We Are Getting Worried About Paul Krugman

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When a delicate snowflake is suddenly faced with a perceived reality so devastating as to be an existential crisis, the mind's reaction to dealing with this cognitive dissonance can be disabling for some. Certainly for The New York Times' flip-flopping, hate-mongering, fact-twisting, Keynesian poster-boy Paul Krugman it appears coping with "no" is not going well and his tirade last night in Twitter has us gravely concerned for his mental stability, which is ironic given how he began yesterday...

But that was followed quickly by a six-tweet-rant nothing short of what we would expect from a dejected five-year-old who just got denied another scoop of ice cream...

Krugman once again blames the ignorance of the deplorable masses (who just don't get what a "fraudster" Trump is) in shunning him and his "know-it-alls", but he has been heading down this hill of manic-depressive lashing out for weeks now having recently suggested Trump will unleash a 9/11-style attack to legitimize his presidency.

Is he hoping to maintain a groundswell of "well, if he is not hitler... he must be worse" thoughts among those so easily led? Still, coming from a man who has prognosticated alien invasions as a global economic growth engine, we are not sure if he is mental situation is improving or deteriorating. We wish him well.

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He needs to change his avatar to a pic of him wearing underpants on his head with a pencil up each nostril.



Wibble Wibble! 

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Everybody should say "Wibble Wibble!" out loud. Seriously, it's good for the soul.

Albertarocks's picture

I actually tried it to see if you were serious. God damn... it make me laugh out loud.
Where did you learn this kind of spooky magic?

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Why are all these Jews so afraid of Trump?

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groaner (not verified) Troll Magnet Jan 14, 2017 12:54 PM

Anyone knowledgable concerning the zionist Jews? I thought the TRibe, all jews were united as a race?  How is it the Jews on the far left and there are those on right, who support Trump,, like all those on his staff now, or are they?  I cant figure out if the Jews all believe the same crap or not?

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Why are we even reading what Krugman says anymore?  There must be better things to do.

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----_- (not verified) EuroPox Jan 14, 2017 1:17 PM

maybe someone should call the ambulance?

this guy is going completely nuts and i thought was already ready for hospitalization to begin with.


be careful or krugmann goes on a shooting. who knows if this nutcases like tim wise and eichenwald are ready to do.

i advise to trumps administration to overlook them or they commit some mass shooting like this isis muslims.

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I expect to wake up one morning and see the headline, "Three people stabbed to death and two beheaded by Paul Krugman" as his mental instability progresses. they will find the corpses stuffed into the wall of his house no less.

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It seems like you have to be a state-supporting sociopath to get a Nobel Prize these days.

Pinto Currency's picture

Krugman is a polemicist and that's all.

There is no structured rationally-supported logic stream but the media loves chit-chat.

And watching him has always made me think that this man really despises himself.

Koba the Dread's picture

You've said it all. Krugman is a polemicist. That's all. Eventually, when the other ZH commenters finish playing with their Crayolas and learn to use a dictionary, they too, might understand what you state so succinctly.

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golly fella, you sounds very smart headed - will you sign my colloring book, der

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~Trump let the horde out. We ain't seen nothin' yet~

Dolph: When I speak about race I am merely mentioning the unmentionable, and tying it in with collapse.
Here in the United States, for example, we are already seeing more white Americans coalescing around their favored tropes (corporatism, white American men rule the world, etc.) as a result to decline, influx of competitive immigrants, and the fact that they just can’t put blacks down anymore. White Americans reliably side with the devil they know, their corporate masters, rather than outsiders. They really do think a billionaire real estate man is going to deport immigrants and bring back jobs which will make them all rich like him!

There are simply no words for such widespread delusion.

Moreover, anyone with two eyes can see how financially and culturally successful the hebrews have become, and history does show that no society survives such concentration of hebraic power.

What’s my point? My point is that race is a part of collapse. Even forgetting energy for a moment, all of the elements for internal race and class struggle are already present in the United States. Peak oil is just the fuse.




Save_America1st's picture

left-wing,  tin foil hat,  conspiracy theory,  crackpots.... a dime a dozen and everywhere we look.   

and that's exactly how Mr. T.  should treat them too. 

they can't handle the knowledge or irony of what mental midget frauds they all really are now that the rest of us have the chance to throw it right back into their smug, crybaby faces for at least the next 4 years. 

bitchez ;-) 

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I truly wish Professor Nobel Krug all the best…

His head should not explode when Mexifornia falls into the ocean and PrezTrump says “That’s your problem, you overloaded with too many fat welfare mexicans”.

His head should not explode when Rahm’s Chi-raq descends into a bloodbath of gangbangers and innocents because he understands you have to break some windows to make economic progress.

His head should not explode when Blasio totally faggotizes the NYPD because we all are metro now.

Krug is a knowledgeable and swell guy.


But, if his head explodes with every Trump tweet...

we will see 24/7 fireworks.


..gotta love it.


Manthong's picture

I just have got to say this…

My saintly missus does volunteer work at the church and did a (big, copious) feast for “poor” (hispanic) people during the last holiday.

I don’t do that stuff but I am a consoling ear when she comes home.

Gee..  a bit of a lament.




..lots of fat, assertive kids… like 3 to 5 in a “family”


We need to get hip unless we go down Angela Merkel’s horrid  toilet.


Tarzan's picture

Does anyone care what Krugman thinks?  Is anyone, besides ZeroHedge listening?

If it weren't for reading Zerohedge I wouldn't have any idea what this nut is up to.  Is there any reason we shouldn't be ignoring this guy?

bigkahuna's picture

not generally - perhaps his scooby van full of cochran biters,

no - the only reason I know this guy's name is because ZH


Not sure - I have found it interesting to use Krugmans bullshit to shut down some of the most ravenous idiot statists? (the only reason I can think of)

Scuba Steve's picture

Because Krugman is the great Uniter for ....

his opposition.

AVmaster's picture

Wow. So out of touch with reality...


He REALLY thinks health insurance is a priority in this country???

What a fuckin dipshit...

^.^ >_>

All_Your_Base's picture

If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.


Seriously, payback is a bitch, bitch.

Oh regional Indian's picture

The trumpettes here ... man, it's like you'll scour youtube for all kinds of shit but miss the 800 pound gorilla in your midst.

Drumf is NOT your saviour....he is ISrael's though...


Al Armed's picture

That must be why Every. Single. Jew. has been opposing him Every. Step. of the Way.

remain calm's picture

When Krugman seperates from his cat for not being affectionate we will know he is officially lost it

lie_to_me's picture

Krugman's too insecure to own a cat. He's a dog person. 

IndyPat's picture

I can see a "Vacancy" sign flashing at the gate of Gitmo.

Time to use some of these Patriot Act and NDAA provisions in new and interesting ways.

Escrava Isaura's picture

“When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch.” -- Bette Davis 


IndyPat's picture

You'd fill the shoes, even with a ball gag.

Arnold's picture

Easy now.

Escrava Isaura

is auditioning for work, after the 20 th, and his / her ACA premiums are past due as well.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I will listen to a woman if she gives an opinion. However, if she drones on with endless drivel that certainly is no personal opinion but what some college professor has stuffed into her head, I walk away. If she engages in SJW commando style aka Trigglypuff, there is no other label for that except Bitch. Unless one is to preface that with Stupid.

The only thing frustrating for me is that when one of these Opinionated Women is in a group of men they all are silent and look to me for a take down. Then when I verbally engage they just sit back and watch the show with shit grins on their faces. Verbal Meltdown Mud Wrestling seems to have some universal male entertainment factor.


IndyPat's picture

Go diddle yourself to your Chompsky coloring books.

Grown weary of you, you shallow fuck. You're way out of date and out of your element.

Escrava Isaura's picture

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.

If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.  Jiddu Krishnamurti

IndyPat's picture

You're going to quote Annie Besant's little porter as an authority?
Although, Theosophists are only slightly less kooky than Keynesians, so there's that.

VZ58's picture

Your problem - and that of the Left -  is that you don't see the actual problem in the first place, so there is never a resolution.

Escrava Isaura's picture


It there’s a side that have difficulties to see (accept the facts) is the Right more so than the Left.

And the reasons are simple: The conservatives are married to old traditions, ideologies, and old bigotries. The liberals are trying to introduce new traditions and reshape the current ideologies and bigotries,  thus the conservatives traditions became the losers under this setup. And they are angry, socially speaking.

Now regard resolution (your word) to our problem, here’s the conservative problem: “I do not think what we face is a problem. It is a predicament. And predicaments do not have solutions.” — Greg Machala 


JoeSchmuckatelli's picture

Yeah? How many divisions does Jiddu Krishnamurti have?

Boygoy's picture

Q: Why is there Trump?

A: Because real Americans decided that they did not want America to become Brazil. They just don't know how to articulate it. But that too is coming.

nmewn's picture

After what Obama did to blacks in America during his eight years I'm surprised you would even bring race up. Well, actually, no I'm not surprised because just like Krugman, every prog has to remain divisive little pissants like you.

Ideology doesn't fall along racial lines, it never has.

Arnold's picture

Only the white half was evil.



Last Time I'm gonna use it.

nmewn's picture

It was always a great line, he is a very conflicted individual in many ways.

From "saving the fucking planet" from man-made CO2 global warming by flying around it (lol...my personal favorite) to drawing redlines in the sand for anyone to cross to giving delicately crafted yet deceptively incongruous speeches on how much we would all save on our health insurance if only...we would trust the federal authorities just...one-last-time.

Our long national nightmare is almost over ;-)

Professorlocknload's picture

Not to mention all that altruistic bullshit being drowned out by the dropping of 26000 bombs, some on civilian hospitals. A real compasionate progressive, that one.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Well, now we have Republicans in control. So, in four years let’s evaluate:



US Private Debt

US Public Debt

Healthcare Costs

And, (in the first person) if you will be better off than now.

As you see, these are easy metrics to evaluate the direction. There won’t be no reasons for excuses, either from the Left or Right.



booboo's picture

We're in a death spiral now so that's gonna be quite a feat. Obama dead sticked us with zero care and 8 trillion in debt.

JamesBond's picture

A multi-year audit will shut him the fuck up.



nmewn's picture

Are you attempting to speak to me as dual-citizen Escrava?

Let me be clear about something, I don't hold dual nationalities. I don't stand on one side while ridiculing the other.

But we'll see won't we?

Escrava Isaura's picture

This has nothing to do with ridiculing anyone or giving opinions. In four years anyone can, and should look at these metrics. It doesn’t get any easier than that.   


booboo's picture

That's like saying "'let's see if the car runs better in four years" after driving it without oil for the last eight years. It's ignorant on its face. For starters the monetary system we live under demands increasing debt or it collapses.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Wait a minute!

I was told that the car run out of oil in 1971.

That’s 46 years ago.

So, not 8 years ago but 46 years ago was when we could no longer afford the America middleclass so we transitioned, kept it going by debt.

Again, let’s look at it four years from now.


VZ58's picture

Better yet, let's do that in eight years and in the mean time maybe you can learn something of value?