The Last Time This Happened, We Saw Gains of 429%.

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While CNBC and the financial media are pushing investors to buy into the “Stocks going to the moon” narrative, another asset class as just staged a once in a decade breakout.

That asset is Gold. The breakout is a bullish cross over in which the 50-WMA breaking about the 200-WMA.


This has only happened ONE other time in the last 16 years: in 2002.

That was the start of the last MAJOR bull market in Gold.


Over the next nine years, Gold rose an incredible 429%.


On that note, we just published a Special Investment Report to our clients concerning a unique play on Gold that less than 1% of investors know about.

This gives you exposure to 25 million ounces of Gold. The market is completely mispricing the value here, valuing the entire resource at just $273 per ounce.

Our report is titled The Gold Mountain: How to Buy Gold at $273 Per Ounce…

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Best Regards

Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research


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Dragon HAwk's picture

Value of my gold never changes  it's always X x Oz's


Phoenix Capital  is for Noobs on Zh, you guys are way to jaded. cut the new guys some slack

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Buying paper gold with leverage is oxymoronic.  Buying shares of junior gold miners is not.

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why is it all the gold dealers with SPECIAL REPORTS, want my name, address, and details for their FREE report?

Someone is building a database of gold holders, on and off the books.

Seems to me.

When they ban the 100 and 50, they will capital control PMs and go after gold holders on all these lists. Like they did with silver in 1934 - they had these lists of people who bought bullion silver and went after them, one after another. It's on the internet.


silver confiscation

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Possibility that this report may be on the right track, as european banks especially RBS all have negative divergencies and are looking a bit toppy. RBS has gapped down and looking sick.

So there may be a flight to safety, but 400% plus is a big ask. Mind you the last run in gold I starting buying at 309 and sold the lot at 1177 for farmland.

antidisestablishmentarianismishness's picture

It's Phoenix Capital.   The most impressive thing about him is that he's still willing to show his face in public after his unblemished history of making horrendous calls.

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Well, the last 18-24 months have been a tough time to make predictions on fundamentals, and being contrarian.  I will concede that much.

And even though they say 'being early is being wrong' on Wall St, I truly believe that is only the case for people involved in options trading (or HFT, I suppose).  And fund managers.

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He is correct.

50 WK simple moving average = 1261.20

200 WK simple moving average = 1250.97

So, the 50 Week did recently cross upward over the 200 Week.

Whether it means anything or not is what is debatable.

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We all know that gold and silver are rigged markets.  It will remain rigged as long as paper futures dictate the price of real assets.  Get what physical you think you may need and relax and enjoy the show.  We all know how it ends.  It ends with the remnant swapping bits of gold chain for sacks of potatoes at farmer’s markets.  Between now and then don’t worry about it.


Worry is an energy sink.  Change the things you can change.  Accept the things you can’t change.  And pray for the wisdom to know the difference.

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Exactly. Don't bother yourself with the price of gold. You have it for a reason. You plant a garden and buy tools for the same reason.

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There were similar crossovers in Nov '86 and Dec '93. Needless to say gold didnt perform very well after those signals. So dont read too much into this one.

crghill's picture

TOS is showing the 50 above the 200 on the /gc continuous futures contract going back 20 y on weekly timeframe.  However, moving averages don't mean much to me.  

Thejackasswhisperer's picture

You have to wonder what this guy is smoking. He has the MAs on the first chart completely wrong, which negates his whole thesis! Bad thing about these articles - there are no sanity checks.

wwxx's picture

It does kind of show, how GWBush & Co. drove the thing in the ditch & ...Obrother, Bernanke, whomever did everthing possible to keep it there. 


Will Trump change the direction that the neocons set into play???~~~doubtful, considering he is just another neocon with a twitter feed.  hahaharofl



LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!!  This fucker has been peddling the "everything is gonna collapse" meme and now he is bullish on gold?

LMFAO!!!!  What the fuck dude, make up your mind!!!!

Fudomyo's picture

he's a paid advertiser on ZH peddling gold, so whether the market goes up or down his pitch will always be, "buy gold".

Pladizow's picture

And why when i look at the same WMA, the 50 is at 1165, and the 200 is at 1251 - no where near crossing. I know i am doing something wrong - but what?

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The Saint (not verified) Pladizow Jan 11, 2017 11:39 AM

Plad, possibly using WMA instead of SMA?