Dead Giveaway The 35 Page Dossier Was A Hoax? The British Don't Use "Confidential," They use "Official"

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The identity of the British intelligence officer responsible for preparing and delivering the now infamous 35 page hoax has been revealed as Christopher Steele, courtesy of the Wall St. Journal. If you want to dig into his profile, click here.

As people piece together this rapidly unfolding quagmire - which will be in the history books, it's important to address as many facets as possible in order to avoid perpetuating #FakeNews. As Oliver Stone said, more or less, the MSM is biased - and alternative news has the real deal, so let's discuss.


A friend pointed this out earlier:


It has come out that the dossier and supporting documentation were fabricated by an anonymous 4Chan user, who sent the hoax to a RINO named Rick Wilson back in the Fall of last year.  Rick Wilson is (in)famous for his description of Trump supporters as “single white males who masturbate to anime”.  The 4Chan user wanted to embarrass Rick Wilson, who apparently tried to shop the fabrication to MSM without success (cuz they couldn’t “source” it, given that the entire documentation is a fake).

The alleged origination of a British agent as the source can be considered a “trap for the unwary,” which would easily demonstrate the documentation was an obvious forgery because the UK does not use the “Confidential” designation, although US intelligence agencies do.  In the US, classified information is designated as “Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret” (along with a whole host of other designations for more highly sensitive information such as nuclear weapons designs).  The British use “Official”, “Secret” and “Top Secret”.   Anyone who checked on the story would instantly recognize this defect if they knew (or discovered) anything about British classification schemes, but if someone didn’t check they’d simply assume the British uses the same classification designations as the US.

[let's take a look]

US Designations:


UK Designations


HOAX Dossier:


Apparently, Wilson also sent the falsified documentation to the CIA and they may, or may not have, bought it. The CIA subsequently “leaked” it to various news agencies, and both CNN and Buzz Feed bought the CIA leak. The CIA also admitted to briefing both Obama & Trump on the false documentation, but now claim they only cited it as an example of “disinformation” that’s floating around out there.  Seemingly, whomever at the CIA leaked this story and its documentation to CNN and Buzz Feed didn’t identify it as “disinformation”.  For extra brownie points McCain claims he received a classified briefing on the bed wetting episode in December and asked FBI’s head Comey to investigate!  It should be obvious McCain would not have done so had the CIA had told him the information was known to be fake.


Now, it's possible that Steele - an ex-UK intelligence officer in private practice, simply used the US designation for the convenience of US intel (or to mask the origination) - BUT, we're also talking about the same guy who bought the #GoldenShower story that several journalists and news outlets wouldn't touch.

So, by the transitive properties of "the guy who bought the 4chan hoax," I think we can assume Steele would have defaulted to a career-long habit of using the UK designation on this 35 page dossier he cobbled together. 

On the other side of the pond, what are we left to assume? Let's ignore the classification thing for a moment. For one, the CIA could have easily looked into Michael Cohen's travel records (the Trump lawyer the dossier accuses of going to Prague to meet with Russians) and ruled that out - immediately discrediting the document. Second, Trump is apparently a bit of a germaphobe. I don't blame him, people are filthy. Shouldn't the CIA know something that obvious about such a well known figure?


We are left to conclude:

- The CIA figured out this was a hoax and just let McCain, CNN, and Buzzfeed make McAss. That's an interesting conversation, if so.

- The CIA didn't know - as in, nobody who handled this document knew or checked into why a doc from a Brit would have US classification markings, or the Prague visit, or Golden Showers. A frightening thought.

- Steele didn't prepare the report.

What say you?



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ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

You mean it was a hoax that got Piss Clown to say the Russians hacked the DNC? Any more Hoaxs like this and Piss Clown will be moving NATO troops to the Russian border. Pizza Anybody?

corporatewhore's picture

British media says it is work funded by Jeb! Bush

honest injun's picture

I get the yellow journalism and the leaks but how is the picture of an old lady with a penguin related?

ZeroPointNow's picture

The penguin is truth, and the old lady doesn't want to believe - or something like that. I just liked the picture. 

KuriousKat's picture

I like your question.It is a good photo and maybe disconnected in theme..I certainly downloaded it. :)

Old Mrs Muffet
Sat on a Sofa
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a Penguin
Who sat down beside her
and said Gimme some of that Curd Bish!
And frightened the old bag  away.[
gordo53's picture

For a site that doesn't generally shy away from conspiracies, this was a surprise.  McCain, CNN and Buzzfeed weren't duped.  They were complicit.

chindit13's picture

Whoever you are, ZeroPointNow, you do not have well-developed reading skills.

The 'dossier' was not written by MI6, but by someone who previously worked for MI6. As a private citizen, he can put whatever headers he wants on something he produces. The headers are meaningless to the USG. If you wrote something to Trump and put "Super Duper Top Top Unbelievable Amazingly Huge Secret", that would not make your letter classified.

Also, the dossier first surfaced in July. It was delivered to John McCain. While all officials tend to receive a variety of nonsensical material through the course of their work (similar to how posters in ZH comments are continually providing links to all kinds of batshit crazy foolishness), there was enough in this dossier that McCain felt obligated to---at the very least---turn it over to the FBI. It became water-cooler talk on Capitol Hill, shared by elected officials and their staffs, and a number of them began peddling it to various news organizations.

Interesting, despite virtually all legacy media being anti-Trump, none of them chose to publish the material, though most did go about investigating the claims.

The 4chan claim is just puffery; knowledge of the dossier was around town long before any 13-year old on 4chan could pretend it was him.

As the transition continued, some elements in the WH have decided to engage in a scorched Earth policy for Trump. Because Trump is so impulsive and wildly insecure, he is incredibly easy to tweak. When it became likely that the dossier was going to be made public---either by the WH, folks on Capitol Hill, or media---the IC decided to provide Trump with a briefing about it. It was thought pre-informed is better than getting gobsmacked.

Because Trump is only POETUS, it is a legal requirement that all meetings with him, and all briefing materials, be forwarded to the WH. The contact point is Denis McDonough. That means most everybody in the West Wing knows what the briefing will include. Also, on occasion members of SSCI and their staffs are informed.

That makes a HUGE potential universe of leakers.

Trump, ignorant of the office he is taking over, impulsive by nature, and pathologically insecure ("Do these look like small hands?") immediately struck out at the IC, even calling them Nazis.

Trump beat Hillary. That's great. He is an idiot, however, and there is little else he can do for the US or world that will be any good. The country and the world would be far better off if he went back to his Game Show and left an adult like Pence to serve as POTUS. The US and world are likely right properly fucked over the next few years, but Trump's 'qualities' can only exacerbate what is coming.

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

More to the point is the known universe of the folks who paid to create this 35-page scandal sheet in the first place. And that's anticommunist anti-Trump Republicans. Back during the primaries. They see Putin as the murdering, filthy tricks meddler who sliced his way to the top of the KGB. No way they trust Donald "Lie a Minute" Trump.

Born Again Southerners, generally, are a bad fit with what Trump sees for this world.

Second pass was done for Democrats. That explains the section on "a mole" inside DNC. It has nothing to do with Trump. Trump's nobody's idea of a spymaster or a long time enemy of the Democrats.

As to the allegation of "leakers" about the IC briefing at Trump Tower, there's one option outside the IC. THat's Trump doing the leaking himself, through his press contacts, to make the IC people look bad -- a scheme aimed at FBI, CIA, NSA, DCI.

Helluva POETUS. We are in for a ride here. All of us together.

ZeroPointNow's picture

"Now, it's possible that Steele - an ex-UK intelligence officer in private practice, "

WTFUD's picture

McInsane should be under house-arrest and i expect that after the 20th Trump's Experts will GRILL that warmongering Sociopath & Some. He'll squeal like he did in Nam Man!

SmallerGovNow2's picture

I hate that POS John McStain.  Die already John you treasonous fuck...

Van G's picture

Former analysts from Goldman Sachs have new group from about 30 years ago.

Been nailing markets.


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Van G Jan 12, 2017 11:29 AM

Your spam post has nothing to do with the article. Lets talk about this instead of your off topic post:


This failed trader now has **many** spam accounts on ZH. Note how they are always the same ones talking between themselves, giving themselves thumbs ups, and ripping into people asking them to stop the spam flood. They spend an enormous amount of time spamming. Apparently their time spent spamming is more profitable than their trading. Oops...

The spam accounts (not doubt they have more) : AliSONY, Babs.St.Louis, Billy G, Chi Juan, Dr.Carl, ErikE, FemDayTrader, Irvingm, jasony, John Beau, KC Spike, MadhyaBharatx, MexInvest, MikeM54, Mon T, P Christmas Carole, Penny Trader, Pinky and the Brain, RonnieM, Sonya B59, Stan Your Man, StevieTexie, Van G, and wisetrader224

otschelnik's picture

This herring has been laying out there for months.  Everybody knew it was fake but they so wanted it to be true, the IC, the MSM, the DNC, the anti-Trump Republicans.  They screwed around for months spreading innuendo: Jake Sullivan / HRC campaign said that there was a direct line from RNC server to a Russian bank...  Shillary calling Trump a puppet of the Kremlin in the debates.... the Podesta hack and Russian interference in our elections... 

Finally blew up in their faces.  Serves them right.  Bastards. 


bombdog's picture

People slap the word "Confidential" on documents all the time here in Britain, it's not an official designation, it just means, err... confidential. So it's not only plausible that a private contractor digging up dirt on Trump would write "Confidential" at the top of the page - it's more likely than not. I don't know what the yanks write on top of their letters, but if I was being paid ridiculous money to dig up dirt on some rich guy, I'd definitely write CONFIDENTIAL at the top. There's no mystery here.

stilletto2's picture

Whoever wrote this article is clueless. The UK DOES use CONFIDENTIAL. Its NATO standard as well. The UK military and civil service use UNCLASSIFIED, RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, AND TOP SECRET. I know because I was 30yrs in UK military and used it all the time. So if the article is wrong on this basic fact how much else has it got wrong.

Still doesnt change the fact that the dossier is complete bullshit.

Indelible Scars's picture

Riiiiight. 30 years in the UK military??? Hah! Which UK military, smartass? There is no such thing.

Indelible Scars's picture

"here in Britain"

Another dead giveaway of a hoax.

bombdog's picture

Fuck me you people are idiots, I get a letter from the banks and it says "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL". Fucking anyone can write that on a letter.

Kina's picture

Clearly we don't need the CIA and any other intelligence agencies, just freelance to the internet who seem to be able to come with all sorts of stuff the CIA cant.  Or maybe the stuff is just all lies and fabrication for a purpose, to suit the Democrats etc

tsuki's picture

What is chilling to me is that SEVENTEEN spy agencies and six international mega corporations (known as "The Media") could not source this document and citizen journalism had the Who, What, When, Where & How in less than 48 hours. 

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

Of course it was sourced.

Atomic Nixon's picture

Par for the course these days.  Want some Russian malware that's been publicly available for two years on the largest open-source software archive on the planet?  Just a Google away!  Gads, I was chattimg with one of the coders the afternoon that "report" was released!  (Cr4sh, wrote BlackEnergy)  Um... don't ever ever run any of this stuff. Oh what the hell, play all day!  I'm sure you can afford a new computer.


Tirion's picture

I'm confused. Mr Steele left MI6 in 2009. The UK Government Security Classifications Policy (GSCP) replacing "Confidential" with "Official" came into effect five years later. The Trump dossier was produced by Mr Steele's firm Orbis, which is not in any way bound by the GSCP. This post is much ado about absolutely nothing. Tyler, it looks like CNN is not the only one that needs to be more careful about its sources!

KuriousKat's picture

Thank you ! I was not aware of that!..but the importance is that the content given the CIAs capabilities would never have passed muster anyway. Yet they chose to include incendiary unverified claims. How is it the memos were not included in McCaines..or were they and he is lying?  Its pretty clear he shopped it to the FBI breaking the worlds sprint record getting  it into straight arrow Comeys hands. The Phisa warrant requests  are indirect proof of that..meaning they were included in McCaines copy of the Dossier! So he knew and there was no plot to decieve McCaine ..instead makes him complicit in a larger scheme...relying on the "credibility" of CNN and Buzzfeed.. and many others who mostly declined.. This is a hollywood technique called verasimilitude ...aka appears truthful because a bunch of boyscouts swore on a stack of bibles that it was almost the truth. High ranking CIA..Pofessional Spies with Mi6 experience.Trusted News to deliver the unsavory warhead. help them God...But the hope that incendiary and speculative value Did NOT exceed its probative value.failed .  It was a warhead with a fuse too short..Burros and Steele have not gon on record as far as I know..things are moving faster than I can keep up..but it appears the CIA and Mi6  representing NATO EU interests unfriendly to Trump  cooked up this scheme..and M16 crews have good relations with our Homeboys here, whether or not officially employed, are still assettes.. And if we accept as Bernstein said years ago that the CIA is embedded in most of the news becomes a faita compleat...whether we agree this is what iis undeniable..that this was the motherload  of Shit happens even in the most well planned schemes of mice and men.







coltek's picture

More fucking pathetic infantile American shite!


They need a damn good slap.

didthatreallyhappen's picture

as an American, I tend to agree

Sandmann's picture
Chilcot report lays blame for Iraq War dodgy dossier on MI6 chiefs
toocrazy2yoo's picture

Trump should quick-like manufacture and get out to the public a gold-framed urinal cake with his picture embedded. What a master stroke. "Here, ya wanna give me a golden shower? Ya wanna piss on me?" Knock yourself out!"

lakecity55's picture

He would sell moar if he put Bath House' picture on them.

The sales to the gay community alone would be million$.

unirealist's picture

At this point, I don't think it matters if the memos are true.

What matters is that the Deep State is trying to destroy a President-Elect, while the Crybabies Who Didn't Get Their Way in November are like piranha driven crazy with the smell of blood in the water.

This is not going to end well. There will be a Constitutional Crisis before this is over.

Do these people not realize that when they cripple the Trump presidency, there are two ways it can play out?

One, Trump will react by becoming a dictator, or...

Two, the government itself will be shattered and cease to function.

Sometimes you get a government you don't like. Too bad, suck it up.

The worst thing you can do is set out to destroy it.

Because you're not just destroying the politicians who got elected -- you're destroying the INSTITUTION of government.

And when that happens, either tyranny or anarchy follows.  


Atomic Nixon's picture

This is why I grew my mohawk back, at age 50.  Looking real horror-show I must say.


stacking12321's picture

destroying the institution of government sounds great to me!

i will second the motion for anarchy!

i already live in anarchy. there are some organized gangs around me though, that try to brainwash me into thinking that i'm in a "country" with "laws" that i should "obey". i don't believe them, though, and i didn't agree to any such laws. i know they are lying, and their brainwashing won't work.

RightLineBacker's picture

I vote for Anarchy.

Publicly Draw & Quarter the Deep State Bastards!

Boygoy's picture

Brits also would never call the World Cup a 'soccer tournament'.

Sandmann's picture

But MI6 would issue a DA Notice to the Media to prohibit any mention of Christopher Steele and the D-Notice Committee did just that until WSJ published. British Media could repeat the Fraud but not the Truth

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Now if trump could quit acting batshit crazy it would be a godsend.   He has been given so many opportunities now and he is squandering them.


Go after Brennan for leaking a classified document to NBC.


If these leaks on the golden shower story can also be traced to the CIA he has been given the perfect excuse to drain that swamp bone dry.


Don't get hysterical and angry at fake news propagators.  That just makes him look unstable.  Laugh at them and ignore them.  Shut out MSM entirely.  All news conferences thru you tube and alternative media.  


Could Trump ever truly take advantage of a gift that drops into his lap without changing the story to crazy trump overreacting again?    I so want him to succeed.  

heuvosYbacon's picture

I know what you mean, but then again he is dealing with some pretty lox grade types of folks.

You saw what happened when Trump refused to answer that CNN reporter, the guy would not shut up, he kept interupting everyone else, yelling out that he wanted to ask a question.

The context was that his employer had just been caught perpetrating a disgracefull fabrication as news. The context of that fucking loser yelling out over the top of everyone else, including the President elect of the USA, was that his whole "team" has just been exposed as total frauds and liars.

Where was his shame? Where was his sense of humiliation, at having been exposed publically as a liar?

He didn't have any. He is a new generation type of "man". He has no fucking shame at all. He will lie to your face and then shut you down, telling you what he demands next.

He is a little bitch, in other words, and he is no kind of man at all. That is what Trump has to deal with, day in and day out.

And he isn't allowed to call these simpering faggots what they are, which is cowardly little freaks. No wonder he is going a bit crazy.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

I was watching that as well and wondered why in eight years NO ONE in the media has ever done that to Obama.  If they did they would have been probed by the IRS or FBI or both...

lakecity55's picture

CNN has alraedy hurt themselves. T-W stock is down.

I'd laugh if they tried to sell off CNN. Trump could buy it.


RightLineBacker's picture

"batshit crazy" - like a fox.

If you had a fraction of his IQ and business savvy you would realize how he is constantly 10 steps ahead and out maneuvering the idiots to get his way and do his bidding.

Criticize less. Look, listen and learn more.

Atomic Nixon's picture

If he's got such business savvy, why is he broke?  Add up his known debts and compare, and you can leave out that four billion he felt like this morning.  Was opening up a casino across from another casino a brilliant move, or did it pan out the way everyone said it would, disasterously.  How about that nice housing bubble he got into, just before it popped?  Do the numbers, how much could he ever expect to make selling steaks through Sharper Image?  What's his take on the steak?  Thin soup, a five-dollar bill that Bill Gates or anyone like him (people with real money) wouldn't bother to pick up.  It's endless really, and even now no reaction on another bil and a bit debt he has.  Nobody looks!  Well nobody but this guy...

Have you gone through that FEC filing?  I finally got arond to it this summer and there's a real general oddity to it.  All those one dollar LLC's in Delaware, I'd say he's been running your classic shell game for ages.  It's par for the course though, historically, for big scammers.  Their loud bluster and lifestyles are all just magicians misdierection, and even those who doubt play along, anticipatign with relish the long slow-motion train-wreck to come.  Nobody with real money acts like that, and nobody with real money would even bother with the piddly-shit he bothers with (how much risk over the "university"?  How much profit?) and nobody but nobody almost lets the lights go out at the end of a presidential campaign because they couldn't dig a couple hundred thou out of the seat-cushions.

Edit:  Oh, and there's absolutely no question that he's as dumb as a post.  Find me one intelligent, competent, and informed adult who doesn't read, has no curiosity, and speaks at a fourth-grade level.  He's the ultimate end of the line on the Dunning/Kruger chart, and it's not the high end.


Grumbleduke's picture

Apple and Steve Jobs were also broke, until Bill Gates stepped up. A little know tidbit.

You see, if you're a shill for the government and bribe the right people you never go broke. All others bear the risk of bancrupcy, and those who pull themselves out of it - or with help from other business owners - are the people you want. Not some apparatchiks like Krugman or the likes.

But maybe the social degree owning, 10 years or more on the government dime living asshole knows more about business! That's why they see fit to tell them how to conduct it.

ducksinarow's picture

Being Batshit crazy is what got Trump elected. Those smooth talking lying liars who lie, got us into this mess called America. When you get genius standing beside mediocre, genius is going to be called crazy every time. Thinking out of the box while leaving a treat for the idiots inside the box is an age old bait and switch technique. Every time the left takes a new stance against Trump/Trump shows them a new style of crazy. The liberals believe they are breaking with tradition to try new approaches to governing America and all they have really done is become the hardliners that they accuse conservatives of being.

PUNCHY's picture

Did any of the 17 US 'intelligence agencies' check if the story wandered off one of Ms Huma's serially mislaid hard drives?

Sounds a plausible source actually.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

I say

- The CIA figured out this was a hoax and just let McCain, CNN, and Buzzfeed make McAss. That's an interesting conversation, if so.

A key component of the disinformation strategy. Credible dissemination

- The CIA didn't know - as in, nobody who handled this document knew or checked into why a doc from a Brit would have US classification markings, or the Prague visit, or Golden Showers. A frightening thought.

Deliberately overlooked, or looked the other way. The deniability or incompetence (fallguy) angle

- Steele didn't prepare the report

As I have mentioned in previous postings the language, content and layout called BS the moment I saw the document.

It reads like a synopsis of a really bad spy movie written by try hards and uses, if you will pardon the expression, a "piss poor" McGuffin .

What we see here a global game of Cluedo or Clue, with the general population being led to believe that Col. Mustard in the bedroom with the water jugs is the prime suspect.

The fine art of misdirection.

Ponder a while on Cui Bono and tease out the web of lies. Who is the puppet master?

And think this through - how would you plan and execute a disinformation campaign of this type.

Gather your resources; front company in foreign lands staffed wih washups and agency alike, assemble the flunkies, create the smoking gun applying all manner of pseudo facts and obvious faults with just a sprinkling of credibility.

Disseminate! Your soft targets primed, ready willing and able to set information free for the common good, in the name of the people. But blatent self interest and enrichment is the true motivator.

Ride the roller coaster and from above watch the virus spread and the mayhem ensue.

Prepare to execute a deus ex machina, come to the rescue with a plan to save us all.

Niccolò's Prince rides again.




Grumbleduke's picture

and how would you persuade CNN and Buzzfeed to run this story? If they could see it's fake, why damage themselves?

And the headlines don't even stick, like all the other lies (see Merryl Streep and her diatribe at the Golden Globes)!

Nope, this is classical Occam's Razor - these people are really that stupid, and blinded by their ideology and echo chambers.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Grumbles old fellow I have to defer on the first point to a previous ZH poster whose name escapes me at the moment but was right on the mark.

Mainstream media organs do not need to be persuaded to do anything. Truth or falsehood is not a selection criteria. All that matters are eyes on content, revenue from sponsors and advertisers and being able to flog a story to the nth degree.

Headlines don't have to stick they morph according to the mood of the crowd. Want more? Just reframe the headline and regurgitate the content accordingly.

I know you want more... (who was that masked telemarketer?)

Dare I say it but you can see this put to great effect on ZH where there are multiple headlines twisting and turning on the axis of the same content. I don't say it is wrong to do so and it makes for a jolly good read and creates many more opportunities for comment.

If the content is truthful then work it six different ways before breakfast and come back for double helpings at dinner time.

If the content is proved to be false it creates endless opportunities for apologies, finger pointing, blame shifting, self flagellation and ultimately the road to redemption.

The media cycle is thus:  Obtain Information - Wear Out - Dirty Up - Wash - Rinse - Hang Out To Dry - Repeat

We are experiencing a period in history where News reporting itself has become the news. Content and veracity be damned.

The medium is the message as H. M. McLuhan commented (with apologies to C.E Shannon) but I would suggest the medium has morphed into a multi-headed beast (Hail Hydra!) and the message more akin to post tower of Babel (9/11 style for you heathens).


On the point of Occam I am thinking that it is not yet applicable in this case. The current series of events is, paraphrased, not a situation where all things being equal that the simplest explanation is most likely or efficient to explain the same outcome. There are far too many 'theories', conspiracy and otherwise, and a multitude of outcomes to be clarified before the 'razor' can be weilded with any effect.

The law of parsimony is currently broken as the assumptions gather at the O.K. Corral.

Is that your ass or mine I cry out. Git yer plates a'ready. Yee Haa!