Russia Deploys S-400 Missile Regiment Near Moscow On Combat Duty

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While the stated reason behind its deployment has not been disclosed, Russia has put on duty a surface-to-air missile regiment equipped with the brand-new S-400 air defense system, Russia’s most advanced, in Moscow’s suburbs on combat alert.

“The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia,” the Defense Ministry’s Department of Information and Mass Communication told Interfax. The new SAM battery arrived at its destination in the Moscow Region from Kapustin Yar in the south Russia last December, the Defense Ministry noted.

“The main task of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces is air defense and protecting vital state, military, industry and energy facilities, as well as the Armed Forces troops and transport communications, from aerospace attacks,” said the ministry.

The Triumph system, which was developed by air-defense systems manufacturer Almaz Antei, is designed for high-efficiency protection against airstrikes utilizing strategic, cruise, tactical, and other kinds of ballistic missiles. The new system is capable of hitting moving targets in the air, including planes and cruise missiles, at a distance of 400 kilometers, as well as ballistic targets moving at speeds of up to 4.8 kilometers per second at altitudes ranging from several meters to several dozens of kilometers.

As RT adds, four more Triumph units are to come into service in 2017, citing the Russia’s Defense Ministry said. S-400 Triumph air defense systems have been providing air cover for Russia’s forces in Syria since November, when President Vladimir Putin order their deployment.

It was not clear however, why i) Russia is deploying one near the capital now and ii) why it is doing so publicly.

“With these complexes, we are able to destroy both sea and ground targets” at distances of 350 kilometers for sea targets and nearly 450 kilometers for ground targets, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at the time. In October, President Putin and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed an agreement for the sale of S-400s to India. Deliveries could begin in 2020.

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wisehiney's picture

The guys controlling our nukes were ivy league fraternity brothers with the guys running our "intelligence" services.

Sleep tight!

evoila's picture

S400 in Moscow. Interesting, to say the least.

peddling-fiction's picture

I do not blame them.

And those firing ranges are for public consumption.

*laughter heard*

greenskeeper carl's picture

The real question is 'can the S400 shoot down an F35'. I obviously don't know, but that is the most relevant foreign policy question. Hopefully we never have to find out. I'd much prefer the US and Russia not shoot at each other.

Stimulati's picture

Why is this site so obsessed with Russia?


Bunch of useless idiots

BarkingCat's picture

Because the current idiot in the White House and his team are damn set on starting some sort of a confrontation with them.

If he behaved like he promised during his campain, there would be no issue.

Manthong's picture

When Trump pulls all of that hardware and personnel out of Eastern Europe, Russia can stand down from their POPOS (Psychopath Obama Piece Of Shit) combat alert.

..but he will make that a part of a deal.


Joe Trader's picture

I don't think Trump will be that easy to predict..........

We're talking about two "chess masters" going head to head --- instead of a chess master vs. a community organizer

Lumberjack's picture

Maybe this explains all the bizarre behavior of various agencies, msm and some commenters are exhibiting....

Microsoft Workers Sue Over PTSD Caused by Porn - Lawsuit

Son of Loki's picture
<<According to the lawsuit, both Soto and Blauert watched "horrible brutality, murder, indescribable sexual assaults, videos of humans dying and, in general, videos and photographs designed to entertain the most twisted and sick-minded people in the world" on a daily basis, for years.

Read more: Gee, "...gruesome murder, torture, etc..."and I feel guilty just taking a peek at some tits now and then. Am I normal? I feel deprived. Where do people look for this stuff/ Why do they look for that stuff? Who has the time to look for that stuff? I'm too busy studying, working or reading zero hedge!

lie_to_me's picture

..... because John McCain and Lindsay Graham are obcessed with Russia .

wren's picture

Wonder if the Odickhead will push the planetary self-destruct on January 19.

Manthong's picture

“because John McCain and Lindsay Graham are obsessed with Russia”

At least we know with that relationship who is the dom and who is the “Breck Girl” sub.

I wonder if they have photos of bare-chested Vlad spread around during their intimate get togethers.


Perimetr's picture

Combat Alert is the equivalent to an increased DEFCON level in the US

The questions we need to ask are these:

Has the US reciprocated with an increased alert level?

What prompted this action?


BlindMonkey's picture

I don't suppose anybody wondering has seen the tamp up in anti russian news for the last year.


 Look at it from their point if view, America is unstable as fuck right now and being caught with their pants down is just not the Kremlin's style these days.

ebworthen's picture

Considering this is the last week of "Nobel Peace Prize" Droner-In-Chief Wedding/Funeral droning Obummer probably a prudent move.

Stimulati - ZH not obsessed with Russia, just folks who like Western Civilization.

sinbad2's picture

Because the US is determined to invade Russia, and it's prudent to know your enemy.

business as stusual's picture

The real question is can the F-35 actually fly and perform a combat mission start to finish without a catastrophic failure.

MIC financial black hole. According to Russian technicals on the S-400, there is not much that they can not shoot down.

peddling-fiction's picture

+1 "there is not much that they can not shoot down."

even in near space.

zombiefarmer's picture

The F-35's have to stay in the air first before they can be shot down.

BarkingCat's picture

That's how the F-35 is so stealthy. It never gets off the ground. They drive it to their targets

Manthong's picture

..which is good for the environment because you can get upwards of  5 MPG from semi-tractor with an F-35 on the back of a flat bed trailer.

And ordinary truck diesel is more readily available than jet fuel.

Of course they use stealth semi's which, by nature stay under the air defense radar envelope for these missions.


sinbad2's picture

Kamakazi, they crash into the enemy.

Manthong's picture

Drones and Hellfire missiles kind of obviate that old model.

Manned fighters will be obsolete soon if they are not already and the F-35 is nothing but a MIC gift.

The dog fight is a archetype of the past.

High G operation, ever better imaging and sensing, over-the-horizon acquisition / targeting and operational cost are just a few of the benefits of UAV’s for war fighting.

Who needs stealth when the deployed costs get very low?

Swarms, constellations, autonomous / AI….

Nature provided Sea Turtles, Pandas, certain coastal birds and many creatures with excess progeny knowing that losses will occur but the survivors will keep the species going.

 The US did that with the Sherman tank in WWII, but the crews did not understand the strategy.


It’s a whole new world.


Also... according to one manufacturer, every second of every day there are over 65 of their (pretty big) UAVs in the sky in different parts of the world… and that is just on Israeli manufacturer.

I can see the day when the people who own my suburban home in just a few years ( I will have gone to ground one way or the other) will get used to the buzz of various drones flying at low altitudes and following the streets in various tasks (delivery maybe, surveying, but mostly surveillance).



sinbad2's picture

The F35 can only carry 4000 pounds in stealth mode, so it wouldn't be much of a nuke, just big enough to piss the Russians off.

Anyway the F35 hasn't been deployed in any conflict zone, so it's unlikely that the US would test them first against Russia.

Well maybe I'm wrong, the Pentagonese are pretty stupid.

Manthong's picture

I thought the denizens of that big five-sided War Department building were referred to as “Pentagramese”.

..and right now they cannot account for something like $8 Trillion of expenditures. But what’s 8 million millions of dollars nowadays anyway?

SoDamnMad's picture

So now you know why the auditing section of the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile on September 11 !!!

Nexus789's picture

More pertinent is can the JSF get into the air.

explosivo's picture

Why would that matter? The F-35 can't fly anyway. It's just a Lockheed Martin scam.

Croesus's picture

This is a "just in case" measure...Putin doesn't trust the Pet Monkey in the White House; neither do we, Mr. Putin, neither do we.

JuliaS's picture

S400 near Moscow? That's way too close to our borders. A blatant provocation and a clear indication of Putin's imperialistic ambition.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

One concern that I have, is a Space EMP near Moscow.

The consequences would be horrific and incalculable.

7thGenMO's picture

Will the combat alert be removed as soon as Trump completes the oath?

SoDamnMad's picture

Why does "Skull and Bones" sound like a commando unit and not an Ivy League Club. 

db51's picture

Go Putin!  Grab those NATO fuckwits by the pussy

Blankone's picture

Re db51  "Go Putin!  Grab those NATO fuckwits by the pussy"

What?  Putin is having to deploy his S400's inside Russia around Moscow itself.  Was Moscow left unprotected prior to this? 

While this is a show of some sort it comes off poorly as a sign of fear.

Some of the things that have happened in the last few weeks:

Russia's embassy in Damascus bombed with mortar.

Russia's ambassador in Turkey murdered.

Russia's guy in Greece was murdered a few days ago.

A russian diplomat was shot in the head in Moscow.  Petr Polshikov

Russia's beloved choir killed when their military plane taken down.

The US just in the last few days used B52's to bomb another Syrian town and killed civilians.  The US did not inform the russians of the operation and afterwards Putin whined about how the US never picked up the special hot line when russia wanted to ask the attack be stopped.  Russia said it is common for there not to any answering of that phone.

The water supply of Damascus has been severed and even the capital is under attack.

Russia is moving their aircraft carrier away from Syria. 

Putin's favorite driver was killed in Moscow. 

And this is in addition to the key russians murdered over the last 2 yrs.  Such as the founder of RT who was a close associate of Putin's.

Sure - Go Putin!!!  Putin has been unable to respond or put a stop to it.  Instead we get S400's put around Moscow itself.

Don't like it but that is the way it is.

SoDamnMad's picture

OK  You win. Russia hasn't responded to Mike Morell's threats (see "What the CIA does when the other side won't fight").

So many Russian subs will soon be off our coast and on innaguration day while America is watching the warm-up on CNN and Michelle is basking in her glory with Oprah and her kids, the subs will come up to firing depth and blow Washington, BC (and Langley) off the face of the earth.


Blankone's picture

I am just giving the reality of the situation.  Russia cannot even hold ground in Syria and based upon their actions in the last month those subs most likely are being stationed within Russia's territorial waters.

From RT this morning:

“In addition, the first six Su-24 bombers have already been relocated from the Khmeimim airbase to the territory of the Russian Federation. The withdrawal of other aircraft, as well as pilots and technical staff from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic is planned for the nearest future,” Konashenkov noted.

This is additon to the withdrawl of the russian aircraft carrier with it's 40 aircraft leaving Syria.  And the aircarrier also takes it's naval support group of ships away with it.

Unfortunantely for the Syrians and Hezbollah this looks like Putin cutting and running.  If Russia cannot take a stand in Syria and prevent the US bombings then russia cannot take a stand when they start on Iran.  Israel wants Iran taken out, Trump is Israel's puppet and Trump has already started his statements against Iran.

Big Twinkie's picture

An ounce of prevention...

chunga's picture

I wanna know where Top Gun John McCain is.

gatorengineer's picture

Wednesday night colostomy bag change 

agNau's picture

Lindseys' coming over.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

In this case, 20 tons of Prevention beats 20 Megatons of Cure.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Just to be clear for us dullards, do you mean that 20 tons of ANFO (a slurry of ammonnium nitrate fertiliser and diesel fuel oil) in a big lorry parked in an inappropriate place, and detonated, might prevent the button pushers pushing the button?

Because the IRA tried something very similar for a different cause, a few years back, and look where it got them!

BarkingCat's picture

IRA was patriotic but not smart.

If they were smart they would have worked their way into the Irish government and then told the Brits to get the fuck off their island.

kellys_eye's picture

Very astute thinking by Putin really.

Deploying such devices around Moscow shows the world you are in DEFENSIVE mode, providing protection for your public.

Deploying weapons on European/Russian borders (ostensibly to counter a similar build-up by the West) is easily manipulated inito 'Russian Aggression'' by the controlled media.

How else could these S-400 systems be described now?  What does it tell the world about Western intentions?

Another 'win' for Putin.......

Duc888's picture



Meanwhile Obummer is sneaking tanks right up to the Russian Border.  I think Obummer desires a 155 up his ass.



business as stusual's picture

Putin as stated there will be no more warnings. The west is not listening.

Buckle up butter cup!