The Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down

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A document from the New York State Department of Labor reveals that the Clinton Global Initiative is being discontinued.

Filed on January 12, 2017, the document shows the layoff of a specialist employed by the Clinton Global Initiative as part of a "plant closure" and that the reason for their discontinuation was the "Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative."

The news of the closure of the Clinton Global Initiative comes after reports emerged in the Fall of 2016 that they were laying off dozens of workers at their New York offices.

The Clinton Global Initiative was founded in 2005 by Bill Clinton and associate Doug Band. Band and Clinton were dogged by accusations of corruption, which intensified after 2016 document releases by Wikileaks revealed that Band was soliciting large numbers of donations for Clinton through his public relations firm, Teneo.

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Hey, it's the Global Initiative, why can't they move it to Qatar, out of Trump's DOJ clutches?



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Speaking of things shutting down.

Just came across this:

Wells Fargo announced plans on Friday to shut down more than 400 bank branches by the end of 2018. That's on top of the 84 locations it pulled the plug on in 2016.

Wells Fargo (WFC) said the new branch closures haven't been fueled by the bank's fake account scandal.

Standard Disclaimer: Have to wonder if Warren Buffet will quietly dump his share of Wells Fargo (~10%) in the near future. What did Warren have to say - Buffett: Wells Fargo is 'a great bank that made a terrible mistake'.

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Buffet my like the business model of using cheapest unskilled labor, part time workers.

" Mike Mayo, a bank analyst at CSLA, told CNNMoney last fall that he believes Wells Fargo will need to ultimately close 1,000 branches.

Mayo even argued that Wells Fargo's massive branch network may have helped fuel the scandal. He said the need to justify the costly branches "could have contributed to pressure on staff to sell more."

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Aren't they in the deep part of the Swamp !!!

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i can hear the paper shredders running now- they are all afraid of trump coming in and the books examined.


bluez's picture

Hahaha! They will just take all the loot and move to the Philippines!
Yes -- I am taking bets.

jeff montanye's picture

no.  not the philippines. duerte does not seem friendly to them.

somewhere on the west side of the persian gulf, qatar maybe?

better hope obama's iran deal holds. or trump's "renegotiation".

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On the whole, it's probably a very good thing that some people know more than I do.

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So who's going to be the Importer of boys and girls for Washington and Hollywood ?


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Isn't Jeff Epstein's Lolita Island still in operation?

williambanzai7's picture

One employee needed: document shredder

Lumberjack's picture

Poor bastards at the Clinton Global Initiative are SOL now as Obama's jobs legacy takes another hit...

Ringling Bros. circus to end 'Greatest Show on Earth' after 146 years

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And a wood chipper for the dead bodies.

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Wouldnt it be nice to not have a group of rich assholes with crazy aspirations and unattainable goals trying to continuously fk us over for a change?  You watch how they tear us apart trying to vet their bs 2030 nwo crap accomplished which will never happen and just hold everryone in a state of dispair. Eat shit clintons!

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Thousands of poor and hungry Haitians reacted to the news of the closing of the Clinton Global Initiative by remaining poor and hungry.

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They're hoping to pack up, destroy the evidence, and slink away.

There's more to this story.

Don't let 'em get away with it.


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I think this is a try to "Take the money and Run" situation. Now of course it probably isn't legal and certainly isn't ethical

but hell the whole enterprise wasn't and neither were at least two of the three principals. Take out the trash, burn 

the furnishings and fumigate the place. (try to do it with Bill and Hill tied up inside)

Just don't let it happen again by remembering the whole shady entity was authorized by an agreement between Obama

the Clintons and a Democrat controlled Congress. There were plenty of people saying at the time just what a farce this

operation would lead to and it's no big surprise that it did. 



Hongcha's picture

They lost power, permanently.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

They lost power, permanently.

Poor Chelsea. Her plans, hopes and dreams are down th drain.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Divested Manpower, Divested Resources, Divested Funders, Divested Funding, Divested Motivation, Divested Enlightenment or False Prophesy, Divested Ethos...

But WTF do U asses think happens when a Group like Neocons is taken out of the White House? the power morphs, the power changes and adapts to law and rules...

Dip Shits, power never dissipates or simply closes down and goes to the great beyond.

What R U People thinking. The power remains and the Ethos and Principals REMAIN. Now you have a worse problem. Similar to the problem of TBTF, Monopolies, Oligopolies, Anti=Trust.

What are you thinking?

The assault is coming via Asymmetric Warfare. Book of 5 Rings or Szu Szu's Book of Art of War.(spelling). Trade mark Alinski Incorporated, DOJ Approved, FBI Influenced, US Intelligence Promulgated.

dcmbuffy's picture

well you dont have to be a name caller- geez- easy tiger

TeethVillage88s's picture

Where did the power go, what did it become?

Wasn't the FBI the major driver behind the KKK?

Neocons for instance likely come from families that doing questionable things already, chances are that these peoples kids are kind of all grown up... it is not like they were young turks that decided to go start a family.

Do European Royal families just fade away?

Do European Bankers just fade away?

Did Professor Ayers fade away?

Neocons seem very active and powerful in the Democrat party now.

Boris Badenov's picture

So what? Like they told Trump, you can't shut it down until we finish the investigation, huh fukkerz.

richsob's picture

How much of that money are they going to give back?  I bet it's a lot of relief to the donors to know they are not going to be taken advantage of after all.  Good to see the Clintons doing the right thing.  <sarc off>

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Nothing to see here people...Move along. crime scene, no bodies...Move along.

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Nice find.

The CGI was so shady that Chelsea Clinton launched an internal investigation. No need to keep it open now that they aren't getting checks from conflicts of interestPlus it's not like Qatar is ever getting that pipeline




Chelsea investigating...



(more on CGI / Teneo / Clinton Foundation from Redditor "Book_of_Wisdom")

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That's hilarious because I remember seeing a WL email about one of their directors being so stressed out by Chelsea stealing CF money they attempted suicide.


I guess she is concerned when she isn't the one laundering the cash.

ZeroPointNow's picture

I remember that.


Was this disproven? 


bardot63's picture

The groom took one look at Hill and said 'Chelsea is going to look like this in 30 years -- it's going to take some special cash before I marry this junior whoredog.'

Arrrr's picture

Or even worse, a female Webb Hubbell

peippe's picture

& what is wrong with helping a semi-disadvantaged ugly white girl with her nuptials?

Uglies need $$$$$$$ too.

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they need to dispose of the evidence


being as they are Guilty As Hell !

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Quick's picture

No money !!!