Forget Free College! German Green Party Pledges To Pay For 'Pros' For Those Needing "Sexual Assistance"

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Submitted by Mike Shedlock via,

The happy hookers union will be happy with this proposal: Germany Green Party pledges to pay for free sex with prostitutes for anyone who needs ‘sexual assistance’ and can’t afford it.


Sex with prostitutes will be paid for by the Government for anyone too poor for a hooker and deemed to need sexual assistance under German Green Party plans.


The party’s care spokeswoman Elisabeth Scharfenberg says doctors should have the right to issue the free prescriptions to their patients for ladies of the night.


Prostitution is legal in Germany and carries little of the taboos associated with it in many other countries.


There are brothels in virtually every town and a trend recently began with working girls offering ‘sexual assistance’ to dementia sufferers, the handicapped and people living in care homes.


‘I can imagine a public financing of sexual assistance,’ Scharfenberg said in an article in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.


The Greens’ plans consists of patients obtaining a medical certificate confirming that ‘they are unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, as well as to prove they are not able to pay sex workers on their own’.


Scharfenberg said: ‘Municipalities could discuss appropriate offers on site and grants they would need.’

What’s Next?

It ain’t “free” if someone pays for it.

Do Germans want their tax dollars paying for this boondoggle?

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"Please sex me." - Elisabeth Scharfenberg

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Who needs to pay for it, when you can just follow the rapefugees standard operating procedures.

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The Libtard Bonanza – free toasters, free Spiderman towels, free hookers, and free blow!   ;-)


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Subsidized prostitution, ladies, but don't try defending yourself against rapists and murderers with a weapon.

That would be uncivilized, and against the law.

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Tar and  feather these sodomites.

Interesting article on Sex Starved Feminists by Henry Makow

Sex-Starved Feminists Sex-Starved Feminists Sex-Starved Feminists Sex-Starved Feminists


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How much could inflatable sheep cost?


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About half of an inflatable human, but that is beside the kick to the balls. The real kicker is, your taxes will be used to pay for the taxes (sales, VAT, local/state/national cut, etc.) added to the item.

Infinite tax recursion.

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The “Sex for Old Men” advertising is a pretext .
Just another Retarded Liberal proposal to try to deal with the Muzzies.


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The Saint (not verified) HopefulCynical Jan 11, 2017 2:27 PM

Ask yoursef, What would Jesus do?


peddling-fiction's picture

Toss the money changers from the Temple.

NotApplicable's picture

"I can't get no!"

Followed by...

"When I get that feeling, I need sexual healing"

Earworms, FTW!

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They way I see it can't beat them join 'em.

Who needs fucking online porn when your government is handing out sex "EBT" cards for free.

Every person in Germany should get this as their entitlement not just the freeloaders.

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Are you coming to Fight Club in Marfa, Skateboarder?

If we raise enough money, after the bands, I guess we can look into subsidizing the whores.

What about you Agent P, Ignatius, Chupa, espitit, lmao500, and Bastiat?

Skateboarder's picture

Hot damn - the ZH convention everyone's been thinking about for a long time!

Heart tells me to go. We will see what reality holds. Regardless, you will have my support ($ and moral).

Thanks for making it happen, and hope to see you there.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I hope you make it happen, brother.


Agent P's picture

I missed this yesterday.  It's a long shot for me, but I'll see what I can do.  It would give me a reason to visit some family in El Paso...and eat at Chope's in La Mesa! 

espirit's picture

It may be my time for the mid-west.

Got a early run planned for the Dakotas, and one to Colorado in August.


Texas is doable. Got family there.

Agent P's picture

$38.99 with free shipping.....umm, so I'm told.

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$39.95 plus tax and $8.80 shipping.  I've heard.

overbet's picture

I am typically against government regulation, but..............

Agent P's picture

........I'm typically in favor of government regulation butt. 

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The standard is, "what allows high civilization?"

Feminism destroys high civilization.  When families are not formed, then the cornerstone of society cannot be there to bear the weight.  

Then goverment, at the behest of feminists, rushes in.   It then becomes a vicious circle of feminists promoting government, dennigrating men, to then be paid by government -by stealing from men.

Free pussy would be OK only in the context of a society that promotes family formation.  Otherwise, free pussy is a way of jacking off, and not forming family relations with men.  

Paying women to have children out of wedlock has destroyed the black family.  Paying white men to blast sperm down endless holes, will divert family formation if the feminists have their way.  Men become subverted to the pussy and the state.

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Careful now, you get one of those 73 virgins of the male persuasion.  Radical Islamic immigration does have potential side effects.

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Who needs Hollywood fiction when we got the Greens loose in Germany?

Diatom's picture

We  subsidize oil, gas, corn, soy, the MIC and we bail out banks and carmakers, why not hookers?

Bonobos are more civilized than chimps...

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The "Full Retard" Bar gets raised daily now.

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The train commute from southern Germany to Zürich is 30 minutes, instead of paying myself less than the US foreign earned income exlcusion, I would have to adjust slightly, and the Green Party will effectively pay me with sex to imigrate to Germany???

As a reminder the Green Party is PRO-RAPEFUGEE party in Germany, even moreso than Frau Ferkel's flock.

This isn't "full retard" it's HIGH TREASON

This is NOT being proposed in vacuum.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Damn! That Broad is definitely a two bagger.

TheABaum's picture

There isn't enough beer in Munich and Milwaukee combined.

You wake up with that on your arm, you chew it off rather than wake her up.


shovelhead's picture

She looks like that weird guy in Accts.

Eurotrash Sorehead's picture

Rather the 2nd amendment than pay for hookers for peabrained invading rapefugees......

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She’s going to be unhappy her entire life, and it didn’t have to be that way. I’m not one of those people who claims that everything is a “social construct,” but it’s definitely true that her worldview is constructed out of whole cloth. She’s not oppressed. She’s not a victim. Men don’t hate her for being female. But she believes all of that, and it’s those beliefs, not objective reality, that has condemned her to suffer. In some alternate reality, she’s a happy housewife. She loves her husband and he loves and protects her. She’s safe. She’s comfortable. She still works hard, but her work is in building a family, and she instinctively finds it to be the most rewarding thing imaginable.

In that alternate reality, she hits about 50 and her looks are gone, but she is a wise matriarch of a family. Her children and grandchildren respect her tremendously. They seek her counsel and gratefully defer to her advice. Her husband still gently takes her hand as they walk, and holds her in his arms as they sleep. Her life overflows with joy.

While back in this reality, she’ll hit 50 alone–and also something worse than alone: empty. Sure, she’ll have a job that she brags about, but she’ll experience constant discontent that she cannot explain. Over the decades, she will have tried to fill that emptiness in a number of ways. There were many lovers, of course. They were all fleeting. She can’t even remember their names. The experiences she had with them weren’t shared or special. She can’t reminisce about “that one time” because the man involved in “that one time” is long gone. She can’t remember his name, and he doesn’t remember hers.

She might have married, briefly. She focused on her career though, and was combative with her husband because after all, “all men are pigs” and she shouldn’t have to listen to his bullshit. She long ago became jaded over the realization that men are only nice to her until they fuck her. And the older she got, the fewer wanted to fuck her, so the less often she was treated nicely. She might have given birth, but the father is not in her life. She only had the kid because she thought it would cure the emptiness. Raising the child alone was awful and unbearably stressful. He was openly disrespectful to her from an early age. Now grown, it’s clear to her that she is a failure in life. She has nothing. Her whole life was for nothing. It didn’t have to be that way, but she’ll never know it.

Bam_Man's picture

Maybe it's just a co-incidence that 30+% of American women age 40-50 take prescription anti-depressants.

Or maybe not.

Diatom's picture

Guess what? Antidepressants are libido killers! Chemical castration on a pill!

That and the menopause and you say bye bye to your sex life!

They don´t want to fuck and they can´t lubricate...They are dry as the Sahara!

Aint frigidity a bitch?

In this case i guess not...

Skateboarder's picture

*standing ovation*

Physical fun is just that and has a time and place.

Companionship, camaraderie, counsel... they don't need to time or place - they are eternal (or at least until you kick the bucket).

The old bossman tells me the story of his grandpa, gritty ol' man who smoked and drank and gambled and spent a good amount of time traveling. One day his wife fell sick quite bad, almost died. He never slept a day away from her after that, till the end of their days.

Oldskool > Newskool.

Jubal Early's picture

My sisters husband died unexpectedly and tragically as they both approached 40.  She never remarried.  This is an age old story, they used to call them spinsters and widows.  Now they are mostly angry and bitter feminists.

wildbad's picture

nope...real deal. the greenie leftist commie nutjobs have no limits set on them.

prostitution over here is both legal and taxed and has its actual lobby.

the concept that "someone has to pay" does not even reach their radar screens. they think of it all as their money togift away willie nilly.

remain calm's picture

If I had to look at Merkel I would think a young prostitute would be the correct prescription

Belrev's picture

I am a hard supporter of the free sex policy. Heil Deutschland!

MEFOBILLS's picture

Am I the only one noticing Scharfenberg's haircut?

She has a Lesbian boy-cut.  This sort of haircut usually is a signal for sexual orientation.  


MEFOBILLS's picture

Anybody notice her lesbian haircut?

Feminism wants to control men.



shovelhead's picture

Who cares?

They ain't having any luck around here.

onthesquare's picture

This is history repeating itself except for the free part.  The jews will take over the free sex and start profitting from it.  The only one who stopped this practice was Hitler in 1932 and the rest is history

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When does the next flight depart for Munich!