Land Of The Free? Michigan Man Issued Parking Ticket In His Own Driveway

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The state of Michigan is not exactly known for its balmy weather this time of year.

And residents reasonably do what they have to do to cope with often extreme winter temperatures.

Last Thursday a man named Taylor Trupiano of Roseville, Michigan did what a lot of people do in cold climates.

He walked out of his house, started his car, turned on the heat, and went back inside for a few minutes while his engine and vehicle interior warmed up.

According to Mr. Trupiano, he was only inside for about 7 or 8 minutes.

But by the time he came back to his car, there was already a parking ticket on his windshield– with a fine totaling $128.

Some local police officer had apparently driven by, noticed the vehicle was unattended, written up this heinous infraction, and left.

There are so many things wrong with this picture it’s hard to know where to begin.

First off, the citation that Mr. Trupiano received was a parking ticket. Yet his car was parked on his own private property.

Let that sink in: this man received a parking ticket while his car was parked on his own property.

You can’t even park your car on your own property anymore without being in violation of some series of laws, rules, or local ordinances.

The city government’s reasoning is that, if you leave a vehicle unattended, it may encourage car thieves to steal it.

This is pretty flimsy logic.

Sure, maybe if a car thief is standing right there he/she may take the opportunity.

But it’s not like some lowlife felon is going to turn the other cheek and stop stealing cars just because there are no unattended vehicles with the keys in the ignition.

Criminals bent on theft are going to steal no matter what, just like some murderous thug in Chicago is going to find a gun and kill people regardless of local firearm regulations.

When the story broke on local news, Roseville’s Police Chief told reporters that his department is unapologetic about issuing the citation to Mr. Trupiano.

Sounding like a man who cares more about statistics than actually catching criminals, the Chief claimed that 5-10 unattended vehicles are stolen every winter, which “drives our crime rates up.”

I looked at Roseville’s crime rates. They’re high. This is not a safe place.

With a population of less than 50,000, there are nearly 2,000 property crime incidents per year.

That includes at least a few hundred car thefts– which means that 5-10 vehicles is statistically trivial.

Clearly this issue of unattended vehicles is NOT the root of the problem.

And even if all the citizens of Roseville never again left their vehicles unattended, even on a cold winter day for just a few minutes to let the car warm up, it still wouldn’t make a dent in the larger crime rate.

But that doesn’t matter.

Roseville’s city government deals with its crime problem by establishing obscure regulations to restrict what law-abiding people are allowed to do in their own homes with their private property.

It doesn’t matter whether you are aware that these ridiculous rules even exist: ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

You’re probably in violation of half a dozen rules and regulations right now without even knowing about them.

Naturally, they’re all for your own good… to protect you against all the terrible choices that you might make as a grown adult.

Thank goodness these people are here to save us from ourselves! Of course, there’s always more work to do.

Speaking of statistically trivial risks, I read recently that falling vending machines kill a handful of people each year. Let’s get rid of them.

Roller coaster malfunctions claim 4 lives each year. Maybe they should ban those too.

Sugary drinks are clearly bad for you. Perhaps they should outlaw those, at least above a certain size.

Oh wait, they’re already trying to do that.

This is what freedom means today in the United Nanny States of America.

Do you have a Plan B?

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1980XLS's picture

That cop should be arrested for  Tresspassing.

Four chan's picture

he got that for letting his stupid car idol every day for hours in his driveway

because he is an inconsiderate ass. +1 to the cops on this one.

1980XLS's picture

Fuck You.

Al Gore, is that you?

Next I suppose you think they should outlaw remote starters that have become standard equipt on many new cars.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

This reminds me of how seat belt violtations in Ohio.  It was first introduced as a secondary violation, meaning the police could only issue their revenue ticket for a seat belt violation if they had stopped you for something else.  That only last about a year before the nannies stepped in and made it a primary offense.  I've been stopped and ticketed for no front license plate and window tint and was doing nothing wrong.  Fuck the state. 

Traveling (In the Land of the Free) by Gingermon -

OfAllElaboratePlans's picture
OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) Dr. Richard Head Jan 11, 2017 4:44 PM

In Philly, he'd been able to bribe his way out of the ticket with his Rochefocauld.

NoDebt's picture


I don't even know what that means, but I'm up-voting it.


OfAllElaboratePlans's picture
OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) NoDebt Jan 11, 2017 5:53 PM

Axe Bo Diddley. He knows (cuz he's a CAPRICORN too)

The Saint's picture

I leave my SUV running in the summer locked with my dog in it and the AC running all the time when I go to store or something.  I just see some people laughing when I come out because the dog sits in the driver's seat.  Never got a ticket though.


knukles's picture

Did the cop turn off his car when he was out of it writing Mr Heinouslawbreakerscourgeofcivilsociety a ticket?

A Nanny Moose's picture

There is no money in punishing theives. Once you catch them, you have to house and feed them. To generate revenue, the State must extort from the productive.

HalinCA's picture

Yeah, but your wife has a license, so it's cool!



max powers's picture

it was THE sports watch of the 80s.

tells time simultaneously in monte carlo, beverly hills, london, paris rome and GSTAAD

retail $6955

but in philadelphia its only woth 50 bucks

BidnessMan's picture

When I was a kid, if we wanted a Jacuzzi, we had to fart in the bathtub.  Billy Ray Valentine

CheapBastard's picture

Consider it a donation to the Policemen's Retirement Fund.

xavi1951's picture

I used to take the keys out of the ignition and sit back and watch the looks of panic when they returned to find the keys missing.  After a few minutes of panic, I would drive up and give them their keys back and explain why it was NOT smart to leave the vehicle running.  They all got the point without a ticket.

PrintemDano's picture

You're what we in NY call an asshole.

stljoe's picture

It's a shame some owner didn't take you for a car thief and shoot you in the face.

ne14truth's picture

I would shoot you so fast you would not have time to regret taking my keys

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

I was stopped at a light the other night and a cop next to me motioned me to roll down my window and he said your lights are off. I told him thank you and turned them on. No hassles, no ticket. See, there are a lot of good cops. Cops are just people. Most of them are trying to do a good job and help people out -- that, and arrive home in one piece after their shift. Yes, there are some bad ones (especially in the corrupt inner cities) but that's because there are some bad people and COPS ARE JUST PEOPLE.

stacking12321's picture

cops are just people who feel they have the right to employ violence against other people.



FIAT CON's picture

How many cops were in the car? one? Ya and he made several cops good by him doing that? FO

StagStopa's picture

Nevada too. Big asshole. I would drag you out like the punk you are and embarrass you in front of your wife..


FIAT CON's picture

So you illegally entered the vehicle to take the keys?


CurveBall's picture

Yeah... I am gonna let my vehicle run for atleast 15-20mins in the am... when I worked in northern Alberta we didn't turn the equipment off in the winter...basically for the entire winter. You shut something down at -50 good luck getting it running again. And you're lucky you didn't have something happen to you over your decision to try and teach people a lesson they never asked you for.

CurveBall's picture

-40 Celsius and -40 Fahrenheit, same same...

Cynicles's picture

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." 


richsob's picture

I got stopped 3 times in the first month when we first moved to Oregon for my windows being tinted too dark on our Honda Accord.  I already had Oregon plates and I explained we had just moved from Oklahoma where heavily tinted windows are a necessity because of the hot sun.  Each time they told me to get them retinted and I didn't get a ticket.  It's now 5 years later and I have never been stopped again although the windows have never been retinted.  I'll never figure cops out.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

Same here in louisiana.

It's highway robbery I tell ya, highway robbery!

Adullam's picture

@ Four Chan "he got that for letting his stupid car idol every day for hours in his driveway"

Well, at least he wasn't guilty of letting his car idle every day. That would be far worse than making it be his idol.

How do you know he let that car idle for even two days, or "for hours" at a time? You don't.

1980XLS's picture

Maybe he was thinking about Billy Idol like "Start Again" (The engine)

I think Billy might have been gay anyway.

northern vigor's picture

Maybe he was thinking Adele?

Lore's picture

Interesting.  Link, please?  It's always worth considering that there might be more to these kinds of stories.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

The crime here was not warming his vehicle, it was having too short of a driveway. Had his driveway been say...,  150ft long, the cop would not have traversed such a distance to cite the idling vehicle. In other words, the man was simply not rich or rural enough to prevent the cop from acting. That'll teach 'em to be poor or urban.

Next case, please.

tenpanhandle's picture

Okay, here goes Judge Goodfellow.  Many years ago, at a red light signal in Redding California, I turned into the separate and empty right turn only lane and passed about 5 cars including a cop as I pulled up to the intersection.  Light turned green as I got there.  I turned right and got about 100 feet and then pulled over by cop I passed at signal.   He gave me ticket for illegal passing on the right.  I said there was a separate lane for right turns and if he would walk 100 feet back to intersection I would show it to him.  He said take it up with the judge and gave me ticket.


Not sure if that was when I started hating cops.  Cops are dicks.  They are paid sneaks and liars.  It's no wonder so many people like to shoot at them.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

methinks there's something you're leaving out here.

ed31337's picture

Have you ever been to California? The cops are horrendous there. I hear stories like this all the time, so it would not surprise me if he's telling the truth. Me and my folks have pretty much sworn off driving through California these days after seeing first hand some of the things they do.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Well of course. California. 'Nuff said.

RedBaron616's picture

Should have gone to court.


I got a ticket on Labor Day weekend. I had inadvertently let my registration expire. It was expired less than a day, but no warning, just a ticket. I went to court because I thought that was a bit over the top. I went before the judge and he asks how I pleaded. I said, "Guilty, Your Honor." He asked me if I had already taken care of the registration. I said, "Yes, Sir, the registration was expired less than 24 hours." He looked over at the State Trooper, who said nothing. The judge started doing a lot of writing and finally stated, "Dismissed!" This is the only time I went to court and I beat the system, even a State Police giving the ticket. Sometimes it pays to roll the dice. 

max_leering's picture

my stupid car "idol" is a bobble-head hawaiian gal wearing a grass skirt, on the dash

Sudden Debt's picture

You're the kind of guy that likes to say how other people should live

while you do the filthiest crap yourself "but that's your little secret"

You're a retard.

PS: My car preheats automaticly before I go to work. I drive a pretty expensive car and it's an American car. Weird he? You only get to do that when you pay a little bit more according to you right?

You fucking moron. You where smacked arround when you where a kid right?


boattrash's picture

"It doesn’t matter whether you are aware that these ridiculous rules even exist: ignorance of the law is not an excuse."

But, was there intent? He should play the Hillary card...

Chandos's picture

«he got that for letting his stupid car idol »

Were you ever a fan of Billy Idle?

He actually exists tho....I guess everything does..

northern vigor's picture

My truck idles...stupid people think a car is a idol. 

PrintemDano's picture

And that troubles you why?

Kprime's picture

"idol",  musta went to school in detroit.

Justin Case's picture

No body owns property in Unites States Inc. You are a asset to the corporation. You must pay property tax for ever b/c you never own the property, you are renting it from the Gov't. If you don't believe that, then stop paying for something that you claim to already own. Anything you pay for and own, do you still keep paying for it? When you buy a TeeVee cash, do you still have to keep paying someone for it? Yoar couch, yoar shirts and socks? See people you are owned by the Gov't. They borrow money from the FED on yoar future labor and productivity to make the corporation money. Corporate head quarters is in Washington DC which is a district not a state for a reason. POTUS is currently head of USA Inc.

richsob's picture

I hate property taxes too but let's be honest here.  The reason you pay the tax is because you own the damn property and it's in your name.  Otherwise somebody else (another owner) would be paying the tax.  You can complain all you want about property taxes but stop saying you never "own" property.  That's ridiculous. 

The Gun Is Good's picture

The key here is: What happens when you refuse to pay property "taxes"?

(Think carefully....)