In Bizarre "Takeover", Russia Today Broadcasts Live On C-SPAN Feed For 10 Minutes

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In a strange "hostile takeover" of state TV broadcasters, not to mention a bizarre moment of startling symmetry with the current state of American politics, C-SPAN, the public affairs network that broadcasts political proceedings the United States House of Representatives and Senate, was interrupted by a live feed of Russian TV channel, RT, formerly known as Russia Today.

The state-funded Russian news network, which was accused by the US intelligence community of spreading "fake news" and directly influencing the US elections, took over the online feed of C-SPAN1, which had been broadcasting a discussion in Congress regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission Regulatory Accountability Act, for about ten minutes at 2:30 pm ET.

As California Democrat Maxine Waters was speaking, the feed suddenly cut from the House floor to a broadcast of RT. The feed cut in with a commercial break before returning to the RT news desk, where an anchor spoke of a suicide bombing.  As the IBT noted, multiple C-SPAN watchers (although hardly too many, as C-SPAN's Nielsen Ratings are even lower than those of CNBC) made mention of the sudden change on Twitter, including Deadspin editor Timothy Burke, who captured the moment the C-SPAN feed switched to RT.

It is unclear what caused the issue, although some jokingly suggested, that this is yet another "hacking" of US media interests by Putin. Allaying concerns of a grassroots Russian takeover of US media by Russia, C-SPAN sent out a notice later stating that the mix up was due to an "internal routing issue."

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Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Too funny.  No doubt directed by Putin.

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As California Democrat Maxine Waters was speaking, the feed suddenly cut from the House floor to a broadcast of RT.


Looks like a public service was done by not having to listen to Waters.

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Did both C-Span viewers become compromised Russian agents?

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Boris been playing with the switches, bitchez

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The Saint (not verified) Gazooks Jan 12, 2017 6:16 PM

It's looking like we are going to have to get out the Giant Fly Swatter to give Russia a few whacks on the head to straighten them up.

Maxine aside.


eatthebanksters's picture

Maxine...there's the reason for the fuck up.

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-False flag by will blame Russia

fleur de lis's picture

Yep -- that was the first thing that came to my mind.

Along with wet workers, snipers, and serial killers the CIA has more than its share of pranksters and the equipment to pull it off.

They know that the party is over and they won't get away with their cute stunts on the taxpayer's dime anymore.

And perish the thought that they should put in an honest day's work.

So they will act like the morons they are and trrash the place on the way out, sabatoge equipment and files, and then blame it on one target or another.

Which means that they were traitors all along. 

It's just that their treason came in handy for the DC parasites.

Langley is really overdue for a fumigation treatment.


Kassandra's picture

Can't argue with any of that.

So clear it's scary.

Keyser's picture

Routing error my ass... This would be like getting on the on-ramp on I4 in Los Angeles and winding up in Red Square as part of the May Day parade... In other words, no fucking way... 

Tall Tom's picture





Eight junks because they are too fucking lame to understand your satire?


I know that you are not buying into the lame ass propaganda about Russia.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Some kind of mix up?

How now brown cow?

knukles's picture

Dude ... she's got Betty Davis eyes

hedgeless_horseman's picture


They cut Maxine's feed?

That's inhumane!

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My favorite (Manthong original) joke:

 If stupidity was gravity what would Maxine Waters be?

Richard Chesler's picture

Hildebeast has learned a lot since they hacked her server.

Manthong's picture

The nice thing about the subtlety of language carefully executed is that context is everything.

The astronomical concentration of ignorance and stupidity (not knowing v. not understanding) contained in a position of power (like central to a galaxy) can have catastrophic consequences.

Hopefully, we have not crossed the event horizon.

I predict that we will have many fewer black holes in our universe shortly.


Manthong's picture

I seldom go OT, but WTF..

From Drudge

Obama ends 'wet foot, dry foot'...
Effective immediately...
New Immigration Drama...


What about “Wet back, Dry foot”? ..  you Kenyan Asshat!


This clip is so apropos for the next 8 days….


If I was a democrap, I would be dying right now.
The kenyan muslim just handed Florida over to Trump and his crew forever.


Antifaschistische's picture

yah....there is NO WAY RT "interrupted" the CSPAN feed.   Some jackbrain at CSPAN (i'm assuming) unintentionally switched the feed source to RT rather than the feed coming off the floor.  

Let me guess....CSPAN has a very aggressive affirmative action hiring program where;

a. 10% of the people do 90% of the work

b. competent people are run off

c. morons get promoted to make the corner office demographic pie chart look more "balanced"

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those techs at C-SPAN have got a keen sense of humor.

WorkingClassMan's picture



Worse than that...THAT'S RACIST!!!

The Saint's picture

They cut her FEED?

Was she feeding at the trough with the Wookie?

847328_3527's picture

Excellent, HH!


The big difference is the cow's farts iare not deadly.

Hulk's picture

Ya'll be sooo rayciss !!!!

PodissNM's picture

Just before she was cut off, Maxine had encouraged her colleagues to "Eat Mor Chikin"

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oh fuck man i cannot unsee that.

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What's that ugly animal on the right?

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Years ago I worked in the engineering dept of a very small market tee-vee station. Did a lot of master control work. We rotated shifts and at night had the station to ouselves after the newz team left. We had 1-KU band satellite dish, 2 C-band dishes and a switchable microwave link for feeds. We also had 1- 2 inch VTR, 2-1 inch VTRs and a shitload of 3/4 inch vtrs in a bank (Lakart Systems automated setup).

One late sunday night, one of my counterparts was at the control and running the microwave for a CBS feed of one of those old detective shows. In front of us besides all those buttons were a bank of 10 small black and white monitors displayed all feeds except one color sony trinitron monitor. Other monitors were waveform and such). 

On the master control board you had 3 rows of many buttons and the two most important were the 'Take' button (key if you will) and the preselect button. The color monitor always showed what was on air unless you preselected the source feed and that would default to the color monitor. leaving the on air feed in a small b&w monitor. Te third row of buttons were the feed the preselect button showed on the color monitor.

Getting back on track. My counterpart decided to watch a little porn on the C-band feed and steered the dish to the appropriate "coordinates". Well, you just cant watch porn in B&W now can you? so he hit preselect and watched it in perfect color on the big Trinitron...

After awhile he had to run a few PSA's in a local commercial break....and hit the TAKE button without realizing he didn't preselct the Lakark feed...for half an hour....While he heard the VTR's doing their job playing the commercials, had no idea what was going out live.


Phone rings. It's the Chief engineer, who was probably the only one watching, or everyone else decided the porn was better than Barbaby Jones! My counterpart was not fired! No complaints from the FCC!

This C-SPAN issue seems like one of those mistakes.




Lumberjack's picture

Then comes my story... Dan Rather's Boss's daughter worked there too. I won't go into details but she repeatedly fucked up and pissed me off one weeked with her little 30 minute fluff news recorded programs (delated broadcast) on Sundays...I would arrive on my shift about 10 minutes before I had to plop the tape into a VTR and let it rip. She would personally hand me the tape...

The fucking thing was always the last weeks tape.  I don't know how the hell she could keep doing it but she did. Being from a family of tee-vee royalyt, she went to the General Manager and complained about me????

The next week she repeated the same problem, and the week after... I finally broke and told her the facts and called her a BITCH! She went to the GM and Chief Engineer and complained again. 

The next day the Chief pulled me into his office... and gave me a raise, no shit!


I'll tell you the one about the Governor coming to tee-vee land later on down the road....




The Gun Is Good's picture

Moar Tee Vee stories, please!

Lumberjack's picture

If you can't watch a porn film being made live, work at a tee-vee station. I shit you not. 

IndyPat's picture

Didn't CNN or Fox have some Tranny porn cut in very recently? Ran for a while too, prolly to the money shot(s) no doubt. And it wasn't like 3 in the morning, either, IIRC, it was like 7 pm or something.

I'm guessing there were some uncomfortable questions from kids at quite a few dinner tables that evening.

RogerMud's picture

>I'm guessing there were some
>uncomfortable questions from
>kids at quite a few dinner tables
>that evening.

hardly, have you seen the internet lately?

Manthong's picture

Video central..

What extreme is not to be expected?

: -D

Lumberjack's picture

When the former Governor runs for Senate again.....

The Gun Is Good's picture

Your counterpart = Weird Al from UHF!

Lumberjack's picture

Nope, just a regular guy and a good cat too.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

"Da CIA wuz makin' all de crack hos happy. Nuffa dat sheet, Mooooo!"

Lumberjack's picture

Van Jones...


Repealing Obamacare would cut $5.5 BILLION in funding PER YEAR to fight the opioid epidemic -

==== Think about this....Does that include Fire/EMS wasted time? Or the global warming funds that are in part, part of the distribution problem... Windmills for heroin? Arms for heroin? Human trafficking for heroin?
Tippoo Sultan's picture

Uncanny resemblance. Both produce copious amounts of foul, hot air also.

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Poor Maxine is not aging very gracefully!