Greater Fool Theory, Viewer Questions and Global Markets (Video)

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We discuss the Carry Trade, ultimate demise of the European Union, answer viewer questions, touch on the oil market, and dog financial media for the rating`s whores that they truly are in this video. There is some buy the rumor, sell the news effect in the oil market today, but we are still pretty bearish on the fundamentals of the industry, and the current supply glut in the market as witnessed by the most recent inventory reports. We think higher oil prices ultimately bring down some of the demand consumption numbers over time, as some of the demand gains over the past couple of years, come back in or retrace due to higher gasoline and diesel prices at the pump.

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You Anglos need to be careful what you wish for, because if Europe goes down, so does the world, the whole world economy being extremely fragile.

I'm weary of Venezuela, because if there's a new govt there, a lot more oil should come on the market, possibly collapsing the price. Will Vzla be the pinprick that Iceland was in '08?

On the Boomblerg - that's not a typo - they obsess big time about Dow 20,000. Why ain't it happenin'? Someone here on ZH today said that it won't. When it gets that hard to advance, doesn't that mean downside risk?

I hereby baptize you Econ Matt, and totally agree with you about not getting too close to the generally lousy commenters. I got into fights wiith both Steve St Angelo at SRS Rocko and Chris Mackintosh at Capitalist Exploits, who both mingle with the commenters. The latter is a supertrader who doesn't care about the uninitiated and unexperienced like you do. Lately though, I've read advice about buying longdated puts, not to complicated or risky.