Artist's Impression Of Obama-Trump Transition

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"Smooth" transition...


Source: Ben Garrison

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Shoulda had Trump shoving that C02 fire extinguisher horn up O'bama's ass.

Then, The Magic Negro could do Halloween this year as a chocolate Freezie Pop.  

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Obama's "legacy" IS  Donald. J. Trump.

Suck on that, Barry !


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I'll be real delicate about this.  Mr Obama is displaying some latent cultural talents, perhaps?

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Hilarious how the MSM and esp npr this week paints Soweeto as such a success when in fact he has destroyed this nation miserably and his foreign policy is a complete failure.

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I don't live in the States, but I have an honest question.

Does Trump's performance at the press conference today still count as obnoxiously rude?  

Seriously, I am not aware of the current acceptable standard of decorum.  

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GGuy (not verified) barndoor Jan 11, 2017 6:58 PM




You see, it's never rude to deal with OBNOXIOUS LIARS like yourself.

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Such language...  I can't believe you suck your father's dick with that mouth.

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GGuy (not verified) barndoor Jan 11, 2017 7:34 PM

keep your homo fantasies to yourself, Reggie.

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I'm afraid I can't.  I love dudes with tiny dicks, and you've got me all hot and bothered.

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don't let the barndoor hit you on the way out,   Douchebag

i hear Dien Ben PooPoo is having a party, i'm pretty sure PooPoo would love to have you visit

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PooPoo?  Sounds like a DJT party to me.

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Considering that the lying peice of trash CNN reporter DESERVED  being  SPIT upon,..., THAT SAID,

I would say that Mr. Trump showed grace and decorum IN THE FACE OF EVIL AND DECEIT.

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Melania lied about writing that speech.  Can I yell "CUNT" when I see her in public?

Given all the circumstances, it doesn't seem like that would be rude.

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The phrase in question is "your word is your bond" which is a paraphrase of "my word is my bond."

Michelle Obama did not come up with that phrase.

It has been around for ages.

Melania had every right to use it.

As for yelling obscenities at Melania, go ahead and see what happens.

You will vanish into thin air.



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It was a lot more than that one phrase.  The point is, someone gave her a bunch of prepared material, and she passed it off as being part of her history.  That is disingenuous.  I also doesn't give me the right to be rude to her.  That would make me a dick. 

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I don't remember seeing her name on the ticket.

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Was the CNN reporters name on the ticket?  What the fuck is your point?

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The only one that that was disingenuous in the past presidential campaign was the Hildebeast denying her pay for play relationship between the Clunton Foundation(tm)/foreign governments and her position at the State Department.

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I dislike Clinton (both of them) and entirely agree with your characterization of her.  But there was lots of dishonesty all the way around.

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She didn't "pass it off as her story" any more than Michelle Obama did, jackass. Wouldn't your time be better spent on a traffic median somewhere yelling at motorists?

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Youre a bully? Do tell. PC works both ways bitch.

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I have no idea what you are trying to say here.  You may have to resort to a sentence with more than five words. 

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Reminds me of an old old joke.

Shoulda had Trump shoving that C02 fire extinguisher horn up O'bama's ass.

Then, The Magic Negro could do Halloween this year as a chocolate Freezie Pop.  

Michael asks Barry before the Halloween bash "What are you supposed to be with a 2x4 sticking out you ass?"

Obummer's reply? "Man, I'm a Fudgsicle®"

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That's probably the dumbest joke I have ever heard.  My 11 year-old routinely produces better material.

Seriously, that was inane.  We're all a little dumber for having come into contact with that attempt at humour.  

How dumb do you have to be to think that that is an actual joke. that people are going to find funny?

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I heard you had 3 kids ... one of each.

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Hey Slave..your buttholes leaking.



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IF you have a kid ya better hope they never see the kind of troll stuff you post.

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one has to take it in context. shrub relegated the most venerable white house correspondent at the time(helen thomas) to the back row(from her honorary front row seat) and refused to allow her questions for his entire term because she asked tough questions. the reason for it was to send a message to the press to kowtow or they would suffer a worse fate. that was the rudest treatment of the press i have ever witnessed by a person of authority towards a venerable icon of the 4th estate.

trump flamed a reporter and his company for printing obviously false news and refused to let him ask a question. i would say cnn asked for that kind of treatment. no respect gets no respect, that's fair.

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'ohh owie, that's not appropriate...

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GGuy (not verified) besnook Jan 11, 2017 7:12 PM

No retardo, it was because Helen Thomas was a dumbfuck partisan cunt tool .

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What part of partisan do you not understand?

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You can freeze soemone out in a polite fashion, or you can be a dick about it.  Pretty obvious which way Trump went.

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Acosta was screaming over the top of all the other reporters and interrupting. Personally, I would have had his ass kicked out of the room.

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Oh good, we were worried you might have passed out from...massively diverted blood flow over the past few days.  What's the number up to? :-/

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Well lets see (rolling it out to count the busted capillaries) it looks like Schadenboner #3,806! ;-)

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Shaping up to be a hard year.  Perhaps the Tylers should arrange for a bat signal so someone can call 911 in case of dire emergency.

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people who give you no respect(a fake slanderous story) deserve no respect. what don't you understand. i think he should have punched the fucking reporter for representing the company that slandered him.

you're so thick you don't chastize the reporter for screaming, literally, for relevance. who was rude? you might want to read a manual on manners.

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barndoor can't read or write. Just blather, blather, blather, etc.

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thats not accurate at all though.  Helen Thomas was moved to the back because she called him the worst president in american history.  she was still allowed questions at briefings on a regular basis, just not the first question that she had been used to getting.

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she called him the worst president ever much later. it was her questioning during the run up to the iraq war that he removed her from her nhonorary seat.

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That's right. I remember now, she was the one reporter who was questioning the approved AIPAC line.

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iAmerican3 (not verified) barndoor Jan 11, 2017 7:04 PM

By American standards he was perfect.

We all know now who works for Satan; and, for God and the sovereign American People. 

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I am hearing an amazingly large number of people speaking of the Eternal Battle between Good and Evil, in that the real participants and their designs have come apparent ... and are most hostile to the Natural God Given Rights of Man.
About time, too.  Not for religious dogma, but a re-institution of clear principles of right and wrong founded upon strong moral and ethical  principles. 
Which, when one thinks about it, is an indictment ...... of where these Godless Commie Rat Bastards have Brought Us.

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That is an excellent question and I shall be pleased to answer. If you consider the lack of decorum that many American police exercise with the public today, if you consider the lack of emphathy and incredible greed from criminal bank$ters, especially the TBTF's and in the City of London, if you consider the numbed-down degree of apathy that most Americans give much of the news today, instead giving heed to Fake News and the fact they're trying to keep their heads above the Swamp and 'gators near the surface, to allegiances and taxation to their State, and now Marxist Municipalities such as Roseville, MI - Trump's acceptable standard of decorum is bloody well long overdue here. It may be too late to save the economy, but it needs a swift kick in the huevos or pin-pricked and a Grand Reset. This ain't the same America I grew up in, and the snowflakes have gotten too soft where the future of this once-great nation is in jeopardy, especially if they can't be microaggressed into defending it against a bona-fide, true threat!


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How exactly does seeing the President Elect behave like a asshole improve any of that?

Are you people really this stupid now?

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The only "asshole" around here is you! How about taking your stupid shit elsewhere - floater.