Putin is Stalin and Islamic jihad is the new Nazism to be defeated!

The? ?world? ?is? ?finally? ?awakening? ?to? ?the? ?fact? ?that? ?World? ?War? ?III? ?has? ?begun? ?in? ?earnest;? ?that the? ?Islamic? ?World? ?and? ?the? ?Judeo-Christian? ?world? ?are? ?now? ?truly? ?at? ?war.

> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


TwelveOhOne's picture

The formatting on this advertisement is even worse than that on the one I just commented on.

Step up your game.  And, pay for your ads, or at least, try to work your book into the conversation.

drendebe10's picture

Progressive liberal democraps are among the meanest nastiest hypocrite intolerant people on the face of the earth. Gow the fuk up.

WorkingFool's picture

After Trump takes his hand off the Bible at his inauguration he should:
1. Turn to the Armed Forces Chief of Staff and say "General secure the southern border"
2. Turn to the Treasury Secetary and say "Secretay secure the currency"
3. Turn to Mr. Yellen and say "i expect you regisnation to be on my desk in an hour"
4. Turn to Clapper and say "You're fired! Pack you shot and get the fuck out"

Wow72's picture

Go Trump, Rip them a new asshole.

Ignatius's picture

The dreaded, weaponized "Nazi" allegation has been deployed.  The war is over.

Bring on the press conference....

Handful of Dust's picture

Hillary's thugs have been beating people up since the campaign began so the answer is "yes' since the fbi and police don't seem to be arresting these Hillary thugs.

BTW, did they ever catch the Hillary people who bombed the RNC office in NC?

poeg's picture

Yes and they're no longer active Agents but janitors in Langley.

smokintoad's picture

1930's  Fireside Chats

2010's  Cyberfied Rants

SloMoe's picture

Invoking Nazis* always ends an internet argument...


*Godwin's Law

nonclaim's picture

Obama's America is a copycat of the '30 national socialist methods. Including political set-ups and beating of random innocents on the streets by politically organized gangs.

If the gun ownership restrictions had worked it would end in a comparable disaster.

Global Hunter's picture

Does god wins law still apply if the claim of nazism is accurate?