Stunning Before And After Pictures Of The California Drought And Devastating Rain Storms

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Just as California's liberal elites had convinced everyone that climate change had permanently altered global weather patterns such that the entire state was doomed to be stuck in a perpetual drought which would inevitably render it about as inhabitable as the surface of Mars within years, an unrelenting series of storms has struck and in a matter of days filled lakes, overflowed rivers and buried mountains in snow.  And just like that, 40% of California was lifted from a drought that had plagued the state for a decade.

Of course, that much rain, in such a short period of time, can have devastating consequences as this video from Big Sur illustrates.


As does this dashcam video of a flash flood in norther California. 


In all, the rainfall totals from around Northern California over the past 14 days are staggering with certain areas receiving nearly 2 feet of rain according to SFGate.

Downtown San Francisco has received 5.53 inches of rain since Jan. 1. The last time the city has seen a number higher than this was 1982 when 7.53 inches fell between Jan. 1 and Jan. 11. During last year's El Niño year, S.F. had received close to three inches by this date.


More impressive numbers: The coastal range mountains outside Guerneville, where roads and homes went underwater when the Russian River flooded, has received some 21 inches of rain since Jan. 4.


In Downieville, where the Yuba River gushed with a heavy flow all week, some 23 inches of rain were recorded in the past seven days.


And as bad as the flooding has been in parts of Northern California, it would have undoubtedly been even worse but for the the ability to divert some of the excess water into previously depleted reservoirs scattered throughout the state.

The super soakings have filled reservoirs that were mere mud puddles, their cracked lake beds once exposed at the height of the drought that plagued the state for five-plus years and still persists in many regions, especially in Southern California.


The reservoirs in Northern California have gained some million acres of storage in the past seven days, Michael Anderson, a climatologist with the California Department of Water Resources estimates. And total surface storage for the state is roughly 97 percent of average, with the the total storage for the largest reservoirs being at 111 percent of normal.


Lake Oroville, the state's second-largest reservoir, gained a bit more than 620,000 acre-feet in the first 10 days of January alone.


"That is almost 18 percent of its capacity," Anderson said. "Since Oroville was about 750,000 acre-feet below its storage limits during flood season (a consequence of the drought), they can keep all that water for future use and largely offset storage impacts from the drought."

Meanwhile, the transformation of the state's reservoirs, in just a matter of weeks, is astonishing.

Cali Drought


Cali Drought

Yuba River

Cali Drought

Cali Drought


What a difference a year makes with most reservoirs now near capacity....

Cali Drought


...versus ~30% of capacity last year.

Cali Drought


But we're sure this abundance of rain is ever bit as much due to global warming as the lack of rain was last year...but we're still waiting for official confirmation on that from our respected political leaders in Sacramento.

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Double post sorry.   

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If they had spent tax money to be able totrap and transfer water from rain rich regions to dyer regions, 100% of the state would be out of the drought. Unfortunetly, we get a multi billion dollar train that no one will use.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) localsavage Jan 13, 2017 6:35 PM

You know this is Trump, right?

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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) Stainless Steel Rat Jan 13, 2017 6:50 PM

Russian hackers

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It's not 'devastating', it's called weather.

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It is the political elites who used fearmonger tactics to change laws and further erode individual liberties in the name of saving the planet.  BUT, it is also the climatologists and weather forecasters who used the situation to feather their nest, and get large financial grants to report foregne conclusions resuting from their PHONY research to get even more grants and fill their wallets with bogus research.  And why should we believe any of these weather folks, they can't even get tomorrow's weather correctly forecast.

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Hey, that looks like my old white Pinto in that picture of Almaden Dam. I was wondering where that thing went.

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um.....this is why the reservoirs were built in the first place.   california has a long history of episodic periods of drought and flood.....don't even call them cycles, since that implies regularity.    this is known to anybody with memory that goes back more than a year or three......

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funny thing about nature, the only thing predictable about it is it's unpredictability.

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Moonbeam is going to launch a satellite to prove it.

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Moonbeams Dad was the one who started it all with his big ditch to the SJV. Until 1968 only farmers didn't have enough water so drought had little impact. Now we can blame the population (and the politicians do), but they only use 20% of the water, it's big agra open sraying 80% in a freaking desert. Screw this state's "respected leaders" they couldn't lead a piece of shit into a toilet.

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Actually all of California's reservoirs were heading back to full pool (100% full) already.  This recent storm has added so much water that they are dumping as much water out of Shasta as is coming in.

Chicken Liberals- "the sky is falling, the sky is falling".  Ahhh.... no, Kid, we call that rain. 

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(i knew you would say that)

DeadFred's picture

That first video looks like the creek in my back yard a few days ago. Sadly the highest water came after dark so I didn't get any epic videos of it. The weather patterns looks like we may get a repeat in about a week so maybe I can get some footage then.

Normally about three inches deep, it was ten feet deep at high water.

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Those previous boating accidents out at the dry lakes now have all my precious under a foot or two of water.

Which way to the beach's picture

"Hey, that looks like my old white Pinto in that picture of Almaden Dam. I was wondering where that thing went"

So, that's where Jimmy Hoffa ended up. So how is Lake Mead doing these days.


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Amazing how all this shit is plenty full when they dont open the dam and let the water out

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Yeah, it's those slimy scientists who are getting rich off "PHONY" research, because we know that the fossil fuel industry has nothing to gain by disputing the science. I am willing to bet that if we added up all the money paid to these devious scientists "feathering their nests" it wouldn't even be change in the ashtray compared to what the fossil fuel industry makes in a month. How many of those scientists get 180 million dollar golden parachutes like Ray Tillerson?

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"roads and homes went underwater when the Russian River flooded"

HedgeJunkie's picture

That was some serious Russian hacking to undermine our politicians faith in "science" and "global warming".

effendi's picture

Well obviously the Russians are to blame. Notice the flooding on the Russian River.

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He did say, "there is no drought in California," during the primaries. One storm later, he's right.

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Oh no not Trump got to disagree, Clinton cried for the first time and the heavens opened.

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Even the climate guys are turning the taps back on because they know Trump's a coming. 

That or a curse has been lifted from the land. The heavens have relented!

Curious timing to say the least.

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Yer avatar sez:  "Here's where some happy, rainclouds live..." :>D

The Deacon's picture

Even the climate guys are turning the taps back on because they know Trump's a coming. 

That or a curse has been lifted from the land. The heavens have relented!

Curious timing to say the least.

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Ha! I see you said the same thing I did

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Libtard tears WERE good for something.

Keep crying bitchezzzz

U4 eee aaa's picture

You have to admit the timing in uncanny. And I don't think that it is because Trump is going in, I think that it is because America has thrown the Satanists out. It is almost as if the curse has lifted on the land

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Manmade geoengineering. The govt has been spraying aluminum offshore from nozzles mounted on govt owned commercial airliners that were modified to hold spray tanks and equipment. 

There's no doubt there has been a sustained drought in California. Will all this rain fix it? No, not according to what I've read. 

Rainwater is not groundwater. Once water tables dry up it takes years to replenish the soil, once again raise groundwater tables to root height and it takes many years to disperse and migrate through the topsoil across entire watersheds. This flash flood rain is good for replenishing surface reservoirs only. I don't know who's on the right side of this reflectivity debate but I suspect we will eventually learn it isn't the govt.

armageddon addahere's picture

Where are the forests of trees to hold back the water? Where are the beaver ponds? At one time a rain like that would have stayed and nourished the land, now it runs off carrying the topsoil with it.

Every beaver dam is a mini reservoir that holds back water and saturates the ground around it. Many areas in the west only became arid after the beavers were trapped out in the mid 19th century.

Beaver dams and reforestation could transform the state.

Big Corked Boots's picture

So, you're saying we need more beaver?

bluskyes's picture

So, buy some california land, plant trees, and raise beaver. For anyone else, they are vermin, your attitude is the source of most of the nation's problems. Everyone knows what everyone else should be doing with their time and resources. Especially the state.


ChinaCatRider's picture

"If they had spent tax money to be able totrap and transfer water from rain rich regions to dyer regions, 100% of the state would be out of the drought. Unfortunetly, we get a multi billion dollar train that no one will use."

Multi billion dollar train to nowhere, who needs it. Better off with a bullet train from LA-Vegas or SF-Reno to keep the fucking drunks off the road.

On topic, those farmers in the San Joaquin should start flooding some fallow fields to refill the aquifers.

Disc Jockey's picture

Fuck that. Let the dry regions (Los Angeles) dry up and die.  I don't want high speed rail, but nor do I want aquaducts to steal water from the State of Jefferson!

JRobby's picture

So they stopped spraying that shit in the atmosphere off the coast of CA that blocked the moisture from coming on shore and now have parked troops and tanks on Russia's border.

Does anyone know what this is about?

With a show of hands, please indicate if you would like all of the Deep State dead.

All of them.

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Bought off corrupt stooopud fukn politician turds.. 

knukles's picture

The Progressive will change the name to something else, fiddle fuck with the data and step all over their own dicks trying to present it as settled (ie not fake) science.

While this all looks nice and green and lush and plentiful, the recent storms ain't done shit for the aquifers.
So don't hold yer breath.

Two-bits's picture

..sir, the data doesn't look good for us.

We'll change the fucking metric then!

Yes sir, I should have thought of that. It is way better than the "fake weather" the focus groups were coming back with.  Red meteorology...

knukles's picture

Next time we have some Progressive pals over for dinner I'll suggest we play the trivia game "Redacted History"

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  Knuks -  Please invite me.  ;-)

knukles's picture

Mi Casa es Su Casa, my brother.

armageddon addahere's picture

Beaver dams and reforestation would hold the water and prevent it from running off to the sea and taking the topsoil with it. Every beaver dam is a mini reservoir saturating the ground around it with water and creating an area of lush growth. The trees and bushes hold back the snow and rain and allow it to soak into the ground replenishing the aquifers. Areas that are now arid, were once forested or grassland before the trees were logged off and the beaver trapped out in the 19th century.

FX223's picture

Trump posted a strongly worded tweet directed to mother nature: "global warming, fake's FAKE!  You know it, it's FAKE, you made it up now stop it, I'm not buying it nobody is...FAKE! @realdonaldtrump 



p.s. keep stacking and stashing friends

general ambivalent's picture

Tell that to the bird migrations (geese flying south in January as just one example), the Albertans who didn't have a winter last year, and the many Canadians who haven't had one yet this year. There's 'weather' and then there's the disappearance of a whole season.

Just because the government exploits and manipulates things doesn't mean those things are a hoax. It means the government exploits and manipulates things.

armageddon addahere's picture

I'm getting pleny of winter and you can have it. Just put in my second $1000 tank of heating oil and will have to buy another before spring. Come on up to Ontario and freeze your ass off. We have been having old fashioned winters for the last 10 years.

Lore's picture

@ General Ambivalent: Do you even live in Canada? We have had a real old-fashioned deep freeze across the country this year, so no bullshit, please. As for the Canada geese, it happens that I just drove past several hundred in a farmer's field, and that too is nothing new. 

Kayman's picture

You obviously haven't been looking at the northern weather. Canada has been freezing and snowing for weeks.  Alberta recently was minus 40 degrees F.  

Rey dTutto's picture

Just because the government creates data out of whole cloth, lies about the results, and manipulates the historical data doesn't mean those things are a hoax.