Trump Team Slams Buzzfeed, CNN's "Sad, Pathetic Attempt To Get Clicks" - Press Conference Live Feed

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Update: Things started off angry..."For all the talk lately about 'fake news,' this political witchhunt by some in the frankly shameful & disgraceful.... Highly irresponsible for a left-wing blog... to drop highly salacious and flat out false information on the Internet."


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As we detailed earlier, in what is sure to be a fiery event, Trump is set to host his first press conference since being elected President at 11AM EST this morning.  Will today's press conference be another political "rick-roll," as CNN's furious Jake Tapper described his last event at Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., or will the anxious mainstream media finally get their shot at peppering Trump with questions about Russia, conflicts of interest and/or whatever the other "fake news" de jour is?  Given that Trump outsmarted the media at pretty much every turn during the 2016 campaign cycle, we have our guess as to who will emerge victorious after today's event.

Assuming the press actually gets to ask some questions, here are a couple of topics they are sure to focus on:

1.  Russia, Russia, Russia - As The Hill points out, with CNN blowing up the "Russian Hacking" narrative yet again last night, with what is looking increasingly like just another dose of "fake news," the press is sure to make Russia a focal point in today's press conference.

While he met last week with the intelligence chiefs about Russia, Trump has also urged the country to “move on” from the purported hack.


But it’s unlikely that the press will be ready to "move on" at tomorrow’s press conference, especially after CNN reported Tuesday that intelligence officials briefed Trump on an outside report saying that the Russian government has “compromising personal and financial information” about him.


It’s unclear how reliable the outside intelligence report on Trump, which also alleges contacts between his associates and the Russian government during the campaign, is. CNN reports that U.S. intelligence officials relayed the report to Trump in part so he would know the rumors that are circulating among him in foreign intelligence communities.


According to CNN, a former British intelligence official who was employed by Trump’s political opponents produced the report. The CNN adds still more attention to the allegations that Russian hackers meant to sway the election for Trump.


2.  Conflicts of Interest - This press conference was originally planned to give Trump the opportunity to address how his businesses would be managed during his Presidency to avoid conflicts of interest.  With Trump since backing away from calls for a blind trust, this topic is sure to draw some questions.

According to Trump, his two adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr., will manage the company with the help of other executives, and they won’t make any “new deals” during their father’s term in office. At Wednesday’s press conference, Trump could be asked how his many businesses could avoid any “new deals” for four—and potentially eight—years.


But with critics blasting Trump for apparently refusing a blind trust, since he’ll still have a vested interest in the company if his children run it, Trump will likely be pushed on those potential conflicts and many more. That includes Trump’s Washington hotel, which has raised eyebrows from ethics groups concerned about Trump’s lease from the federal government and the potential for foreign governments to influence Trump by spending money there.


He'll also likely face questions about his decision to appoint son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser despite federal anti-nepotism laws.


3.  Obamacare - With Republicans going back and forth in the media in recent weeks over the timing of repealing and/or replacing Obamacare, the mainstream media will undoubtedly be concerned on when/how Obama's signature piece of legislation will be dismantled.

On Friday, he called Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has been publicly calling for a simultaneous repeal and replace of the controversial health care law. On Monday, he met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is helping to shepherd through the repeal.


When asked by The New York Times about his stance in the debate, he called for Congress to pass a replacement plan “very quickly or simultaneously” after Congress dismantles ObamaCare.


“Long to me would be weeks…it won’t be repeal and then two years later go in with another plan,” he added.


The problem is—Republicans in Congress haven’t yet coalesced around one plan, let alone one that could win the necessary bipartisan support. That makes sticking to Trump’s timeline difficult.  


4.  Border Wall - Last week the media seized on reports that Trump had asked Republicans in Congress to consider approving funding for the construction of a wall along the southern border, an expense Trump repeatedly said during the campaign would be covered by Mexico.  With Mexico still refusing to pay for the "fucken wall," as Vicente Fox has repeatedly said, this is sure to be a hot topic.

Congress is currently discussing appropriating funds to pay for the construction initially, ostensibly with Mexico on the hook to reimburse the United States later.


Trump has long promised that Mexico would pay the many billions of dollars required to fund the wall, in the last few months clarifying that he would compel Mexico to pay America back. After reports that the U.S. government would fund the wall, Trump accused the media of dishonesty.


But Mexico has held firm, with Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray saying Tuesday that “there is no way” his country will pay for the wall, framing the issue as a “matter of dignity and national sovereignty,” according to Mexican television reports.


Will Trump be asked to respond to those comments and reassure any supporters concerned about whether he’ll deliver on the campaign promise?  


5.  Twitter - Finally, with the media obviously perturbed by Trump's efforts to cut them out of his communication strategy, the mainsteamers are sure to seek some clarity on his intention to utilize "traditional communication channels," like press conferences, once he moves into the White House.


With that, here is a live feed of the event:

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this is going to be good

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He's using that ridiculous "Office of the President Elect" sign that 0bama invented.

Just foolish.

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morons of a feather...

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Are the MSM and Intel agencies about to get their very own Golden Shower?

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The MSM was really pissing into the wind with their whole fake news narrative.

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The Saint (not verified) synarch Jan 11, 2017 12:06 PM

Listening to Trump answer questions, I almost feel like my best buddy is up there doing everything we agreed on and not backing off in the least.  I'm serious. I feel like Trump is one of my personal buddies.  It's uncanny how I seem connected with what he's saying.

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Jeezus, that was a great response to the rude guy from CNN: (pointing directly at the guy) "No questions for you - you're fake news."

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The Saint (not verified) Shemp 4 Victory Jan 11, 2017 12:19 PM

LOL.  I bet you'll see CNN take a little more conciliatory tone on Trump in their news now.  Otherwise, I'm sure they are beginning to understand, that they won't get any questions at Presidential new conferences, etc.


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First time in 16 years (Bush and Obama) that I could listen to a presidential news conference without turning it off and running out of the room.

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CNN sucks

Trump leveled em.

Gold Bitchez....I pick up pennies

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He levelled the BBC as well with an acid response.

I think I peed myself laughing. Just a little.

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Bludgeoned CNN & Buzzfeed. Scorched Earth. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

They are filthy animals. They need to be sued out of existence before they go broke.

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Now that all the remaining bastions of America has fallen to disgrace it fits nicely into the “make America great again” with a new leader and team to clean and restructure the very organizations we have trusted with our security.


But it is still a dad day for America when the CIA, NSA have sold themselves to politics and media recognition.  They have always been the last bastion of security.  Shame on their weak leadership for folding and destroying years of confidence, forgetting their sacred duty, honor, country.  A complete rework of the intelligence requirements are in order.  Top layers must go, excesses must go.


For the last 8 years the State Department displayed a god like atmosphere that forever crippled their trust and ability.   Diplomacy was all showmanship, travel and funds, a one person band.  The SD must be dismantled and reorganized as a much leaner, qualified and effective dept.

The president and the inner circle have always been political but Obama’s incompetence and inexperience led to this government operating without standards to this out of control situation.  This is a most mean and spiteful group still attempting to disrupt the nation where previously they just trashed the WH when they left.     

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THE BEST part of Trump conference - HE WAS ON TIME!




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As did the intelligence services.

"Not worth the paper it was written on".


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CIA & NSA last bastions of security???

The CIA has been planting fake news for decades? They are the goon squad of the corporate oligarchy.

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The Obama " I'm a fake fuck " sign was borrowed from Congress.

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Raucous crowd.  Break out the Bic concert lighters.

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Throw a couple beachballs in there.......always fun.

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I don't care as long as he sings Blue Suede Shoes.

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Pence is totally grabbing them by the pussy.

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The Saint (not verified) SilverRhino Jan 11, 2017 11:48 AM

Did you see the Democrat in Sessions hearing yesterday ask if he though grabbing a girl by the genitals without persmission is a crime?  Stupid Damn Democrats.

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That Dem is an idiot.  stupid is as stupid does

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Ladies and Gentlemen "The Mighty Van Halen!!!"

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With hair like that there are no limitations.

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You've got to hand it to the man. He is brilliant. He's forcing the press to listen to patriotic music while they wait. It must be giving their liberal hearts indigestion.

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He is DESTROYING THEM right now.  

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Looks like Lindsey had $10 Million in 2014.

John McCain had $19.6 Million in 2014.

Kelly Ayotte had $10 Million in 2014.

Hillary Clinton had $15 Million in 2012.

Barack Obama had $4.5 Million in 2013.

John Kerry had $103 Million in 2013.

Timothy Geithner had $3 Million in 2011.

Ben S. Bernanke had $1.6 Million in 2011.

Karl Rove had $4 Million in 2007.

Donald Rumsfeld had $127 Million in 2006.

George Bush had $9.5 Million in 2006.

Dick Cheney had $30.8 Million in 2008.

just was wondering.

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I hope those imbeciles stay chained together way past Jan. 20th 2077 watching each other's six, nose to exhaust nozzle, just the way you have them, WB7, all wearing patriotic orange, pin-striped red, white and jail bird blues jumpsuits.

Brilliant work as usual there, bro.

Live Hard, Next Up, The Killary Hive Of Squirming Stink Bug Larva All Safely Behind Glass At Gitmo, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Its too early for beer and popcorn but for this I will make an exception.  Schlong 'em Donald!

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If he lights 'em up over the fake Moscow piss incident and the matters of Rich, Braverman I'm popping a can of beer. I don't care.

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King Tut (not verified) flaminratzazz Jan 11, 2017 11:06 AM

Live "stream"- get it?

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I love glory glory hallejuia!

"he died to make man holy, let us die to make man free"

Remember that liberals.. 620k died and 4 million slaves freed from slavery.


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msm jerks have the music tuned out so that it doesn't interfere with their liars and lackeys

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"The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Written by a Yankee socialist but still a great song.(she wanted "better" lyrics to "John Brown's body")

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wouldn't one flag be enough?

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he's making up for all those flagless dnc / flagless hiLlARy pressers

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Whats with the Background soundtrack?

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Soviet Army Chorus, according to CNN. :)

Frankly, I think it's a bit much to be literally parading a sequence of patriotic songs as a lead-in. Silence is golden.

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It's called American culture.

We're ramming it down the throats of liberal America hating socialst marxist journalists.

A song about Americans dying to make man FREE. 


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Stridently patriotic music drowning out the MSM's and their sound checks.  Awesome!

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This should be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!