Trump Team Will Not Attend Davos: "Would Betray Populist-Fueled Movement"

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One of the reasons behind the first ever visit by a Chinese president to next week's Davos boondoggle is that, as reported last week, president Xi was open to a meeting with US president-elect Donald Trump’s team, if clearly not the president-elect himself, who will be far busier on January 20 - the day the World Economic Forum in Davos ends - getting inaugurated.

“China has good contacts with the present US government, and also has a smooth communication channel with Trump’s team,” deputy foreign minister Li Baodong said on Wednesday. Li was responding to a query on the possibility of a meeting between President Xi Jinping and Trump’s team members when they attend the World Economic Forum in Davos from January 17 to 20, according to SCMP.

However, while the world's elite eats "$43 Hot Dogs; $47 Burgers And $55 Caesar Salads", Xi will have to do without a close encounter with members of Trump's, because as Bloomberg reports, "Trump won’t send an official representative to the annual gathering of the world’s economic elite in Davos, taking place next week in the days leading up to his inauguration." The stated reason by a senior member of Trump’s transition team is that "the president-elect thought it would betray his populist-fueled movement to have a presence at the high-powered annual gathering in the Swiss Alps."

During the campaign Trump labeled his opponent Hillary Clinton, as “a globalist” and portrayed himself as a champion for the working class fighting an unfair economic system. Since the election, Trump, who will be the nation’s first billionaire president, has nominated for his Cabinet two billionaires and about a dozen millionaires.

And yet, the gathering of millionaires, billionaires, political leaders and celebrities "represents the power structure that fueled the populist anger that helped Trump win the election", said the person, who Bloomberg said asked for anonymity to discuss the matter. Amusingly, it also leads to such Bloomberg articles as "Davos Wonders If It’s Part of the Problem" (spoiler alert: yes). Additionally, former Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn, a regular attendee in the past, told the group he would skip 2017 after being named in December to head the National Economic Council. Other top Trump appointees will also pass up the forum.

And yet, there are several reasons to be just a little skeptical of Trump's adherence to his "populist-fueled movement." One is tweets like the following:

Another is that while no Trump member will be there officially, unofficially at least two people from Trump's immediate orbit will be dancing with the DJs late in the night. One is SkyBridge's Anthony Scaramucci, who is planning to travel to Davos.The early backer of Trump’s campaign, Scaramucci was named on Thursday as an assistant to the president.

Scaramucci, who has attended the forum several times, made plans before being selected for the White House team and is traveling in an unofficial capacity, said Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks. The forum schedule lists him on a Jan. 17 panel that will cover “the priorities, challenges and opportunities for the incoming government of the United States,” and identifies him as an executive member of Trump’s transition team.

“Anthony Scaramucci has been a long-standing participant at the annual meeting, and as such has been registered to attend since last spring,” Paul Smyke, head of the North America World Economic Forum, said in a statement. Scaramucci will depart in time to attend Trump’s swearing-in on Jan. 20.

Additionally, Trump's close political adviser Rebekah Mercer is also registered to attend. A major Republican donor, Mercer is a member of Trump’s transition team and has been influential in helping to hire senior staff, but doesn’t have an official role in the incoming administration, opting to work behind the scenes. Rebekah is, of course, wife of Bob Mercer, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, which as we profiled last August was "perfectly hedged" between Mercer, who funded and spearheded the Trump campaign on one hand, and RenTec's chain-smoking billionaire founder Jim Simons, who together with George Soros, was one of the most generous sponsors of the Clinton campaign.

* * *

Meanwhile, as the Trump team stays away, if only "officially", China's Xi is set to become the first Chinese president to attend the forum, bringing with him a contingent of China’s wealthiest executives. China is casting itself as an advocate of globalization, in contrast to Trump’s “America First” platform critical of free-trade deals. According to Reuters, during his visit, Xi Jinping will promote "inclusive globalization" and will warn that populist approaches can lead to "war and poverty."

Jiang Jianguo, head of the State Council Information Office, told a symposium hosted by the World Trade Organization in Geneva that President Xi would go to Davos to push for development, cooperation and economic globalization in order to build "a human community with shared destiny." "With the rise of populism, protectionism, and nativism, the world has come to a historic crossroad where one road leads to war, poverty, confrontation and domination while the other road leads to peace, development, cooperation and win-win solutions," Jiang said.

Xi will join about 3,000 others, who will include U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, outgoing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and South African President Jacob Zuma.  The forum wraps up on Trump’s Inauguration Day.

This year's forum is expected to be dominated by discussion of a surge in public hostility toward globalization and the rise of Trump, whose tough talk on trade, including promises of tariffs against China and Mexico, helped win him the White House. Previously, we laid out the top risks envisioned by the WEF in 2017, and which will be topic of much discussion by those present. They are summarized in the chart below.

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They'll get the Cliff Notes version.

knukles's picture

Could always send Paul Krugman as a pillar of NWO strength

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Again, Trump bitch slaps the globalist elites. Oddshark odds are that Davos this year ends up nothing but a bash Trump bash.

Oldwood's picture

Do we really think he was invited??

Notveryamused's picture

Good move on the optics Trump. He has an army of supporters that dominates 90% of USA land mass and even though the top ranks are politicised, support from the overwhelming majority of all agencies and armed forces personnel. Provided he keeps them with him, there is little he cannot achieve.

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Davos is for Hollyweird pansies and Wall Street pantloads. Trump should not lower himself to the squalor of the coastal elite.


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If every there was a time and place more suited for some drone practice, I can't think of it.

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Scaramucci? Can he do the Fandango?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Billy the Poet Jan 14, 2017 8:34 PM


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$43 is very cheap for a hot dog.... oh, you mean, food, like a sausage in a bun, oh that is expensive.

heuvosYbacon's picture

Trump inherited 40 million bucks and comes from New York.

In what universe is he not "coastal elite"?

Lookit, I'm happier than anyone that the wicked witch is dead. And I wanna see the wall, for sure.

Nor am i against the coastal elite, whoever they are. I'm sure there are lot of good folks on the coast who can afford stuff. 

But this ZH thing, where the frenzied and kinda immature zeal for violent revolution against the rich chooses a billionaire as it's leader and hero.......

It's sad, it what it is.

Trump is a BILLIONAIRE. That means he has achieved the first aim in life, which is to escape poverty.

Now he is focused on the second aim in life, which is to escape the poor.

And he is running out of places to hide.

Lore's picture

No. That's the stupid Occupy Wall Street way of looking at things. Economies need people of vision and conscience who know how to build capital and generate wealth in pursuit of good ideas. The concern is not about who has wealth so much as the quality and mindset of the men and women who hold positions of power in society and the way that power is acquired and held. 

Political Ponerology:  A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

"If the many managerial positions are assumed by individuals deprived of sufficient abilities to feel and understand the majority of other people, and who also exhibit deficiencies in technical imagination and practical skills - (faculties indispensable for governing economic and political matters) - this then results in an exceptionally serious crisis in all areas, both within the country in question and with regard to international relations. Within, the situation becomes unbearable even for those citizens who were able to feather their nest into a relatively comfortable modus vivendi.  Outside, other societies start to feel the pathological quality of the phenomenon quite distinctly.  Such a state of affairs cannot last long.  One must then be prepared for ever more rapid changes, and also behave with great circumspection." (2nd. ed., p. 140)

Lore's picture

Wonder why my comment got downvoted: legitimate disagreement, or mere adolescence?  Lack of a reply points to the latter.

emersonreturn's picture

wow, with all his (()) appointments i'd begun to think he'd forgotten about the wee little peeps who'd fought so hard to get him elected. 

NidStyles's picture

Appointments are employee's, nothing more.


Don't ever forget that. Every person he has tagged in can be fired just as easily.

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I'm guessing they won't be sending anyone to Bilderberg either.

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He just saved taxpayers about $10 million dollars in protection, security, travel expenses, etc.


Thank you Donald!

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So..Buzzfeed at Davos will be the unofficial vomiters?


MASTER OF UNIVERSE will not be in attendance at Davos this year due to the bad optics of wealth at an event that celebrates Money Changers, Con-Artists, and Hookers n' blow.

new game's picture

probably getting old for many regs. i mean talking about how powerfull and rich they are amoungst fellow sociopaths.

not to mention the obvious crony label that goes with it, which they are oblivious of to us common plebs...

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I hope they have fun skiing (doubt there would be snowboarder in that crowd?)

Then, nuke it from orbit. I's the only way to be sure.

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Appointments are employee's, nothing more.

Yeah, right.  You have no idea what deals he made when he appointed these guys, and who ever he made deals with is not going to be happy when Trump renegs because some appointee has gone rogue.

And that is the real question here:  Who is the real power behind Trump.  I don't for a minute believe that he is taking on alone the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and all the globalist international corporations they control and the crooked puppet governments and politicians that they own.

There is a powerful faction behind Trump, and the joke is that we the sheeple still don't have a clue who it is.

Farqued Up's picture

A big clue could be had if we knew where the megatons of gold are stashed. They sure as hell  aren't in Ft Knox or Wall Street.

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I don't think Trump gives a rats ass who is in his cabinet as long as they do the right thing by him. "Keep your freinds close and your (((enemies))) closer."

JRobby's picture

You whine like a Liberal Emerson so..............?

You are a Liberal

Sick of fucking whiners.

BabaLooey's picture

I as well.

I find myself having to stop from balling my fists when I am around stupid fucking idiots still butt hurt from the election.

STILL clueless as to why. STILL dumb as a box of shit. 

I have to walk away. 

Ignatius's picture

Yes.  Trump must be very careful given the power of the opposition and their record.

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Ya, he could tweet pictures from the spirit cooking

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Or his party with $65,000 hotdogs and pizzas ordered through the usual channel while Cheryl Mills will be there sacrificing "chickens" to Moloch/Molech in the backyard, a "Herbert Sandler" plays dominoes on cheese AND pasta in another room.
John Podesta will remember not to leave his pizza-related handkerchief with a map on it this time.

Note: Yes, it's all innocent, folks. After all, it's been debunked by the "intelligence". Nothing to question or be suspicious about.

Arnold's picture

I would if I could,

But I can't, so I won't.


Besides ND is singing a siren song of Faree booze./s

I will have to homework as to what single casks might be available.


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Trump should send a mole just so they can hear what the kid fuckers are planning

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Ah, i think thats a given.

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== Ha Ha Ha !!

    This is rich ..Rubbing salt into the wounds !!


radbug's picture

Shinzo Abe is visiting Australia. See the video of Abe, Turnbull and Ciobo. They've committed their governments to "work towards" completion of the TPP with or without The Donald. They remind me of a diplomatic version of "First Wives Club"!! "What the hell does Donald see in that slut! We know he'll dump her and come back to us, we know it, we do, we really do!!"

waspwench's picture

It may be good PR not to send anyone to Davos, but I hope Trump has some "spies" there.

We need to know what the bastards are up to.

shovelhead's picture


I can tell you. They'll be talking about how to take him out before this "anti-globalist populism" can can infect their own countries and kick them to the curb.

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Oh Hell, Davos is nothing more than a "Golden Globes Night" or "Country Music Awards" fete for the world's movers and shakers.  None of them will do serious business during the discussion panels.  Some conniving might be conducted behind closed doors, but they all know the rooms and phone lines are bugged by KGB, CIA, Mossad, and the rest.

I personally would much prefer to attend a Tailhook convention in Las Vegas.  I never get invited to those either, though.  The North Freedom Rod, Gun, and Archery Club's annual wild game feed is as close as I get to hobnobbing with the elite.

Arnold's picture

What the hell are you doing with a sense of humor at your age.

Give it up to someone younger and more able to benefit from it.

Fox-Scully's picture

Since the meeting is in Switzerland, would it not be more appropriate for the "snowflakes" to go there and protest?

BorisTheBlade's picture

No can do. Budgets are tight this year.

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A very sensible move by Trump and his group. They don't need globalists telling them what to do. They already know whats needs to be done.

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Good for them. Glad we don't have a guy from Goldman/Indy Mac running the treasury department or other Wall St/Goldman billionaires in his cabinet/advisory group.

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How ironic.... youve all been lied to you Trumpanzee idiots.


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Squidbilly (not verified) Dien Bien Poo Jan 14, 2017 5:23 PM


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Switzerland is already rich enough.  They should hold this convention in southside Chicago or Flint Michigan if these assholes really want to make a difference.

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However, while the world's elite eats "$43 Hot Dogs; $47 Burgers And $55 Caesar Salads",


Great work if you can get it . . . .

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I think that's code words for child trafficking products.

Who the hell would pay that much for an actual hamburger?

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but Trump doesn't have a problem with having Goldmanites all around him, how is that not a betrayal?