Trump Blasts CNN's "FAKE NEWS", Says "Credibility Will Soon Be Gone!"

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One day after totally shutting down CNN's Jim Acosta at his first press conference as President-elect, Trump continues to hammer CNN tweeting that they're "in a total meltdown with their FAKE NEWS because their ratings are tanking since election and their credibility will soon be gone!"


Of course this is likely, at least in part, a reaction to a clash that occured last night between CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway in which Cooper, despite his network's clear reporting errors, said "I think you guys are feeling the heat.  [Our report] was actually backed up by not only by multiple sources but other news agencies."  Of course, Conway was quick to shut down Cooper's deflection:

“What heat do we feel?  That you’ve got this raw information, this complete ridiculous fake news?”


“I know CNN must be feeling the heat today of having a headline yesterday at around 6:30 p.m. that said, quote, ‘Intel chiefs presented Trump with information that Russia had information to compromise him.  That is just false.”


“It has not been backed up by credible news sources. Actually, it’s just fake, it’s not even news, I can’t even use ‘news’ for it.”


* * *

For those who missed it, here are the epic exchanges from yesterday.

In an epic (mutual) trolling between president-elect Trump on one hand and BuzzFeed and CNN, on the other, the two media organizations which issued yesterday's unsubstantiated report about Russia having compromising information on the president-elect, Trump first addressed the question of why he referred to Nazi Germany, saying it is "disgraceful" that intelligence communities would allow the release of any information. "That's something Nazi Germany would have done and did do," he says.

He then unleashed on Buzzfeed which alone published the 35-page memo behind the Russian allegations, saying "Buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage... will suffer the consequences

And then, in an even more stunning episode, Trump slammed CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who he also called out during the presser over their report on a two-page synopsis they claim was presented to Trump.

With Trump looking to call on other reporters, Jim Acosta yelled out, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?”

“Not you,” Trump said. “Your organization is terrible!”

Acosta pressed on, “You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?” Trump countered by telling him “don’t be rude.” 

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded. “Don't be rude. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” Trump responded, before calling on a reporter from Breitbart.


A snubbed Jim Acosta then tweeted the following: "Fortunately ABC's Cecilia Vega asked my question about whether any Trump associates contacted Russians. Trump said no."


Trump also had some "kind words" for the BBC:

* * *

These exchanges followed an initial statement by Trump spokesman Sean Spicer who said that "for all the talk lately about 'fake news,' this political witch hunt by some in the frankly shameful & disgraceful.... Highly irresponsible for a left-wing blog... to drop highly salacious and flat out false information on the Internet."

Following this, we expect the war between Trump and the media in general, or at least CNN in particular, to reach biblical proportions.

*  *  *

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NugginFuts's picture

CNN had credibility? When?

CPL's picture

Remember the release of the super nintendo entertainment system, I think it was around then.  They kind of got a little fuzzy in the mid 90's with the super bank proposals and the mega state mergers.

just the tip's picture

you got a 5-1/4" floppy drive?

J S Bach's picture

I think we are witnessing a swift evolution in political communications.  I can see Trump's White House having communiques about specific topics throughout each day.  Ones for economics, foreign policy, domestic policy, even an "open mic" session to cover the bullshit that the venerated likes of CNN and MSNBC prefer.  This format - along with the direct use of Twitter - will eliminate a lot of the nonsensical filtering and obfuscating which the masters of the lie have utilized for decades.  This will also speed the demise of the MSM as we know it.  Ain't nature grand?

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

How can CNN be fake news?? CNN is one of the leading accredited news companies in the world!! They have been reporting fact-checked, verified news for over three decades! They have state of the art studios, well-dressed reporters and are played in gyms and hotel waiting rooms across the world!

The Internet Trolls Who Got Trump Elected

insanelysane's picture

CNN WAS accredited. Past tense.

Now by their own admission, news is real if "[Our report] was actually backed up by not only by multiple sources but other news agencies."

So if a piece of paper is handed out to certain official agencies and then reported on by other "news" agencies, then the piece of paper is fact/real news.

It is simply amazing that any collection of words, sentences, and paragraphs becomes non-fiction when released to the public through multiple news agencies.

I thought CNN might have changed but unless everyone, and I mean everyone, at CNN is fired, then there is no hope for them.

zuuma's picture

Too bad the initials "FNN" are already taken.  It would be more accurate.

Or, maybe, "Weekly World News-TV" might be appropriate.

Absolutely no one I know considers them to be a news source.

Pure Democrap /Pissgresssive agitprop. 

Since at least the Clinton era

Richard Chesler's picture

I don't think "accredited" means what you think it means.

Mango327's picture


Chupacabra-322's picture

CNN totally disrespects its viewers. No credible journalist would do a story on a story that was not verified unless they wanted people to speculate if it was true. They know exactly what they did and are blaming Buzzfeed, which isn't even a real news agency. They should not get off the hook so easily and I am glad that they are being called out. Can you imagine an MSM station putting out a story like this about Obama - even though he has REAL skeletons in his closet?

It Was very rewarding / satisfyingly to witness a Criminal discredited organization be disciplined for all the World to see what a Vile, Scum Fuck, Presstitute CNN really is.

Chauncey Gardener's picture

I woud LOVE to see Trump's FCC director yank CNN's license. Ted Turner, anyone?

Lost My Shorts's picture

They seem to think Trump is a closet pissgressive too !!

But whatever, Trump famously said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and still win the White House.  He has nothing to fear from blackmail.  Honestly, what revelation could surprise you?  If it turned out that he and Putin were really gay cowboys, it might be the thing that finally unites America.

HippieHaulers's picture

CNN was never accredited, whatever that means. It has been an intelligence operation from the get. This is the war that we knew was coming between Trump and the CIA over who runs the executive branch. Trump is winning now thanks to this shark jump. 

Rikky's picture

gotta love bonus at least he's consistent because whatever he says the opposite is always the truth.

schatzi's picture

From the first instance I suspected you to be a tyler creating a foil to the presented content. Difficult to either upvote or downvote. The shtick is a bit old though.

HockeyFool's picture

I agree, MDB needs to get some new material. I just down vote and don't bother to read it, its not funny any more. As does Boris the fake Russian. He has also failed to be funny for quiet some time. Maybe he can pretend to be a CNN "reporter."

zippedydoodah's picture

I have always thought and said that MDB is a Tyler. Boris is almost certainly one too.

ZH readers appear to be very gullible and lap up Zerohedges's very own fakes like cats lap up cream.

moneybots's picture

"How can CNN be fake news??"


Sarcalicious and sarcalious. Sarc on, MDB.

MFL5591's picture

This man is so fucking rude, no more CNN for me!

GreatUncle's picture

Hi MDB, head exploded yet? Merry Xmas, the New Year is just getting started.

Could a bit of a heatwave around the 20th Jan so do remember to wear your UV blocker if that is any god for gamma radiation.

Sip the iodine flavoured kool aid and chill also skip popcorn, you will certainly be able cook eggs on the bonnet of your car if it don't melt first/

You, like us might be in for a wild ride.


Arctic Frost's picture

I think I love MillionDollarIdiot posts the most! What he doesn't comprehend that while most of us have strong divided opinions because we watch news and politics too closely than average America at least our posts reflect that we believe what we post about. His are so over the top it's obvious he himself doesn't even believe them and as the normal non-posting person outside of the polls who truly elect Presidents stroll through these forums they're thinking, look at this guy's sarcasm, he must really love Trump.

That's what I thought when I first got here. When I realized he was truly a Democratic troll I cracked up at his ignorant ineffectiveness. I wish more were like him, the idiocy is so wonderfully transparent.

Socratic Dog's picture

Before you lose more credibility, Frost, a-la CNN,  a word in your ear: MDB writes satire.  He's not a troll, he's a writer of satire.  Sometimes awesome (well-dressed reporters"), sometimes less so, but it's always satire.

zippedydoodah's picture

He's a Tyler.

Have you ever noticed that he always comments very very early on new posts and never further down than two pages?

It's almost as if he knows when a new post is coming.

Gee, I wonder how?

Arctic Frost's picture

So his posts ARE sarcasm then? Okay, then that makes sense and he's very good at it, but you have to admit it's difficult to tell these days because a LOT of liberals are posting the same type stuff.

"Before you lose more credibility, Frost, a-la CNN . . ." I get the credibility part and frankly I didn't assume I had ANY credibility due to the obvious fact that I'm new in this ultra-conservative game and I'm not polished. You guys are in this stuff deep and it's apparent you do a lot of research to back up your opinions. That's commendable; however, . . .I take a LOT of offense to being characterized "a-la CNN"!!!

I don't have time for to live up to your standards of perfection in knowing every single fact about every single thing because I'm busy trying to survive in a post-Obama world. While all of you might sit back in your cozy little lives and complain, I'm not sure you actually know what it's TRULY like to have your life destroyed by liberal policies. I'm a fanatic of the middle and have always been tolerant of liberal views, often I even support liberal views. I'm not here whining because I'm some die hard conservative, I'm here whining because I'm a living, breathing example of someone who works hard, had a comfortable life and was happy with my middle class existence. Then Obama comes along with his, "Yes we can" crap.

My middle class life is over and now I and my family are in the depths of poverty. While I'm paying some damn insurance company their premiums they've quadrupled over the years I can no longer afford to go to my Doctor (which they took away my choice of) all because they check existing conditions during these wellness exams so I get jackshit for free with a $10,000 deductible. Any money I saved for these visits is now given to the damn insurance company as I'm selling my jewelry to get the lowest base of care. The company I work for put me "on call" because if I'm a "full time" employee they can't afford the healthcare on me, so I pretty much have no wage even though I'm highly skilled in a high tech firm. That's only ONE devastating effect liberal politics has had on my life, I don't have the space to list all the others.

I come here because you try and explain this garbage to liberals and they call you a f*cking racist. I get beat up here because I'm not more concerned over the color of someone's skin, their religion or whether they're out to rule the world or some jackshit like that. I'm not up on all the current fads of how to act "right" conservatively because all I f*cking care about is I hope to god Trump IS for real and can help me save my family.

SO screw you and all your insults. Compare innocent people like me to CNN, go ahead. I'm done with trying to get a voice out there for those of us living in the middle. Neither side gives a shit about us, all they care about is their insane conspiracy theories. For all of your "factual knowledge" you don't get us at all. But Trump DOES and I'm going to have to be satisfied with that and join all the other silent people who sit back and shake their heads at you two sides that care for nothing except for hating each other.

Socratic Dog's picture

Look, Frost, I and I'm sure many others here feel for your situation.  You think I'm insulting you, well, maybe I am, and 30 seconds later I've forgotten about it.  You just insulted me, intentionally or not, by calling me an "ultra conservative".  I'm not.  I'm someone who has grown to despise government, all government, even "ultra-conservative" government.  I supported Trump because of the faint possibility that he might be someone who could bring government crashing down.  If not, well, the worst he can possibly be is business as usual for this once-great nation, so nothing lost.

This isn't a site of the right, it's a site for learning truth, but you have to deal with a bunch of bullshit to get to it.  Keep on here, follow up on some links, and you'll learn a lot.

Example is a nice little primer I'm currently devouring:  None dare call it conspiracy, by Gary Allen.

Socratic Dog's picture

Good point, they have "well-dressed reporters."  I cannot argue with that.  And if they're well-dressed, how could they not be presenting the truth?

Unfortunately, the majority of mercans would happily buy and eat a turd sandwich from a well-dressed man, or even better a hot, well-dressed woman.  That's all it takes.  That's why we're where we are.

Enjoy your turd sandwiches.

VZ58's picture

MDB I am amazed - have you switched sides? The paychecks from the NWO to our little Phillipino housewife ghost writer must not be so worthwhile  because I detect a distinct note of sarcasm. In fact, your comment leads me to think that you are now of the alt.right! Others may not have picked up on this, but I think that you are growing on me. 

TeraByte's picture

Fact content and millions watchers are two separate things. Fake news still do not turn to truth, should millions be watching.

Post-Truth Society's picture

Yes, the great deceiver, the Muslim Anti-Christ Trump, will use direct communication channels to alert his followers to his plans. The truth is all around you - consider the following:

A) Trump is the Muslim Anti-Christ (see below). He plans, together with his Jew daughter Ivanka and Jew son-in-law Kushner to unite all Muslims and Jews to fight against Christianity in the battle of Armageddon.

B) Donald = 6 letters, original Germanic spelling Drumpf = 6 letters.  His father’s middle name is Christ, also 6 letters.  (Christ - quite an unusual middle name, don’t you think?)  And so, as the son shall be set against the father, Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ, 666 in the flesh.

C) The triangular shape of Trump Tower, viewed from above, in New York points east to the Kaaba in Mecca.

D) The crown jewel of the Kushner real estate empire is a building at 666 Fifth Avenue.  He recently held talks with Chinese investors to redevelop the property.

E) Trump has publicly expressed admiration for Sharia law, notably their rules on divorce. Why did Trump go out of his way to address a pending $2B real estate deal in Dubai at his first press conference?

F) Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, will be Trump’s point man on working with Israel.  Meanwhile Trump courts Russia, to allow him access to Syria. He needs both these alliances to prepare for the final battle in Israel.

G) The Time magazine cover which appeared to show devil’s horns on Trump was a bread crumb from a Higher Power, likely guiding the hand of the photo editor.  (Note also, that the horns came from the letter M - for Muslim.)

Many souls here need to wake up to the truth.

zuuma's picture

looks like the peso crisis in mexico has not cut the flow of fake psych drugs to the USA.
@mr. Post Truth -->  switch to Canada.  Your pills aren't working properly.  Also, turn off your PC. You could hurt yourself.
Maybe catch a Gilligan's Island marathon on Cable.

Post-Truth Society's picture

Yeah , 'cause I POST the TRUTH, bitchezzz !

FireBrander's picture

The CIA shower report IS NOT FAKE NEWS!

It is "Unsubstantiated Claims"; well, at least that's what the guy on the evening news told me...


FireBrander's picture

National News on a TV in a waiting I was forced to watch...THE MOTHER FUCKERS WOULD NOT USE THE WORD FAKE...listening to ABC news, the report is just "unsubtantiated".


But these fuckers in the media, listening to their "report"..."it could be true, but at this point, we're going with unsubstantiated"...oh, that's just fried my fucking eggs.

evoila's picture

i wish somebody would stop an interview and tell Anderson Cooper to wipe that smug smile off his face if he wants the interview to continue

Rikky's picture

Dude if you read your Bible you'd know that the Anti-Christ will come out of Europe and be based there.  In addition the whold world is going to line up against the Jews in the end of the End Times.  Nice try though.

Post-Truth Society's picture

You need to wake up brother.  Jews and Muslims are cut from the same cloth despite their feuding.  Trump will unite the Muslims and Jews with the help of his Jew daughter Ivanka and Jew son-in-law Kushner.  (Kushner's biggest property is at 666 Fifth Avenue.)

zippedydoodah's picture

Religious nutjob arguing with religious nutjob. Too funny.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Do you read tea leaves, too? And palms? Do you also study phrenology?

Post-Truth Society's picture

My claims are easily verifiable.  Start with Kushner's main property at 666 Fifth Aveune.  Bloomberg had a story on it just last week.  Look it up.

Post-Truth Society's picture

And you are a 5 year 30 week asshole.  Congratulations.

I guess you prefer your other older asshole friends.  You will be judged, just like everyone else.  Wake up before it's too late.

Arctic Frost's picture

Yes, yes yes, we know, you hate the Jews so therefore you hate Trump. Your rhetoric is tiresome. What are you, some broken Republican who's super disappointed Trump didn't turn out to be Hitler afterall? Poor baby. Go shave your head with all your other buddies and take a dip in your toilet. You'll smell better.

mqg25's picture

A) Lay off the sativa because it can cause mild paranoia. I would suggest a good indica several times a week for a more calming effect for the body and mind. 

BTW, Anybody can use numbers, hidden statements, hand gestures etc; to come up with any preposterous conclusions. Even on you. 

HippieHaulers's picture

You have your sativa and indica mixed up. It's the opposite, though almost all cannabis on the market is a hybrid blend of the two. Indica, having a higher THC content, can cause paranoia, whereas sativa, having a higher THoC content, creates more of a dreamlike, relaxing state. And the munchies. But yeah, seriously dude, take the prophesies with a grain of salt.

Lies All Lies's picture

.." to prepare for the final battle in Israel...."

You seem to have insight. Any tips on who will win? I want to place a bet.