The Top 10 Trump Myths

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Submitted by Gavin McInnes via,

Fake news site Buzzfeed just published a fake news story that is so fake, it’s not even fake news. “It’s just fake,” as Kellyanne Conway put it. The editor of Buzzfeed himself says he has “serious reason to doubt the allegations in it,” but he published it anyway because this is “how we see the job of reporters in 2017.” So, the role of reporters is to just barf out whatever anyone throws at them? The dossier implicates the president-elect in everything from being a stooge for the Russian government to demanding women pee on him. It’s written like a prank from our side to lampoon how gullible and biased their side is. It’s also a good jumping-off point to discuss 10 other myths about our next president.

Jesus LORD in heaven above am I sick of talking about a private conversation two guys had in a bus 11 years ago. I’m honestly stunned this devoured so much of the presidential election. It’s completely irrelevant, but if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the whole thing, it’s the opposite of sexist. That’s right. Trump was marveling at what groupies let you get away with and saying it’s crazy. It’s the same as the time he said he could “shoot somebody” in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it. The tone was “Can you believe this shit? These women will basically let you do anything.” Megyn Kelly said he “grabbed women against their will.” This is a lie. He said, “They let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

The real problem here is that people revile Trump so much they can’t imagine women adore him as much as, say, Elvis, who kissed whoever he wanted whenever he wanted. Sorry, libs, money and power are a bigger aphrodisiac than being a “feminist ally.”

Are you as frustrated by these myths as I am? Why would anyone on earth brag about randomly grabbing women by the vagina? Why would anyone mock a handicapped reporter? Insulting someone just because they’re handicapped is something you might do when you’re 7 years old and then deeply regret it when you’re 8. Meryl Streep won a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes and dedicated her entire speech to criticizing Trump for making fun of a crippled reporter. He wasn’t. He was making the same flustered gesture he makes to mimic everyone he sees as flustered. Video of him doing this to everyone is very easy to dig up (I made one too), but that doesn’t stop the likes of The Washington Post from claiming our “assertions are not supported by video evidence.”

This is yet another example of people who have never tried something judging those who have actually done it. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. You’re pretty much looking at 12 failures for every successful venture. When you run hundreds of businesses, bankruptcies are an inevitability.

Also, lots of companies took advantage of bankruptcy laws in the 1990s. This was a problem with the system and its roots are in government intervention. It’s like the real estate collapse. Yes, Wall Streeters took advantage of the collapse, but that money was just sitting on the floor. It was sitting there because big government decided every black and Hispanic person in the country deserved a mortgage.

The same answer applies to this question. When everyone is cheating, to play by the rules is to lose. I made action figures for my old company many years ago and was determined to make them in America. I quickly learned this wouldn’t just make them expensive, it would make them so expensive we couldn’t do the project. That’s the world we are living in. It’s not a fantasy and it’s not based on what you would like to happen. Trump wants to get us to the point where we don’t have to outsource manufacturing to stay not just competitive, but in business.

Again, these are broke people scoffing at a businessman who made billions. Trump got $40 million in equity when his father died and today he’s worth $3.7 billion. Getting a million dollars and not blowing it all is an accomplishment. Look at lottery winners or retired athletes. According to economist Matt Palumbo, if Trump invested $40M in the market, today he would have $1.91 billion after tax. This assumes dozens of variables against Trump including the assumption he could liquidate his inheritance. At any rate, even when we throw liberals a bone with this hypothetical scenario he ends up almost $2 billion poorer.

A fun game to play with liberals is to demand, “What exact sentence did this person say that is factually incorrect?” He never said all Mexicans are rapists. He said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” His point was that a disproportionate number of the illegals who cross the border are rapists. I’d say 80% is a fairly disproportionate number. The age of consent there is 12. They’re certainly not NOT rapists.

I have no idea where this comes from, but abortion is pretty much the only thing I can get women to cite as a reason they chose Hillary over him. They seem to think he’s going to shut down Planned Parenthood and make abortions completely impossible in America despite absolutely zero evidence or any quote that even implies that.

The gays say the same thing about gay marriage, and when pressed for evidence, they say Mike Pence wants gays to be electrocuted. Trump has never implied he wants to do anything about gay marriage. His exact words were “It’s done.” Also, Pence never pushed for electroshock therapy for gays. His website once implied AIDS money should be redirected to “those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” Incidentally, if you got AIDS at a circuit party on meth after having sex nonstop for 36 hours, change your sexual behavior.

Trump is the opposite of a bigot. He is Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, a loud, obnoxious blowhard who wants to party with anyone and everyone, right now. In fact, that’s what the old-money bigots hate about him. His country clubs refuse to cater to the elitism that defines most clubs. If you’re black or Jewish or a weird immigrant grocer but you’ve got the money to join, come on in.

Trump’s exposure to blacks has been the employed family men he worked with on job sites and the educated elites he’s worked with in business. He’s never lived near the ghetto. If anything, his life experience with blacks is abnormally positive. In other words, he likes them more than reality does.

As for Jews, all his adult kids are having sex with a Jew right now. His businesses are crammed to the ceiling with Chosen Ones. How can Jews not get this? I think their obsession with Nazis has been going on for so long, they’ve brainwashed themselves into being petrified of anyone who seems Aryan and alpha, even when the guy is on their side.

Do I need to include gays in this list? Sorry, LGBTQ, Trump doesn’t have a stance on you. He doesn’t care about you. Actually, we’re all pretty bored of you, to be honest. We’re not homophobes, we’re homoboreds.

My reaction to most of these myths is “I wish.” Trump never said one thing about deporting Muslims. He didn’t even suggest a database of Muslims living in America. That was a reporter’s idea.

All Trump said was he’d like to have a “shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” This was during a time of unprecedented attacks on America, France, Britain, and Canada. Almost without fail, when we learn about these Muslim terrorists, we discover they spent time in a Muslim country being further radicalized and trained to better attack us. Would have been nice if we caught them on the way in or the way back in.

Of course, this idea—and it was an idea, not a dictum—gets morphed into an America where Muslims are randomly picked up off the street and thrown in a van. Indian millionaires like Aziz Ansari can moan that Trump makes him scared for his family and The New York Times bawls their eyes out.

Ex-president Vicente Fox keeps telling us he’s “not going to pay for that fucking wall,” like anyone asked him. Dude, you haven’t been president for over a decade, shut up. Nobody asked you or Enrique what you think of our plan.

We spend $58 billion more on Mexican goods than they spend on us. If a restaurant were making that much money off of you, you could ask for a seat by the window. You could also ask for a wall. Add to that the estimated $100 billion illegals cost us and coming down hard on immigration becomes very profitable. That’s more than enough for the $8–10 billion the wall will cost. Barack wasted that on Obamacare alone.

There are problems with Trump. I’m not nuts about him hiring his son-in-law and I don’t get why he’s making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings. However, the left is too lazy to dig up anything valid so they stick to drama-club myths that make great headlines. This might have been effective if we hadn’t all figured out that the mainstream media is #FakeNews. Lie all you want about the president-elect, we’re no longer listening.

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Looney's picture

Freaking Libtards want to take away Donald’s favorite toy.

According to CNN-Germany, Twitter announced today that it will delete Donald Trump’s account sometime within the next 48 hours because of what the company calls “Trump’s racist and divisive rhetoric…”

“…President-elect Trump released an official response in which he called the company’s plan “laughable” and advised the people at Twitter to “tread lightly, because [he] is already working with [his] attorneys to resolve the situation,” a situation that Mr. Trump says will end “very badly” for anyone who tries to silence him.

A source close to the Trump transition team has told CNN News that President-elect Trump has already set up a new Twitter account, @WHDonaldTrump, which the president-elect plans to begin using immediately after Twitter shuts down his primary account. That same source also said that if Twitter shuts down that account, he will simply keep making more new accounts…”

CNN, of course, is the “beacon” of journalistic integrity, but its German version is especially vile, so proceed to the full article at your own fucking risk.   ;-)


Tallest Skil's picture

Even more of these (and refutations) for the liberals in your lives. Go, and "trigger" to your hearts' content.


If Trump just cashed in the interests of the [dollar amount] he inherited, he’d be richer.

He only inherited $50 million, like his siblings, and he’s the only one to have become a billionaire. Also, his total fortune is much higher than the commonly repeated $4 billion. Also, this argument basically boils down to: “He went out, built something and created tens of thousands of jobs instead of doing nothing all day. What a moron. Now, if he’d just leeched off his inheritance, that’d be a guy I could respect!”

He’s racist!

Calling for a temporary ban of a certain ethnic or religious group that has proven to be dangerous to national security is allowed by 8 US Code § 1182. Roosevelt and Carter did it, as well. Even Obama did it, when he stopped all refugee requests from Iraq for six months in 2011. And pointing out the national statistics that show how certain races and religions have a huge tendency to commit violent crimes isn’t racist, either. Facts aren’t racist. There is a reason Trump has the highest support of blacks of any GOP member in modem times. And there is a reason even Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has recently endorsed him.

He wants to deport ALL immigrants!

Nope. Only the illegal ones. Which, again, is what the law says. How is wanting to uphold the law extremist or racist?

He’s a misogynist!

Criticizing one or some women does not a misogynist make. He also criticizes a lot of men. Is he a misandrist? Screaming “misogyny” to deflect legitimate criticism is dishonest. A lot of women understand it, as proven by the fact that millions of them are voting for Trump.

LOL hair

Each strand is made of pure gold and woven by blind American nuns.

He went bankrupt a bunch of times. What a loser.

Donald Trump owns more than 500 companies. Of these, he only declared bankruptcy 4 times. That’s an impressive success rate about which very few can brag. Also, “bankruptcy” does not mean failing. There are different kinds of bankruptcy, and using it is an extremely common strategy. Trump used bankruptcy to force renegotiation of his debt terms. He ended up making millions in savings by shafting the bankers who were screwing him with high rates which were locked in even after the rates had dropped. Aren’t they screwing you, too? Isn’t it about time we have someone in charge who has experience being screwed instead of doing the screwing?

His hats are made in China! He’s a hypocrite!

Some knock-off companies have started making and selling MAGA hats and shirts on their own. Trump is not affiliated with them. His real merchandise is all made in the USA. While it’s true that some of his many companies use Chinese workers, this is because the current regulations force businesses to outsource jobs to stay competitive. Trump is the only candidate that wants to change this system even though, as an entrepreneur, it would be convenient for him not to. So he’s certainly the least hypocritical of all candidates.

He’s gonna start WW3!

He’s the least likely candidate to do so, since he wants peaceful relations with Russia and pushes for military isolationism. Hillary is a neocon warmongering cunt, since she’s bought and paid for exactly by the people that profit immensely from foreign wars.

But he wants to bomb ISIS!

Coddling terrorists only allows them to behead and burn more people. A true leader always chooses the hard option without hesitating, if the only other option is letting terrorist win. Every day we hesitate in destroying the Islamic State with all our power, that day’s victims are also on our hands.

He’s unpresidential.

Low blows and provocations on social media are an advertising move (and clearly a very successful one), and the other candidates do just the same–and worse–but with less benefits. Also, “presidential” is a very personal opinion. Please point out a more presidential candidate, keeping in mind that there is a difference between being “presidential” and being just another professional politician trained to spew bullshit non-arguments for hours on end.

He’s stupid!

From his old tests, his IQ has been estimated at 156 at the very least. That’s genius territory.

He wants to waste billions on a wall.

Like Israel and other countries with a criminal immigration problem did, seeing immediate and immense benefits. And since illegal immigration is estimated to cost $82 billion a year, and The Wall is not liable to cost more than $20 billion, in 3 months we would start earning money and paying for itself (and as many upgrades as technology can allow).

Trump instigates violence at his rallies!

Up to this point, the only ones to use violence have been Sanders’ and Clinton’s supporters. In Chicago, thousands of them attacked Trump’s supporters, the police, and even the ambulances that came for the injured, besides looting stores and breaking everything in sight for no reason. Said looters have then bragged about their First Amendment infringement on all social media and received no punishment whatsoever for their criminal actions. Sanders, Clinton and the other republican candidates even accused Trump of this chaos in a desperate, shameful attempt to grab some more votes. Trump, on the other hand, has always openly disapproved violence and asked his followers to be peaceful. The only “violent” acts that ever happened at his rallies were the removal of disruptive protesters. Yet, because one old white man punched a black, offensive protester in the face, every Trump supporter has instantly been labeled a violent racist. Because attributing the flaws of single individuals to whole heterogeneous categories of people is not racism, when the liberals do it.

His real name is Drumpf.

It’s amazing how racist the liberals get when Trump’s family anglicizes their name (centuries ago), something that almost every immigrant does. Are they going to start calling everyone by the names of their ancestors? Are they going to mock every immigrant who Americanizes their name? The hypocrisy is staggering. Maybe the jews shouldn’t have changed their surnames to blend into their host countries, huh?

He’s just another 1-percenter! Only rich white people want him to be president!

If he’s supported by the 1%, why is literally every single news site, GOP candidate, and Democratic candidate against him? Why do rich people like George Soros fund other people to run against him, to rally against him, and to riot against him if he only has the interests of rich people in mind? Wouldn’t all the corporation-supported media and 1-percenters be backing him instead of trying to label him as Hitler?

He wants to make all muslims be put on a register in the US! It’s just like when Hitler wanted all the jews to wear the star of David!

This is a blatant quote-mine that pops up in nearly every argument about Trump. It’s referring to when he was talking about ISIS members sneaking in with the refugees that ended up in Canada. He wants to know why the NSA didn’t put them on their “terrorist” registry when they’re all posting shit on Twitter and Facebook, posting pictures of themselves with guns, ISIS flags, etc. and coordinating through social media. The NSA already puts people on registry lists when they show potentially dangerous behaviors, why is it wrong for Trump to want people who have posted evidence that they’re terrorists to be on those lists?

He wants to take away freedom of speech by suing the media for reporting the truth!

The media almost never tells the truth and has ruined people’s lives with their slander and libel, which is already illegal to do. They just don’t get punished for it. Trump just wants to enforce already existing slander and libel laws. Is enforcing the laws that already exist wrong?

rmopf2010's picture

At the fall of Berlin wall it was said "It was the death of comunism". Wrong it was comunism rebirth !!!!!!!

Instead of having a secret police to maintain one's totalitary leader, through welfare state/big government, comunism achied the number of votes that gives comunism a mainstream party disguised as soccalism, but it is totaliratism also because instead of one leader we have now endless retirees on social security and endless public workers forming a voting block towards comunism

Now to end comunism once and for all Trump most work side by side with Vlad in the effort of mankind to really STOP Comunism.

In God we believe

CuttingEdge's picture

So in other words, Twitter want to shut down his account because the entire MSM (sans Fox) have worked out that denying him his one weapon to bypass them is a good strategy?


Go short Twitter.

peddling-fiction's picture

Easy solution. He rents his own datacenter cloud and sets up his own "twitter" solution.

Watch millions dump Twitter and join his new service.

Maybe could be a solution Donald.

Twitter, do it. Pull it.

We double dare ya.

falak pema's picture

Talking about Cloud; the Duck could create a Moon Sect of his own. 

He could then call it : Cloud of full moon! When the wolves howl, the witches brew, and the lord of Debunk dances with them in his Moon Boots !

Now that would be awesome. Worthy of the Fellowship of the  Deplorables Ring. 

Eat your heart out Lady of Harry Potter fame! 

peddling-fiction's picture

Wipe off that froth. It looks unbecoming.

Tallest Skil's picture

You realize that your bitch queen will be dead within the year, right? Shilling mentally ill garbage that she came up with is hardly becoming to someone who wants to be taken seriously.

Citizen_x's picture


This seems to be getting too much attention.  One side, Trump is a hero. The other side, Trump is harmful to America. 

I am wondering if this is deliberate and planned ? 

This extra repetition of a mostly insignificant story.  Is Fake News trying to polarize the masses ?

peddling-fiction's picture

The polarization dialectic has been very successful.

Insearch's picture

IQ is 154, Trumps intuitive psychic abilities are over the top, he needs 15 mins and he knows his decision, we underestimate his genius, but he likes it that way.
He knows SunTzu military tactics inside and out, knows NLP, neuro-linguistic programming well, he genuinely cares about America, it's his legacy, he's dropped/sacrificed much of himself, he knows he may be attacked, he and family have all packed together, even if fortunes are compromised they have vowed the next 4-8 yrs in doing so.

We all need to pray for him, to make right decisions, if mistakes or backtracking happens he is willing to do what it takes.

We have to find common ground w/dems, before its out of control, envision being in peace w/all, feeling as if it's that way already, knowing it...
Sounds woo woo but we all live here together.
Trump the father I've always wanted!

soyungato's picture

Can't he just yank Twitter's license for obstruction of free speech and promotion of hate ? 

ducksinarow's picture

No he can't.Twitter is a privately owned entity and provides public service by showing advertising. That means that if you want to start your own mega bucks communication site and have nothing but conservative contributors and conservative messaging going on you can too.

The best way to shut down an annoying business is to not patronize it. Build your own less annoying business.

Actually, that is what has recently happened on Ytube against a conservative group who preaches on there called Legal Insurrection. Liberals did not like what they were saying and utube went Ok we will shut them down and accuse them of copyright infringements.

So when you own your own business and have enough money to fight the objections, you can say what you want and show what you want. That is what Twitter, Facebook and other objectional websites are doing.

BabaLooey's picture

"Twitter is a privately owned entity"


Do you normally display stupid so stupidly?

peddling-fiction's picture

The sneaky little feathery bastid.

Newpuritan's picture

@WHDonaldTrump is a fake account and is NOT Trumps new Twitter a/c.

Byte Me's picture

And the "article" was written by this unlikely twat:-

"Jimmy Rustling, CNN Born at an early age, Jimmy Rustling has found solace and comfort knowing that his humble actions have made this multiverse a better place for every man, woman and child ever known to exist. Dr. Jimmy Rustling has won many awards for excellence in writing including fourteen Peabody awards and a handful of Pulitzer Prizes. When Jimmies are not being Rustled the kind Dr. enjoys being an amazing husband to his beautiful, soulmate; Anastasia, a Russian mail order bride of almost 2 months. Dr. Rustling also spends 12-15 hours each day teaching their adopted 8-year-old Syrian refugee daughter how to read and write."
Trust me on this, if you give yourself a testimonial like that (or allow others to place it for you) - you are a prize twat. In all likelihood, he's 'agency'. With a bit of extra luck his MO Russian wifey is working for Moscow to ge t some perversion dirt on him. If we are extra extra fortunate, his adopted daughter has already been radicalized and will off the twat with an eye-pencil one dark night...
gmrpeabody's picture

But.., he called somebody FAT...

holycow123's picture

Check out this one

Are they for real!?  - talk about jumping the shark

Jack McGriff's picture

I down voted you for being such a gullible FOOL!  That is a FAKE website!  FAKE NEWS!!  "cnn" is parked on the domain ""  so don't post stupid shit again asshole!

Freedumb's picture

You people should be a bit better at verifying what you read, no better than the morons out there who take the NY Times at face value. "" is not a real CNN website. Jesus.

devnickle's picture

I'm sure that would just devastate him. /s LOL

Charming Anarchist's picture

The threat of building a wall is exciting.

There is a reason why an old ex-Mex-Pres is scared.

I reckon before building a wall, surveys of the land will reveal underground tunnels which is enough pretext for declaring war.

In the art of statecraft, Trump is right. He can make the Mexicans pay for the wall. Show me yer tunnels.

Why.Not.'s picture

He can have the Mexican government begging him to build the wall. Leverage. It's a good thing.

BritBob's picture

What will Trump do about the Spanish?


Spanish Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedena twice tried to disrupt the visit by ballistic missile sub USS Florida as it was approaching the British Overseas Territory on the southern tip of Spain.

According to the 
Sun, the incident has caused outrage among senior officials in Gibraltar with one 'top source' saying: 'This is not only a very dangerous game for the Spanish to play but it is unbecoming of a NATO ally to treat the US Navy with such contempt.'

(Daily Mail 6 May 2016)


Looks like Spain will try and play the Gibraltar card  (A worthless sovereignty claim): Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:


Gibraltar is an important NATO base.

soyungato's picture

Fuck NATO - a relic of the 60s. Spain is not the only country who hates us thanks to Bush Clinton and Obama. People tend to hate you when you hit them unprovoked.

Winston Churchill's picture

Maybe giving it back to the Moors would solve the issue.

Back when Franco was still dictator, they used to light up incoming aircraft,civil and military, with their missile radars.

Neither Gibralter nor the Falklands are going anywhere Bob.

Give it a rest PLEASE.

Blanco Diablo's picture

You should worry about reclaiming Londanistan!

nmewn's picture

"What will Trump do about the Spanish?"

Trump doesn't give a tinkers damn about Spain or about Britain being able to maintain control over its "overseas territories" or about financially propping up some ridiculous military alliance with our tax dollars and manpower. 

If these socialized twerps of the EU want the US to stay in NATO the cost will be equally divided between the 28 countries.

Deal deal?

No moar free rides ;-)

Terp's picture

The biggest favour Mr. Trump could do us (all of Europe) is let the clusterfuck NATO implode by pulling out.
Please do so.

peddling-fiction's picture

Rota is the important Nato base.

What are you going to do about that U.S. base?

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Nuke the Falklands and Gibraltar. It's the only way to be sure . . . that BritBob will finally STFU about them.

falak pema's picture

There are so myths that have not appeared and which Ducklovers will be obliged to sweep under the rug --to "debunk" his "fake image"-- that I shudder at the sisyphian task these guys will have for 4 MOAR years at least.

Madison Avenue is a propaganda machine that sold tobacco, all the while they swept Big C under the rug. 

Debunk... what a lovely word to say that the leopard has no spots! 

Stoical's picture

This author is going through the first stage of grief: denial

Vardaman's picture

Trump did America a yuuuuge favor just by ending the Clinton and Bush dynasties.  Even people who can't stand him should be thankful for that result alone.


Actually, those aren't myths. They are truths. Stop with the bullshit.

The biggest myth not on your list is that Trump is a successful businessman. He's not. Any moron with $200 million invested in the market in the 1970s would be doing better than Trump.  But you poodles keep on lapping up his pisswater. Lordy!

soyungato's picture

You remind me of the saying " If you are so smart, when aint YOU rich ?"

BabaLooey's picture
The University of Stupid called, looking for you Smoochie. They wanted to let you know that your valedictorian speech; "How I Managed To Be Top Of My Class Without Getting Out Of Bed" is approved. They loved the grammatical errors. "It's so you" - they remarked.
Mroex's picture

So where are your billions, you mean he would have had to been a complete retard moron and stay for the crash of 87, 91 2008 just sit like an idiot and let ir ride. I quess he did not own the crystal ball you do. So by your logic no one should use their capital to start a business they should just gamble it all on the S&P 500. Your an asshole

vesna's picture

Trump is my HERO

boattrash's picture


My uncle and cousin developed and received a patent on the Rocket Shot Target

We looked high and low for an affordable Mfg in U.S. for over a year, to no avail.

For a major sporting goods chain to sell them at $40, they had to get them at $20  That left  my uncle and cousin assembling them at home for  $1 each net profit. That's why people end up using Chinese Mfgs.

4 wheel drift's picture

true....   but there is a reason why such numbers exist...

and Trump is going to change that environment so your manufacturing can return to USA

TwelveOhOne's picture

Neat device.  Good luck to you!

boattrash's picture

Thanks! Even neater, are the founders. In the videos, you'll hear him say "dad" and "grandpa". That's because he raised him as a son after the boy's dad passed away. They're both a couple of my favorite people.

wisehiney's picture

Now watch all of the envious losers come out to whine about Trump.

Get used to that high pitched whine.

They will not stop for the next 8 years,

As they watch a real Winner in action.

Kayman's picture

The do-nothing useless eaters hate to see a productive, value-enhancing success.

ALL those against Trump, directly or indirectly, suckle from the government teat. Government(s) steal your money and finance those that despise you. 

We are just at the "end of the beginning" to stop the parasites from killing this country.