American Troops "Roll Into Poland" In Largest Deployment Since The Cold War

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"American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U.S. troops on their soil as a deterrent against Russia."

That's how the AP begins its report on the first deployment of US soldiers into the central European country, previewed here earlier in the week as "One Of Largest Deployments Since The Cold War", even as Russia warned that the move represented a threat to its national security, and the Kremlin said "Russia regarded the move as an aggressive step along its borders."

Two convoys of have been photographed heading to Poland from Germany today

40 vehicles across two separate convoys are on their way to Poland

NATO, however, has ignored Russian concerns and threats of retaliation and as a result soldiers in camouflage with tanks and other vehicles crossed into southwestern Poland on Thursday morning from Germany and headed for Zagan, where they will be based.

The largest US military brigade since the end of the Cold War arrived in
Bremerhaven in northern Germany on Saturday

While in the past the US and other Western nations have carried out exercises on NATO's eastern flank, this deployment, which includes around 3,500 U.S. troops and 2,800 tanks, trucks and other military equipment, marks the first-ever continuous deployment to the region by a NATO ally. It also represents a commitment by outgoing President Obama to "protect" a region that became deeply nervous over Russia's response to the CIA-orchestrated presidential coup in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and the resulting proxy war in east Ukraine.

Two convoys of 20 vehicles were pictured leaving Brueck near Lehnin in Germany today heading to Poland. They spent the night 80km from Berlin. Troops will also deployed to Romania, Bulgaria and across the Baltics.

The Pentagon now plans to keep the full deployment in Europe and immediately replace those returning after their 9-month stays. The US troops will carry out training exercises with NATO forces once there.

* * *

As AP adds, the arrival of the US troops will be feted on Saturday in official ceremonies attended by Poland's prime minister and defense minister.

Despite the Polish celebrations, clouds hung over the historic moment. As the AP puts it, "there are anxieties that the enhanced security could eventually be undermined by the pro-Kremlin views of President-elect Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Russia appears provoked by the deployment of American troops on its doorstep."

"We perceive it as a threat," President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "These actions threaten our interests, our security. Especially as it concerns a third party building up its military presence near our borders," Peskov said in a conference call with reporters. "It's not even a European state."

Worries about the permanence of the new U.S. security commitments are rooted in a tragic national history in which Poland has often lost out in deals made over its head by the great powers.

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Perimetr's picture

This is more like a nightmare than a dream

The target is Kaliningrad. 

NoDebt's picture

The Deep State decided a ways back we were going to war with Russia, no matter who won the WH.  The Fake News MSM has been hounding Trump on this Russia stuff to try to back him into a corner and force him to "get tough" on Russia to "prove" he's not in bed with them.  Clinton would have done it willingly.

If Trump digs in his heels and says "we are not going to war with Russia, period" it's likely they will just assassinate him a la JFK.

Why do I think I'm right about this?  Because it's not just the anti-Trump liberal loons going after Trump, it's the whole US intel apparatus.

See?  I'm getting better at this conspriacy theory thing.


TeamDepends's picture

What's that sound? Ah yes, after eight long years the Anti-War Left is coming out of hibernation. And boy, are they grumpy!

rejected's picture

Well, some of us anti-war 'lefty' types don't want to risk incineration so the MIC can increase their profits.

Just sayin...

BeansMcGreens's picture

John Maccain finally has a hard on after so many years. "GRRRRRRRR, can not reach with gimpy hand, paging Ms. lindsey graham, come in ms. graham!".

two hoots's picture

But the desert paint scheme on vehicles?   seems they don't plan to stay long or we have gone color blind or.....?    Geeeeeze.


heuvosYbacon's picture

Captain George McBain: "Come lookee see, Ivan. These here are some fine trucks for a fightin man!"

Polish Ivan: "What for I need piss yellow truck? We no want. Have dollars, yes?"

CGMB: "Now lookit, this here is A1 genuine US Military grade wart machine merchandise! Only avaiable to our best friends, y'understand me here."

PI: "Is smell like sand nigger toilet. What fuck is yellow colour? Mighty USA have no green paint? Cheap son of bitchez. Where is NATO monies?"

CGMB:"We are recieving exc ellent customer feedback on the drink holders."

PI:"Is important for long trip. Anyway, no more can with truck in glorious EU member states. French make rule. No more with trucks. Is too dangerous for homosexuals."

CGMB: "Well now, those whacky french! They mean well, they do. Lookit, the Ukie Free army are going to need these here trucks. And they are going to be swimming in those good old US dollars, y'understandin me now?"

PI: "Yes yes, is clear. Is like with carbines to psycho in Georgia, to make war on Vlad. Crazy Lols."

CGMB: "It is all part of that new European Security Architecture. Makin' the folks safe. Some of the .50 cals don't work."

PI: "Is no problem. Ukie bastards not good customer. He is not EU member state friend."

wizteknet's picture

They will be painted camo green due time

MalteseFalcon's picture

The neocons are  just trying to hand Trump his Bay of Pigs.

Has this build up been a matter of public discussion?


And, unlike JFK, I doubt Trump has acquiesced to any of this.

This will be over and the responsible parties sacked by July fourth.

heuvosYbacon's picture

Don't be niave. All that is happening here is good old US trucks being offered to free (and easy) slavs.

Anyone who thinks the Donald is against selling piss yellow second hand trucks to free slavs is crazy. The Donald is all about US factories selling trucks to free slavs. Donald is so keen to sell mighty USA truck products to free slavs, he probably would have painted them slavic green and fixed the .50 cals before he shipped them out of cuntingstahn.

The Donald and Vlad Fantastic are going to sit down and work out who sells what to whom.

There will be piss yellow trucks for everyone, free slavs and unfree slavs alike.

In the brand new Europe, everyone is going to have a piss yellow truck and 6 liters of cheap fuel per week to run it.

Kayman's picture

Russians on the eastern border, war-mongers invading from the west. Does Poland really want to replay this scenario?

c2nnib2l's picture

Poland is bitch country have nothing to say. They do whatever Obama tell them to do. 

hestroy's picture

Two polish joos already down voted you.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Poland has a well established tradition of being governed by people who encourage invasion.

BarkingCat's picture

Actually they have a long established tradition of the upper class selling out the country for their own interests.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

I could not have said this any better.

GraveDancer's picture

This isnt your Cold War. This is World War 3!

Book> The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity?


Exalt's picture

Yup I've been watching MSM religiously lately for the next false flag story to legitimise US invasion of Russia - perhaps starting with Crimea. Until Trump takes the Oval Office, WW3 is still on the cards for the deep state.

GreatUncle's picture

Yep ... hey NoDebt you might want to bring forward your party before it all ends.

The whole concept in my mind is the globalists are moving for a first strike against Russia.

All supported by the UK too under the auspices of NATO a pirate flag.

WW2 the German puppet had to go through Poland to get at Russia and played the fools card on Stalin to shorten the distance and go in on the other side. Whereby Hitler then turned on Stalin to conquer and crush Russia. Now where did Hitler get all the money to build his war machine? Dawes Plan, Young Plan, headed up by the JPM banksters on that go round. After the war all information prior to 1939 was removed, no war before then see and the build up.

Be you an invited in army or a conquering one, either way Poland is toast.

Cynicles's picture

conspriacy theories are theories until they become conspriacy fact, which often happenes, unfortunately

Txpl9421's picture

Because a war cannot start on the continent without Danzig being in the middle of it.

EuroPox's picture

Iskander missiles are already in place in Kaliningrad, those missiles have a range that covers all of Poland... except the very south western corner of the country.  Zagan is right down in that corner.

musimann's picture

some inexplicable force of insanity possesses the outgoing crime syndicate surrounding Obama.

barysenter's picture

Save us from ignorant fucksticks, 4chan

SheepRevolution's picture

And this is what Obomber has chosen to focus on for his final days? Destructing relations with Russia even more? I have to say, Trump has this on a silver plate: just tell Moscow that "We have no beef with you" and Obomber's "legacy" will be nothing more than ash and dust.

Seems Legit's picture

Seems to be going really slowly now, as if time itself is slowing down for some reason.

FreeShitter's picture

Nothing like a war to blast the dow past 20k.....

847328_3527's picture

Is that the Nobel Pizza Prize winner's trophy on the front car hood?

land_of_the_few's picture

No, it's an advertising sign saying ""Cuteboy Fellers Welcome Felching", git yer spec-tay-cles aaawwn, bwah.

unrulian's picture

This Buildup against Russia has everything thing to do with oil and gas just like torching the middle east

GreatUncle's picture

Oil and gas and all Russia's lovely resources.

A fucking big place got everything it needs too, just so happens others have eyes to steal it.

Robert Trip's picture

Another big waste of money.

These troops will just stand around all day and fuckthedog, just like in Germany and Japan.

60,000 U.S.military personnel in Japan for the last 70 years doing fuckall.

shovelhead's picture

Pushing up the prices on used schoolgirls underwear in the vending machines.

At least they're getting a taste of Japanese culture.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Seems like a good career choice for guys with little education and fewer career options, that provide a regular paycheck they can live on.

That's why I call the majority of them as Economic Refugees.

"Support our heroic Refugees"

musimann's picture

take it out of Obama's retirement pay.

kliguy38's picture

i feel safe now

Motasaurus's picture

I can't imagine why Russia is worried. It's not like every other time a bunch of Imperialist European troops were deployed to their borders with a promise of being a "defensive measure" they ended up breaking that promise and invaded. 

BorisTheBlade's picture

Poles are holding a several centuries old grudge against Russia and pride themselves with doing what French and Germans failed to achieve: occupy Moscow (monument on Red Square is dedicated to commemorating this moment in history:

What could go wrong with that? It's not like Polish military chiefs are unreasonable people who will get overconfident and try something brilliant like shooting down Russian plane.

musimann's picture

Poland started WW II by provoking Germany by allowing partisan commies (jews) to attack german citizens killing 35,000 germans. So finally Hitler invaded Poland to put a stop to it and triggering WW II. Now they are involved is starting WW III allowing NATO to Provoke Russia.

How many poles does it take to provoke Russia? Hopefully Putin won't fall for it.

How WWII was really started:

kamsta1's picture

You refer to Operation Himmler

But to my surprise you actually believe in this 70 years old false flag. Unbelievable how persistent any propaganda can be.

musimann's picture

Unbelievable how persistent any propaganda can be. Yes that is true. Is Himmler your trigger word where you turn into a rabid antidentite? So your truth is what? The Jew York Times version? Anyway I like it better because it shows just how much hatred Jew Poles had for Germans. It is certainly more interesting than US propaganda or what we now call US gov fake news.

BarkingCat's picture

However unlike Germans or Napolean, they captured Moscow, burned it and headed home and did not stick around for the winter.

I am sure that Russians remember those acts as well and not fondly.

They both need to get over what happened centuries ago. They have more in common with each other than with those who benefit from exploring those centuries old bad feelings.

kamsta1's picture

Actually the Poles captured and then occupied Moscow for 2 years. This was height of Polish golden age with battle of Klushino where 7000 Poles defeated 40000 Russians. From then Poland was getting weaker and Russia was getting stronger as it is now.

SoDamnMad's picture

Look at those convoys. Your going to invade Russia with HUMVEES. Laugh my ass off.  You need to emulate Mad Dog Mathis and read up on some history.  You won't do jack shit with these few troops and those tanks and certainly what would attacking Kaliningrad get you?  Great time of year to move into Poland.  Ask Napolean about winter. Or, ask Hitler.

Solomonpal's picture

Exactly! A brigade? Shit!

GreatUncle's picture

A war involving Russia is not going to be conventional, troops are pointless.

Besides the US has troops in so many other theatres of war or occupation gets harder to find the military.

Draft coming soon, how many draft dodgers this time round?